I like what you did with the place (private)

(Time line - previously - Ignoring the obvious)

Viv looked up at the Duibne Towers as she made her way around to the back of the medical tower and its Emergency entrance. There were cameras everywhere, as well as guards dressed as orderlies. They were serious about their security, Viv decided, but then they had reason to be.

The three orderlies standing near the door, presumably on a smoking break, gave her a cursory glance as she approached. The sun was peeking out from behind dark clouds overhead and she wagered these were the non-fanged variety. Viv winked at them as she pulled at the door and let herself inside.

No one ever said anything to her when she showed up to see Charlie. Don't misunderstand, they were polite as pie, but it was obvious they were keeping their distance from her and the Pipers. Like what they had was a taint that could easily be transmitted. It made her smile when they pushed her ID badge toward her from the front desk instead of just handing it to her. Still, Viv was polite and always friendly, even if they only ever replied with just a small smile.

The badge gave her a reasonable limit of access to the medical floor Charlie was on - sub 4. She had no idea how far the elevator went; the numbers only illuminated when passing its corresponding floor. Wondering what they kept in the lower levels intrigued her, but she had no desire to actually be so deep in the earth, in the dark.

Red and LT were on their shift for Charlie that afternoon with Domingo and Marthinus set to relieve them both before dusk. Their scents were not hard to detect and she closed her eyes as she easily maneuvered the steel hallways. Red's scent reminded her of copper, that musky masculine sweat, and hilariously - ginger. LT's scent was pure vanilla and sex. She could not describe it any other way. Maybe that was his appeal, as the second in command. There would be no obvious alternative to LT assuming some sort of position of authority. Much like his uncle, LT walked with a confidence that made men want to be him, women wanted him in them. As a werewolf, Viv's sense of smell only made his presence that much more erotic.

Opening her eyes, she saw LT standing in the hallway outside Charlie's door. There was a chair there but she never saw any of the Pipers sit in it. With a smile, she walked up to the door and leaned on the opposite side of the door frame.

"Roguishly handsome, the tall drink of water watched with piercing blue eyes that betrayed nothing but pain and promises."

LT did, in fact, watch her pass him with those cold, hard eyes but smiled brightly and blushed at her words. "Hi, Viv," he said in a quiet voice.

Viv shook with a tremble and grinned at him. "Seriously, if I was 40 years younger, I'd totally wreck you."

LT's rigid posture broke as he laughed and his blush deepened. "You talk to my uncle like that?"

"Oh," she said with a haughty laugh, "I leave him breathless. I swear it." Opening the door, she gave him a wink as she entered.

Red was sitting in the chair next to Charlie, slowly strumming one of his acoustic guitars. Nothing she could recognize, but it was soft and sweet. "That standard issue, Piper?"

Viv waved him off as he stood to greet her. "Just thought he'd like a little music. He's probably pretty bored in there," Red said with a sad smile.

Viv came over and touched the back of Red's head with an affection that could not be misunderstood. All the Pipers were good boys, making their mothers proud no doubt, and a reassuring touch said more than words could say.

Charlie's skin was still horribly damaged but the rawness was beginning to fade. His thick, dark hair had thinned from the skin damage but she could already see new hair growing. There were a multitude of IV's around his bed and she wondered about the after affects of whatever they were giving him to heal. The Alpha had said he'd wait years, but that certainly wasn't the plan. She would be personally happy just to see Charlie wake up, but Simon promised as good as new, so that definitely was a plus. She still felt horrible.

"So you guys are done in a little bit?" Viv asked stepping closer to Charlie's bed.

"Uh," Red checked his watch, "about an hour or so. You staying?"

Viv pointed upstairs and Red made a face.

Reese E Deardon 13 years ago
"I still don't get how you can stand him." Red felt his hackles rise at the mere mention of the big white silu in the building, so to speak. He shuddered comically but still gave her an annoyed look.

"I thought you were still trying to figure out how I put up with the Commander?"

"That, too!" he said pointing at her. "Pitting those two together is dangerous, Viv. It's like a death wish."

"Playing armchair psychiatrist on me? Are you going to ask me about my mother or if I have strange sexual fetishes?"

"Do you have strange sexual fetishes?" He flinched with a laugh when Vivienne smacked him on the arm. "I'm just saying - you've got a direct descendant from the blood memory and the guy who the blood memory is about. It's very soap opera drama, if you ask me."

"I'm glad we have these little talks, Red," Viv said with a wry grin, "You always set me on the straight and narrow path with your thoughtfulness."

He raised his shoulders and held his hands up. "I'm just saying."

They were quiet for a few minutes as they watched Charlie sleep. Red picked up his guitar and began strumming it softly as he thought about the blood memory again. Looking at Viv, he watched her think her thoughts. Slowly she leaned onto the bed near Charlie's legs and just watched his best friend sleep. They were all affected by the blood memory, all but Vivienne. His mind wandered as his fingers played some unknown song and he wondered about what Lewis had told him about when the dull throb of a headache pushed its way to the surface. His fingers slipped and he waited for the pain to subside, squeezing his eyes shut. Suddenly he felt Vivienne's fingers on him.

"Your nose is bleeding, Red," she said, wiping at the blood on his top lip.

He took the tissue from her with a smile. Pushing the thoughts away, he knew he couldn't tell her, not directly, but maybe there was another way?
Lothias LT Jameson 13 years ago
LT popped his head in the door and leaned in. "Hey, you tell her about Saturday night?"

Red had been DJ'ing on weekends for fun and he finally allowed LT to tell the other guys about it, forcing Red to invite everyone he knew to go listen.

"What's Saturday night?" Viv asked, touching Red's face, tsking him and trying to clean up Red's face.

"Red's been moonlighting as a DJ at one of the clubs downtown. He's finally invited us. You and the Commander in?"

"Fo sho," Viv said with a smile as she wiped her hands on the back of her jeans which LT was glad to watch her do. Upon noticing she gave him a dirty look to which he replied with a wink and backed out of the room.

Smiling, he figured he'd get most of the Pipers together for a fun Saturday night, lord knows they needed it.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv grinned at Red who was rolling his eyes as LT popped back out of the room. Both men were there in civilian clothes, jeans and tshirts, and Red seemed to want to fold in on himself out of embarrassment.

"You've been DJing? That is awesome, sir!" She poked Red's shoulder and meekly flailed a hand at her. He was wearing an orange Kellogg's Fruit Loops shirt and the sleeves were pulled taut against his biceps. He was always wearing vintage shirts when not in uniform, perpetually stuck in the 80's apparently, but his personality matched his eccentric tastes. "Are you going to play your guitar?"

"Naw," he said setting the guitar on his lap and leaning the neck against the side of his face.

"You should, chicks dig it."

"I am fine in the chick department, thank you."

"Sure you are, you adorable little nut." She pinched Red's cheek, eliciting a dramatic sigh, and turned to leave. "I'll catch you guys later?"

"Yes, mom," Red said peering at her from behind the guitar neck.

"Har," she said and excited into the hallway. LT was now leaning back against the door frame, still steadfastly refusing to use the chair. "I'm out. Tell Carol I said hi, please?"

"Tell her yourself, she says she misses you," LT said watching her with his sky blue eyes as she began to walk past him.

Putting her hands behind her back she walked backwards and said, "I would, but I'd hate to interrupt your dinner." Raising her eyebrows, LT looked at her from head to toe with a-none-too subtle look of pure sex and winked at her.

"Dirty," she mumbled with a laugh and headed toward the elevators to go bug her pet vampire.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
Simon felt Vivienne within about three city blocks of the DI Towers. He was impressed with the strength of their bond. It was as strong as his was with Ellis, but not nearly as intense. He and Viv did not have that almost tangible shared aura, but he could read what she was feeling with an exact clarity. Whether she could read him was another matter.

Viv was apparently in a good mood as she entered the building. Her mood ranged from humored and affectionate, then there was a suddenly flare of arousal that surprised him, but it was reigned in almost immediately. It made him wonder who she was talking to so while standing at his desk, he pulled up the security log in for the Sergeant down in the lower medical facility and saw the young man with the itchy trigger finger and their medic, the red head or Red. It certainly wasn't for the Sergeant; he was still heavily scarred from the silver burns, so Simon put his money on their LT. That one bore a striking resemblance to Viv's fiancé, enough for her to respond to, at least. With a grumpy growl, he walked to the windows looking out from his top floor office. The day was coming to a close but he reached out and touched the glass, marveling at the sun filtering in harmlessly from the glass.

Viv's presence began to grow more intense as he felt her moving closer. She was coming to see him, he realized with a smile. He waited a minute and then walked to the door as he pulled the cuffs down from under his jacket sleeves. Simon walked through his door to his assistant's office and waited for the private elevator with his hands behind his back. It opened the moment he stopped and the doors slid open revealing a casually dressed Vivienne leaning against the back wall of the elevator car. Black jeans were tucked into knee high boots with a respectable heel and a light gray pinstripe against a darker gray button up opened liberally. It was casual, by his standards, but Viv made it chic and sexy. Looking at her from head to toe, his gaze fell on her grin as she lifted a hand a waved at him.

"Did you dress up for me?" he asked leaning against the opened elevator door. Simon reigned in the intense arousal he felt looking at her chesire cat grin. He held most of everything he felt from within their aura and Ellis' not wanting, or even liking, anyone to know how he felt. Strategically it was worth his while to be unreadable, but considering he felt like eating Vivienne with a spoon, it was the most prudent course of action.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Viv wasn't surprised to see him waiting for her when the doors opened. She felt him in the building, but could not get a lock on how he was feeling. The bond between them was odd, almost one sided, and she was considering asking him why that was when the doors of the elevator slid open.

Simon was impeccably dressed, of course, and standing with his wide shoulders and rigid posture. Smiling at him, she felt not quite arousal but a warmth she never in a million years she thought she'd feel for anyone outside the Piper circle, much less a vampire. But he was sizing her up, from head to toe, with a look that she did not need to be explained.

Red was right, she was putting herself in a dangerous situation with Simon and Brig. Did she like being in the middle - she'd be lying if she said no. What woman wouldn't want two extremely handsome men fighting over her? It was her ego and she knew it. To balance that out she had made it clear to Simon he could never have her and kept their friendship on the same level as she would with one of the Pipers, but she was who she was, and signals had the tendency to become mixed, especially when he was standing there looking as handsome as ever in his three thousand dollar suit that was perfectly tailored to his lean frame. It was a little different than the norm, she noticed.

"Are you dressing down for me?" she asked pointing at his subdued yet extremely expensive casual outfit.

It was shale gray linen jacket and matching pants with a form fitted polo underneath that matched, of course, and had a darker gray pinstriped collar. His shoes were wing tipped with embossed and cut out leather and his belt was square and thick. His thick dark blond hair was brushed back and perfectly coiffed. It was sad when a man out dressed her every single time.

"You're too pretty, I swear." Viv walked off the elevator, making Simon back up to let her out, but he maintained his easy smile as he looked down at her. Encircling her arm around his, she guided him back toward his office. "Come on, show off just a little bit more for me. I wanna see this office."

They walked back to his office with Viv on his arm. His assistant looked up and gave Viv a smile and asked if she would like anything to drink. Shaking her head, Viv thanked the assistant as Simon opened his office door for her and let her in.

"Good gravy!" The office had an almost three hundred sixty windowed view of the industrial section of Nachton, but could see as far as the outer parts of the city. The two other Duibne Towers were the only parts of the broken view, aside from construction of the floor itself, but the entire floor was dedicated to Simon's office.

"From the perch of power does the King sit," she mumbled as she walked toward the north window and looked out, touching the glass lightly.

"What quote is that from?" he asked from the center of the room.

"Oh, just made it up," she snorted, her eyes still looking out over the city. "This is pretty...amazing."

"It is awesome sauce."

Turning, Viv was not surprised to see him standing directly behind her. If it wasn't for the bond, his scent would give him away every single time. His scent mingled into her day to day life almost without notice, but it was as distinct as a fingerprint. Oak trees, dry grass, and steel wafted toward her as he moved to lean a shoulder against the glass not two feet away from her.

"How are you never surprised?" he asked, almost making her wonder if he could read her mind.

"I was just thinking about that," Viv said with a grin. "Your scent. I told you, it's very distinct. You'll never be able to creep up on me with your vampire...ness."

Simon scowled smoothly into another smile.

Viv fidgeted, taking a deep breath and pulling at her black belt. "You know, I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to fit into these jeans. Next time you see me I might be sportin' a muu muu and a rather obvious bump."
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
"That slang of yours, I swear." It still amazed him at how easily Viv had assimilated herself into the American culture. Speaking the 'dialect', as it were, and knowing its pop culture as if she had grown up in the country. He envied her ability to observationally learn, but it was also more than that. This is what Hammerthynn's father must have seen in her. This ability to fit in without even trying is a valuable gift, especially for Viv's occupation within her pack. "I've been in this country lifetimes longer than you and I still don't know what a 'muu muu' is."

"It's those Hawaiian dresses. Very billowy, not really flattering? Flower prints that seem to be only in orange and white?"

Simon nodded, pointing at her. "Please don't wear one of those."

"It'll kill you, huh," she said laughing.

"It would. It really would." Simon paused, watching her laugh and loosen her belt. "Let me get you some proper maternity wear."

"No, I don't need a five thousand dollar Dior maternity dress. Or three hundred dollar big chick underwear. I'll be fine wearing yoga pants and one of Brig's tshirts."

"God, not in public? Viv, you are killing me." Simon was aghast at the thought of her dressing like a housewife. "You're too beautiful to dress like that."

Viv paused and blushed. She pushed her lips up to the corner and looked back out the window. He could feel the embarrassment in their aura when he told her she was beautiful and her modesty made him chuckle.

"You're so easily embarrassed for a werewolf."

Her mood changed to amusement. "That doesn't even make sense, you goober." Viv lowered her hands off the glass and moved toward one of the squared seats near the windows that were centered around a low, black cherry wood coffee table. She settled into a single chair and he followed, moving onto a double seat next to her, leaning onto the edge of it to be closer to her.

"Tell me something," she said after a few moments of quiet contemplation. Her aura changed from amused to inquisitive and he knew a question was a coming; he just wasn't sure what it would be. Finally she asked, "Why is it I can't feel you?"

Simon rubbed his hands together and made a face. "Does that bother you?"

Viv leaned closer, touching his hands with her small brown ones. "Of course it does. We're friends, Simon, and although this bond thing is a really bad idea, it's not exactly fair. With it being one sided like this?"

Opening his hands, he took hers in his and ran his thumbs over the length of her fingers. It was an intimate gesture as well as her question, but he felt that it meant something different for her than it did for him. For him her touch made him ache. The trail of her left a burn on his skin that lasted longer than it should for just being friends. The smell of her hair, the strangely feminine snort of her laughing always made him smile, and just being near her made him feel...whole. It was a strange kind of love, maybe closer to obsession, but he felt more at ease around Vivienne than he did Ellis. With Ellis it was pure passion, but there was no soul in what he had with his vampire lover. There might have been in the beginning, but it was the one thing their relationship was lacking now and broke him harder than he thought it would.

Carol made him feel like a loved man, but again the passion in their relationship burnt out just as fast as their coming together. He realized he was using Vivienne to fill the void that Carol had left, that Ellis couldn't provide. Viv was untouchable enough to not fall in love with, but one hundred percent what he needed that he could get from neither Carol nor Ellis.

Viv made him feel human.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
"See, I know you're going through something there and you're not sharing anything of it with me. I'm new to this whole bond thing, but we couldn't have bonded unless it was something we both felt in each other, right? I mean when I met you, I could not stand you. I mean, really," Simon grinned, looking down at her hands still. "It was hate mixed in with a little arousal."

"I knew it," he said quietly.

"Oh shut it," she said, punching him on the shoulder. Simon reached out and took her hand again, looking comfortable just holding her hands and nothing else. "So you know I care enough to accept the bond and its consequences. I showed you mine, it's time for you to show me yours. And yeah, that sounded dirty," she snorted.

They laughed together, looking down at their hands as they entwined. Simon seemed to ponder over her what she said, his lips pursing, pushing to the side, and then finally sighing.

"If I showed you," he started slowly.

"I won't judge size, Simon."

He laughed out loud that time, looking up into her eyes with his hazel brown ones. The green and gold were bright today against the sunlight coming through the windows. His skin looked vibrant and healthy, radiating a glow from an out of season, subtle tan that completely hid the dark thing inside him. Looking at him now, there was nothing of the mythical vampire with the insidious deeds and malicious thirst. Viv thought this is what he looked like as a human, so many years ago. The crows feet at the corners of his eyes were subtle but handsome (damn him) and slight freckles on his cheeks were striking against the softness of his skin that had seen the harsh sun for many years. Ellis had caught him at his peak, she thought to herself.

"Just show me, Simon. Whatever you want me to know of you. I just want to feel you."

As soon as she said it, he let go. No, that doesn't quite describe it. It was more like releasing the flood gates. Viv's hands clamped down on his fingers as the rush of emotion hit her like a ton of bricks. Her entire body trembled as Simon flexed whatever muscle that was holding what was deep within him and she almost drowned in it.

Simon felt a hundred things, just looking at Viv. The worst of it was the pain. For all the sarcastic humor and word play that they had together, Simon held onto something dark that troubled him beyond words. Something like a thick blanket of depression covered her, pushing down her own feelings as she tried to wrap her mind around the sinking feeling of despair.

"This was Siberia," he said quietly.

Another wave of emotion hit her - exhilaration, frenzied hate mixed in with indecision, as well as a painful need to survive that made her wince and her hands squeeze so tight that she thought her fingers would break. Then suddenly the pain receded and in its place was the warmness of friendship mixed with desire. The thrill of being alive and the joy of adventure, sharing it with someone who had a common goal - that tangible feeling of camaraderie and respect pushed forward, forcing her body to relax.

"And this is just looking at you."

Everything changed. The pain, the despair, the emptiness. All of it disappeared and was replaced by the most intense feeling of arousal she had ever felt. It swept her up into its arms and suffocated her with its embrace, making her body react immediately and without even knowing she was doing it. Viv's body became warm and her grip on his hands turned tender. Breaking out into a sweat, his desire was overwhelming, engulfing her and making her drowsy with it.

"Jesus, Simon," she muttered, forcing herself to pull away from his hands and sit back into the chair.

Simon shrugged sheepishly as he leaned onto the armrest, covering his chin and mouth with his hand.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
Simon let Viv pull her hands away from his, missing her touch almost immediately. He let everything into their shared aura and he watched Viv shift uncomfortably in her chair. Her emotions were a confusion of everything he shared with her and her reaction to him, but it was the raw emotions that clung to their aura and he could feel her struggling with them.

"Are you all right?" Simon asked from behind his hand, curling his fingers down below his lips.

"Could you...," she started, not looking at him. She was having problems processing it all. The more primal emotions had been difficult for him initially with Carol. Rage, love, but mostly desire. It was overwhelming at first and the bond intensified these feelings, especially if it was coming from both people.

"Could I what?" he asked softly, lowering his hand. He couldn't help himself. He reached into their aura and focused on her arousal, the confusion clinging to it, but dissipating with every second ticking by. Concentrating on her desire only multiplied his and he could see the reaction in Vivienne. Her skin was flush, her pupils dilating to large circles with thin gold rings.

"Can I use your bathroom, please?" Viv grabbed at the armrests and pulled herself forward just as Simon stood to show her and he bumped into her and that was all it took.

He reached out and grabbed her arms to steady her when she put her hands on his chest, looking up at him with her deep, brown eyes. Whispering softly he asked, "Could you imagine sex with this kind of bond, Vivienne?"

Viv struggled with pulling at his jacket collar and pushing him away. Her eyes darted from his mouth to his eyes and to the door and her hysteria began to rise up into their aura, making things even worse.

"Feeling the ache of the person with you, knowing they can feel yours, too."

Oh she was going to be mad at him, but she asked him to show her. She had to have known there'd be this kind of rawness to the aura. Viv saw the way he looked at her.

"And being able to almost touch that ache, that desire? It's nothing you've ever felt before," Simon whispered closely to her lips. Her arms pulling and pushing against him made him smile. The excitement in him grew and he marveled at the hold he had on her. He brushed her lips with his and she winced, trying to turn away from him. Even if she pushed him away at this point, there'd be no stopping him.

"This is why I hold back, Viv," he whispered as he pulled her to him, crushing her against his body. "You know the best aphrodisiac is rejection."

"Please," she said, her voice aching with want.

"Please what, Viv," Simon asked, his voice dripping with lust and need. "Tell me what you want and I'll do it for you." His fingers tightened around her arms. "Do it to you, as many times as you want."

It was Viv that closed the distance, capturing his lips with hers, deepening the kiss with her tongue as he roughly kissed her back. Their aura was a sudden explosion of frenzied want, multiplying with every second of their kiss. It was rough, painful, but not without a little regret. The emotion tried to rise up above the passion, but he pushed it away, focusing still on their need for each other.

Simon let go of her arm and put his right hand up into her long dark hair, grabbing a fistful as he kissed her deeply and quickly. Her hands came up and began to push his jacket off, almost ripping at it. Releasing her for a moment, he tore his jacket off and threw it to the ground and her face followed it for a moment before turning to look back at him. Reaching out, he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him, kissing her again until he felt her pull him down to the ground.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
"A is for apple."

Simon's lips were like silk and steel, kissing her so deeply she felt it in her soul. He did something with their bond and it twisted in her in such an indescribable way that she could do nothing but submit to the intense desire she was feeling.

"B is for boy."

Her mind raced as she tried to focus on something other than his lips. Running her hands along his chest, her senses intensified, increasing her awareness of every sound, every breath, and every smell around her. Simon used Ivory soap that morning and washed his hair with some sort of honey mix. It was as if every sense was achingly aware of him.

Suddenly they were on the floor of his office. Grabbing at each other, their scents intense when something pungent hit her. He was kissing her so hard and with that tongue....

Twisting her head to the side, his mouth followed but when she opened her eyes, she saw his jacket and the smell that stung her nostrils, helping her focus. Whatever happened in their aura, part of her knew he was controlling this even though he was as lost in it as she was right then.

His body covered hers on the floor, grinding up into her through their clothes. Her one hand went to his polo shirt, pulling the back out and running her fingernails along his back, making him moan into their kiss, breaking it long enough for Viv to reach out with her other hand and grab his jacket. Suddenly it all made sense and she pulled away from him as his hands went to her belt, undoing it, almost making her stop. Frantically Viv dug her hands into the pockets of his jacket when she found it and the only thing she could hear was the sizzle of her skin against silver.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
"Viv, no!" The pain immediately welled up in their aura, effectively destroying any of the desire either one had. Viv had found the silver ring in his pocket, the one he had used against her before and kept handy, just in case. She had the ring in her right hand and the sizzling was loud and her grunting pain louder.

With renewed vigor, Viv hit him with a right hook, silver ring in the same hand and cursed at him. "God damnit, Simon!"

She threw the silver ring and held her burned hand as she scooted away from him on the floor. The dizzying fog of sex dissipated as he recoiled from the punch and looked back at her, rubbing his jaw with his hand. Suddenly she was on him again, pummeling him with punches from her uninjured hand.

"How could you?!" She screeched at him, pulling away. Her face angry and tight with pain. "Damnit I'm your friend, Simon. Your fucking friend!"

Simon rubbed his face, trying to pull himself together. "I...I didn't mean to," but he knew that was a lie. He just couldn't help himself and letting the aura take advantage of them both was no excuse. Dumbfounded, shamed, and no longer aroused, Simon tried to fix his mistake, albeit poorly. "You asked. You wanted me to show you."

"Oh this is MY fault? What did you do? How did you even do it? My god, Simon, WHY did you do it? Why would you make me do something like that when you know, you KNOW I don't want it or you."

Stunned, he just sat there and stared at her. Viv seemed to immediately regret saying what she did, but now he was angry, feeding off of hers in their aura. "I didn't do anything that you didn't want to do, Vivienne."

"You know what? This is stupid. I take it back. I take it all fucking back. You're using me to feel whatever it is you think you need to feel. Whatever you think is fucking missing, but I don't want to be with you. I don't want to fuck you. And you took advantage of something special, Simon, and fucked it up!" She yelled at him, her injured hand pointing at him with fury and hate in her eyes.

Standing, he merely tucked in his shirt and straightened his appearance. "I want to fuck you, Vivienne, let's not make it anymore than what it is. You're no band-aid for my soul."

They stood there looking at each other, Viv yelling at the top of her lungs and Simon already emotionally disconnecting from the fight. He reeled in his emotions and locked them down tight. Reaching down, he picked up his jacket and slipped it back on, straightening the wrinkles as Viv looked on with an incredulous expression.

"It got out of hand. Sorry about that. Is that what you need to hear?" Simon knew he was handling this badly, but he knew of no other way to deal with the situation. Viv thought he took advantage of her, twisting their aura to suit his needs. Well, he wasn't going to deny it, but he wasn't going to act like she didn't want it, either. Viv was cradling her injured hand; the silver burns looked raw and painful on the inside of her palm. He reached out to look at it when she took a step back.

Without another word she walked past him and let herself out of his office.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
The wolf in her wanted to rip his face off; to tear it to shreds and then urinate on it. She could feel it, just under her skin as she stormed out of Simon's office, passed the shocked assistant, and hit the button for the elevator. It dinged immediately but took too long to open so she stepped forward and planted her boot against the steel face of the door, denting it. Still took its time opening.

Simon had pulled his emotions back out of their aura and nothing was left for her to be angry over, except feeling taken advantaged of and kissed to the point of fucking on the floor. Then her anger spiked again, making her ball up her injured hand and punch the wall of the elevator without thinking. The pain shot through her and made her knees buckle.

~Stop abusing my elevator, Viv~

Down on her knees, she took a deep breath and yelled out to Simon's voice in her head. "Don't call me Viv. You have no right to call me Viv anymore you stupid son of a god damn goat licking...barnard!" Her Australian accent emerged the angrier she became. "I'm sick of having to deal with you being so god damn toeir than a Roman sandal. This is fucking ridiculous!"

Viv pressed her forehead against the cold steel wall and cradled her injured right hand again, trying not to sob. Then the elevator door opened again.

"In order to have the elevator move, you have to press a floor number, Viv."

Standing she came at Simon again, swinging her uninjured left hand at his face, but he had indecency to stop it in mid air and squeeze gently on her fist, making her fall to her knees.

"Are you going to calm down?"

"God! You...fucker!" she spit out as she struggled with the pain in both hands now. Suddenly he let go of her hand and grabbed her arms, pushing her against the back of the elevator car.

"I said I was sorry. You asked knowing full well of the consequences. You wanted me to show you."

Viv felt her face crumble and she turned away, unable to stop from crying. Fucking hormones. "I wanted you to share what you felt, not try and manipulate my mind into fucking you on your fucking office floor, Simon. There's a difference!"

"That wasn't what I had planned on doing. I didn't think," he stopped and let go of her arms. "I didn't think. Period. I may not be in love with you, Viv, but you know I want you, simply because you don't want me. You have that...fucking affect on people. You are annoyingly intriguing and yes, it is your fault.

"I'm sorry," he said finally.

Viv shook her head and refused to look at him. The tears ran down her cheeks as she softly asked him, "How could you, Simon? How could you?"

Suddenly their aura filled up again, this time at an extremely less intense degree and Viv felt the regret he was feeling. It was true, honest, and painful. There was nothing else he could have said, they both knew that, but actually feeling his regret instead of hearing it made what he did a little less nefarious.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
"I promise you, I will never, ever, do that to us again."

'Us' seemed to be the proper identifier. He had fucked himself and almost fucked Viv, literally, if she did not have the presence of mind to remember about his silver ring and stop them from doing something they would both regret. It would have been empty, meaningless, and probably fucking incredible, but in the end it would have killed Vivienne to face Brig afterward and Simon couldn't have that on what conscience he had left.

He released the emotions into their aura to prove he meant what he said. Coloring it with confusion, shame, and regret for almost mind raping someone he called a friend.

Viv turned and looked at him, her eyes full of her tears and her nose slightly red. "I can't do this anymore, Simon."

"What? What does that mean?"

"It means I can't do this to Brig. We skirt the edge of whatever and at best I feel guilty that I might hurt the one man I have ever really, truly, loved and for what?"

"No. Vivienne." Simon paused a moment and touched her face. "Don't do this."

She shrugged off his hands and reached out, gently pushing against his chest until he backed out of the elevator. "I want to thank you for helping Charlie."

Their aura twisted and changed as the despair and finality of what Viv was saying filled Simon with a dread he did not think he'd ever feel. Their creation of their bond had been a mystery - he had not really known Vivienne when something in him reached out and created the bond with her. At best she was a vile stain in his world with information that could help get his head off the chopping block. Yes, he used her, and yes he wanted her for purely selfish reasons, but she made him rethink his path in his life, whether she meant to or not. Viv made him want to be a better person, not out of love for her, but out of self respect. He felt his face tighten with self loathing for saying it and as hard as he tried, he could not stop what flooded into their aura.

Simon closed his eyes and did the unthinkable. He begged.

"Please don't do this, Viv."
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
The struggle to let Simon go wasn't as difficult for her as it was for him. They had been bonded since last year, but it hadn't progressed to this level of intensity until the Pipers had gotten attacked in the sewers and Charlie was nearly killed. It just didn't make sense to her why Simon would even want to bond with her, much less become so emotionally attached.

Their shared bond was a blessing and a curse. After Siberia, and because of the bond, Simon had been able to find her underneath the city, in literally hundreds of miles of sewer tunnels that ran beneath, and be her knight in shining armor. He had helped save her, save the Pipers - the very men who sought to kill him and his lover Ellis, and then open up his massive corporation to save the life of one of theirs. He did all this, he said, for Viv; because she was different, because she helped him see the werewolves as something other than dogs, albeit briefly, and because she was his friend.

This was not what friends did.

They did not purposely put themselves in the middle of their friend's relationships. They did not tempt them with luxury items against their wishes or pursue them relentlessly with sexual advances. They sure as shit did not use something so special, so rare to twist their feelings and force them to do something they absolutely did not want to do.

Viv had asked him to share his feelings with her. Maybe it was her fault. Maybe she did know that his attraction to her would be present, possibly even the main attraction of an otherwise spectacular event. Viv honestly could not say she would have been surprised, but the intensity of Simon's feelings, when previously there was absolutely nothing there, had been too much. It appeared that now he saw the importance of controlling how much he shared, she just wished he had figured it out ten minutes earlier.

Viv couldn't answer his pleas. She reached out with her injured hand and pressed the Lobby button, letting the doors close.

"I'll see you around," she said with a sad smile.

The doors closed slowly and she heard the smooth motor of the elevator begin when suddenly the floor beneath her jumped and the entire car stopped. The doors opened up, buckling under the strain of it with the sound of metal grinding against metal. He reached in and grabbed her hand, gently pulling her out of the elevator, helping her up the ledge since the elevator had dropped about a foot before he destroyed it.

"Tell me what you want me to say. What you want me to do, Viv. I'll do it."

"But that's what I don't understand. Why would you want to? What is this to you? Why am I so damn important all of the sudden? Because I'm a werewolf? Because I'm nothing like Ellis? Because I'm different?" Viv shrugged, confused and angry. "Why?"

"I don't know why," Simon yelled at her, his anger uncharacteristically present. What little she knew of Simon was that he barely reacted to anything. He showed no open rage, sorrow, or pain - he was cold, calm, and stoic. The veritable oak tree; strong and silent. Now she could see the strain of the pressure of holding it in him. The angry flush on his skin, the tremble in his voice, and how his hands shook so hard he balled them up into fists, only making it worse. Their aura pulsed with desperation and Viv was fairly certain Simon really had no clue as to why he felt the way he did.

Simon covered his mouth with his hands, wiping at his face. The deep sense of dread began to seep out of their aura as he instinctively pulled away.

"Stop doing that,"Viv said as Simon turned his back on her. "Stop pulling away." She put her hands gently onto his back to comfort him when he spun around, pulling away from her.
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
"Don't," Simon said through gritted teeth as he pulled away from her touch. "I don't need you to comfort me." He backed away from her until he hit the wall behind him. Viv stood in front of him, looking at him like he was some sort of wounded dog. The dread in him twisted into rage and he could see Viv's confusion.

"Oh that's fucking it," she said, grabbing his hand and dragging him back to his office.

"What? Where are you...?"

"Shut up and come on," she demanded, opening the doors to this office and shoving him inside. Slamming them she flipped the lock and pointed at the squared chairs by the window. "Sit down."

"Oh is this where you put me on the couch and ask me about my mother?" His anger flared as hers did, their aura pulsing angrily.

"I get what this is. You just want someone to feel sorry for you. Poor Simon Huntington. Oh the agony of being immortal. Of having a massive fortune, a billion dollar medical corporation, a dozen fast cars, and the means to have whatever and whomever he wants. Poor fucking you."

"You don't know anything about me." Simon felt their aura go cold. All at once she was nothing to him for assuming she knew anything about his life or what he had dealt with.

"I know what you show me, Simon, and you're not showing me anything more than just a sad, bored, pathetic vampire looking for a new toy."

"You don't have a CLUE as to what I deal with on a day to day basis."

"Right, waiting around for the next century must suck."

"What do you do? You fix things, was it? You clean up your packs messes, fixing their mistakes, and for what? They don't even acknowledge you."

"I at least have a purpose."

"Purpose? I run a billion dollar industry serving not one but two species. Dubine Industries has more patents pending for medical discoveries and cures than any other corporation in the world. These three towers represent a century of MY hard work. Not Ellis'. It's been my descendants that contribute more in a year that you mutts will do in your lifetime. Purpose? It's because of me that your beloved little Sergeant is even ALIVE. What do you do? You fix things. I've spent the last fifteen hundred years creating something."

Simon yelled in her face, stepping closer with every word, but Viv neither backed up nor backed down. She just stood there with her hands on her hips and a humored expression on her face.

"I will live forever. I have whatever I want. I can have any woman I want. Better looking women than you. Than Ellis."

"Oh that's not vain," she chuckled.

Simon stepped within an inch of her, his words cold and his face hard with disdain. Quietly he whispered, "I could kill you before your heart even had a chance to beat. You're nothing but a filthy dog in my world, Vivienne. I don't need anything from you."

"So why won't you let me walk away?"

"I...." Simon stopped. The angry whirl of their aura paused and hung there in confusion. The thought of her leaving suddenly scared him. Viv looked at up him, her dark brown eyes searching his face. Her brown skin shimmered against the dying sun coming through the windows. He reached out slowly and picked at a single curl of her long, dark brown hair and tugged at it.

"You're the only person who treats me like a human being." Swallowing the lump in his throat, he curled the ringlet around his index finger as he stared at it. "I don't know what's going on with me, Viv. I regret every decision I have ever made. But you in my life right now, for some reason, helps."

Viv touched his hand that had a hold of her hair and she moved it up to her cheek. She leaned into it and closed her eyes. Simon watched, startled by the intimate gesture and ran his thumb along her chin. Their aura shifted and the pulsating hate faded back into the hopeless dread he always had inside him. Viv smiled and opened her eyes.

"You're my friend. And that's it. I promise," Simon said quietly.

"No more trying to have sex with me?"

Simon dropped his hand and took up her injured one. Opening her fingers, he kissed the inside of the palm gently and then showed it to her. "This will be my reminder. I am very sorry, Viv."

"You know the only reason you think you want me is because I have what you want. You know that?"

"Is it wrong that my misery needs a friend to share it with?" He grinned, looking down at the silver burns.

"Yeah that's kinda creepy."
Duncan Jameson 13 years ago
Duncan stepped into Duibne Industries medical entrance located at the base of the North Tower and took in his surroundings with a look of suspicion. Vigo stepped up on his right and together they watched as Piper Domingo made a phone call, notifying the LT of their arrival. Duncan's blue eyes fell on the shorter man walking forward.

"Mr. Steyn?" Duncan had yet to refer to Marthinus as a Piper. He did not know the man and until he did, Duncan would remain polite but definitely keeping Steyn at an arm's length.

"Sir?" Marthinus replied as he picked up the visitor badges and handed one to both Duncan and Vigo.

"Surely you can move freely through this territory?" Vigo asked, knowing full well what Duncan had in mind.

"I'm here as a Piper, not the CEO, gentlemen." Marthinus' voice was smooth and friendly. Duncan looked Steyn, gauging the man's demeanor. Duncan and Vigo took their badges and attached them to their shirts.

Duncan was wearing civilian clothes like the rest of the Pipers: gray slacks, white button up shirt, and a matching jacket. Vigo was wearing pressed khakis with a beige pull over, and an army style dark gray jacket.

Marthinus led them to the elevator and the four men entered quietly with Marthinus and Domingo standing closest to the sliding doors. Duncan looked at his brother in law and lifted his chin in Marthinus' direction.

Vigo blinked with his one eye and shook his head once.

These silent conversations between the two of them were legendary. They had been working together as Pipers, Commanders, then as Elders, and there had been many of these silent conversations. Always on the same wavelength or train of thought - they were able to make decisions that affected their Pipers and families with a mere look. Duncan wished the same for Brig and Hammer, but he knew the two men were closer than brothers starting from the time Hammer was barely ten years old. The boy's ability to control the Pipers was unprecedented and Duncan knew by the time the sons stepped up to the Elder positions, their authority and ability to lead would rival their fathers.

The elevator doors slid open and the men stepped out walking swiftly to the Sergeant's room. LT was standing outside the room looking every bit like his father. Duncan felt the pain of loss just looking at his grandson. Lothias had his father's looks and his mother's eyes. Brig did well taking Lothias in and raising him like a son. Duncan had no doubts that Lothias would be the one to run the Alpha Pipers, even at such a young age.

Reaching out, he shook his grandson's hand. "LT. How is he?"
Vigo Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Vigo slipped into the protective Piper role as Duncan engaged with his grandson. His eye moved up and down the hallway, always ready for any danger. As his gaze passed over the other two Pipers, he saw them doing the same thing. Even Marthinus. Hammer and Vivienne's reports on the man had been favorable, but Vigo was still apprehensive having the direct descendant of their Blood Memory's villain within their ranks. Steyn's loyalty was unquestioned by the Beta and Commander, but what did that say for a man who would turn his back on his blood?

Duncan was suspicious of the old dog as well, but as Elders, that was their job.

"His condition is the same, but aesthetically he is healing rapidly," the LT replied.

Vigo turned his attention toward his great nephew. "Let's see."

LT pushed the door open with his hand and held the door for the Elders. Domingo took his position out in the hallway relieving the LT and the four of them walked into the room. Red, the Piper medic and acting Sergeant stood up from his seat and lowered a guitar to the floor. Vigo's eye narrowed at the instrument and then glared at the Sergeant.

"What are you doing, Piper Deardon?"

"Just keeping the Sergeant company, sir."

Vigo half expected Red to laugh, making a joke of his time in the vampire territory, but he realized when the boy remained quiet that he was serious. Vigo had to remember the thing that kept the Pipers a tight unit is the camaraderie and friendship they had with each other. The young Sergeant Hammond was popular among the global Pipers. There had been messages from each command asking about his recovery which did not surprise him - Charlie was instrumental in aiding the R&D of many of the Piper weaponry and combat upgrades. Losing him would have been detrimental to the Pipers, but seeing Red genuinely moved by Charlie's plight reminded him that the Sergeant was loved as well.

"Your replacement is here," Vigo said, ignoring Red's answer.

"Aye, sir," the young man said and then turned to Sergeant Hammond. "See you later, Charlie."

Vigo watched with curious eyes as the Piper picked up his guitar and left quietly. The LT turned away from his grandfather and addressed Vigo, "Riding with us, sir or will you be riding back with Vivienne?"'

Vigo half turned toward LT, "She's in the building?"

"Upstairs I believe, sir."

Vigo rolled his eye back toward Piper Hammond in the bed and huffed angrily. She was undoubtedly with Huntington. Duncan answered for the both of them.

"We'll ride with Miss Sena," Duncan said in a monotone voice and then said goodbye to his grandson.

Steyn went to the computer station on the wall to the right of the Sergeant and ran his hand over the large high definition screen, calling up the daily report and vitals. Duncan closed the door behind the LT and then walked up to Vigo, watching Steyn work the controls, blurring the line between Piper and Silu bait. When the older man turned around, he seemed surprised to have both Elders staring at him.

"Daily report, Mr. Steyn?"
Marthinus T. Steyn 13 years ago
Marthinus looked at both the Elders and suddenly felt very small. He could feel the power that the two men together wielded as werewolves, something Marthinus had not quite gotten the feeling with the Commander and the Beta, but for as intimidating as the latter were, they had nothing on the former.

Elder Jameson was an older, almost more regal like version of the Commander. His chiseled good looks, crisp blue eyes, and easy demeanor when alone was definitely easier to be around than the Elder Hammerthynn. Vigo, although Marthinus would never call him by his first name to his face, looked perpetually either irritated or indifferent. He could see the affect of the Alpha on the Beta's personality; where before Hammer was cold and indifferent, he at least now seemed to try with Vivienne and had no disparaging comments about her relationship with the Commander or her presence on the property. The Alpha seemed to have mellowed his father somewhat, but that could just the revelation of having a son that tempered Hammer's normally stoic simmer. The father and son relationship was apparent and strong between the Alpha and Beta, but between the Elder and the Beta - well, it was as if Hell kept a cold place just for the two of them. If it weren't for the identical missing eyes and common features, Marthinus would have never guessed they were even related.

But together? The Elders were a tangible force to be reckoned with and Marthinus visibly flinched just by them looking at him.

"There's a visible difference in the epidermis of the skin now. The damage had gone down as far as the hypodermis, covering ninety percent of his body, but the regeneration has risen to the surface, so that's very promising."

"What about the organ tissue damage?" Duncan asked.

Marthinus turned back to the HD screen and pulled up the three dimensional X-rays of the internal organs. "Most of the damage had been sustained in the chest cavity, and there's still heavy tissue damage along his heart and lungs, but he's at least no longer on life support. He's able to breathe and have his internal organs work on their own. Really, it's just a matter of time."

"Was there brain damage?" Vigo asked stepping closer to the HD screen. Marthinus pulled down the 3D screens of Charlie's brain and highlighted the damage that was caused by the explosion.

"He did receive substantial diffuse axonal injury, here, this is before," Marthinus split the screen in half and on the left was the initial brain damage done by the explosion. "Major DAI with lesions in the white matter, putting him in coma." On the right he put up Charlie's current scan of the same area, "Now it's clearing up, but the healing is extremely slow. Some of the lesions appear old, but we don't have anything to compare it to."

Duncan pointed to a specific area on the right scan, "This area was caused when he was a kid. Plus Charlie is dyslexic which might have been a result of a childhood injury, before Shayle adopted him."

"Charlie's had previous brain damage as a child?"

"It was before he was gifted, after his parents died," Duncan replied.

Marthinus looked back at the brain scans, specifically the older lesions. "I see."

"Will that affect his recovery?" Vigo asked leaning in, looking at the scans for himself.

"I'm not a neurologist, but it should heal with the rest of him. I'll have my best look into it." Marthinus sighed and then looked back at Charlie. "It will hopefully not be much longer."

"We'll have the Sergeant's medical records transferred here," Duncan said, his eyes searching the brain scans. After a few moments, he looked back at Marthinus. "Thank you, Marthinus."

That was the first time either of the Elders referred to him as anything but 'Mr. Steyn'. Marthinus nodded respectfully and then stepped away from the monitor and stood next to Charlie's bed, assuming his post.
Vivienne Sena 13 years ago
Simon had taken her down to see Dr. Mallari to take a look at the fresh silver burns on her right palm.

"I might have something for that," the doctor said bringing her into the testing labs. He had applied a solvent to the burns which immediately numbed the pain.

"Is this something new DI is working on?" Viv asked, flexing her hand and staring at the burns curiously. "I don't feel the pain anymore."

"Should help with the scarring, too. But no, it's a salve recipe my great, great, great, grandmother passed down through the family. I'm breaking down the chemical components just for fun."

"Do I want to know what it's made out of?" Viv asked looking at her hand strangely.

"No," he drawled out slowly. "And you might want to wait eating with that hand for at least six hours."

Simon snorted, but covered it up with a cough. His phone chirped and he walked away to answer it as Viv turned back to Dr. Mallari. He took a piece of gauze and wiped the salve off her hand, inspecting the surface.


Viv looked at her hand, sniffing it at first, and was relieved to find that it carried no scent at all. Looking closer, she could still see the outline of the burns, but the rawness of it was now gone.

"This looks like it's been healing for about a month."

"If you don't mind, I'd like to take a look at it again in a couple days? Track its healing?"

"Sure, thanks doc," Viv said with a smile.

Simon returned, tucking his phone back into his jacket pocket. "Your Elders are here."

Viv reached and squeezed Dr. Mallari's shoulder, "I'll be back in a couple days, then." Turning to Simon, they exited the labs and walked down to Charlie's room.

"So what are they like?" Simon asked quietly.

Viv took a deep breath and shook her head. "You really have to see them first hand."

"You always speak about them as if they're gods. Hushed reverence and awe. Are they six hundred feet tall and made of granite?" Simon chuckled.

"They might as well be," Viv murmured as turned the corner and saw Domingo in the hallway where the LT had been. The Spanish Piper turned and watched Simon and Viv walk up to the door. He nodded politely but narrowed his brown eyes at Simon, flashing distrust instinctively. Domingo knocked once and then opened the door for them without a word.

This was the first time since their arrival that Viv had seen the Elders. Her father had made it a point not to speak to her or maybe he just didn't have the time, but she could not help the heartbroken feeling she let into her aura with Simon. He glanced at her and then back at the Elders, but had the good grace not to say anything.

"Elder Jameson, Elder Hammerthynn. You know Simon Huntington."

Duncan immediately narrowed his eyes at Simon, his distrust flashing across his face. Her soon to be father-in-law's blue eyes darted from Simon, to Viv, and then back to Simon. "Mr. Huntington," he said slowly and gave him the barest of nods.

Her father, on the other hand, did not look at Simon, but instead glared at Vivienne.
Vigo Hammerthynn 13 years ago
Vigo looked at his daughter as she stood there presenting the silu as if they had no idea. He ignored the tall vampire and just looked at his daughter. Inhaling deeply, he tasted her scent as she silently watched him. The pheromones had changed now that she was further in her pregnancy and her scent was mixed with Huntington's - her normally soft, orchid notes were tainted with dirt and metal.

"Come," he said to his daughter. Huntington's smooth indifference faltered as he watched Vivienne move toward Vigo without hesitation. Vigo kept his eyes on the vampire as he put his hand on his daughter's shoulder, moving her close to him. It was a show of dominance, pure and simple. Vivienne wasn't just a werewolf, she belonged to Vigo.

"So we have you to thank for saving our Sergeant's life?" Vigo's grip on Vivienne's shoulder tightened.

Huntington flicked his eyes back up to Vigo and held them. The vampire smiled and then put his hands behind his back, making Duncan stiffen. "Charlie has an incredibly strong will to live. I'd say he did it mostly himself. But it was mostly a favor to Viv."

"Right," Duncan said in a monotone voice.

Vigo's eye narrowed at Huntington calling his daughter by a familiar name. "What do you want in return for this favor?" He asked, but he wagered he already knew. Huntington wanted Vivienne, or at the very least to be in good favor with her. A sneer rippled across his snout as Huntington's friendly smile shifted to a smaller, more calculating one.

"Nothing, gentlemen."

"Just a good deed, then?" Duncan's suggested not without sarcasm.

"Or maybe just a stay of execution?" Vigo let a smile tug at the corners of his lips.

"Right, the blood memory," Huntington said chuckling. "No, gentlemen, your Sergeant provided time for me to get Vivienne and her baby out before they were killed. Figured one good deed deserved another."
Simon Huntington 13 years ago
Viv had moved immediately to her adopted father's side with one word. She stood next to Elder Hammerthynn with an out of place docile expression. Hammerthynn's large hand was possessively clamped down on her shoulder making Simon wonder whatever mental hold Vigo had on Viv, it was dysfunctional at best.

Simon watched as both Elders flinched at the mention of Vivienne's baby and he found that curious. Elder Jameson's reaction was expected - Viv had been terrified of Brig's father's reaction to their baby, but the Elder Hammerthynn's reaction was intriguing.

A sizzle caught their attention and they looked in its direction. Marthinus was standing near Charlie's bed and Simon was surprised he didn't notice him until his grandson apparently had slipped on his thin silver rings. Simon watched the werewolves' reaction to the silver.

Jameson and Hammerthynn both glared at Marthinus - no doubt seeing it as a form of weakness not being able to hold his werewolf in without assistance. Viv's face was still turned up to her father's, but her eyes had flicked over momentarily to Marthinus, but then quickly back.

~Viv?~ he sent out to her. No reply or even a slight movement to tell him that she even heard him. Hammerthynn looked back at Huntington and moved Vivienne in front of him, placing both hands on her shoulders.

~Viv!~ he said loudly in her head. She finally looked at him, blinking her eyes with a confused look. ~What the hell is going on?~

"Well then, Mr. Huntington," Elder Jameson said turning to look at Hammethynn. An equally strange look crossed his face as he seemed to notice the possessive nature of his partner with his daughter. "We'll take our leave then. We see the Sergeant is in good hands."

"We're positive it'll stay that way, as well," Hammerthynn finished.

There was a quick knock at the door and was opened wide behind him. Simon turned and looked back to see another interesting participant in the circus event happening in Sergeant Hammond's room. The Commander, Viv's fiance', stepped into the room and immediately Elder Hammerthynn's blood pressure began to rise, especially when Viv pulled away from him.