a knock on Morrigan's door ( private)

Chryseis hurried down the hallway to Morrigan's quaters. Arriving in front of the doors, she silently begged Morrigan to be in. With 3 short raps on the door Chryseis waited

Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan was just afixing the clasp to her delicate silver necklace when she heard the brief knocking at her door. What is it now? Could she not have one evening in peace?

Straightening her suit jacket, she turned on her heel and clicked her designer shoes as she walked across her polished Afrcian blackwood floors. It always amused her how unexpected her non-English quarters were to her guests. Placing her long fingers on one of the levered handles to her door, she opened it in one quick fluid motion to find Chryseis waiting outside.

Ahhh, Chryseis. Is all well? Do come in.

With her final words, Morrigan stepped to the side and gestured toward the plush chenille-upholstered sofa in her sitting room.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
The door handle clicked and the massive door swung open revealing Morrigan behind it. With a troubled look on her face she tried to muster up a smile and stepped in. Her twitching was comming more frequently and she tried to calm herself down.Pacing behind the sofa that Morrigan had gestured too she spilled out her thoughts.

I dddo.do not believe that all is wwewell for the future. The pppresent maybe. Trying to gain control of her stuttered she stopped pacing and sat on the sofa. She grimaced.

This Talon, i have fears of what he might become. As you know, i frequent the House of Pain. Tonight while entertaining my...snack, i saw him enter. Now i thought i should keep an eye on him, for you of course, to see that such a new member to the town did not get in unwanted trouble. I should have known better after the mess in the cathedral.

She wrung her hands together and tried to sort out the tangle of words and emotions running through her head. She was not one to display any sort of emotion, let alone the sheer panic she felt from her nervous twitching, but Morrigan was different. Morrigan was her maker, her master. She had witnessed Chryseis at her worst and she was the only one Chryseis let her guard down in front of.

I found him shortly there after at a table with Simon Huntington. I tried to warn him of Tacharan and their misguided beliefs but i worry that this Talon may do us more harm than good.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Closing the door and entering the sitting room, Morrigan watched in concern as Chryseis paced.

My dear, you know I appreciate your loyalty and I thank you for being watchful of this newcomer.

Once her companion sat, she calmly clicked her way to the bar and opened the cooler. The butlers kept a fresh supply of blood in her quarters in case she was too busy to go out and wanted a snack. She hoped a glass would help calm the woman's nerves - Morrigan never liked to see her in this state.

Consorting with the orphans is of course frowned upon unless necessary. We know of the danger their chaos can bring.

Morrigan poured two crystal goblets and joined Chryseis on the sofa in front of the fireplace. Handing one of the goblets to her daughter, Morrigan spoke evenly so that she could soothe Chryseis' nerves.

However, forbidding him to speak with them is likely to result in his defiance, I fear. We do not yet know much about his history or his loyalties, but Mai seems to be unthreatened by him and I trust her judgement when it comes to such situations.

Morrigan looked into the woman's eyes and spoke quietly.

You are right in wanting to protect and watch him, but we must be careful with how much pressure he feels. He should be made welcome, but he must also understand the clan does not bend for any individual.

She took a sip from the goblet and continued.

Simon, on the other hand, we know cannot be trusted and his interests in Talon are suspicious. I know he is friendly with many outside of his mistress' grasp, but that does not mean he should not be ignored. It would likely be best to increase our watch on him, but this must be discussed an arranged with the rest of the triad.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis relaxed a bit and she took a sip from the warm liquid. It slid down her throat and danced into her belly. Her tension easing she let her normally tight shoulders sag.

Aye, i agree. I have fears that not only he may turn against us, but that Tacharan will use him for that purpose. They have been known to cause ruckus from within before. He is such a solid minded man that he wont even think of such a notion.

She felt a pang in her chest and winced slightly. He was but a stranger and she should not feel this way or worry herself with concerns of his usage.

It's silly really, me, being so concerned if he gets used by Tacharan or not. He has shown us no respect but yet still i let the stress get to me. You are right as well, of course. I do trust Mai's intuition, but somthing about this situation makes me miss a step. I felt it was important to bring this to you so that it may be presented in the correct fashion to the triad, and maybe that missing step could be found.

She smiled at Morrigan and this time the smile wasn't awkward.

Dear blood mother, how much you have taught me over the years and how much more i have to learn from you. It gives me great joy to strive to be as great as you. If i only become half as great, even that would be a feat. Your great wisdom and knowledge gives you power and strength, thus is why you are The Rose. I do follow you proudly.

She was babbling again, like she always did in Morrigan's presence. Like a child to its mother, after it's first day of preschool, her thoughts were scattered and a mess. It wasn't often that she let her guard down enough to let others see what Morrigan saw.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Morrigan smiled.

My dear, you do flatter me so, but I am merely fulfilling the requirements of my station. Were you in my position, I'm sure you would feel the same.

Pausing a second, she thought on Chryseis' troubles.

You are right to worry about Talon. First impressions aside, he is Anantya and entitled to our protection. Whether he knowingly or unknowingly cooperates with an outsider when it comes to the clan is serious business. If you should come upon any other information that would indicate either he or the clan is in danger, it is your duty to inform us, of which you are well aware.

Emptying her glass, Morrigan realized how hungry she was after this little snack.

And now, I think I will go and quench my thirst. You caught me just as I was about to venture out and find myself a pretty thing. Interested?

Morrigan grinned at her child and the thought of the hunt ahead.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Laughing she spoke.

But of course! Too much going on this evening cut the dinner early. I will keep an eye out for this Talon, and a even sharper eye on Simon. I wish he could be free'd of that wicked Ellis's grasps. He would be handy to our fold.

She shrugged and stood. Taking a moment to place her glass on the desk she faced Morrigan once again.

The night is young.

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