The Mall

It was early evening and Alfarinn stood out in front of the of the Nachton Central Mall and waited for Thaddeus. He was looking the typical teenager today in a pair of faded blue jeans and a black t shirt. Smiling to himself he wondered if Thaddeus would be dressed like he was going to wedding. Probably.

It still amazed him that he was out here to do something as ordinary as shop with the Anantya. He would have to say that getting an apartment and then dating was an odd way of doing things. Though this whole situation was far from normal. Alfarinn was having a hard time being finding any problems with it.

He watched the cars come and go and the packs of teenagers as they wandered around laughing and chatting.

Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn pouted and placed the collar back. "Oh boo, you're no fun. Why don't you just dye your hair blonde and walk around with a permanently constipated expression? You'd fit right in with those guys."

He was slightly curious as to who the last owner had been, but not really surprised that there had been one. Such was the curse of being a pretty boy, there was always someone who wanted to keep you in a cage, and as pretty boys went, Jan would make a good trophy.

He continued to browse through various other items on display, pointedly not offering to wear the leash either. He let out a non-committal grunt, pale fingers stroking over what could only be called Little Goth Boy Wear. No one had ever bothered to ask him if he wanted be a little goth boy. Perhaps he had been destined to fill out and become some huge ass, buff god who took no shit from anyone. No, that was too much to ask for, eternity spent as a scrawny kid was better.

Cyn shook his head, throwing whatever dark mood had crept onto him off again.
"I'm hungry, lets find something to eat."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan snapped his teeth in a playful mock bite, not taking the least offense at the analogy. It was expected. Not getting his way was probably a very rare thing for Cyn so it came as no surprise that he'd at least have some token pout about it if not the real thing.

"I already had a stick there earlier as I recall but I don't think I'd make a very good blonde."

He watched the other play with the clothes and the toys looking lost in thought, if he weren't mistaken this was Cyn brooding. Wow, Jan was pretty sure he was seeing a rare sight. It didn't last long though, he should have taken a picture for evidence later.

Food was a good idea.
"Well, then lets head to the food court. There is a ton of food just sitting around."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"Hmm, no, your pale self looks better in black," he agreed. "Was never too fond of white rats myself."

Cyn turned to find Jan looking at him. No, more like studying him. Now what? It wasn't like he was walking around covered in cum stains! This outfit was clean, even the minimal wrinkles it had picked up on Jan's floor had been ironed out when the material pulled tight over his legs and chest.

He raised one eyebrow questioningly, but decided against asking. It could possibly still be the owning thing and if that was the case, not asking was better; they were no where near the long meaningful conversation point and if Cyn had any say in it, they were not going to reach said point. Ever.

He dropped everything he had been touching and walked toward the front of the store, throwing a challenging grin over his shoulder at Jan.
"You think your skills in locating prey is better than your skills in finding worthwhile toys?"
Jan 18 years ago
"I am pretty sure it was you that scared the prey off this last time. Mr. Subtle." Jan smirked and followed Cyn out of the store. Heading to the food court, he began to look around for something suitable.

He picked one line waiting to order near the front of the food court and stood in it for a moment, picking the pocket of the last person standing there while seeming to look at the menu and making up his mind. He pretended to change his mind and go stand in another line, pulling the same trick until he had several wallets before deciding that he should actually find something to munch on. Something quick, was probably the first way to go.

Jan chose to head to the men's room where it was less crowded. Between the two of them they should be able to take care of some quick snacks that went in, now to find a few worth snaking on.

"Here good for you or do you have a better idea?"
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Him? Scare of prey? Oh please! He had been sweetness and light. Nothing scary about it at all. How was it his fault that Stick Boy scares easily? He probably jump every time he sees his own shadow!

Cyn rolled his eyes, not believing the accusation for one moment. He hung back, watching Jan work. It was actually pretty impressive. Was it a trick he knew from back when he roamed in the daylight or a skill picked up post turning? Not that Cyn would ask, it still fell into the "conversation that never need to be had" folder.

He followed Jan to the men's room, giving the place a once over. Clean enough, couple of free stalls.
"Yup, this will do."

Having gotten the lay of the land, he moved to the basins, pretending to wash his hands. Eyes downcast, he concentrated on waiting for the sound of the door opening.

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Victim 18 years ago
David laughed at his girlfriend's joke as he and his friend, Jake, parted her company and headed into the bathroom.

"How do you stand her, man? I mean she's cute n all.. but really?" His friend crossed his eyes and then rolled them at David.

" Hey, there's nothing wrong her. Sides, she's cute." Not all the bright but David wouldn't admit that to his friend,besides she put out and that was more than Jake was getting. He was just jealous.

He looked up, tossing lime green hair out of one eye and noticed the little shit at the sink was staring at him. Well he seemed to be anyway and David was in no mood to be stared at.

"What are you lookin at, Dickhead?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan watched the two teenagers enter from where he was standing leaning against the wall to talk to Cyn. They were dressed in typical black, lots of chains, baggy pants, black nail polish and brightly colored hair.

Snorting quietly to himself when one challenged Cyn, Jan decided he'd wait to see how the other vampire wanted to go about this, he'd even let him have first pick. Pretty damn nice of him in his opinion . The one who had not spoken looked over at him to see if he was going to get involved and if there was going to be trouble. He shrugged one shoulder slightly, looking uninterested. The guy relaxed visibly and went back to watching his buddy.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn raised an eyebrow at the little shit. While he normally allowed everyone to call them whatever they wanted, Dickhead was not a nickname he cared for, and the allowance did not extend to humans. He checked his hands to make sure he wasn't wearing any jewellery that could get damaged and then spun around, moving quicker than the human would be able to counter and cuffing him upside the head. Hard enough to stun. The human sagged slightly and Cyn caught him effortlessly, adding an elbow to the sternum for good measure. No breath, no screaming.

"Silence that one," he called out to Jan, jerking his head towards the other human who seemed too surprise to be of any use to his friend.

Grabbing his own toy by the back of the neck, Cyn dragged him into one of the stalls, kicking the door closed behind him. It was no fun getting interrupted while you played.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan sighed at Cyn. All the subtlety of his sexual habits obviously. It should come as no surprise that the kid was a straight for the throat kind of vampire. What happened to finesse and art? This was supposed to be a quick meal, however, and he had not planned on playing around here for long.

He looked at the other human, stunned and staring after Cyn, the kid eventually turned wide eyeliner rimmed eyes on Jan, who could see the instinct to bolt rising to the surface.. one wrong move and out the door the guy went. That wouldn't do at all.

Cyn made a shushing gesture to him with one finger and made a slow step forward, His glamour at work as he moved.

"I'm not like my friend there, you've got nothing to worry about." He evoked calming emotions and saw the kid's shoulders visibly relax. Much better. Jan eyed him as he moved closer, a lazy catlike smile on his face. Standing in front of the boy, Jan pushed him slowly into a stall with one hand in the center of his chest.

Pulling the door shut behind him, he concentrated on his prey. Coming up behind him, Jan purred in his ear.

"Close your eyes." He smiled as his fangs extended "And I'll give you a big surprise."
Victim 18 years ago
David coughed and put a hand to his chest wincing at the pain. "What the fuck?" His voice was hoarse and he really didn't expect an answer, nor did he really want one. The little shit was strong.

"Let me go, Asshole!" He elbowed backwards into Cyn's chest and stomped on a foot. "Damn it man, I'm serious!"

The grip hadn't let up and his attacks so far didn't seem to do any good. David realized it might be time to save himself a beating and swallow his pride. "I'm sorry, ok.. just let it go."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn barely hissed at the attack. As beatings went, the attempt was laughable. So his snack wanted to play rough, did he? All right, they could do that. He let go briefly to slap the kid hard across the face and then another time, uncaring about whether he split a lip or broke a nose. Hopefully it would be enough to get him to stay silent, but if not, they could arrange a better gag.

He pushed the boy down on the closed toilet lid, kicking him on the kneecap when he tried to resist.
"I'm going to eat you, you know? You are nothing more than food. Be a good little snack and give us a moo, hm?"

He waited to see if the kid would comply, but it was not to be. Shrugging, Cyn swung a leg over the kid and grabbed his hands, pushing them down to his lap and then sitting on them, effectively pinning the boy beneath him. His hand clamped over the boy's mouth, using the grip to force the head back at the preferred angle. The other hand came up to rip off all the chains in his way.

He laughed then, staring deeply into panicking eyes.
"This is going to hurt. A lot."

Cyn opened his mouth, letting the boy watch his fangs descending before leaning closer, griping a shoulder, more for something to hold on to than to restrain his prey. Not bothering to spare his victim an inch of mercy, he bit deep into the exposed neck, tearing through the artery and surrounding muscle.
Jan 18 years ago
Jan could hear the conversation in the other stall. Ruining his quiet dinner, if he wasn't careful his own meal would notice. He drank slowly, savoring the taste of the blood seeping into his open mouth. His victim moaned with pleasure, calmed by his glamour, the guy didn't even feel the bite and once it began there was no need for the aid of his ability. A vampire's bit was a thing of pleasure unless you ripped into them, no amount of whatever it was they did when they fed, Pheromones? would help if the bite was violent. It couldn't help anyone who wished to rip out chunks of flesh when they ate... No doubt Cyn's would be screaming if he were given a chance.

He tuned out Cyn's version of foreplay and began to feed faster. This needed to be over quickly, in case he was needed to help hide the body... Jan hoped he wasn't going to be needed to help hide a body.

He felt the guy slump against him, unconscious, good. Jan propped him up in the stall and then opened the door.

Tapping lightly on Cyn's, he said.

"I'll be outside."

He took a look in the mirror and wiped away a drop of blood from the edge of his mouth before heading out the door.
Stranger 18 years ago
"What the hell are they doing in there?" Cindi sighed in annoyance, one hand on her hip as she stared at the entrance to the men's room. Did they get done before her? She had checked her make up and fixed her hair but she wasn't -that- slow. David would normally wait outside. Jake was a jerk though, perhaps he convinced David not to wait and they were out in the food court somewhere.

Cindi eyed the cute dark haired teenager exiting and turned to him.

"Was there a green haired guy in there?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan turned to look at the bleached blonde and smiled. Leaning against the wall and shoving his hands in his pockets.

He turned to her and replied mildly.

"Oh, yeah... There's a guy giving free blow jobs." He smirked wickedly. "He'll be out in a minute."
Victim 18 years ago
David would have scream if he could. He tried to bite down on a finger of the hand that was covering his mouth. Then the little freak sank his teeth into his neck. David's world disolved into an incoherent mix of terror and pain.

He tried to pull back but only found himself pushing against the toilet seat, he rocked and twisted sideways in a vain effort to throw the kid off him. So strong for someone so small...

Eventually he could no longer fight, bright swirls danced on the edge of his vision and then everything faded away into blackness.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn opened, his mouth, accepting the gush of blood. He barely had time to taste it properly, it was flowing so fast. That was the beauty of scaring the crap out of them before hand, it got the heart pounding and the blood rushing, making the job of sucking the precious liquid out much easier. The trying to throw him off was actually starting to turn him on and if they had more time he might have considered relieving that pressure before finishing the kid off. Maybe next time.

He stopped when the kid finally slumped. Passed out or dead, it didn't really matter. Sitting back, Cyn closed his eyes, finally getting a chance to savour the blood. He would have liked a shot more adrenaline, but there hadn't been a chance to drive the boy that far over the edge. He stood up slowly and reached into his pocket for a knife, flicking the switchblade open and cutting the boy's throat, the blade just dull enough to leave a nice ragged tear that completely obscured the marks he had left behind, which wasn't really that difficult a thing considering instead of having the cute little twin teeth marks, he had given the kid a gaping wound. Dead now. The boy's pockets were search and all things useful taken before Cyn considered himself finished.

He opened the door slowly, satisfied to see no one else had entered yet. On his way to wash up, he spied the stall next to him that Jan had been using. Curiously, he pushed the door open and grabbed for the other kid before he fell. One hand to its chest assured him that the boy's heart was still beating. Slow and sluggish, but he was still alive.

With an evil grin, Cyn dragged that boy into the stall with his own, propping the boy up to rest with his head on the other's lap. He licked the blood off his blade and then wiped all prints before placing it in the live one's hand, pressing his fingers closed around the hilt.

"Sleep tight, little boy," he whispered before pulling the door closed behind him. He made his way over to the basin once again, where he fastidiously cleaned any spilled blood and ran a hand through his hair to get it perfect.

He hummed softly to himself and left the men's room, grinning to Jan and his little friend waiting outside.

"I'm done, ready to continue the shopping?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan shrugged at the girl who was still waiting on her boyfriend and turned to Cyn.

"Bout time you got out. I was beginning to think you'd found a better offer in there." Of course, he doubted the other vampire heard his comment to the blonde but it amused him if no one else.

Jan wondered if Cyn would want to find another set of victims later. Was he one of those that drank to excess? Like Ellis? That woman could gorge herself in blood nightly, he was sure of it. Cyn seemed to rarely do things half way so it wouldn't surprise him if he went to excess on his feeding habits also.

He had been violent when feeding from time to time, certainly everyone has tried it at least once. Being young you've got to figure out what works for you, try everything on the menu. Sometimes a little violence added the right flavor. Mostly though he preferred a calm meal, one he could enjoy while music welled up in his soul, like the blood in his mouth. It didn't seem to be the common opinion of most Tacharan. Hit it hard, hit it fast and make sure it doesn't get back up to bite you back.

"Sure, so shall we find some clothes that will look good crumpled on the floor?" He smirked at his companion before walking on.