Recon like you meant it

Kat had sadly taken a vacation. Since Arriving in Nachton, she had yet to visit any of the likely places but most probably lacking a cursed legendary artifact. She'd lost herself a bit in the sensual orgy that was the Abby, and in the freedoms she had here in America that were not necessarily available in Europe. She found herself indulging in all manners of debauchery for days at a time only to stumble home and pass out on her bed for twenty four hours or longer and get up, shower and do it again. It was not the best showing of her maker, but it seemed to her that it was acceptable here in Nachton, so long as she followed the "don't get caught" rule. She did not begrudge or regret this time, but it was now time to get back on the right path.

You and your damn paths I would have been happy staying right where we were.

"I know, but life must go on Michael." She parked the little car from the airport a few blocks down from her intended target and stood on the sidewalk, just looking at the building. It was a nice building and could hold the La Maldición del Príncipe, if it there was anyone crazy enough to keep it there. She always marveled at museums that kept such things, like the Hope Diamond and the Shroud of Turin, they were just asking for trouble.

Depressing the button that armed the alarm, she walked away, thinking that when she was finished here, she'd go see a man about a bike. As she approached she scanned the exterior, noting windows, doors and building height as it appeared on the outside.

As she approached the doors, she looked down at herself and shrugged, hopefully it would pass muster. She'd dressed less like a jewel thief and more like a regular person, skinny black jeans, silk tunic top printed with butterflies, little black sweater, and black sandals. It was a mix of spring and winter, like the weather.

She pulled open the doors and stepped into the hushed interior. It was a nice place and made her fingers itchy. Chuckling at herself, she stepped left and began to look around at what was there.

Reign 11 years ago
The boy said something stupid about education and culture and without thinking about it Reign jumped on his back and thwapped him upside the back of the head. She was quite confidant that catch her and carry her the rest of the way to the door. Reign knew he could carry her with out much effort he was a bit on the buff side.

Hopping down she the elbowed him.

"Behave yourself now. I've wanted to see this exhibit for a while now and if I miss it here I'll have to go back to Chicago to catch it."Â?

It was a touring exhibition of some of the art and artifacts from Pompeii. That coupled with the Arch's excellent regular sculpture galleries was enough to get her out of the house. She wasn't quite sure how she'd managed to drag The Boy along, but he'd come with a minimum of protest.
Drew 11 years ago
Oof! OK he hadn't been ready for that, but he should have been. Instinctively Drew grabbed Reign and carried her piggy back style until she jumped off.

"Hey! Seriously you are wasted on a pool table have you considered football? Or hockey... oh! The WWE! That is so your calling."Â?

He agilely sidestepped the inevitable retaliation, and got them through the doors. Glancing at the little map thing he noted where the special gallery was. How to get there... well he'd leave that to Reign.

"I think I understand why you insisted on coming this time of night thought."Â?

Drew pointed to the brochure.

"Average wait time 90 to 120 minutes? What the hell are we going to see?"Â?
Miya 11 years ago
Miya wandered through the exhibits as she did most nights. There was always people visiting. Dressed in tailored black slacks, a cream coloured button down shirt and a black museum jacket with an embroidered pocket with the Arch logo, she nodded and smiled to the people visiting the exhibits. She passed by two people horsing around, then overheard them complaining about the wait times. She stopped and smiled, "One of the greatest collections of artifacts outside of Italy. You wouldn't believe the amount of negotiation it took to get this show here." A hint of sadness crossed her face as she remembered it was the last show that she had worked on with the former director.

"I'm Miya Harton, one of the curators. Is there anything I can help you two find?"
Kat 11 years ago
Kat was currently standing in front of a rather large vase like structure, the placard stating that it was a water reservation vessel used to collect rain water outside of homes in Pompeii. How very...not interesting.

She began to move on, but a bit of commotion in the entry way had her turning back to peek around the vessel. A young man and woman were exchanging remarks in tones she did not generally associate with the interior with a museum. Then a woman dressed like a curator/docent appeared and stopped to talk with the couple.

Kat stepped back behind the vessel, stilled her breathing and listened carefully. She did not think it would be wise to make herself known to the powers that be in the place, especially if she ended up lifting an object or four.
Reign 11 years ago
They'd left most of their antics at the door, Reign was too much of an academic to screw around in the museum itself. Apparently, they'd still attracted the attention of one of the curators. Reign smiled politely.

"No, I'd believe it."Â?

Pop had helped with things like this before. Nothing this big, he was a professor after all not a curator, but she'd seen the paper work and miles of red tape before.

She didn't really need the help, but the curator seemed young and Reign decided to be nice and let her be helpful. Sweeping the two blue locks of hair out of her face, she'd just gotten back from a big tournament, she half nodded.

"To be perfectly morbid I had wanted to see the casts of some of the bodies... well that and the Hippolytus and Phaedra fresco."Â?

Reign had only seen pictures of it when she was in school but the color and composition of the fresco was fascinating. She simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to see it in person.
Drew 11 years ago
Snickering at the obviously unwanted attention, his packmate had gathered Drew cheerfully shoved his hands in his pockets and wandered off. Reign could get out of this on her own. It wasn't like they were in real trouble or anything, so he didn't feel bad.

Ambling over toward what looked like a large vase, his acute hearing picked up the conversation and he wrinkled his nose in distaste. Why would she want to see plaster casts of people who died and decomposed centuries ago? Some times, there was no explaining her. He -totally- should have pawned this field trip off on Nikhila, she'd like it.

Realizing his face still had a less than pleasant expression on it and he was facing another woman Drew broke into an easy friendly grin.

"Would you believe she's cute when she causes trouble?"Â?
Kat 11 years ago
A slow blink brought her attention away from the unseen conversation and to the young man that was now standing in front of her. Her mind went completely blank, but her lips did some odd facsimile of a smile to fill the time.

"Aaah, sure."

Yeah that's the right way to handle that girl. You need to smile and touch him, you know flirt a little. Kat blinked again, sure that that wasn't what she should do in this situation, but had no real idea what to do instead. Her head tilted to one side and she studied the young man before her. He was an ethnicity she'd seen only in books, which had her placing him as native american. She liked the look of him and that changed her smile to something less awkward and more genuine.

"Though I didn't get a good look at her before you started causing trouble."

She stuck her hand out into the space between them, because that's what you do when you meet a new person. "I'm Kat. Have you a name or should I just call you trouble?"

She grinned at him, and remembered to blink and breathe. It freaked out the humans when you didn't breathe regularly and she'd stilled her lungs to listen.
Drew 11 years ago
Drew looked down at the curvy little burnet, she was a forward thing wasn't she? He'd come in with another woman and she was hitting on him... sort of, almost, mostly. Of course, in this case, it wasn't a big deal, he and Reign well... it was complicated but they weren't really 'together' but they were. Oh, hell who knew.

He gave her a bit of a trouble making grin.

"You want another look or do you just want to point and laugh while she tries to get out of this?"Â?

He accepted the offered hand with a warm smile.

"I've got a few names, you can call me Drew. But... I have been known to answer to 'trouble' before though."Â?
Miya 11 years ago
Miya smiled at the woman and her enthusiasm. "You certainly know a lot about the period. Did you study a great deal of art history?" Not many people wanted to grow up to be musuem curators it seemed and someone with a keen sense of art history should be encouraged to enter the scholarly world.

Miya led her into another room, nodding at the guard on duty as they skipped the line much to the envious looks of some who had been in the line for some time. It was obvious why the number of people allowed within was so restricted - the room was very small and very cramped. And very secure. To one side there was a student was was sketching some vases, and to the other a man was talking into a voice recorder in latin. There was a lot of security about.

"Our former boss, spent a lot of time and personal capital getting this show together. It's dedicated to her and well." Miya shrugged her shoulder and dug out her business card. "If you need any help, feel free to call or have me paged."
Reign 11 years ago
Reign shrugged modestly, almost dismissively.

"Some. I did some work in classical studies and the family seems to gravitate that way."Â?

That was to say she had her BA in classical studies and her Dad was a professor of the subject and every single one of the six siblings had a classically inspired name. In her case, her middle name.

Sweet! Cuts! That rocked. Casting a quick glace over her shoulder Reign decided Drew was OK for the time being. He had apparently found something else moderately artistic. Reign trusted him to catch up.

Former? Oh and that sounded like dead too. She opted not to ask. She could Google it later. Poor guy was probably 9,000,000 years old and well over due to retire though, OK so she was thinking in terms of stereotypes, but...

She accepted the card, while trying -not- to translate the Latin one of the other patrons was speaking, with a smile.

"Excellent. Thanks much."Â?
Miya 11 years ago
Miya grinned and winked as she headed out of the gallery leaving the woman inside. She glanced curiously over at the two outside who seemed to still be talking. Something about the woman gave Miya a very confused feeling. She wasn't sure what it was, maybe the way the woman carried herself. So Miya sat down on a bench and opened up the binder she had been carrying, seeming to do some work while really keeping an eye on things. Not close enough to hear the conversation but close enough to keep an eye on body language.
Dana 11 years ago
Kat gave his hand a gentle squeeze, as she shook it. Her smile changed just a little twisting up a little further on side. "An unexpected pleasure, Drew."

Tilting her head to one side she studied him again. "Trouble seems to fit you better."

She slowly took her hand from his, dragging her fingers gently across his palm. Then gestured to the room around her. "So you have an interest in art?"
Kat 11 years ago
Kat gave his hand a gentle squeeze, as she shook it. Her smile changed just a little twisting up a little further on side. "An unexpected pleasure, Drew."

Tilting her head to one side she studied him again. "Trouble seems to fit you better."

She slowly took her hand from his, dragging her fingers gently across his palm. Then gestured to the room around her. "So you have an interest in art?"
Drew 11 years ago
OK, yeah he was making progress, at least he thought he might be. Oh hell he was jumping the gun on this. Even if he wasn't there was the issue with Reign.

He could almost hear Reign shouting at him, 'You're over thinking boy! Knock it off.' So he tried to knock it off and look -very- innocent.

"Hey now. I don't care what they told you about me I'm mostly harmless."Â?

He grinned easily and brightly.

Looking around the room he took it in, there was a heck of a lot here.

"Art... not so much. More the whole archeological vibe. You have to admit it's a dramatic way to freeze frame part of history."Â?
Kat 11 years ago
She gave a small snort of derision, not believing that one bit. She'd relaxed some, sensing little harm from this charming little trouble maker.

"About as harmless as a wolf in a forest, I'm sure."

Archeology, of course. Kat was not all that fond of the subject, she was more interested in Anthropology, as that is where the legends behind the objects she searched for came from. "It is indeed. It makes you wonder if their gods were pissed off, or if they really had no idea what they lived beneath."

She grinned at him, her arms crossing lightly beneath her breasts, more as a place to store the appendages than for any other reason.
Reign 11 years ago
Reign had moved on from the fresco to studding the bronze Hand of Sabazius. God it still amazed her how much detail they had gotten in, and how accurate the hand was not to mention how it had survived the eruption, the aftermath and being excavated. However, she was keeping half an eye and half an ear on Drew.

It didn't bother her at all that he was apparently thinking about flirting with another patron. She was cute enough Reign supposed, not what she would have pegged as the boy's taste but what did she know.

Turning her attention back to the exhibit Reign wished she was the least little bit artistically inclined, she would have loved to sketch this.

Hearing a father poorly, ok down right incorrectly, explain the bronze in front of them to his daughter she snorted derisively. Apparently, he took offense at that she smiled innocently and shrugged.


She said before drifting back towards Drew so she could eaves drop better. It was possible to be both supportive -and- nosey after all.
Drew 11 years ago
"Bunny rabbit I swear!"Â?

Mmmmm... rabbit. God he was hungry. Why hadn't they gone to eat first? Or had they and he was just hungry again? Drew didn't dwell on it.

Instead, he inclined his head in the general direction of the rest of the exhibit and indicated she should join him. He'd noticed the fresco Reign had started at and ambled that way himself.

"Well... my ancient history is a bit rusty. At least for anything outside of the Americas it is. I'd tell you that they knew what they were living under but you know if a tiger sleeps on your porch long enough you start to think its harmless. Same goes for a volcano."Â?

Reign would know the answer. But he didn't want to jump right into their relationship. Hell, he probably wouldn't go into details at all, ever. Some people just didn't get it.
Kat 11 years ago
A soft chuckle escaped her, and she tilted her head to one side. "Perhaps so, but only if you consider that cartoon one a bunny rabbit."

She gave a small nod, and followed behind him. She really had absolutely no interest in this exhibit, she very much wanted to get up into the other small rooms that held the permanent exhibits. Size them up and see if perhaps her prey was with in their Plexiglas enclosures.

"True, and I guess the same holds for those that live in Hawaii or under any other volcano. Eventually you forget it is dangerous."

She looked up at the fresco and sighed. This was much to large for her to even think about lifting, but she knew good art when she saw it and this...this was amazing.
Drew 11 years ago
"Bugs? Come on Bugs was totally innocent in all of that."Â?

Damned, let the cartoon fetish slip there. Oh well hopefully it came of as charmingly geeky, that was all Drew could hope for.

He caught Reign looking at them and rolled his eyes a bit, indicating she should mind her own business. For right now, he was having fun flirting a bit. Since arriving in Nachton, he'd been too busy with either work or the pack or with Reign to really get out and play.

"Sounds like a logical conclusion to draw. But I've never been to Hawaii. You? I hear they have a rather aggressive fascination with SPAM."Â?

Where has much preferred his meat on the foot, or at the very least rare in the extreme.
Kat 11 years ago
Bugs Bunny, that was his name. She answered him with a small grin, she had no illusions this young thing was as innocent as he played himself off, but she found him charming and disarming.

"Me? No I have never been. This is my first trip to the States." She wrinkled her nose at the mention of Spam. She had never tried the stuff, but had smelled it once, and found it revolting.

"Well, they can certainly have my share if they wish." She shook her head, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue making a yuck noise. Her face moved back into a smile, and her eyes were caught by something glinting dully across the room. She wanted to go look at it, but it would be rude to simply walk off and look at the shiny thing that had caught her eye. Some days she felt like a bird..."Ooooo shiny!"