So long fantasy

Thursday had come faster than Diane had anticipated and between work and hot wheels demolition derbies at home, she hadn't had that much time to put together an outfit for her night out with Bastian.

Thankfully, the Pack had wired the old asylum for security and productivity which meant internet access had been included. Online browsing and shopping had begun to slowly eat away at the few hours of sleep Diane was getting and it wasn't until Wednesday that she stumbled across Macy's site to store pick up options and the perfect dress. The last minute outfit would be available for pick up the next day no earlier than four pm for an extra fee. Next time she would definitely buy multiple outfits for different occasions to have on hand. Her closest consisted of normal every day clothes frankly because she never had a reason to dress up in what was over two years now. Shopping was now exciting.

Laying the dress bag across her bed she turned to quickly finish bundling up Joey. He squirmed as he tried to escape her diligent hands as they buttoned zipped and velcro'd. With a kiss and a hug she turned him loose and watched him run down the hallway to his own pack of toddlers. Waving to the chaperones of the trip Diane waited for them to disappear into the exits before she closed her door. She looked down at the garment bag and sighed.

"This better fit." she mumbled as she undressed.

Much to her surprise the black satin number fit like a dream and as she slipped the dark purple sweater over her shoulders she was happy that she hadn't bought a size larger.

Smoothing her hair down in place behind her ear she checked the mirror one last time. Satisfied with what she saw Diane headed out the door and into the large garage that held her BMW, opting for a classier ride than her muddy red Jeep. The ride into town was jittery; she was a bundle of nerves for no perfectly good reason at all. Diane knew that Bastian wasn't going to change his mind suddenly at dinner tonight and receive a fake phone call from a friend who desperately needs his help whisking him away forever. Besides if for some reason he did think better of their situation she was sure he'd have more tact than that, he would have to see her at work after all. She'd probably be a miserable pest in that instance, moody and mean.

"Stop thinking the worse damn it!" Diane chastised herself out loud.

Arriving at the upscale restaurant Diane handed the keys to the parking attendant and went inside.

In all reality if Bastian was going to change his mind at any given point of this evening, it would be when he came into the apartment she had kept her vampire captive in. If that place didn't scare him off then she was pretty sure not much else would. Not many people thought of kidnapping and imprisonment as a positive thing, at least not ones she knew, and seeing the actual place could possibly be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Figuratively speaking.

Settling into the chair the host had pulled out for her she looked around. Thankful to have shown up earlier than Bastian she quickly ordered a glass of wine. Her new slowly acquired taste for the old grape juice was mostly Bastian's fault as well. Rarely having drunk it before and usually only if had a catchy commercial for it on TV; she now yearned for it in hopes it could calm her down a bit before Bastian arrived.

Bastian 14 years ago
He spotted her the moment he looked into the dining room, and smiled. She looked gorgeous, and he was glad he'd taken a little extra care in dressing himself tonight. Bastian had loved Reign for who she was inside, and truly never really cared that she wasn't terribly feminine, or into frilly things, but seeing Diane now, he thoroughly appreciated the small differences in her. If she changed her style tomorrow, and began wearing jeans everywhere, he'd care for her the same, but he had to admit he would miss seeing her this way too.

The outfit he wore was comprised of a simple deep grey, light weight wool Armani jacket, and matching slacks, with a deeper grey turtleneck underneath. Bastian had nothing against wearing color, but saved that for casual wear. Tonight wasn't planned out as being special, other than the reconnaissance of the vampire's lair, but he still felt the evening merited some extra attention.

All week long he'd been on his best behavior, and had kept his hands to himself, even when his willpower threatened to give way. What he and Diane had started on the picnic was never far from his thoughts. Fortunately they had been pretty busy all week, and propriety held sway especially when there were clients about.

"La buona sera mio bell'un."

He'd walked up behind her, bent over and whispered his greeting into her ear, lingering only long enough to then press a short kiss to her neck.

Seating himself as the waiter approached, Bastian waved the man away. He wanted at least a few moments alone with his date before the outside world would be allowed to join them.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, Bella."

His eyes burned hot, but his smile remained one he could flaunt in public. No longer a hormone infested teen, Bastian learned long ago how to temper his emotions. What he let Diane see in his eyes was meant for her alone. He hoped to see similar heat in her eyes as well, but his resolve wasn't totally impenetrable. He'd be content to wait until Saturday.

"I hope I haven't kept you waiting long. I got a call from Jack Marsten just as I was going out the door, and stopped by his place to check on his mare. She's due to foal, and I wanted to make sure she'd be okay until morning."

He didn't want to talk shop, but felt she deserved an explanation, and would need to know about the mare anyway.

"She should be fine." He added, and was then finished. Tonight was to be about Diane, and her vampire. There were things about the matter Bastian didn't feel completely comfortable with, but he wanted to see things from her side before letting his feelings take root. He already knew that this was a terror she had dealt with, and he would not judge her for that. Future actions might be suggested in a differing manner, but that would be decided then. Tonight he owed it to her to remain open minded, and accepting.

"Is that wine good? Shall I order a bottle?"
Diane 14 years ago
She felt him approaching from behind before she actually saw him. As he whispered something magically foreign and kissed her neck she blushed.

"Thank you." Diane managed to get out, knowing full well that her face was red as an apple. "You sir, look quite handsome yourself."

It wasn't fully the truth. Bastian looked far past handsome as one could get, he looked stellar. Diane wondered to herself if he moonlighted as a model in his spare time as he seemed ripped from the pages of some catalog of glorious men.

"You know, you will have to tell me what you’re saying most of the time when you speak in magic." She knew he was really speaking Italian, not magic, and having a tiny bit of Spanish way back in the day she could pick up some of the things he said, but not much. Diane was still pretty sure he had referred to her as some sort of cheesecake a few weeks ago.

As he settled in, Diane couldn't help but stare up at him while he explained his tardiness. Her arms had minds of their own, nearly reaching out across the table just to touch him, and she consciously fought to keep them in her lap.

"I wasn't waiting long at all, don't worry. I'm actually perpetually early to everything, so if there was any waiting it was most certainly my doing. But I have found this wine in that time which I think is just a Pino, and it's very tasty." she reached for her glass raising it off the table a few inches and tilted it.

"We don't have to get a whole bottle if you prefer something different. I just asked for the girliest wine possible. The waiter was very polite in trying not to laugh at my request."

Diane smirked at the earlier memory.

"So I promised you wouldn't have to wear black tonight and then I end up doing it anyway. Believe me I normally don't wear black when I go to the apartment. It's in a neighborhood not far from here, and it's a decent area so people would notice me more if I did come dressed as a spy ninja. I figured a seedy area would draw seedy people. The last thing I needed was a break in."

"Surprise! You broke in and found a monster!"

The thought of that was humorous and ironically could be a very good security system.

Turning serious for the moment she shifted in her chair.

"I'm glad you’re here with me tonight Bastian. There's nothing really scary or anything about this place, and it's been dormant for some time now but, it's good to not go alone."

Having him with her eased some of the anxiety she normally felt when she was in the apartment. That and he also made her feel less alone in the big scary world.
Bastian 14 years ago
As he listened to her he could feel his face, the corners of his lips turning up, and the corners of his eyes crinkling like an accordion. Merely looking at her got him smiling, but when that was combined with hearing her speak, it became nearly impossible to remain stoic.

However there was one thing he did need to be aware of, and that was becoming so enraptured with the sight of her that he missed what she was saying. Fortunately he caught himself quickly tonight, and was able to make sense of it all.

"I only wished you a lovely evening, and I'm afraid for all the English I've learned these past few years, try as I might I still find myself reverting back to what's familiar when my breath is taken away. If you insist, I will do my best not to become distracted by your beauty, so I can keep my words English, and you will understand my me completely."

He was teasing her, which he was finding he really liked doing, and hoped she didn't mind. He, on the other hand, learned to dismiss flattery directed his way. Sadly, growing up he had been tempted by pretty words from pretty girls, only to realize they were more interested in his family's name, money, and supposed position in life were they to marry Bastian. A couple years of such flattery had made him fairly impervious. Since then he had always been drawn more to those who might reject him, or at the very least not appear too interested.

Through the years he had grown to learn the difference, and now could accept a true compliment, but still had a tendency to let them go by. Tonight he was happy that Diane found him attractive.

He gently took the glass she held, leaned toward it, and sniffed.

"That doesn't smell 'girly' in the least. Perhaps slightly fruitier than I might have ordered, but we'll see it through a bottle. I'm open to trying new things."

He now waived the waiter over, and ordered a glass, along with some bread sticks, and menus. The menus he left on the table for now, directing his gaze back to Diane.

"You look magnifico in black, but then what don't you look beautiful in? I don't think that color exists."

Feeling his face was still in a perpetual grin, Bastian could only hope he didn't look the dolt. There was no point in trying to look stern or dour as long as he was sitting across from Diane.

He chuckled at her joke, having let himself lighten up some with regard to her vampire. He still wasn't thrilled with her plan, but fought hard to remember she had the strength to take care of herself in most things. If anything he was still quite glad she was allowing him to join her, and would continue to do so whenever she wanted. Being with her gave him insight into her motives, and also gave him the freedom to step in if the need arose. He felt better, and if that made him sexist, so be it.

"I'm glad you feel better with me here. I feel better with me here." He winked, and continued on before she might have time to misunderstand.

"My concern is not to do anything that might make you feel like I don't trust you, or feel less about you. I know you're a strong woman, capable of doing well for yourself, but also know we both have limits, even with our 'gifts'."

That had been a bone of contention between he and Reign for their entire relationship. Bastian didn't want to start this one off on the same wrong foot.
"I will not apologize for being concerned, or wanting to make sure you're safe. But I will also try to refrain from jumping into the middle of somethings when you'd rather I didn't either."

Reaching across the table, leaning forward only slightly, Bastian ran his palm down Diane's arm, and pulled it forward until her hand rested lightly upon the table. He held it then, and brushed his thumb across the silky smooth skin of her knuckles.

Before he could go on, the waiter returned with the wine, poured some for Bastian, waited till he tried it, then refilled Diane's glass. Bastian raised his glass, and toasted.

"Saluto. May tonight be the beginning of a long, and wonderful relationship, and may we both find what our hearts desire."

He wasn't at all witty when it came to such things, having learned he appreciated actions more than words himself, but sometimes he just felt the need to mark an occasion with something to show how much it truly meant to him.
Diane 14 years ago
Diane was coming to the conclusion that her face would be staying hot the entire evening. Compliments from males weren’t something she had heard in ages, well that was if you didn't count the little old man who ran the check out at the small grocer’s downtown. Either way, it was a something she was learning to experience all over again and she still felt as foolish as she did when she was younger.

"No, no. By all means magic speak is fine with me, I suppose I could suffer with it." She couldn't help the smile that crept across her face.

"And I'm pretty sure lime green isn't my color, and maybe neon orange. Those two colors and pale skin just don't match. Plus the added bonus of the reddish hair? A Faux pas for sure. It would be a step straight out of the movie Pretty Woman."

She listened as he sounded very businesslike in his pre clarification of future events. Flipping her hand so that she could grasp his, once again she couldn't help but grin.

"I care about your safety too Bastian, and I'll try not to do anything stupid either."

She hadn't said it as eloquently as he had but it meant the same. He was concerned for her and she didn't blame him. Both altercations with the vampire had ended in her favor out of luck. Luck that she pushed every time she went near any person place or thing that was associated with him. Many times she had thought over the decision to bring Bastian into the mess, for his own well being. She could deal with being hurt herself but what if Bastian was the one to be injured? She'd never forgive herself for inviting danger to his doorstep.

That wasn't going to happen. There was no danger, they were just going in so she could update the system and then they'd be out.

The waiter arrived interrupting and reminding her where they were. Raising her own glass she toasted Bastian.

Reaching for the menus that had been placed in the center of the table she scanned the print for what the host had suggested when she originally had sat down. Roast duck was something she had been meaning to try seeing as she had a inside joke with herself to compare it to the raw ducks she ate once a month. Once the waiter left she picked their conversation back up.

"We'll be just fine tonight. I don't foresee any issues; it's just a simple chip I have to replace. We'll be in and out."

She figured she might as well give him a little bit of a run down so he at least knew what to expect.

“If you don’t mind, I’d rather we go in my car just in case. I don’t want your vehicle to be traced back to you by anyone. He already knows my name and the cars registered at Shady Pines and I welcome him to come looking there. I also brought you some latex gloves, clear ones, cuz I usually wear purple ones but I thought maybe you wouldn’t like that…” she cleared her throat and took a quick sip of the wine realizing just how odd it sounded that she purposely bought colored gloves for her espionage.
“They are for just in case too, don’t want to leave finger prints on anything by accident, you know. He hasn’t been there in some time that my systems have shown. In all actuality he’s been pretty dormant. I would suppose he’s laying low; he doesn’t go many places by car at least.”

Diane braced herself in anticipation of his answer to her next question.

“Any questions?”
Bastian 14 years ago
Magic speak...Bastian was learning how taken Diane was with fancy, and found it among the most amusing parts to her make up. If she wanted to think of boring Italian as magic, he wasn't about to try and change her mind. Language was one of the most important parts to life and while he merely forgot to speak English on occasion, or reverted back to Italian without even thinking, he was just glad she didn't think him lazy, or rude,

And then too, he recognized that she was being flirtatious and enjoyed it all the more.

"In that respect, I don't think lime green would look good on anyone. But I have to tell you, I really don't know fashions. I know what I like, but that isn't always today's fads or styles. In fact, if you saw a photo of me from about ten years ago, you'd probably see me dressed as I am now. I buy most of my clothes from a gentleman in Italy, and have most of my life. I visit him every so often so he can update my measurements, then just tell him what I need, and he sends it. Seasons dictate the majority of my style...that and where I am. I'm lucky he does such fine work, and that HE knows what's fashionable."

Bastian would rather shop for frilly things for his woman, than anything for himself. He liked giving gifts, and seeing the delight they brought to the 'givee'. He had always liked spending money on someone who didn't expect something, or was appreciative for his thoughts. He was disappointed in himself now, that he hadn't followed his instincts and brought Diane flowers. He would make up for that, he mentally promised her.

And how amiable she was when she agreed to heed his words. No arguing, no distaste, just agreement. Lovely. The evening couldn't be going better if he'd had it written himself.

Once he'd ordered his dinner, going with the traditional steak and lobster for a change, he again focused his attentions on the activities for the evening.

"A chip?" He gathered it was for some electronic surveillance equipment, and was impressed that Diane understood the workings of such things. Aside from the prospect of possibly seeing her vampire, Bastian was also very interested in seeing the set up she had used to track this man. Already he was feeling more relieved about her safety. She obviously had a handle on what needed to be done.

"Of course, your car is fine. I probably should get something smaller than the Hummer...something less conspicuous, and 'green'." And he had been seriously thinking of a much smaller vehicle that he could use when there was no need for all the extra room.

"But please, you don't need to worry about me like that."

He liked that she worried, but didn't see the need for her to be concerned about a vampire coming after him. While Bastian was only starting to get a handle on the kind of self defense he'd need to protect himself better from the likes of the Kadzait, a vampire didn't scare him in the least.

Her attention to detail continued to reinforce his confidence in her. He hadn't planned on touching anything, but guessed it didn't hurt to be extra careful.
And with his focus straining to remain on the serious work ahead, Bastian was glad someone was thinking of such things. His mind was fighting to remain on topic, while his hormones were fighting to take over. It just wasn't like him to feel this way about anyone besides Reign.

"No, no questions. You sound like you know what you're doing, and have everything under control. I know this might sound a little presumptuous, or strange even, but I'm quite proud of you. You may have made a mistake coming to work for a mere sound like you could do very well for yourself in the world of international espionage."

He was teasing still, but quite honest in his opinion of her abilities.

"But I have to say, I'm afraid I won't let you go now, so you'll just have to get used to doing your sluething locally. At this point I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be able to do at all without your help."

And those words became even more real as he heard himself speak them.

"This connection we have...sometimes I just can't believe how fast and hard it came to be, and that we really haven't known each other that long. Do you think it has anything to do with our 'other' connection? I'm woefully uneducated in that part of my life, for all I know about myself, I know so little about the rest of 'us'."

He was careful not to speak too boldly, but didn't worry about saying too much. Bastian had never been a too talkative type. That he and Diane never seemed to lack for conversation was just another bullet on his list of why he was believing they might belong together.

"But back to your ...vampire..." He spoke the word softly, barely beyond mouthing it. "...I have to admit, I had hoped we might see him. Not that I'd expect him to be frothing at the mouth, fangs exposed, with the mad look of insanity in his eyes, but, well, it would still be interesting." He hoped he didn't sound like a little boy in his tempered excitement. Even if he didn't fear the man himself, he knew through Diane what terror this vampire could initiate. And in that regard, Bastian again wondered if the man should be allowed to live.

The soup/salad course was served, and dinner proceeded marvelously. Bastian never once felt at odds with Diane, or the conversation, but rather the opposite. They seemed to get along tremendously well, and for more than once Bastian wished it was Saturday, and that they had no where to go after dinner, but back to his place. Somehow he managed to keep his testosterone under wraps, and hoped one day Diane would appreciate just what that took for him to do.
Diane 14 years ago
Diane felt the laughter dancing in her stomach waiting to be let out as he described his total lack of style and it didn't take long before she was unable to contain it. Covering her mouth quickly she stifled most of the laughter politely.

"I'm sorry. It's just; this man has the easiest job in the world. He could toss a garbage bag on you and it would look like a masterpiece. Aside from lime green, which I think we both agree on being a terrible color for clothing, he doesn't have to try very hard to make you look good. You pull that off on your own easily."

She took a bite of her food and shook her head. Diane was quite sure if Bastian went to the thrift store, he'd still come out looking like a million bucks. He had very classic and dreamy qualities about him that made it hard to even look at what he was wearing. Hell at times she had to remind herself to stop thinking about what he was not wearing.

"I just look at magazines for style sad to say. I'm pretty clueless as well. I think that works for us, should you be shuffling around in holey sweat pants and barf stained t-shirt I would think it was perfectly fine. I might question the story behind the stains but that's something totally different."

When he agreed to go in her car later she felt more at ease. Not only did he drive a monster truck that would surely draw attention, she worried about his vehicles ability to be agile should they need to get away in a flash. It would be much tougher to hide that beast in alley or to do U-turns than in her car. Now should they need to jump curbs and take out lamp posts the Hummer would be her first pick.

"Of course I'm gonna worry, I'm basically bringing you into the lion’s den so to speak. I don't want him to trace back to you and destroy everything you've worked for...or you."

That was the last thing she wanted and she had gone out of her way to ensure that wouldn't happen. She'd let the vampire have her before he'd get close enough to Bastian. Diane didn't doubt Bastian’s ability to take care of himself at all, the bottom line was it would be her fault and that she couldn't live with. Her logic didn't make sense and she was being oddly protective so soon.

"The chip is small and easy to replace. It's in one of the light switches on the wall. It's basically just giving me a better time stamp on all the videos. You'd be amazed at how much a person can learn when they're forced to put their minds to it. Although I think I'd rather stick with working for the mere vet, I suck at lying and espionage is full of that. I've seen it in movies. Besides should I eat a ball of tin foil as a wolf who else could I possible go see? I'm sure I'd scare away any lesser individuals and not many would I trust to cut me open."

It was the truth even if she admitted it playfully. If she could choose between the stresses of constant dread and bury the continuous need to be aware and informed for simply working at a vet’s clinic, she would in a heartbeat. That was no contest.

Diane sat wordlessly for a moment and mulled over what Bastian had suggested about their connection. It was true that they were moving along faster than normal but she wasn’t alarmed. It was the exact opposite. For months she had felt a strange mix of emotions towards Bastian that she hadn’t been able to understand. Most of the time she ignored them and even told herself she was ridiculous for feeling such ways when she really didn’t know him all that well personally. Now things felt in place and almost natural and she tried not to think too much into and ruin it.

“I don’t know, it could be. I never really thought of that, I just know I don’t feel dirty for being what I am around you. Maybe it’s just that when life shuts the only door to one room we don’t notice there was always a window in there for awhile. For me it was coming here and feeling still so alien because somehow even though I’m one of ‘them’ I still manage to be different. The pack has a whole separate word for us not being born into this and happy. You were always there though, the same but different too, you were good to me on numerous occasions and you didn’t have to be.”

She stopped to take a sip of her water and recollect her thoughts before she rambled what she was trying to say into nonsense.

“I don’t know, one day you see the window and you see the sun shining through it and you wonder how you missed it at all.” She shrugged slightly.

She was still a little caught up in her analogy when she heard Bastian say he hoped to see Panos. Thankfully she had finished eating or she might have choked.

“You want to see him? That is definitely not what I thought would happen.” She laughed.

He most likely wasn’t going to run out of the apartment screaming tonight if he actually hoped to see Panos. Silly as it sounded relief flooded her.

“I track his car too you know, we could prolly find him if we really wanted to.”
Bastian 14 years ago
Sure he was glad he appealed to her, and that she found him attractive, but aside from that Bastian really didn't think he was much more than a clean, well kept, and somewhat passably looking guy. Men...well they were just men. Women were the ones who could make an intelligent CEO stutter, or a Rhodes Scholar forget what they were saying mid-sentence. Women, with their curves, and sweet scents, soft skin, and delicious lips...women were what brought beauty to the world.

"If it weren't for my gravelly voice, and unruly hair, not to mention my 'Roman' nose...I might believe you. As it is, I'm you find me attractive."

He smiled at her slightly gushing compliments, then passed them on. Why Diane, and Reign too, were so hesitant about accepting compliments toward themselves would never cease to confuse Bastian. He would also never cease to offer them, for in his mind they were honestly, and duly due.

He did have to chuckle to think of either of them wearing clothes with rips, tears, or vomit stains. He had his share of well worn jeans, and even a couple shirts that had seen better days, but they were still all in decent repair, and things he only wore around the house to work in. Having never seen Diane wearing less than clean, and well kept clothes, he knew she was teasing, and just nodded in understanding.

"Then we will both agree to worry, but not so much as to create conflict, I hope. We know we're both physically able to deal with much more than most, and I hope you think I'm smart enough to be careful, as I do you. With that we'll just need to trust the other to ask for help when its really needed...?"

Being overly protective, as he now realized he might have been with Reign, was not something Bastian wanted to come between he and Diane. Perhaps had he met Reign when they were both truly adults, and had experienced life fully, he would have been more trusting of her adult instincts. Fortunately for he and Diane, they had started their relationship on a more adult footing.

"However, this doesn't mean if something were to happen while we are together, that I won't jump in and still attempt to be the strong, macho hero. I may not always succeed, but its just the way I grew up...its bound to come out at some point or another...just please don't interpret it as my way of saying I don't think you're won't mean that, I assure you."

Getting to know each other, in the beginnings of what he hoped would be a long lasting time together, was always like traveling down an unfamiliar road. Anticipation lurked at every corner, and yet a small amount of apprehension lingered too. What Bastian now understood though, was that as long as everyone was open, and truthful in their feelings, the misunderstandings would be fewer. Fewer misunderstandings made for a less stressful environment, and that only led to a more cohesive, and loving atmostphere where the relationship would more than likely flourish.

He shook his head, and focused on the beauty before him. Now was not the time to become introspective, or philosophical. He had time enough for that later, when he was alone. Now was the time to enjoy Diane's company, keep his thoughts alert for what was to come, and consider when he might again have the opportunity to kiss those delectible lips that were moving in front of him.

"Please Bella, you should never feel dirty being around anyone. What we are isn't illegal, or sinful, or evil. We are just another species that lives on this earth, and as long as we don't hurt anyone, we should be just as respected. Even the things that make us different from our own pack...they're just differences, and they don't make us monsters. I'm glad I was able to be there for you...I just wish I'd have known at the time that you had needed someone, and not just fallen into the role of benefactor. Maybe I could have done more. But as you also helped me in ways you weren't aware of, I guess we should just accept that we were lucky to have each other then...and now."

His voice had grown soft and quiet, but remained heated with emotion. Damn but Bastian was drawn to this waif, and damn but he was excited by the prospects of the two of them together.

"We're lucky we both saw that open window at the same time. Some people live their entire lives and never see it."

And yet again Bastian thanked his grandmother in heaven for watching out for him, and seeing that his adult life had so much more happiness and potential than his childhood had.

Dinner was enjoyable, the food excellent, and the time seemed to fly by as Bastian and Diane continued to chat about life and what might be in store for them. The ease to which they both seemed to relate to the other was natural, and seemed to be born from a lifetime spent together, and not the few months the had actually shared.

Not only did they seem to have several similar long term goals, but even the day to day issues such as child raising, and how to spend their leisure time were shared. More than once Bastian had to stop and think to himself that they weren't married, nor had they even been intimate with each other. They just jelled so well that it seemed incongruous to think some would still consider them virtually strangers.
Diane 14 years ago
Shaking her head with a smile she was completely amazed that he didn't have a larger than life ego. Her compliments which were absolutely true in her eyes, didn't even seem to be something he had ever considered. Bastian didn't carry himself like someone who thought less of himself and that surprized her greatly that he also wasn't all that big on himself.

"Your crazy." she teased once he finished his unflattering descriptions of his attributes.

Bastian's explanation of his possible future behaviors was almost like his preappology. Diane had to wonder if this had been a concern for him before with Reign or anyone else.

"It sounds like your trying to prepair me for'just incases'. It's not going to offend me if you try to help in anyway. I will freely admit I can be reckless and make rash desicions in the heat of the moment. Pretty much I can be a bit emotional and react. Usually I dont think people, let alone would I think you, would assume i'm dumb or incapable. I'm a cup half full kinda girl and sometimes unfortunately I give people the benefit of the doubt. So should you foil my plans at some crazy attempt of mine I'll prolly not be too mad." she shrugged.

Diane normally was pretty mild mannered and not much pissed her off enough to send her into a rage. Now mildly irritated was possible but she wasn't one to hold grudges. She also knew she could react crazy at times in extreme situations and for her own safety it might not be a bad idea that someone was willing to be around who may just step in.

"You don't have to prepair me for potential road bumps in the future Bastian."

The dinner was ending much too soon, and even though she knew what they had originally came out to do she was sad that this part had flown by. The trepidation about bringing Bastian to the apartment was almost gone and the tiny bit that remained wanted to stall. Everything was so pleasant and she was having fun. The later more ugly part of the evening was creeping closer. Soon she'd be opening the door to her crazy side and inviting him in.

It was scarey.

"It's almost time to go, that makes me sad. Are you sure you wanna go and witness first hand my mania? This is your chance to bolt. I would understand. Promise."

She asked her questions lightheartedly but she was dead serious. She wouldn't hold it against him if he decided it was a good time to leave.
Bastian 14 years ago
If 'matto' was the worst Bastian was ever called in this life, he guessed he was doing an okay job. But to put any stock in compliments was something he'd given up on back in high school. Once he realized people seemed to be interested in him only for what he could do for them, he stopped listening to flattery.

True, once he became involved with, and ultimately fell in love with Reign, he had lowered his guard. It had then become very important to look his best for her, since he knew she loved him either way. And though he didn't act like it mattered, what Diane thought of him truly did. Eventually he imagined he would let her see as well. For now he just grinned, and nodded in agreement. Matto...crazy.

"I see that in you, and am glad you're not pessimistic. It seems to me we all face enough negative things in life that we can't avoid. I see no reason to see them before they're there. Having a positive outlook is good...I think."

And truthfully, that had been one of the things about Diane that Bastian had been attracted to first. Though she often spoke less than flatteringly about herself, her outlook on the rest of life always seemed strong, and upbeat.

"I will try not to 'prepare' you, but I will tell you now, it may be a futile attempt. I'm sure you know, when you care about someone, such as your son, you only want them to be happy, and if you can do anything to help that along, you do so without even thinking. But I can tell you one thing...I know you are strong, and while I do still worry, and care deeply already, I don't fear for you the way I might with someone who has lesser abilities."

It was as close as he would probably ever come to admitting that he saw Diane as being so strong as to not 'need' him. In a way though, that was better, and meant to him that she therefore truly 'wanted' him. He was coming to see that being wanted was better than being needed.

Not that he knew what she was thinking, but it remained that he too was stalling. He did want to see where this man...this vampire had been kept...and possibly even run into the 'man'...he was also enjoying just having Diane there with him. He doubted he would ever tire of looking at her, and he found he enjoyed talking to her even more. He couldn't stop feeling like he'd been given a second chance at happiness, and how fortunate he was. When the feelings of having the rug pulled out from under him cropped up, he quickly smashed them down. He was not going to give into those anxieties. It was looking more and more like he had truly found the woman who was his match...mate...for life, and he was going to enjoy her, and seeing where their lives were destined to go now.

"Don't be sad, Bella. Tonight is not an ending...its a beginning of what the rest of our life will be."

He didn't know why leaving would make her sad, other than it would end the quiet time they had been sharing. But he was not about to let that be any kind of ending.

Yet she seemed to need a bit more reassurance, so he willingly gave it.

"I don't think you're manic...I think you were faced with a terrible horror, and managed to turn it around, making it into something you could handle. I thoroughly understand why you want to keep tabs on this man, and knowing you are able to do so without too much risk makes the prospects of what might yet be ahead for you, bearable. I trust you to ask for help if the need arises, and if things get too out of hand, I will also trust you to find a way to end the matter. I will be here if and when you need me, for whatever you need me for, and if we can't handle things together, we'll find help.

I will not let this vampire do anything to end what we have begun."

As he had whenever he spoke the word, Bastian's voice dropped to a whisper when he said 'vampire', and his tone was one that would not allow for discussion. He wouldn't interfere in what Diane was doing with the vampire, but he wanted to make sure she understood how much importance he placed on their budding relationship, and that he wasn't about to let it be compromised by the vampire.

"I'm not going to bolt. I like it here with you. It will take a lot more than that to give me pause. Don't look for me to be going anywhere else, any time soon."

Again he looked at Diane with heated eyes, not even considering she would miss his meaning. He wanted this. He wanted to be with her. He wanted her, and Joseph in his life, and he was going to see to it that it was so, as long as she felt the same way.

He also wanted a lot more, now, but was willing to wait till Saturday. For now he would be content to just be with her, as they were.
Diane 14 years ago
Diane felt her eyes begin to get watery and she fought back the inappropriate response to knock over the table and jump up into Bastian's lap.

Quickly looking down at her glass of wine she willed the salty water of her eyes to stay put and hoped they'd retreat soon. She had definitely not expected such word of confirmation to mean so much, but they had.

"Manly and macho, I'd like you to meet girly and emotional." she joked as she slid one finger carefully under her eyes.

“Really that means a lot to me so thank you.”

Diane was more than thankful that Bastian understood her reasoning for what she did without even having to try and explain them. It was amazing really, what she had deemed a crazy irrational side of herself, Bastian was able to unravel and put into a logical understanding light. She sat in momentary awe of the man who was before her and once again wondered how in the world she was this lucky. Fate she confirmed had a way of working things out in the long run. It was right about then that for the first time she felt the hatred for the piece of crap dog that had gifted her dissolve. Ironically she had to thank him for being a twisted bastard because she wouldn’t be here today if that weren’t the case.

The thought of being merely human and still living in shitty Detroit made her chest hurt and it wasn’t because she didn’t like the climate.

With a large sigh she smiled warmly at Bastian.

“Where would I be without you I wonder.”

How in the world had this happened? How was it possible that she could feel this drawn to Bastian and not even think twice about it? She couldn’t deny the soft pull she felt whenever he was near, not that she wanted to of course, she’d happily give in and stay at his side for as long as he’d keep her there.

This evening was proving to be nothing short of an epiphany in life.

“Are you glad you came here? Nachton I mean. Do you think it was the right choice for you to make? If I remember correctly you came here pretty fast from…Wait, where did you come here from? “

They were going to build a future together and it was just now occurring to her that she didn’t know very much about his past other than random work related things he had mentioned at the clinic. She had never asked before because she had to reason to ask her boss that. Now, it seemed important she knew some things about the man she could hardly tear her eyes off of.
Bastian 14 years ago
He watched as the various emotions seemed to play across her face. He was very glad Diane was able to be herself, and not hold back her feelings, or pretend they were what they weren't. While Reign's opposite ability to hide her emotions from him never seemed to bother him, he was equally glad Diane was not like that.

Meeting Reign when the two of them were so young had much to do with how Bastian both treated her, and how he acted himself. He would never regret what they had shared, but now saw it as more of a growing experience for them both. One that he could see had them growing apart, rather than together.

Meeting Diane when they were both fully adult and established emotionally, and mentally, obviously made a world of difference. If Bastian and Reign had continued on after college, and spent the past ten years together, perhaps they would have grown closer in temperament, goals, and overall personalities. As it was now, he could no longer hide from the fact that Diane was a much better match. How he had been lucky enough to have found her, right in his own backyard, was a blessing he wasn't going to over analyze. He was just going to thank that luck, and go from there.

Reaching across the table, Bastian drew a soft pass across her cheek where the tears threatened.

"You are a true marvel, and you make me happy. If I can return that for you, I can also be content. I like girly and emotional, and I will accept your thanks, if you accept mine. You came into my life at the perfect time, and with the perfect view of me it appears. I'm not given to believing in luck, but may have to change my way of thinking. I have no other explanation for it otherwise.

If you'll let me, perhaps neither of us will have to wonder where we might be had we not joined our lives together."

His hand dropped from her face, and covered her hand on top of the table, squeezing it warmly.

"Si, I am very happy I came to Nachton. I was able to resolve things with Reign, and even if they're not as amenable as I'd like, I trust it will only be a matter of time before they are. I don't believe she will be too broken up by our parting of ways, not if she's honest with herself. I think it was a long time coming, but made even longer because we were both clinging to something we thought was there, that wasn't. Now that we know its gone, its easier to accept there is no reason to continue together."

He grinned...something he was finding it almost impossible NOT to do when he looked at Diane.

"I'm from Italia, originally, but more recently, New Orleans. After college, and a couple years traveling, trying to make sense of this gift we have, I settled in Louisiana after meeting up with an old college professor friend. You'd like Sabine I think...she was a great help to me, and gave me a great deal of support. To be completely honest, I think if I were thirty years older I might have chased after her...she really is an amazing woman. But I'm glad we're close friends...I think she'll like you as well."

Or he hoped she would. Sabine Beauchamp had always thought very highly of Reign, and Bastian saw no reason that would change, but he hoped she would give Diane a chance. He didn't really doubt it would be an issue.

"But Nachton... Reign was my initial reason for coming, and yet when I arrived and she hadn't, I took the time to take in the city, and countryside, and will admit I fell in love. I sure would have stayed, even if I hadn't found Reign here. It feels more like home to me than any other place I've been."

He chuckled when it became apparent that he had been staring into her eyes as he spoke. Not too often did Bastian get embarrassed, but he felt his olive skin tinge warmly when he realized he was acting somewhat adolescent. He blamed Diane partially, as it was her open emotions that seemed to feed into his. It was a nice feeling though, and one he knew he had no reason being embarrassed over.

He did pause then, before he dove any more deeply into his personal history, not sure if he wanted to go all the way back to childhood tonight. Not that it disturbed Bastian any more, he still understood how it could effect some people when they heard about the way he grew up. Women especially were often rendered motherly, and he liked Diane just fine without giving her reason to worry over him.
Diane 14 years ago
Bastian’s touch was warm against her skin and she tilted her face into his hand. He was an amazing man unlike any that she had ever known.

"I could be perfectly happy not wondering."

Diane listened intently as he described his friend from Louisiana. It made her laugh to hear him say he would’ve chased after her if he had been older.

“She sounds like a great person. I'm glad she was there to set you in the right direction and help you. Lord knows everyone needs that now and again. Is she like us?"

By like us, Diane had meant a werewolf. It wouldn't surprise her that Werewolves were teaching at colleges around the globe. Most everyone in life had some hidden secret and while this city seemed to be swarming with Werewolves and now possibly vampires, she knew they were elsewhere too.

With Bastian’s hand on hers, Diane wasn’t fearful of the rest of the evening anymore. She was feeling confident that things were going smoothly and the sooner they got to the apartment the sooner they could leave and not have an agenda. As the waiter came to check on them she let him know they were set.

Moving her hand under Bastian’s so that she could twine their fingers together she noticed a slight blush that came to his face which inadvertently triggered her to blush as well. Softly clearing her throat she shook her head to clear her thoughts as they were quickly heading south.

"I can’t believe you went from grapes to swamps.” Diane said shaking her head. It was a rather ethnocentric description of both Italy and Louisiana but it was what she had gotten from movies and books. She hadn’t traveled much in her life seeing as Ohio and Canada had been hotspots for family getaways growing up.

“Ready to head out and do some awesome spy work?” She grinned dangerously.

“And, I get dibs on dinner seeing as I’ve drug you out on a work night to pursue illegal activities and all.”

What she hadn’t mentioned was that to thwart any arguments on his part she had already given the waiter everything he needed previous to Bastian’s arrival. It was one of the benefits for being perpetually early. Besides, she rarely spent money on anything fun.

“All we need to do is get my car and we can go, but we can take our time if you want.”
Bastian 14 years ago
His face was seriously feeling slightly cramped from the constant smiling, but he didn't mind. It seemed to him if this was to become a regular condition he would eventually get used to it, and until then he would deal with a little cramping.

"Sabine? She IS a marvelous woman. Maybe this spring, before hurricane season begins, we might take a trip down and you can meet her. Right now I'd have to say she's the closest I have to family, and I'd really like for the two of you to meet."

He shook his head at her question.

"No, she's not like us, or at least I'm not aware of her being like us. To be frank, I've never talked to her about what became of me in that regard. Its funny too, because I really have no fears of her rejecting me...I guess if anything I was afraid if she knew she might be a risk somehow. Or maybe if she knew she would somehow become tainted..."

That was a very odd explanation, and an even odder way to feel, but at the moment it was the best Bastian could come up with. It was something he would have to examine more closely, but later. Now he didn't want anything at all negative to intrude on his time with Diane. At least not if he could help it.

And that was another reason why he didn't elaborate further on his family, or current lack thereof. Talking about his unhappy childhood, and more recent family tragedy was not a fond topic for Bastian. He would enlighten Diane at some point, but further down the road in their relationship. It wasn't a topic he felt had any pressing urgency to the two of them together. It was remote, and effected him little unless he let it, which he rarely did.

"I'm ready when you are."

He stood and moved to pull her chair out, and only nodded politely when she told him she had taken care of the dinner tab. He had learned not to argue about such things through dating Reign, and a few other independent women over the years. He also knew he would make up for it sooner or later, so there wasn't any reason to do anything but thank her.

"Ringraziarla la bella signora, sono nel suo debito."

Placing his hands on her shoulders, Bastian leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on her neck, once he had declared his thanks to her. Then as he backed away a step, he took her hand in his and proceeded to escort Diane from the restaurant.

"I would just as soon take time later to discuss whatever happens from this point on."

He still harbored a small hope that he might meet up with her vampire, though in truth he wasn't sure why. He didn't want to do anything to harm her arrangement, and he liked even less the idea that he might lose his temper, and give the man a thrashing. He had been doing so well sticking to his word to let her handle things...he didn't want to screw that up now.
Diane 14 years ago
"It is always good to have some sort of family connection where you are, when the rest of yours is so very far away. I miss mine every now and then but we email. That keeps them happy."

Diane had a decent family life, nothing terribly interesting either way, and she found that simple emails happened to be good enough contact for her currently traveling parents. They were on their second honeymoon now that both their children had flown the coup. In all reality she mostly missed her younger brother. Ironically he would have thought her being a werewolf was cool and demanded to be gifted as well.

"I'd love to meet her, and see swamp monsters of course."

As Bastian's face came close to her kneck she felt her face grow hot and she was instantly thankful he was behind her. His kiss almost made her call off the whole apartment recon and drag him elsewhere. Clentching her fists she forced herself to take a deep breath before standing and taking Bastian's hand. There would time later she knew and it was probally best to behave herself right now.

As they exited the restaurant her BMW stood ready and waiting, the inside thankfully warm. As the attendant closed the doors behind them she shivered getting rid of the remaining chill.

"Ok, so everythings in the backseat in that backpack. It shouldn't take us too long once we are there."

Putting the car in gear they drove away and Diane checked the clock. It wasn't all that late but now that daylight savings time had passed night came alot earlier than in the warmer months. That gave her a weird overall feeling because it meant more hours in the day that Panos was out and about.

The neighborhood they drove to was a normal middle class rental area that was well known to college students. A lot of studio and one bedroom apartments that ranged from being packed with poor med students living together or the more quiet never home types. The later was what she hoped the neighborhood thought she was. She had never had a problem coming or going before, but she always took precaution to park a little further down the street than needed, especially tonight.

Pulling up next to the curb in an empty spot and parking, Diane leaned through the two seats to grab the backpack. Once she had it in hand she plopped back into her seat and unzipped it. Pulling out the packet of gloves she handed one pair to Bastian before putting her own on.

“You can put em on whenever, I’m pretty forgetful so I do it now.”

Reaching back into the bag she took out the key ring that held one lonely blue key. Stuffing the key into her pocket she zipped up the bag and grabbed the handle to the door.

“Ok let’s go, it’s up the street a little bit still.”

Stepping out of the car she tossed the bag over one shoulder and walked over to meet Bastian as he got out. Taking his hand once more they walked down the sidewalk like any normal couple. Regardless Diane’s nerves were once again high as she worried if anyone recognized her or if Panos was lurking in some shadow nearby, his presence no longer foiled by her tracking system. They made it up the stone front steps of the complex and into the large door of the hallway.

“Third door on the right.”

The key slide effortlessly into the lock and the soft click resonated in the air. Quickly with a push the door swung open and revealed the bland empty studio.

“Tada. We’re home.” Diane said sarcastically.
Bastian 14 years ago
Inwardly Bastian grinned, feeling an almost imperceptible shiver go through Diane at the touch of his lips on her neck. Another thing about her that really turned him on. Not that Reign had been an ice princess, or anything of the sort, but in truth she had been less demonstrative, or reactive to his touches.

Left with no time to pursue his discovery, Bastian dutifully followed Diane to and inside her car. It felt strange to not be the one to drive, but he settled in quickly, and knew it was more practical, considering Diane knew where she was going.

Once they arrived and she took the rubber gloves from the back pack, Bastian slid a pair on over his hands, thankful they stretched. Looking at her tiny hands, he had to admit he was surprised he could wear them at all, but somehow he managed.

The backpack didn't look terribly heavy, but out of habit he releaved Diane of its weight, and carried it over his own shoulder. Soon they reached the building, and he followed her inside. He remained quiet, and took in their surroundings, making notes of exits...doors, and windows, as well as any obstacles in their paths. Once they reached the apartment door, Bastian stood aside while Diane opened it, then followed her inside.

"It's simple enough...reminds me of a place I had in college." His voice was low, and soft, just short of a whisper. He wasn't sure why he was speaking so quietly, although now that they were here, he just as soon decided he'd rather not run into the vampire. What had been a pretty great evening so far had the potential to go horribly wrong, and Bastian didn't see the need to tempt fate.

He looked around quickly, again noting any pathways they could take if they found the need to exit on the fly. Stepping over to the window he turned to Diane.

"How long did you say you kept him here?"

Now that he had something tangible with regard to her experience, Bastian was trying to get a better sense of what had gone on.

"And did you have to sleep here too?"
Diane 14 years ago
Diane tossed the backpack onto the small table against the wall near the bed. Unzipping it again she began to rummage around inside until she found what she was looking for. Pulling the little black box out she also placed it on the table. Looking up as Bastian walked to the window she thought about his question with one eye closed.

"Hm, almost a year I think. If not, then pretty close to it."

Walking softly over to the where Bastian stood she looked out the window to the dimly lit yard.

"It took me a bit before I could let him go. Too afraid I guess. I don't know why I didn't just kill him, that would have made more sense than all this elaborate scheming." She shrugged.

"I think he's like a mouse, you find one and somewhere theres a whole nest of the suckers, only no one came looking for him so maybe not.

I didn't sleep here much, only a couple times to make sure things were running right. I brought him in through that way."

She pointed out the window and remembered dragging his heavy ass body in the dark.

"I couldn't get him up there like this, so I had to wait to shift so that I could use all that strength. He tasted bad."

Shaking her head she realized just how ridiculous and complicated everything had been. She had gone to great lengths for what? Basically a catch and release program. Diane felt a little dumb but pushed those thoughts back. At the time it had felt like a necessity.

"I think I win the crazy person of the year award for that adventure. Anyways the fun part is knowing that alot of these light switches have cameras in them and that's what i came to update. The actualy screw heads are camera's. Not all of them of course."

Daine turned and walked back to the small table and scrounged around in the bag for a screw driver.

"It's not too bad of a jail cell." She joked.

She wondered what Bastian was thinking as he quietly cased the room. Hopefully he wasn't too concerned about how she kept the vampire fed because it wasn't all that appetizing.
Bastian 14 years ago
"A year?!"

That bit of news disturbed Bastian, but he wasn't sure why.

It was obvious that Diane had handled things well. She was here with him now, looking great. Surely if the experience had been horrific she wouldn't still be following up with things as she was.

But a year?

"How in Dios name did you manage a year? You kept him locked up all that time? How did you keep him alive?"

She would have had to feed him regularly, to keep him alive, or if not alive, at least from perishing...wouldn't she? Didn't vampires need blood to remain functioning? Or did they go into some sort of hibernation if deprived of their nourishment?

There were so many things he didn't know or understand about this species that was so new to him.

He looked at the woman next to him and admitted he felt an even stronger attraction to her now. She really was among the strong ones, and he also felt a stronger kindred bond.

The thought of possibly finding 'nests' of many vampires through out the city gave Bastian new pause. Having lived as long as he had, and been through the types of situations he had, yet never discovering this race before now...Bastian had to give them credit. They either were very scarce, or very crafty...and brilliant.

He looked the other way through the window, suddenly feeling slightly out of sorts.

"Bear with me here. This is all so...extraordinary." His words were full of awe, and wonder, as well as a tiny bit of concern.

"I thought I had all this 'vampire' stuff under control...or at least thought out to a point where I felt somewhat comfortable about it. I guess maybe I was kidding myself."

He looked at her, and really saw her.

Shaking his head he was still experiencing bewilderment to a large extent.

"You're such a little thing, and yet...evidently most imposing. On one hand I'm confident these creatures must not pose any real threat to us, or mankind; however, on the other hand I can't begin to fathom how they manage to exists without having their presence found out.

We can function pretty much like a normal human. We can go about normal business during the day, as well as night. For many of us we're only vulnerable one night a month, give or take. We can also survive physically just like regular people. We don't need special diets, for the most part.

But these...people...are restricted to moving about at night only, and can only feed on blood. That's a pretty limited lifestyle if you ask me."

Bastian moved about the room then, looking at the light switches, and studying the room overall.

"Not that I'm at all sympathetic to the man, but a cell is a cell. I suppose the fact that this does offer some comfort was to his advantage. After treating you the way he did, I've no tears to waste for him. But with regard to you, I'm still glad things worked out the way they did."

He really would have worried for her, had she been pressed to exterminate the vampire. That wasn't anything he thought anyone should experience.

"A person needs to do whatever they must to protect themselves, and their loved ones, but if they can get by without killing..."

It just stood to reason, in his mind, that a person would be better off without that king of thing hanging over their heads for the rest of their lives.

Suddenly Bastian had no desire to be there, in that apartment, and stood by and out of the way to give Diane room to finish what she came for.
Diane 14 years ago
The reaction she had originally anticipated from Bastian finally caught up. She winced as he was taken back by all of it.

"It's ok, It's not everyday your exposed to crazy stuff like this. I imagen it's harder to take it all in as opposed to talking about it. Seeing it is always worse."

She went over to the light switch and began to unscrew the delicate faceplate as she figured out a way to explain feeding the vampire. Nothing really made sense. In fact she only thought her feeding process worked, but who knew. He hadn't died during the strech she had kept him there. Keeping her eyes on the replacing the chip in order to avoid even more awkwardness she responded.

"I brought dead animals mostly. Couple times I got some blood from the hospital, I have a friend who works in the lab, but that made me feel bad. So mostly animals."

Diane finished off the change of equipment quickly and thought about what Bastian was saying. The lifestyle of a vampire would have to be tricky to lead, but then again this city was massive with many twenty four hour amenities. If they could survive then it couldn't be too much of a stretch to think others did as well.

"This city is huge, anyone can go unnoticed. Maybe they only feed off homeless people?"

That couldn't be the truth because she wasn't homeless when Panos had first attacked her. Alone out in the middle of the woods like a moron yes.

"Of course I wasn't homeless the first time he came at me. I think I was just near where he was living, which was out in the wood in this weird underground home. Maybe they all live underground? I don't often go into the woods anymore alone, unless I'm as a wolf, so I haven't found any strongholds as of late."

Securing the plate back to the wall Diane turned back around with a grim smile.

"See? Easy cheesy, I'm all done. We won't have to come back here for a good long time. Specially if he never shows up. The lease is up soon and I'm definately not renewing it if it just sits here empty and does me no good."

Walking over to her backpack she began to pull the items that she used out of her pocket when a wave of nausea crashed over her. From where she stood she could hear the soft roll of the doorhandles pins and rods as they bagan to open. The barely audible click was loud in her ears and instinct told her it was not Bastian opening the door.

Why hadn't she locked the door behind them?

The hairs on the back of her neck were raised and her hand was frozen in mid air. Diane released a deep and heavy sigh that partly sounded like a growl and closed her eyes. Her mind lingered between being the scared frozen victim from before to the fighter who anticipated threats from nearly everyone. Time slowed down drastically as she dropped the screwdriver to the floor. Forcing herself to turn she faced the door, making sure Bastian was still where she last saw him standing, and waited.

The tiny pleading thoughts of the person entering the apartment being a nosey neighbor flew out the window as she locked eyes once again with the man who had come after her twice before. Behind Panos the same blonde from the strip was jerked in along side of him.

Unable to move Diane stood still as stone as her brain still moved in slow motion.
Bastian 14 years ago
Bastian wasn't judging Diane, though he could understand why she might think differently.

Everything she said made sense, and drove home just how well thought out it all was for her. He did have to admit though, he would feel better about the whole thing if she found she didn't need to renew the lease, and could leave this all behind her.

Intending on telling her so, and offering her a hug of support, Bastian was stopped by the sounds as well. However, thinking the only other person who would enter this apartment would have to be the vampire, he shifted without thought. Diane might be in danger, and so might he for that matter. That being the case there was no alternative at that point in time but to shift.

Moving back behind the door, Bastian waited. He trusted Diane to handle things, and if something occured and she needed help, he would be there, ready.
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
The drive to the apartment was not a familiar one, yet Panos knew every turn that would take him there. Besides him Delilah sat still as stone not uttering a word. Her phone had gone off shortly after they had been in the car and to his disbelief she actually pulled the phone out to respond. He had ripped the phone out of her hands and tossed it to the floor wordlessly and she hadn't moved since.

Panos didn't have alot of logic in most of his actions. Usually he reacted out of emotions and sudden anger was the main driving force in his choices more often than not. Tonight wasn't any different.

As the Dodge Charger slid against the curb Panos cut the engine and looked at Delilah.

"Do you know where we are?" He asked her pointedly.

She cringed at the sound of his voice but peered out the window.

"No. Should I?"

That wasn't the answer he had wanted.

Getting out of the car he slammed the door shut and went around to Delilah's side. Grabbing the handle he quickly noted that she had locked the door.

"Stupid infuriating girl!"

Raising his fist up Panos smashed through the passenger side window effortlessly and grabbed Delilah by the front of her jacket and tugged her tiny ass out the window. The smell of her blood as the broken glass cut her swinging arms and kicking legs made his inside scream, but he knew that would have to wait. If she held the key to his wear abouts then he would need her alive.

"This would be alot easier if you stood up and started listening. We are going to go into that building over there and your not going to make a sound to call for help. Your going to tell me who you spoke to and just what you have to do with all this and where you came from. I want to know who put you up to this following me around bullshit. I also want to know how they found some who looks so much like Holly."

Her face held genuine confusion in it but he wasn't sure if he believed it.

"I don't have a fucking clue what your talking about. I think you've lost your fucking mind you sick son of a bitch! I'm covered in blood! Didn't you have the damn key to unlock the door!"

Her voice was as irritating as nails scratching along a chalkboard. He jerked along behind him ignoring her tirade until they came to the door of the apartment he had woken up in. He hadn't taken the time to lock the door the last time he left because basically what was the point? He hand't planned on comming back anytime soon and if the place got robbed what did he care. With a dirty look he silenced Delilah and he could hear movement on the otherside of the door. Testing the knob Panos slowly felt it give.

There was silence in the room as he opened the door and came face to face with someone he definately recognized from before. Jerking Delilah in front of him as a sort of barrier slash hostage Panos stepped inside.

"Well hello Diane."

He knew her name very well, hell he spent months finding her after the first time she had shot him in the damn eye. Besides the obvious pain and loss of dinner, because of her he had to have a slumber party with Cyrus and Fallon. What a joy that had been. In fact the last thing he could remember was the night at the gardens with Diane. How in the world had she beaten him and what the fuck had she done to him?

Kicking the door shut with his heel it was then that he noticed the massive dog sitting just out of line of his line of sight. Jumping back a foot he realized that the beast was no dog but a larger than life wolf. Quickly Panos shifted Delilah in between him and the wolf.