Did You Hear That (Attn: Kem and Drew)

The house wasn't dark, just dimly lit. Reign had a -vicious- migraine and the light only aggravated it. There was only one light on in the kitchen and one in the guest bath, both low watt bulbs, and they were only on because she didn't like laying around in total darkness. The TV flickered at her, Batman Begins, it was a darkly filmed movie and, much like the lights, didn't really aggravate her migraine. She lay on the sofa, a big glass of ice water on the table and a cold gel mask on her face just waiting for the pain to recede, she'd taken something, but that only blunted the edges. It would take an hour or two to for her to actually feel better.

Lying there, she heard Sirius get up. That wasn't unusual, he had a doggie door and used it and he did have roam of the house, so Reign didn't even think about it. He came back and settled down again. Only to stir a few seconds later. That was odd. Even with the mask on her face she could hear him moving, he was very clearly patrolling the house. Reign tried to rationalize, Drew was coming over. He was probably playing some dumb game and wigging the mutt out.

She whistled sharply, hurting her head, and called to the big dog.

"Sirius, come. Its just Drew."Â?

The big dog came and sat next to her. Sat, he didn't lay down. He remained alert, his ears twitching at sounds only he could hear. He growled, a low warning. Migraine or not Reign pulled the gel mask off, sat up and went to look for her phone, she'd left it charging somewhere, and wondered where she'd left her glasses.

"Its just a cat you dork."Â?

But Reign was trying to convince herself as much as any one.

Reign 13 years ago
Well, that was pretty wasn't it? It was a good thing she'd gotten the dog and the wolf out. Still, it did confirm that she was -not- doctor material in any way shape or form. It didn't make her queasy or freak her out, it just wasn't pretty or pleasant.

"Yeah. I am."Â?

She said quietly. Pakpao had bitten her once, Reign couldn't remember the exact circumstances, but she knew it didn't do any permanent damage. Besides Kem had gone above and beyond the obligatory fruitcake at Christmas tonight, she didn't want to leave him hanging.
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
Kem held the already-soiled dishrag to his shoulder after placing the kris in the sink with the bullets. He regarded Reign levelly, gauging the depth of her sincerity. She didn't seem hesitant, or even unwilling, and he wouldn't feel bad calling it a favor for a favor.

"All right," he said.

He ran his uninjured hand under the warm water for a few seconds, cleaning his own blood from it as well as that which wasn't his. Drying it again, he extended it to Reign. She came closer and he gently brushed her hair from her neck before bending close and biting down quickly.

It was a relief not to have to fight, not to have to war with his conscience, to be able to give way to the monster within even just a little bit. Reign's blood flowed freely and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding her close. As always, in the back of his head was the constant reminder not to drink deeply. He was fine with that; it could stay there for now. At the moment, the feeling was too good to worry about. In his arms, Reign was relaxing, sighing, and leaning against him.

After a minute or so he pulled away, releasing Reign with one hand to wet a clean corner of the dish towel and gently wipe the two tiny drops of blood left over from her neck. He hugged her close for a moment more.

"Thanks," he said softly.

He held up his left hand to show her the greatly-improved puncture there, which was mostly closed. Kem smiled and released her, satisfied at the expression on her face that he'd at least done more good than harm here. After being attacked tonight, Reign was due a little detox.

The sound of the shower in the other bathroom stopped and Kem turned away, cleaning the sink and washing off the bullets. Picking them up he showed them to her, cleaned of blood.

"What do you make of these?"

They didn't look normal to him, and he'd seen bullets before. As he let Reign look them over, he followed her back out to her living room where Sirius rejoined them.
Reign 13 years ago
It was so different from that one hesitant bite from Pakpao, there was no comparison. Some how, even knowing Kem was literally drinking her blood Reign relaxed. She felt couriously safe. Without thinking about it she leaned into him, he felt like a giant security blanket.

As she stood back up Reign realized her migraine was gone. Not dulled, not blunted, but gone, completely. Wild.

"Huh... er... you're welcome. Almost any time. I think you might have fixed my migraine."Â?

If he did, she'd be willing to try this again. Maybe next time she couldn't see straight she'd knock on his door. Reign shoved those thoughts aside and led them back to the living room where she promptly flopped on the sofa and turned off the DVD player, which was only playing the menu over and over and over.

She took the bullets from Kem. They didn't look anything like the bullets she was used to seeing. Before she could say anything The Boy reappeared in a pair of beat up jeans and a worn out t-shirt of his that she'd claimed a few weeks ago.
Drew 13 years ago

Drew snarled, his hair still dripping.

"They are silver bullets."Â?

He paused, awkwardly for a second. Trying to figure out what to say to his boss. This wasn't exactly covered in the company handbook after all. And now that he had his head back, Drew was fully aware Kem had saved his ass. He was still a vampire though.

Chewing at his lower lip he finally spoke up again.

"They would have done a number on me. I appreciate the assist boss."Â?

Reign apparently noticed the oddness and suggested he grab them all a beer. He happily obliged and disappeared into the kitchen. He took a bit longer than necessary but did reappear with three beers and a bottle opener and passed them out.

It was a nice oatmeal stout, one of his own creations.
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
"Huh. Who knew," he said in mild surprise when Reign mentioned her vanished migraine. She definitely had relaxed while he'd been drinking, and if it was true that migraines were caused by muscle strain, well, he wasn't opposed to experimenting. Willing donors didn't exactly fall out of trees.

Kem remained standing, conscious of the fact that, at least in front, he was liberally covered in blood. He had done his best to clean it off in the bathroom but without being able to turn on the faucet while the authorities were present, and with only a dishrag, he hadn't really succeeded. His clothing was stiff with it, and he could feel it cracking on his skin. At least he'd managed to get his face clean.

He turned as his werewolf ally entered the room and felt his lips twist up with the irony of it all.
"Aha," he said, poking his finger at Drew. But that was all that came out. Any sarcasm or snark was quickly swallowed at Drew's admission.

"Any time," he said, oddly enough almost meaning that. He wasn't sure how he felt about that. Not yet. Vampires didn't go around saving werewolves. And werewolves didn't 'owe' vampires. It just wasn't the way things worked.

Beer sounded like a great idea though, and he took a decent-sized drink. Watching Reign, he caught her eye.

[Careful with that,] he sent, reminding her that he'd already had a drink tonight, and she might not want to dip into that bottle too quickly.
Reign 13 years ago
"You might as well sit as not. It looks like most of it is dry and the furniture isn't that good any way. Besides, if he owes you a thank you I owe a bigger one. Having the furniture cleaned is a small price to pay."Â?

Reign couldn't help but notice Kem was still standing. It hardly seemed hospitable to not ask him to sit down, but she had a good guess as to why he hadn't.

Perhaps she was imagining it but there seemed to be a strain between Kem and Drew. Well perhaps neither of them had known what the other was. It had to be unsettling to run into another supernatural creature when you weren't expecting it.

Kem's voice in her head for the second time that night was weird. It would have to be a damned handy way to communicate though. She, however, just responded normally.

"Yeah. The... er Drew made it his stuff can pack a bit of a punch."Â?

Some how calling Drew by his nickname didn't seem like a good idea here. He'd just doubled as a huge black wolf and killed someone. It would have been a disservice to use the affectionate, yet potentially demeaning moniker.
Drew 13 years ago
Drew sat down, near Reign, but he didn't sit right next to her, he didn't hold her. He wasn't a lover or a boyfriend. She was very dear to him and yeah they slept together occasionally but it wasn't the kind of relationship that he could just pick her up and hold her. Eventually, after Kem had gone, it wouldn't surprise him if she did curl up next to him, but for now, he understood she couldn't do that.

He hadn't meant to, but Drew snarled at his boss.

"The hell you say."Â?

He shook his head. It was too late to take back the uncharitable reaction though.

"Sorry... er... long story. Would you believe back at you?"Â?

Drew hadn't quite shaken the wolfish mindset. It was fading but it was still there. Still, as long as Kem seemed to be one of the good guys, Drew would keep to his word. He watch Kem's back if the need arose.

"So... you really are one of them. And I really don't mean to sound ungrateful, because I am, what the hell was going on tonight?"Â?
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
It would be churlish of him to refuse Reign's offer, and impolite to remain standing while everyone else sat. Besides, the majority of the blood did seem to be on his front. Kem perched himself on the edge of the sofa, at the opposite end from Reign.

He eyeballed the brown bottle in his hand and made a little sound of interest.
"Not bad," he said.

Drew's response, oddly enough, neither surprised nor offended him. He simply lifted his shoulders at the werewolf and, with a wry grin, responded,
"I might. Depending on the circumstances. I'd prefer not to have to do it again though."

He rolled his left shoulder experimentally and turned his head from side to side, stretching his neck. Taking bullets wasn't high on his list of fun ways to spend your one night off this week. He liked Drew though. he supposed if he had to stand between a bullet and a wolf, he didn't mind if the wolf was Drew. He'd promised Xephier as much, although he hadn't exactly imagined this interpretation.

"I was hoping one of you could enlighten me," he pointed out. "I'm really just the neighbor. I saw the car roll up to the curb out side, noticed it had no lights, and saw four hooded people head up here. I called 911 and made sure the car wouldn't be going anywhere fast, and you know what happened from there."
Reign 13 years ago
Reign watched the two of them and just didn't get it. It wasn't like Drew to be that snarly, especially considering that Kem had helped him out. She gave her friend a very worried look.

At least Kem looked better than he had. Reign was a little squidged out she'd let Kem bite her, but if it did the trick and she had to admit she felt a little better for it.

"I'll drink to that."Â?

She said trying to lessen the tension. But all she could do was shake her head. There was no reason in the world for these guys to come after her.

Suddenly though, she was very worried about her family in Chicago. God please let the wolves the Doc had up there still be keeping an eye on them.

"Haven't got a clue. You two saw more of them than I did though."Â?
Drew 13 years ago
Drew's lips twitched in amusement and he turned his attention to the beer. He might try this again and cask age it. That was something he'd not tried yet.

Who would have thought he'd be having a beer with a vampire? This was so wrong on so many levels. Well at least he could confirm to the Chief that Kem was a vampire and that he wasn't a sissy. Yeah, this had to go to the Chief. With any luck though he wouldn't hold the semi-socializing against Drew.

"Not sure. Sure as shit didn't look like a standard burglary though. Wouldn't need four guys or to split up like that. It was... like they were hunting."Â?

Creepy thought. Why would any one hunt Reign?

"What was that... misty thing? That was another sui... er... vampire?"Â?
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
Kem tried to run a hand through his hair but it, too, was stiff with blood in places and it just pulled. He gave up and let it hang limply, nodding at Drew. "They looked like pros," he said.

Considering for a moment, he figured it wouldn't do any harm to tell the truth.
"Yeah," he answered Drew's question about the other vampire. And then, to forestall any further suspicion he added, "Not from my family."

He wasn't about to drop any names, but it had been obvious to him that the additional vampire had been Anantya. The ability to become ethereal didn't show up in any other Clan; it was a trait distinctive to them alone.

He frowned to himself. He hadn't realized there were vampires involved in this break-in. Would it have changed anything, if he'd known from the outset? He might have put all of Evenhet in jeopardy with his actions tonight. His face was hardly one to be unremarkable; he was easily identified. If the Anantya knew that the Evenhet leader was assisting werewolves, there could be far more trouble than he'd ever intended.

"No good deed goes unpunished," he said out loud, in response to the curious glances from Reign and Drew. "And no... I have no idea why vampires would be involved."

He held Reign's gaze, willing her to believe him. He was hesitant to offer further assistance, especially not really knowing who Reign was in this affair.
"I don't even know how much help I can be in looking into it. I'm... limited."

Sure, he had an entire Clan at his back, but he wasn't sure how far that would go when werewolves were involved.
Reign 13 years ago
She was moving. She was going back home to Chicago and hiring her own personal bodyguard. This made no sense. She didn't have anything anyone should want that badly. And it wasn't like anyone would pay a huge ransom for her, no one she knew had enough money for something like that. Well... maybe... Pakpao. But it wasn't like they were that close or that too many people knew they were friends. Reign dismissed the idea almost instantly.

The attempts on her mother... no something was going on and she and her mother were tied in it some how. Reign just didn't know how, or what.


She asked. Up until a few hours ago Reign thought Pakpao was the only vampire out there. It didn't really surprise her, but...

She smiled reassuringly at Kem. She'd not ask him to do anything at all.

"I wouldn't worry about looking into it. The cops probably have it all under control."Â?
Drew 13 years ago
Drew narrowed his eyes at Kem. Not sure how much he could trust what was being said. Still, he reasoned, it didn't make sense for Kem to help him and then lie to him. Did it? He couldn't help but notice Kem wasn't giving them any clues here, anyone to look at. Maybe he was protecting the vampire after all.

"Bull shit."Â?

It was a gamble, a big one and Drew had nothing to back it up, not really. But he was starting to suspect that Kem wasn't just a vampire that worked in the archives. He thought that the ... damned he couldn't call Kem silu or carrion not after this... the vampire across from him had some kind of pull. He didn't know how much and maybe it didn't extend beyond his own clan but Drew chose to push the issue.
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
Kem gave a 'hmph' at the idea of the cops having this particular situation under control. He doubted many, if any, of them knew exactly what they were dealing with tonight. The other vampire had been long gone before the police had gotten to the scene, and he'd left no discernible trace of his ever having been there that Kem could recall.

Oddly enough, it was Drew's words this time that had Kem sitting up straighter, his features hardening, mouth forming a grim line. He bit back the harsh words that first came to his lips once, twice, and finally just took another deep drought from the bottle in his hand.

"I don't know if I would have done what I did tonight, knowing there was another vampire involved," he finally admitted, feeling worse for having said it. "I want to say my actions would have been the same. I don't know what they want with you, Reign, and what their purpose here was."

He shook his head, glaring at Drew.
"What I've done has endangered my entire family."

Kem was angry; not at Reign or Drew, but at the situation in general.
"I'm limited by what I can do that can help you without risking them further."

He looked at Reign.
"I'm sorry." He was apologizing, mostly, for having just admitted that had the scenario been slightly different he might not have come to the rescue and Drew might possibly have a few lumps of silver stuck in his hide. He smiled ruefully. "I'm not a good hero."

After a moments' thought he gave a dry laugh. "On the up side, if they do try to exact revenge I might be able to gather a little more information for you."
Reign 13 years ago

Reign snapped at The Boy. She had no idea what was up with him. None. But she didn't approve of the way he was treating Kem. Kem was her friend and he'd helped save her ass. He didn't deserve that.

Well, that was a cold dose of reality. Reign actually shivered. She'd let this man sink his fangs in her neck and felt safe while he was doing it and now he was saying he shouldn't have helped her. Not cool.

Sirius stirred from his place on the floor by Reign and lay his head in her lap. She absently pet him, feeling a little better.

"I think I understand..."Â?

She sort of did. She wouldn't risk her family, either of them, willingly.

"You shouldn't have to be. I can settle for you calling the cops if you've got other people to worry about. Besides, it might not look like it, but I can take care of myself. Not that I'm too proud to accept help if it is offered."Â?

Coming back Reign refused to consider. Not now. Maybe in a day or two she could digest that. She knew, on some level, that they would. There was no doubt about it.
Drew 13 years ago
He rolled his eyes at Reign, and didn't apologize.

Drew was torn. On the one hand he was pissed off that Kem had said he probably shouldn't have gotten involved and on the other he totally understood. You had to take care of your own. And as much as he did appreciate Kem's help, it didn't hurt his feelings to think that maybe the vampires would turn on each other and leave the Pack out of it.

Kem's glare was a good one, but Drew simply couldn't make himself feel guilty about this. He hadn't asked from Kem's help. He vaguely inclined his head acknowledging that Kem had other responsibilities. Well that was fine. The Pack would take care of their own.

"You did an OK imitation of one."Â?

God damned he didn't know what to make of Kem at this point. Huh... Drew wondered if he still had a job now that he thought of it.

"I'd rather they just not come back."Â?

They knew they had come equipped with silver bullets and now they knew for sure there was a wolf about this was going to get rougher if they returned. Probably more of them, more silver, maybe during the day when he wouldn't be able to shift. No, this could quickly get ugly.
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
Reign's stoic acceptance of what he said made Kem feel much worse. It was shameful not to be able to stand up for her, and even worse not being able to guarantee he'd react the same way next time. Maybe a few years ago he could have gotten away with it, but now that he was responsible for the well-being of the entire Clan, his actions carried greater weight.

He sighed, frustrated, and nodded at Drew.
"I'd rather they didn't, either."

He glanced at Reign. "They had to take at least one of them for questioning, didn't they?"

The first man he'd run into, the one on the side of he house, he knew was still alive when he'd left him. Of the other three, one had died by his own hand, one by Drew's teeth, and the third...

"Why would that vampire have killed the fourth one, though?" he said out loud.

Several reasons sprang to mind, but before answering his own question he looked to Reign for an answer to the first.
Reign 13 years ago
Reign was starting to feel wiped out. The beer was kicking in and the adrenaline has left her. She was a stubborn wench though and refused to let it get her down, although, it did make her a bit quietter.

She shook her head at Kem and Drew.

"No, the other one shot himself. One of the cops saw him do it."Â?

Four dead guys in her yard, front and back, was an odd evening. Reign didn't even go in for garden gnomes, bodies were certainly not part of her astetic.

All she could do was shrug though. She didn't know why these guys had tried to break in let alone why they'd all wind up dead, two of them at the hands of their own people.
Drew 13 years ago
Reign didn't seem overly chatty just then, she had lapsed into a thoughtful silence. Apparently content to pet Sirius and sip her beer. It seemed to Drew that beer was hitting her harder than usual too, or maybe it was the let down of adrenaline. Didn't matter either way, Drew wasn't leaving her alone tonight.

He watched her shake her head at Kem. Damned. That, was a bit of a shock. Death before capture? Did the Nachton PD count as capture. There was only one reason they'd all wind up dead, one reason for the vampire to have killed on of his own.

"Granddad was a Code Talker. If he was stuck in a bad spot he was supposed to be killed. They couldn't risk him saying anything."Â?

But what the hell could these things have to say? Or maybe there was another reason. Either way the fact that one had gone all noble and the silu had jumped between he and Kem in order to kill the other meant something. The vampire really didn't want his people... puppets? To talk.
Kem`Raaisu 13 years ago
"That was kind of my thought, too," Kem agreed with Drew, grimacing as Reign told them what had happened to the fourth man.

"What can they possibly want?" He repeated, more to himself than to anyone else in the room.

Even as he sat there he was thinking of ways to figure out the prowlers' motivation. Even as he told Reign he was limited in the help he could offer, he was working out a way in his head to circumvent that limitation.

Speaking of Reign, it was obvious that she was worn out for the night. Morning. Whichever. There was precious little darkness left after the long wait for the authorities to leave. Kem was conscious of the fact that he was uncomfortably disheveled, tired, and sore.

He stood and added the now empty beer bottle to the recycling in the kitchen. Emerging once again he looked at Drew.

"You're staying here tonight?" It was more of a statement than a question. He didn't think Drew was going anywhere.

When the werewolf nodded at him, Kem smiled briefly.
"Good. If anything happens you know where to find me." Well, Reign did at any rate.

He had one lead; that was that Anantya was somehow involved in the attacks on Reign. Did he have enough swing to try and get information from them? He didn't know. Maybe the Clan as a whole wasn't involved. And if that was he case, if it was just a member or two acting alone, he doubted they would interfere when the human in question didn't even belong to a Clan herself.

He shook his head to himself and crossed the room to Reign. Resting his hand on her shoulder he said again,
"I'm sorry. Let me think on this and see if I can come up with anything helpful."

Glancing at Drew he added, "I'll see you at work tomorrow night. Don't be late."

Showing himself out he made a circuit around the house, looking for anythingthat might have been left over from the attackers but there was nothing. Not even a hint of a clue. Nothing he could use to even determine where they might have come from. Frustrated, he headed back home to clean up and ruminate.

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