Baby, its cold outside (Attn: Therese) Private

Vaughn sighed and looked at the stack of paper work and then out the window. The sun was low on the horizon. The pack had already gathered in the woods. It looked as if he would not be leading the Lloer Vesha tonight. At this rate he would be lucky if he could catch up with them.

Putting his glasses down on the desk, Vaughn scrubbed his face with his hands. These reforms were going to be the death of him. He hated politics, at least he was fairly certain that he did. The ridiculous back and forth banter, the deals, the compromises and all the red tape. Seeing changes happen that he felt were for the betterment of everyone, that he loved, though he might not admit it.

Vaughn checked the sun once more; it could no longer be seen on the horizon. He hurried out of the building. It was snowing again, piles of it were already building up on the last snow fall. Vaughn grinned; he loved running in the snow even if it would make finding the pack that much harder. Impatient now, he jogged towards the edge of the woods, unbuttoning his shirt as he went.

Therese 13 years ago
The woman would not shut up. Thérèse very much wanted her to do a series of lectures on art history but she was so long winded. The wind bag in question, was an art historian and former curator for the National Gallery in London and was a fabulous speaker. Thérèse had heard her on several occasions and it would be a feather in the Arch's cap if they could get her. But she should have known better than to schedule for today, at least not in the evening.

Even as the woman spoke Thérèse could feel the daylight slipping away, the moon rising. It took an incredible effort not to tap her fingers or check her watch. She, however, suspected turning into a wolf during a meeting would kill the negotiations on the spot though.

Fortunately for everyone involved things finally wrapped up, the Arch had a speak booked for four lectures next month and Thérèse flew out the door scant seconds behind them. She kept watching the sun set as she drove and was very tempted to stop at the preserve but thought she could make it back to Pack grounds. With a sigh of relief pulled in she tossed her jewelry in the car's ash tray/coin slot and slid from the car.

From the sounds and smells she was one of the last out, probably the last out. She headed for the clearing undressing as she went, she did not want to spend the first part of her run trying to get out of her cloths or ruin the suit. Seeing Vaughn her eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Cutting it a bit close are we not?"

She teased. Oh she should have, but they were alone and she could feel the pull of the moon already. She wasn't using her best judgment.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn looked up at the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow. The sight of Therese was enough to stop him. Completely. His hands paused on his clothes and only the urges of his more animal nature made them move again. She was nearly naked and he couldn't help but notice that she had amazing legs. They seemed to go on forever. He would know because he could see them in all their glorious entirety. Vaughn knew he was staring and he could feel the heat rising up his neck. Looking down, he focused on his belt buckle as if it were particularly complex.

"Yes, but it would appear that I am not alone in my procrastination."

This could be...bad. As a wolf it was much harder to control urges and instincts. He was attracted to Therese. Only his human better judgment kept him from acting on the impulse to take her in his arms. Vaughn was powerfully and painfully aware of how close she was. So was the rest of his body.

With a heavy sigh, he finished undressing. There was nothing he could do about the obvious signs of his attraction. In minutes the clothes he had on would be coming off him anyway, whether he wanted to keep them on or not.

The elders of the pack would say that what happens during a full moon was meant to be. It would seem that he was -meant- to run with Therese, for tonight anyway. He wondered just how much trouble that would get him into later because he doubted he could stop himself from...acting on his desire. Vaughn hoped Therese was as fast as those legs suggested she might be. If she could stay ahead of him then maybe they wouldn't do anything they might regret in the morning.
Therese 13 years ago
It was one of the things about running in winter Thérèse, cold toes. She was trotting through the snow in bare feet, but she didn't slip or slide. Possibly she slipped one little step when she actually noticed Vaughn and realized he was ready to run and... other things. To her credit she didn't blush, much, it didn't look like more than the cold and the little bit of a run had pinked her cheeks a bit.

Mon Dieu, she'd been here several months and they had managed not to run together at least not alone. It hadn't been deliberate, just an accident of timing really. She was quite aware that there was no one else about as she removed her shirt and underthings. At least her reaction could be blamed on the cold.

She licked her lips and did her best not to notice anything out of the ordinary. The full moon didn't arouse a desire for blood and the hunt. She knew that tonight was going to be a challenge. Her more 'civilized' nature would fall away as easily as her cloths.

Swallowing hard she post poned her shift just a little longer. It wasn't easy.

"I could hardly tell my meeting that I was calling things short as I hoped to find a deer for dinner?"

She smiled lightly. Teasing, almost flirting. It was going to be a very long night.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
His breathing was coming in short frosty puffs. Vaughn stared out towards the woods in an effort not to notice the tantalizingly naked woman next to him. He could feel her though, smell her invitingly clean feminine scent. It took determination to keep his eyes off her.

His blood was boiling, his heart beating faster, Vaughn closed his eyes as the change forced him to his knees. It was less painful if he let come naturally and slowly. It was a huskier snort that answered Therese's witty reply. He glanced at her with a wolf's vision.

"No, Deer Season is"

The last was came out with difficulty. He placed his hands down in the snow, hanging his head down as his back arched and shifted. There would be no more speaking until after they had run. Who knew what they would need to talk about then.

Vaughn succumbed to the rest of the change until eventually a tall leggy black wolf with lighter grey points was standing in his place. He turned to his companion and howled.
Therese 13 years ago
She held on only a fraction of a second longer than he did before the moon took complete hold of her. It was never pretty, DNA rearranging, her body taking on a whole new shape. And yet she welcomed the pain because of what it brought. When she came back to herself, she braced all four feet and shook out her fur. If she had been human, she would have noted with some amusement they were negative images of each other. Vaughn with his black and gray points and she with her gray with black points. Irony.

Without a second thought she answered his call, his song. The world was different, she could smell the cold, but didn't feel it as sharply. What she knew was that she was ready to run, to hunt. Thérèse dove into the snow and rolled over a few times before half bounding at him and playfully snapping her jaw and assuming the standard 'play' posture. Not that Thérèse gave him time to react to it before giving a short cheerful bark and charging off into the woods she'd settle down for a hunt in a while, right now she just wanted to feel the earth beneath her feet see if she could fly.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
That Therese was a beautiful wolf seemed hardly surprising. As he suspected, dreaded but longed for, Vaughn found her overwhelmingly attractive in this form as well. He watched her with pale eyes as she rolled happily in the snow. Growling lightly at the playful snap, Vaughn waited. He knew what was coming, even as a wolf he could be patient, when the motivation was powerful enough.

And it was. Vaughn wanted to chase.

She turned and ran, light and graceful. He watched her go, marveling in the sight of her, sleek muscles moving with animal grace. Unable to hold still any longer, he leaped forward and began to run. They moved through the forest at a brisk pace. She stayed ahead of him but not so far that he was easily out distanced. A part of his brain noted that they were a good match for each other even in this. Most of his brain and the rest of him was overcome with the powerful need to catch her.
Therese 13 years ago
She bounded through the snow almost unaware of it. The only thing Thérèse was really aware of was the male on her heels. She wanted him to catch her, but at the same time she didn't he shouldn't. She couldn't remember why now but there was a reason he shouldn't. But there was no one here to protest.

They didn't seem to be slowing down at all. He wanted to catch her as well. However, nothing said she had to make it easy. Up ahead was a tree that hadn't survived the storm. Its thick trunk had some how snapped about five feet from the ground, but hadn't severed from the tall stump that still stood. Thérèse gathered herself and lept a fallen log. Landing she quickly pivoted and bolted back under the tree this time moving past him, coming tantalizingly close to him but not touching.

Again she yipped, enjoying this to the hilt and encouraging him. She changed direction once again, taking them still further from the buildings weaving in and out of the trees.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
The white landscape sped past. Snow muffled the sounds in the forest. They could have been the only creatures alive in this winter wonderland. Vaughn's attention was focused only in catching her, nothing else mattered. She sprang over the log gracefully. He didn't expect her to come back through it. He skidded to a halt and changed direction. Snapping the air behind her as she charged past. Vaughn yodeled a short approving howl as they both picked up speed once more. The chase was on again in earnest.
Therese 13 years ago
It was becoming less and less important that there was some abstract reason he shouldn't catch her. She had smelled his interest and he gave voice to it as well. Yes, yes she was willing to be caught.

Taking in great lungfuls of the cold air she didn't even notice the falling snow as she used the trees and undergrowth as slalom weaving agilely left and right around them. This was no way to find game, but she wasn't hunting, not for game at any rate.

Out of no where a huge drift appeared, going through it didn't seem possible, especially when there might be something very solid at its core. Thérèse again gathered herself, long lean muscles collecting under smoky gray fur and leapt, easily clearing the drift. However, what was on the other side was unexpected. Ice. A pond that had frozen, fortunately the ice was several inches thick or she could be spending the rest of the night soaking and freezing. But, she was unprepared for the slick surface and no matter how she tried to dig her claws in could not get enough of hold to stop herself. Rather ungracefully Thérèse's legs went out from under her and she slid across the ice and into another drift on the other side. There had been so much snow this season that drift was high and deep and nearly swallowed her.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago

The small hill of snow loomed larger. The she wolf bounded over it and Vaughn prepared to follow. The sound of scraping claws was unmistakable. Climbing to the top of the drift, he was in time to catch the last part of the skidding slid across the ice and into the next mound of snow. Leaping back down the way he had arrived, Vaughn went around the deceptively benign hill that she had so handily scouted out. He walked around the edge of the iced over pond to get closer. Stepping out onto the frozen water, he whined softly, questioning. Was she okay? He scooted closer, watching the ice beneath carefully and occasionally casting glances in her direction.

Therese 13 years ago
The drift had been deep as well as high and Thérèse found it necessary to dig a bit to make her way out. It was quite possible to be very embarrassed as a wolf, it was just harder to look sheepish.

Once free of the drift she again shook herself trying to free herself of the excess snow. Did this count as caught? She considered him there in the moonlight, he had caught her, he had kept up and instinct was very quickly over coming the abstract. She was fine, she could be better though, she could tell him that.

Slightly hesitant, but at the same time quite brazenly she ran her body under his muzzle. Head to tail she used her whole self to caress him, let him know his attentions would be welcome, but then trotted off a few paces back into the snow, off the treacherous ice, yet not really away from him.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Vaughn stood on the ice and waited. A snow covered wolf emerged from another place in the drift. She climbed out and shook herself off. He took a step forward. Another soft whine. Was she ready to continue? Vaughn watched as she trotted close and pressed herself underneath his chin. He stood still, muscles quivering with the effort of restraint. As much as he wanted to respond in kind, he was still standing on the frozen water. She moved away, he shook himself and followed. She hadn't gone far. He circled slowly, half expecting her to bound off in a new direction.
Therese 13 years ago
The offer had been made; she wasn't going to revoke it. Thérèse stood quite still, only squeezing her eyes shut as he circled her waiting patently for him to make a decision. When he stopped she slid herself along his side, making as much contact as possible and then again stood and waited. If he wanted to continue to run she would most assuredly follow, if he chose to hunt she would help, but she'd already given her answer, even if the question hadn't officially been asked. It was a long night nothing had to be resolved now, but how much was there to consider really? He was interested, attracted, she could smell it on him and there was no possible way he could mistake her for anything less than willing.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago

He moved closer. She wasn't leaving. Something caused him to hesitate. He couldn't remember why he should. Giving the female a long searching look, he whuffed softly. She wanted him; she was ready. Vaughn tilted his head back, was there danger? He heard nothing. He moved closer, brushing along her side, leaning into her and nuzzling the soft grey fur. This close and all hesitation fled. Her scent was maddening and his need was strong. He pressed close, rocking back on his hind legs and placing his fore legs on her back. Pushing forward, he leaned more of his weight on her, his front legs dropping down in front her back ones, his chest against her back. Every part of him wanted her, he couldn't remember why that was wrong. Whatever the reason it wasn't important any longer. Vaughn slid inside her, pressing himself closer as he moved in and out. Nothing else mattered but the feel of her beneath him.

Therese 13 years ago
It would seem that the offer had been accepted. Again she slowly shut her eyes feeling the weight of him, the length of him and surrounded by his scent, his desire. She had had accepted, even welcomed his suit and now leaned back into him helping to support his weight. She craned her neck around and nibbled at his fur, dense and warm. She wasn't discouraging him or trying to chase him off by any stretch of the imagination, she was encouraging him, engaging him, enjoying him.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
It was a dizzying rush, blinding need that escalated to the brink, pleasure so strong that it was almost pain and then the bliss of release. He remained motionless a moment or two more, panting, his legs ready to collapse. He slid down. Twisting around, he nuzzled her fur. There would be no more running for a while but he was content, even calm. Vaughn couldn't remember the last time he had felt so at ease. Everything was right, as it should be.
Therese 13 years ago
With one finally affectionate nip she took her pleasure. It was amazing that she had only nipped him light what she had felt was considerably more powerful. She could have sung her pleasure to the night, but instead concentrated on standing. She was satiated, convinced she had made a good choice she didn't offer herself to just any male, not even during the full moon. Thérèse was picking, discriminating, even in the throws of the madness. She turned around and rubbed her head in his side before licking his muzzle a few times. She didn't even mind that she hadn't hunted, they could do that later.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
Snow started collecting on them after a while. It was nice to have a warm body to curl up next to but they were going to need to find somewhere better to hole up than out here in the open. Vaughn stood, nuzzling the snow off the top of her head with the brush of his cheek. He looked around, sniffed the air and tried to get an idea of where they were.

He howled, long and lonely, listening for the rest of the pack. There was no answer. They were on their own. He urged her up. They moved onward. He looked for familiar landmarks, sniffing the ground and plants. Unfortunately the snow changed many things. They were deep into the woods but eventually signs of humanity appeared. A can here, a wrapper there, a ring of stones, Vaughn had an idea of where they were. He broke into an easy lope, following the wider trails. Soon a small building appeared. A cabin, it was mostly used during the warmer time of the year. Now it was empty. He trotted up the small porch and put a shoulder to the door. It was locked. A quick survey of the building showed a window that was broken. He looked at his companion and then back at the window.
Therese 13 years ago
She hadn't noticed how much it was snowing initially but soon enough the cold and damp made themselves known. She could smell the moisture in the air and the moon was no longer visible, for all the sun would be rising soon, it was getting quite dark.

She sat back on her haunches and listened to his howl, her head cocked to one side listening intently. The Pack would have undoubtedly found shelter by now. Her own song would have carried further, but that was hardly any uses unless someone with her own gift heard her and sang back. Even then all it would do would tell her they were far away.

Following along Thérèse easily kept up she saw the same signs he did, but had not been to this part of the wood before and didn't know what he was looking for. There were smells of humanity, but they were faint, old, covered by other smells.

At least the porch was covered and snow was no longer falling on them, but it would offer little or no shelter. When he found the broken window Thérèse stood on her hind legs and stuck her head in. it was slightly musty, but clearly deserted. Thérèse pawed at the window until more of the glass broke away, she cut herself in the process but didn't really notice, at least she could fit though the window now. The opening, however, wasn't so big that he would easily fit. Instead, with a little hop and a lot of balance she managed to wriggle her way in and turned her attention to the door. Her strong front claws dug grooves in the old door, but eventually Thérèse was rewarded with the sound of the lock unlatching. The door knob, however, was less cooperative. Finally she gave up and trotted back to the window and whined slightly, clearly frustrated.
Vaughn Emiliano 13 years ago
He watched her scramble through the window and heard her padding towards the door of the small house. Vaughn tilted his head to the side listening to the scratching and scraping sounds as she tried to maneuver the door. Eventually she reappeared at the window. Her whine explained her frustration and he trotted back around to the front. The door opened inward. She had undone the lock. Vaughn shoved a shoulder into it. The door creaked but didn't open. It was swollen shut with moisture and disuse. He backed up and ran at it again. This time it flew open and he skidded to an awkward halt in the middle of the little room. Surveying the dimly lit space, he decided that it would do. Vaughn turned and pushed the door shut, leaning against it with all his weight to make sure it didn't fly open again. Then he walked over and gave her a gentle nip and nuzzle before hopping up onto the small bed.