Recon like you meant it

Kat had sadly taken a vacation. Since Arriving in Nachton, she had yet to visit any of the likely places but most probably lacking a cursed legendary artifact. She'd lost herself a bit in the sensual orgy that was the Abby, and in the freedoms she had here in America that were not necessarily available in Europe. She found herself indulging in all manners of debauchery for days at a time only to stumble home and pass out on her bed for twenty four hours or longer and get up, shower and do it again. It was not the best showing of her maker, but it seemed to her that it was acceptable here in Nachton, so long as she followed the "don't get caught" rule. She did not begrudge or regret this time, but it was now time to get back on the right path.

You and your damn paths I would have been happy staying right where we were.

"I know, but life must go on Michael." She parked the little car from the airport a few blocks down from her intended target and stood on the sidewalk, just looking at the building. It was a nice building and could hold the La Maldición del Príncipe, if it there was anyone crazy enough to keep it there. She always marveled at museums that kept such things, like the Hope Diamond and the Shroud of Turin, they were just asking for trouble.

Depressing the button that armed the alarm, she walked away, thinking that when she was finished here, she'd go see a man about a bike. As she approached she scanned the exterior, noting windows, doors and building height as it appeared on the outside.

As she approached the doors, she looked down at herself and shrugged, hopefully it would pass muster. She'd dressed less like a jewel thief and more like a regular person, skinny black jeans, silk tunic top printed with butterflies, little black sweater, and black sandals. It was a mix of spring and winter, like the weather.

She pulled open the doors and stepped into the hushed interior. It was a nice place and made her fingers itchy. Chuckling at herself, she stepped left and began to look around at what was there.

Drew 11 years ago
Art was not his favorite thing in the world. Some of it was fascinating but this wasn't it. So Drew was much more interested in her quip about past lives.

"What else were you in a past life? Killer, a queen... just don't say a cowboy and we can talk."Â?

Past lives were an interesting thought. Occasionally Drew wondered if he had been part of one of the tribe or civilizations he'd studied. Maybe that's why he was so fascinated by archeology he was looking for his story. Of course running around with a bunch of inherited memories in your head didn't help a fascination with the past.

"I vote we find something really old and potentially morbid."Â?
Kat 11 years ago
She grinned at him. "I've never been a man, so cowboy is out of the question. I'm fairly certain I was a dancer once."

Stepping back from the painting, she slipped her hand once more into the crook of his elbow, placing her other hand atop his arm. "Sounds perfect."

They set off back down the gallery, passed the roped off door, and stepped into the alcove and into a room labeled as Nachton's Historical Artifacts. Interesting.
Drew 11 years ago
Fun. Drew wondered how any one reached that conclusion. Now he knew why he had vague memories about being anything from a warrior to a chief to a medicine man even though he himself had never really been one. Where humans got these ideas was beyond him.

"Well I can't really see you as a man... but tell me about this dancer thing. I'm hopeless on the dance floor."Â?

Actually he was about average. That was to say he didn't embarrass himself but he didn't really stand out either. But if she wanted to teach him, he wouldn't say no at this point.

Now this room was much more up his alley and he relaxed a bit as they entered it. The room seemed to be laid out semi chronologically starting about the 1800s and getting older as you reached the back.

He looked at the first exhibit with mild interest. It seemed to be things found in a well to do ladies bedroom. Not his cup of tea but you had to appreciate the silver work in the mirror brush and comb and the perfume bottles were pretty too.
Kat 11 years ago
She chuckled again. He seemed to pull that from her easily, and she enjoyed it a great deal. "I have this natural agility and I think it is because I was a dancer. That and when I hear music with a good beat I can't help but move to it."

She did a little one-two step, and laughed again. When he stopped to look at the first exhibit, she settled down a bit and looked into the display. It wasn't up her alley, though the silver work was nice.

"Hmm, some woman was either incredibly spoiled or simply had good taste."

Flashing him a grin, Kat moved them on to the next display. A gathering of tools from the late 18th century when the outlying areas were all farm land.
Drew 11 years ago
Drew grinned and enjoyed her little dance. He liked what seemed to be a little be of a free spirit. He'd have danced himself but he was a bit traditional and this was a museum and had no music.

Following along he looked at the farm tools and just wrinkled his nose.

"I'm not sure they should count. I mean some of them could just been from Home Depot and then left out in the rain."Â?

OK that wasn't quite the case. But really, how much did farm tools change over the years? Not too much. Hand a man from a hundred years ago a modern hoe or rake and he'd still know what it was an what to do with it.

He was about to make a witty comment when his phone went off and not a subtle cute ring tone either. It was 'Tank!'only Reign had that ring tone.

Drew winced and tried to decide if he should pick up or ummmm... pretend he hadn't heard that. He opted to try pretending for a second, knowing full well she'd only call back.
Kat 11 years ago
Kat grinned at him. "True, but then craftsmanship was so much more important a hundred years ago than it is today."

She moved onto the next case, this one was full of jewelry from a family dating to the early 1700's. Now this was more Kat's style and with out thinking she dropped to her haunches to view the jewels from the side, though they were displayed to be admired from the top.

Drew's phone started singing a particularly obnoxious song, and she glanced up at him. The look on his face was quite funny.
"Go on, answer it. I don't mind."

She flashed him a smile, before returning her attention to the glitter before her. She'd need to put them under a loupe to see if they were authentic or just replicas, but the sparkle was still lovely to look at.
Drew 11 years ago
Honestly he'd not been able to pick a better ring tone for her but Drew was starting to wish he'd picked a quitter one. Although... Reign herself wasn't exactly subtle most of the time. He grinned a thanks and picked it up only just in time to hear her swear and hang up. Drew wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Since Kat didn't know the ring tone was tied to any one person he opted for a little white lie. Hey he wasn't going to sound like he was on a leash or had a baby sitter. Of course now that he thought about it he wondered that she'd had no issues stealing him away from Reign but that thought didn't last long.

"Wrong number."Â?

He said as he joined her at a display of jewelry. Where did people wear stuff like that? Sure he understood the culture and ritual behind a lot of history but he still didn't -get- it.

"Pretty... but I don't think they quite fit in with today's life style. Well not mine any way."Â?
Reign 11 years ago
Oh that little bastard. He hadn't answered. Reign knew Drew well enough to know that he wouldn't have thought to silence is phone. Even if by some remote possibility he had it would be on vibrate. Which meant he was ignoring her.

Never mind that this was the boy actually hitting on another girl and she might be in the way. Nope Reign didn't care about that. What she cared about was she was driving and she had an early appointment with Janie.

OK if that's how he wanted to play, Reign grinned to herself, she'd stalk him. The place was big, but she could do it. If she had to she'd call his phone until she heard it go off, or some one tell him to shut it off.
Kat 11 years ago
It was at this point that Kat realized she'd forgotten to act human, and took a breath as she returned to her full height.

"Jewelry has a way of being both dated and timeless. It tells stories, binds families, and tears them apart as well."

She grinned at him and studied the piece in the center, a large square cut sapphire set in gold and surrounded by diamond chips. It was a lovely piece, but heavy and cumbersome. "This woman probably only wore this to matters of state or very elaborate engagements. It was not an every day piece."

Her head tilted to the side as she looked at the matching earrings. "My guess is they have a sordid history full of intrigue that, if one cared to write it down, would fill a book."
Drew 11 years ago
Drew let her talk about the jewelry with a bit of fascination. It was easy to pick up something of her enthusiasm, if not passion, for the subject. Drew wasn't about to criticize he could wax poetic about some thing... pop corn came to mind.

"Best thing to do with a cursed item is to give it to a museum and then hope it gets stolen and in turn hexes the thief."Â?

He gave a disarming boyish grin.

"I'm a big fan of poetic justice."Â?

He would have said more, but his damned phone went off again. And it was Tank! Again. Drew shoved his hand in his pocket and cut off the ringer for that call, but didn't mute the phone all together. And then he did his best to pretend like he hadn't heard that.
Reign 11 years ago
It was a bit like Ditch Em. That had been a great game when they were kids. And Reign had been damned good at it. You had to combine a knowledge of territory with a knowledge of the person.

She'd taken her knowledge and only made a quick skim of the ground floor. The Boy wouldn't put up with most of this stuff, not even for a good-looking girl, but she'd checked a bit any way.

After ruling out the ground floor she'd slid upstairs and was checking one of the directional signs when she thought she'd push her luck again and call him. God love him for having a loud obnoxious ring tone for her. She caught just a few notes of the distinctive jazz grinned and headed in that direction. This was a great game.
Kat 11 years ago
Laughing softly she tapped the glass. Thick, solid and most likely rigged with both pressure plates and sonic alarms. A shame really, that sapphire would be worth a pretty penny, if it turned out to be real.

"In my experience, the curses aren't real. It is the bearers belief in them that causes them to take certain actions and those actions result in certain events and instead of realizing they'd done it themselves, they blame it on the curse."

With a small smile she reluctantly stepped away from the glass and moved further into the gallery. Her eyebrow lifted at the sound of his phone again, but she said nothing. If he chose not to answer it, it was none of her business. This took them behind a wall that held portraiture of the family the jewelry belong to on one side and as Kat walked around to the other, displayed a wealth of Civil War era weaponry.

"Though there is something to be said about poetic justice."
Drew 11 years ago
"Sure, tell that to the guys who opened King Tut's tomb."Â?

OK so most of that had been coincidence. But when did coincidence stop being coincidence and start being a curse. It could be hard to say. Drew certainly never ruled out the supernatural. Nope he'd been brought up with his tribe's beliefs and that included things outside of the realms of the every day.

He followed along in to a Civil War type display but was a bit distracted. He had the strangest feeling they were being followed. OK he knew full well they were being followed that second call confirmed it. What exactly Reign wanted he wasn't sure but she'd be a wild card at any rate.

"You've got to love the mythology you can get behind weapons as well. Not so much guns, but swords and bows and such."Â?
Reign 11 years ago
Found you! Reign was more than a little pleased with herself. And while she was now in a bit of a hurry to leave, she was also in a bit of a mood to play.

She found other late night museumgoers and managed to talk them into loaning her their phone. She called Drew and could hear his more normal ring ton, definably not as conspicuous as hers. This time the boy did pick up.

"Seven days."Â?

And then she hung up thanked the couple and returned their phone. Apparently, they thought she was a bubble off. But she thought it was funny, she could almost see his face and was hard pressed not to laugh. Instead, she just lurked outside the door to a more historical gallery.
Drew 11 years ago
Damned it! Now what?! That one he -had- to pick up it wasn't Reign, something could be wrong.

"I'm sorry."Â?

He said before backing off a few steps and picking up the call. Nope it was Reign. Drew had made her watch The Ring a week or so ago, apparently it was still on her mind. He sighed and gave up. Oddly enough though he couldn't find it in him to be irritated with her. He'd ditched her and she'd been a damned good sport about it.

He walked the few steps back to Kat and went into full on 'forgive me' mode. It was a gift he had and tonight he wasn't above using it.

"Listen, I'm sorry I've really got to run. Do you mind?"Â?

He found a scrap of paper in his pants pocket, and a pen, and scrawled his number down. His handwriting was obviously hurried but still neat.

"Why don't you give me a call if you find a good curse. I'll help you research it."Â?

Drew flashed her a playful grin, bright white teeth against dark skin, and gave her the number.

"You have a good night."Â?

He didn't just run out on her but once they'd exchanged pleasantries he made for the exit at a fast walk, was half tackled by Reign and then more or less shoved out of the museum. Drew winced guiltily when she reminded him she had an early meeting and backed that up with a yawn. He'd been the reason they'd come to one of the late showings after all. Well he'd make it up to her and maybe get a call back from Kat. Hey, it could happen.

((OOC... both out (Drew and Reign that is)))
Kat 11 years ago
Kat watched him take his call and also the range of emotions that moved across his face. He was an interesting man, and had somehow managed to keep the voices at bay. She wondered what it was about this exotic looking young man that he could do such a thing.

"Why would I mind? I stole you from the friend you brought with you, and it is my guess she requires your presence now."

Laughing she took the small bit of paper from him and tucked it in her pocket. She did not offer her own number in exchange, as she quite honestly couldn't remember the new number off the top of her head. "I'll do that."

She lifted an eyebrow at him and offered him a smile. "It was a pleasure to have met you Drew, enjoy your night."

She watched him go, and with a shake of her head, went back to exploring the gallery. At its end and the end of the few others she visited it was clear she would not find what she sought here. Or at least not out in the public viewing rooms. More knowledge would require unauthorized entry. How delightful.

It was time for more technical research, the kind that required a computer and a bit of hacking. She'd have to call in a favor for that. Sigh.

((Kat out lock up please.))