The Mall

It was early evening and Alfarinn stood out in front of the of the Nachton Central Mall and waited for Thaddeus. He was looking the typical teenager today in a pair of faded blue jeans and a black t shirt. Smiling to himself he wondered if Thaddeus would be dressed like he was going to wedding. Probably.

It still amazed him that he was out here to do something as ordinary as shop with the Anantya. He would have to say that getting an apartment and then dating was an odd way of doing things. Though this whole situation was far from normal. Alfarinn was having a hard time being finding any problems with it.

He watched the cars come and go and the packs of teenagers as they wandered around laughing and chatting.

Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus raised an eyebrow and smirked, though there might have been a blush to the expression as well, and headed for the nearest dressing room. Once safely behind closed doors, he broke into a grin.

The dressing room was tiny, and even Thaddeus banged his elbow on the door once. He couldn't imagine Alfarinn being comfortable changing inside such a room. Still, the clothing seemed to fit well, though the heavy pants felt a little odd and the shirt, he felt, made him look half dressed. The coat, though, he had to admit he was pleased with. He stepped out of the fitting room to show the Evenhet. He wondered how shocking of a transformation it would be; in his mind, he looked so different, but perhaps other people simply saw a man in black step in, and a man in black step out.

What do you think? Fitting for the club?
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn checked him over once then twice before giving Thaddeus an appreciative grin.

"Yes. I'd be seen with you." He winked at the Anantya. " Of course, I would be willing to do that anyway so one could argue that isn't a very unbiased opinion."

It did seem to suit Thaddeus more than what he had on the first night, he'd have to admit. Though only the Anantya could manage to find something to wear to a club that covered him from his chin down. Alfarinn inwardly smiled at that it was still so very typical and though Thaddeus was dressing in modern clothes for a change he still remained true to himself. Alfarinn sometimes wondered were and when he'd lost his own personal sense of being and had just become what the clan needed from him. Perhaps he'd always just been what his clan needed from him.

"Just one or would you like to look around some more?"
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus returned the grin, pleased that he had done passably well in selecting something suitable.

"I suppose I should at least get some,"Â? he waved a hand airily at a rack filled with various belts, bracelets, collars, and other accessories "things to go with this. I'll want a belt at least. Oh, and footwear as well."Â? He pointed down to his suede boots. "The sewers are no place for these, after all."Â?

He took another look around the store, then turned back to Alfarinn.

"And while we're here, perhaps you'd like something as well? Though, really,"Â? he said, looking the Evenhet up and down just has he had been looked over moments before "you can't lose."Â?

With that, Thaddeus stepped back into the fitting room to change, and came out moments later with the selected clothing on his arm.

"See anything you would want?"
Jan 18 years ago
Jan wandered into one of the better clothing stores and began looking for a few new things for himself. He could always use some more clothes to wear while out with the band. If he was planning on singing at Eternity he'd have to get something totally different from his normal attire. Of course this place, wasn't good for that. This looked like the stuff you wore to the House of Pain...aka, every day clothes to him.

Off to the side he noticed a tall blonde speaking to a shorter one dressed head to toe in black. Not at all bad to look at. Too much on though. Still he couldn't help but be amused at the question and make a reply.

"Several. Thanks for asking." Jan smirked.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus looked over, mildly surprised to find their discussion interrupted, to see a young man dressed as though he shopped in this store often. He also wore a smirk which Thaddeus was tempted to tell him to wipe off his face, before rejecting the thought as rude.

Not, he thought, that this young man had much in the way of manners. Still, he was likely simply bored; he appeared to be alone, though it was possible he was here with his brother. There was another young man, his back turned to them, but with a similar build and dark hair. He likely was without his pack of friends; very few people of this age be seen wandering the malls without being surrounded by at least three or four others.

He inclined his chin slightly in acknowledgement and greeting, though his face was impassive, and turned back to Alfarinn, raising his eyebrow and trying to look amused rather than irritated.

Now that we have that input, what of you?
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
After following Jan into the store, Cyn had gotten distracted by some of the items on display. A spiked collar which appeared sharp enough to cause someone to loose an eye caught his attention in particular. He heard Jan say something somewhere behind him and reluctantly tore his gaze away from the collar.


He followed Jan's line of sight and had to smirk. The collar was tossed back on the display and momentarily forgotten. He cross the short distance and plastered him to Jan, staring at the pretty blondes over his shoulder.

"What's this, pet? Did you find us some toys?"
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn didn't turn around at the first comment too amused by it and Thaddeus's reaction to say anything useful. At least the Anantya didn't scold the boy about manners, though from the look on his face the idea crossed his mind.

The second remark came as a surprise and at this Alfarinn did turn around to see just who they were dealing with. Two dark haired teenagers who seemed to shop here often if their current attire was anything to judge by.

Amused, he raised his eyebrows and said with a grin.

"These toys are not suitable for small children."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Ah. Not brothers, then. And apparently wanting attention.

And what does he mean, toys?

At Alfarinn's response, as thick with innuendo as the other young man's initial query, Thaddeus made the connection and had to fight the blush that wanted to come. He would have been shocked had he not been so impressed with the Evenhet's silver-tongued reply; as it was, he simply felt awkward. What did these two boys want, other than to harass two shoppers who had, up to this point, been minding their own business? Did they simply think speaking suggestively was a way to pass the time, or did they really think they had a chance of getting what they claimed interest in?

While Alfarinn's comment was indeed amusing, and he couldn't help but give him a raised eyebrow to show his appreciation, Thaddeus thought it would be best to get the right message across more clearly. Hopefully they would move on to more interested targets once it was clear they would get nothing from them.

"We are here to shop, nothing more. We will be out of your way shortly."Â?

Satisfied that he had remained dignified and polite, he turned and smiled at Alfarinn, then nodded in the direction of the back of the store, where footwear was stacked on displays.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
"That means they have small, easy to choke on bits." Cyn informed Jan. He pouted at that realization. While they were mostly out for the cash, he was not above dallying with the mark if it turned out to be something yummi.

"I hate it when that happens, don't you? They have these pretty boxes but as soon as you peel the wrapper off, you get a tiny little matchbox toy. No fun playing with that." He shook his head sadly, stepping away from Jan, but still keeping his eye on the blondes. What was it with this city and most of the men being a let down?

He wouldn't have to play with their small bits, of course. Cyn smirked slowly, bringing one hand up to run it down his chest.

"They might still have some use on their knees. Which one do you want?"
Alfarinn 18 years ago
"I believe it is more a matter of complicated machinery that requires skill to handle." Alfarinn folded his arms across his chest and eyed the shorter of the two dark haired kids. Not that he and Thaddeus looked much older.

" I wouldn't trust it to just anyone."

He cast a glance at his companion. Thaddeus wasn't taking this with the same sense of amusement that Alfarinn personally found it. The smaller blonde seemed annoyed and insulted. Though the boy was a bit more forward than most people liked. It -was- a backwards sort of compliment.

Alfarinn reached out and placed a calming hand on the Anantya's shoulder.

"It's ok Thaddeus, They're just expressing their appreciation of fine things. I have to say they have shown excellent taste despite the delivery."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Are they hard of hearing? Good Lord, this one just won't let up, will he?

Irritated and not a little disgusted, he made to turn and walk away. He simply wanted to be left alone, to enjoy this time with Alfarinn and complete their business. But Alfarinn was still going, apparently somewhat interested in feeding the fire, and so Thaddeus lingered long enough for the Evenhet to put his hand on his shoulder.

Thaddeus couldn't help it. He tensed just a little at the touch, and immediately regretted it. He just couldn't help but wonder if Alfarinn himself wanted someone more...overt. If the sight of the two young men in front of him, openly affectionate and then some, made Alfarinn wish for more of the same from him.

He shrugged off the vague feeling of insecurity and looked up at Alfarinn. The other man appeared calm and showed none of the annoyance Thaddeus himself felt. Was he actually enjoying this little exchange of words?

And more importantly...was Thaddeus just being oversensitive? He was letting a couple of oversexed young men get the better of him, letting them throw him off balance. It was ridiculous, really.

Good taste indeed, though perhaps a bit...high reaching. Thaddeus spoke with a smirk and turned back to the two young people.

Perhaps you should consider barking up a different tree. Or go back to climbing on each other; this one he jerked his head in Alfarinn's direction is clearly...out of your league. As for myself...I require a bit more finesse in
Jan 18 years ago
Jan pondered the two in front of him, while Cyn leaned on him from behind. They did look like fun to play with and probably fun to annoy, especially the small one who looked to be getting more irritated by the minute. He personally wondered if they could get him to blush or if he'd storm out first. There wasn't a huge interest to do anything else, at least not to the point of pushing. Jan just wasn't interested enough in most people to have to work that hard, so it was probably a good thing he was with Cyn.

"I don't know. Pretty to look at but a bit too stiff. Some good hard use might take care of that problem. I'm just not sure I have the patience."

He shrugged, looked at Cyn and smiled. "You're more than welcome to try though."
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
The long haired one almost seemed to want to play, but his friend left a lot to be desired. Cyn rolled his eyes. "You're right," he replied to Jan's comment. "What the little one needs is a damn good fuck. Might dislodge that stick he seem to have up his ass."

He reached out to finger another set of collars, this one having a long chain attached to a slave ring. Oooh, pretty. He wound the chain around his wrist, mentally going through images to decide which of the three men would look best attached to the leash. He sneered and limited the scenario to two men, the high and mighty asshole would best do with a ball gag. Oh yes, bound, jaw distended painfully and eyes begging for mercy, that would look beautiful on him.

A thoughtful expression crossed his face.
"Does it pinch when you move? You should watch out for sticks, splinters and all."

It was highly unlikely that Stick Boy would bend, Cyn knew this, but it was still amusing to toy with the little fruit. Finesse in the delivery? What was he, a woman? Did he want flowers and promises that would never be kept? Probably a silly pampered little rich boy who knew nothing about surviving life.

"There are much better things to have up one's ass you know."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Where the hell does he get off calling -me- 'the little one'? That's a bit rich!

Annoyed at the comment directed at his admittedly slight stature, especially coming from someone even smaller than he, Thaddeus almost didn't register the rest of the young man's comments. The other one, the first one to speak, seemed content to talk about him and Alfarinn as though they weren't in the store. That was fine by Thaddeus; such comments were beyond rude and not a little irritating, but a little distance solved the problem easily enough.

Upon hearing the rest of what the little terror had to say, though, Thaddeus couldn't help but give a derisive snort. Really, what did the snot hope to achieve by being as shockingly vulgar as possible? He had crossed the line now from being rude and childish to being an outright waste of space. Did the terror honestly think this was the first time he'd been told he was uptight? That he needed to get out more and have a bit of fun? While the wording was new, the message was not, and if this was the best the brat could come up with, he wasn't worth Thaddeus's time.

It was, however, clear from their conversation that the young men were just out to get some attention, and the mouthy one thought his comments passed for witty banter. They were out to insult, not to achieve anything.

He turned to Alfarinn with a roll of his eyes.

"I am afraid I don't speak 'insufferable brat.' He shot a dirty look at said brat, who was now fiddling with a collar, and looked back to Alfarinn.

"I do believe he was making a pathetic attempt to imply I am uptight, but I will admit I am not adept at slogging through the vulgarity.

Obviously the distinction between being 'stiff' and having high standards is a bit too much for his mind, in any case."Â?
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Alfarinn dropped his hand from Thaddeus's shoulder after he felt him tense. So much for being a comfort. He was distracted by the reaction from his companion and didn't take a lot of notice to what the small one said. Though as he started to pay more attention it made him angry. It was one thing to be forward and the banter so far had been tolerated. He'd probably even shrug all this off had it been directed at him, this was not. Alfarinn then reminded himself that Thaddeus did not need or want his protection. He should let his companion handle it himself.

Though, He was getting the impression that the verbal sparring match that would have amused him was only stressing the Anantya. Alfarinn was about to just suggest they leave when Thaddeus retorted with all the acidness that such 'stiffness' had implied. It shocked him enough to no longer be angry.. stunned perhaps..

Looking from one to the other and back again Alfarinn said

"As lovely as this conversation has been. I think its better to just end our mutual "admiration" right here."

He took the clothes out of Thaddeus's hands and started to head to the counter.
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn burst out laughing. "You've got it all wrong, I am not -implying- that you are uptight, I am telling you that you are. Take it part of that uptightness also makes you a little dense? Poor thing."

He shrugged, not nearly as affected by the almost counter attack as he should have been. On the list of things he had been called throuhout his life, brat ranked very low on the list of things to get excited about. However, the guy seemed to be getting more than a bit excited himself. One would think he had never been called these things before. Then again, maybe the crowds he ran with were all dry and boring like that. Creepy thought.

"Yes, yes, go, bet he'd have been a bad lay anyway. Seems to be all hot air and no actual balls."
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus sighed inwardly. Perhaps it had been childish to lash out like that, though the brat certainly had it coming. Still, Alfarinn seemed to be chastising both parties involved, though Thaddeus rather felt the Evenhet had done his share to contribute to the situation.

He had wanted to get away from these young men, though, and now they would be very shortly. Alfarinn was right; it was time to end the discussion, something that Thaddeus should not have even engaged in.

The brat continued his squeaking, but Thaddeus ignored him and walked to the counter with Alfarinn. He could insult him all he wanted. The feeling of admonishment, both his own and Alfarinn's, was much, much worse, and the brat's victory was not in driving them out of the store, but in Thaddeus's resorting to insults in the first place.

He let the woman at the check out ring up the clothing, declined the offer for some sort of "savers card,"Â? signed the receipt with his own pen, and tucked that and his wallet back into his coat pocket. As he did, the origami birds nearly fell out again, and so he slipped the paper safely inside the wallet along with the credit card.

Let's go then. Thaddeus spoke quietly, putting as much apology as he ever did into those three words.

/ooc out out!
Jan 18 years ago
"Truth hurts, I guess." Jan sighed and looked at Cyn. "Shame really, the outside looked so good." He rolled his eyes. "And that boys and girls is why you don't play with the well to do... they think it entitles them to believe they are better than everyone else. Apparantly we street kids can't afford the sticks."

Jan looked at the collars and back at Cyn. "And just want naughty thoughts were you thinking?"
Cynicke Valentin 18 years ago
Cyn nodded in agreement to Jan's statement. "The only thing they are better at is sticking their noses in the air. They certainly have no interpersonal skills."

And that was as much talk time as they would get, boring creatures that they were.

He looked down at the item in his hands and then gave Jan a naughty smirk.
"I was just thinking, its against the law in most states for pets to run around freely in the streets. We wouldn't want you to get sent to the pound, do we?" He dangled the collar, waggling his eyebrows at Jan.

"If you don't like this one, we could get you a studded one with a 'Butch' tag on it. Perhaps some steel toed boots. You will lose the shirt, of course, but we'd mess your hair up and throw an entire bottle of mascara on you. You'd be such a show puppy. Everyone else would be jealous."
Jan 18 years ago
Jan shook his head. "I don't think we'll be seeing that happen. Not that it isn't a cute picture...on someone else, but no one owns me ever again." He reached out a hand and brushed the hair out of Cyn's eyes.

"Though I've got to say you at least look better than the last one. Its still not going to happen. "

So the boy wanted to keep him now. Interesting, two nights and already an attachment. They could not possibly have said a whole page worth of words to each other were it written down and the content would lack anything meaningful... harder... yes... Jan wasn't sure where that warranted attachment but maybe Cyn was one of those people who latched on to a new person where ever he went in order to just be with someone. It didn't look like more than that, at least he wasn't hearing any endearments and getting flowers. The kid could think what he liked, be led astray if he wanted and that was fine with him but ownership just wouldn't happen, unless he was the one holding the leash.