a jump in my step...(open)

She hadn't meant to be rude to Miya, after all she had invited her out this evening, but she had to go after Pauly. She hoped Miya would come with her, but if she choose not to she was going to work extra hard to make it up to her.

There was a pull towards this man that she couldn't resist. It made her crazy and she had no idea why. Even after the nasty things he had said to her before, Delilah couldn't cross him out of her mind. Normally such things would have gotten any many tossed to the curb like trash. Now Pauly, he was like a pale god who's every word, good or bad, was wanted. No, it wasn't just wanted, it was needed.

What made it worse was that he had just worried about her enough to make sure she was ok during the little brawl she had almost gotten sucked into.

She searched for him along the booth lined walls of the club. This time he wasn't going to be able to walk away.

Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
He didn't miss Alexandra's display of defiance as she spontaneously switched seats and sat nearer to Louis. Normally that should have made him jealous, but he knew it for what it was at this moment. He had pissed her off so in turn she was going to piss him off.

That was fine in his book.

At Alexandra's announcement at her urge to dance Panos was thankful for Louis's easy out. Panos hated to dance, he had years under his belt to perfect such a action but it never had been a priority for him. The dancing these days was well, sex with clothes on. Call him old fashion but that took away the element of mystery, and as a man he learned fast that was the easiest way to attract a woman.

"I like Louis's suggestion."

His own declaration would most likely not go over well with Alexandra but it was no doubt better than what could happen on the dance floor. The last thing he wanted was Delilah all over him.
Delilah 15 years ago
Delilah couldn't tell if Alexandra was Pauly's girlfriend or Louis's or maybe even both. She could tell though that Pauly had wordlessly angered the gorgeous woman. That was interesting enough.

Shifting in her seat to Alexandra, Delilah finished her champagne and smiled.

"I'll dance. As it stands I've been told I'm a pretty good dancer." She shot a glance at Pauly. He had been one of those men who had praised her ability.

Pushing her chair back she stood expectantly. At Louis's suggestion Pauly had agreed to stay at the table and she was only slightly saddened by that. Maybe she'd be able to find out more about Alexandra's relationship with him this way. Looking at Miya, Delilah wondered if her friend felt as awkward as she suddenly felt.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya leaned back with the two men, watching Delilah with Alexandra, thinking that maybe Delilah had met her match. "I have no desire to dance anymore tonight." She spoke, nodding to Delilah. "You go along and have some fun, but don't leave the club." Miya tried to make it sound like an order, really. Finishing her beer, she flagged down a waitress and ordered a third. Or was it the fourth. Didn't matter. Certainly less than Delilah was drinking.

Miya's eyes wandered over Panos and then Louise, Louise much more appreciatively. The greek annoyed her a great deal. Miya was merely waiting for the two girls to get out of earshot before asking the question that was burning on the tip of her tongue.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Smiling warmly at Delilah she got up made a come hinter movement with her index finger, laughing softly she made her way to the dancefloor, moving gracefully and fluid to the music playing, she didn't really care what music was playing as long as it was danceable, she knew Delilah would follow, she mentioned she was a pretty good dancer.

Ale didn't remember her past but she knew she had learned how to dance every imaginable dance there was, from classical ballet to ballroom and a lot in between, while being with Michel she had researched her past live, when she was freshly turned she had the strong desire to know who she was, they had found out that she used to go to a school for young ladies in Paris, they thought dance classes there and even though it had been hundreds of years she still knew all of those dances and how to move.

Knowing how to move was always a good thing, in her line of work being fast and graceful had it's advantages, hell she had even thought Louis how to dance, looking over at him she smirked, she remembered him stepping on her toes more then once, looking back at Delilah she raised her voice speaking (more yelling) over the music.

"So... how do you know Panos?"
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Taking a long drag of his smoke he watched Delilah and Ale leave to dance, his blue eyes shifting between Panos and Miya, picking up his champagne he took a drink from it, he could feel Miya watching him, he knew that look, she wanted something.

"Anything I can help you with?"

Putting the glass back down on the table he put the cigarette between his lips as he moved a hand through his hair, unbuttoning the top button on his shirt he sat back, his arms draped loosely on the back of his chair, cig dangling from his lips.
Delilah 15 years ago
Apart of Delilah suddenly felt like a character from a book her mother had read to her when she was small, the one about the tiny sparrow who trusted the snake and was seperated from the crowd only to later realize the danger she had put herself in. Regardless of the sneaking suspicion growing in her stomach she followed Alexandra out onto the dance floor, looking back only once at Miya. Delilah hoped that Miya staying behind wasn't going to turn into a mistake.

Watching Alexandra dance out of the corner of her eye she was greatful that they didn't work along side each other at Babylon. The woman was not only goregous but she had moves too. A double threat that she was willing to compete with if she had to.

Just hearing Alexandra's question over the noise she smiled sweetly.

"I met him at Babylon. He's a frequent flyer there." naively she hoped that information bothered Alexandra. If it did she'd at least know somewhat of their relationship. Somehow though, she guessed that even if having her boyfriend at the strip clubs did bother Alexandra, she was practised enough to not show it.

"How about you?" Delilah asked, ready to regret knowing.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Raising a shapely eyebrow about Delilah's comment about Babylon she nodded, not that she was jealous, hell he could watch any woman get naked for all she cared, just as long as he returned to her for the real thing.

"We shared a cabbie once"

Wasn't that the truth, Delilah would surely think she meant cab, well yes a cab too, but the cabbie was much more tasty.

"I guess you could call us close friends, maybe more"

She didn't want to say "well he's my boyfriend" she wasn't even sure if that was what Panos was to her, sure she cared about him, she cared a lot, she missed him like crazy when he was gone, the sex was great... but boyfriend? that had such an official ring to it.
Miya 15 years ago
Mia shook her head slightly as Louis asked what she wanted. She wasn't quite daring enough to ask her question. "Delilah seems a little nervous." She commented aloud, keeping a close eye on her friend who was dancing with the beautiful Alex. Another swig or two of her beer, and Miya's courage began to build a bit, "I was curious how you all knew each other. You seem to be an odd trio."

Miya was regretting her desire to dance. She really wanted to know what the two were discussing. All the same, she was prepared to rescue Delilah and leave if it appeared that Delilah was at all upset.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Glancing over at Ale and Delilah dancing he shrugged, many people got a little intimidated by Ale, it was her height and stunning looks that did it, he was used to it, he still saw her beauty, who could miss it.

Focusing his attention back on Miya as she spoke again he took the cigarette out of his mouth, taking another drag he finished it, putting it out in the ashtray he cocked his head to the side, odd trio?

"What do you mean? how are we odd?"

Looking back at Ale again he noticed her and Delilah talking, it was a strange contrast, the tall lean body of Ale next to the much smaller Delilah, it was like watching two different worlds collide, waving his hand at her he spoke.

"Alexandra and I go way back, we kinda grew up together"

Panos was being awfully quiet, the man seemed to be lost in thought.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
He watched the tiny blonde follow Alexandra out to the crowded dance floor and he couldn't help but notice how comical it looked. This was of course because he knew things about Alexandra that Delilah plainly did not. It was like a cat playing with a mouse and he hoped that's as far as it would get. He wasn't excited to have to save Delilah from anyone he knew becuase that meant an explanation and talking about things.

Panos wasn't fond of that.

Clearing the cobwebs and trepidations from his head Panos caught the end of what Miya was saying. He wasn't fully sure who was at more danger, Delilah off with Alexandra or Miya sitting here alone with the him and Louis. There really was no hidden burried emotions that had him feeling a sense of protection for the thin redhead.

"I'm the new kid on the block so to speak and then again...not really. I've known Alexandra for a few years off and on but I'm just now meeting Louis." he raised his eyebrows. "I guess you could claim that to be odd, but what's more odd is what you two delicate little ladies are doing in here. I guess you haven't heard that the rougher crowd hangs in these parts. I would think the two of you would have stuck with Eternity or something milder along the strip, or is thrill of danger more your thing?"

Throughout the evening Miya had held very clearly onto the dominant position she had claimed over Delilah. Now with Delilah seperated from her, Panos wondered how long her nerves would hold out.

"Would you like another beer?" he asked innocently.
Delilah 15 years ago
"I see." she shouted over the music.

Delilah found it interesting that Alexandra only hinted at being more than friends with Pauly. That could mean good things in her favor but she assumed for now that the two had at least something going on.

It was her experience that something could always turn into nothing and vice versa.

Awkwardly she continued to dance with Alexandra and found it a little hard to keep up with woman.It was not hard to miss the leers from the men around them and as two men dared to get closer Delilah figured it was a good enough distraction to step away and catch her breath.

"I'll be back! I'm heading to the bathroom."

Delilah slipped through the men before Alexandra could stop her, getting herself lost amongst the crowd. God it was great to be small.

The bar itself was like walking through a battle field of injured soliders, every one of them reaching out to you and calling for your attention. Only here inside the House of Pain, the calls for attention were mostly cat calls and those who did reach out weren't look for help, it was more a hand full of ass they were hoping to get.

The place was as repulsive as the former strip clubs she had started out in. Why in the world did Pauly hang out at this over crowded dive?

Resting against the wall near the bathrooms Delilah ordered another martini from a passing waitress. Just being this far away from the tall dark eyed woman made Delilah feel more relaxed.There was something about America's Next Top Model that gave her the heebiegeebies.

Pauly and Alexandra sure did look impecable next to each other she had to admit.

"Fuck that." she muttered out loud.

Taking her drink from the returning waitress, Delilah stood up straight off the wall and began to walk away before a firm hand stopped her.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos had lost sight of Delilah during his questioning of Miya and he felt a slight twinge of frenzy. He couldn't locate the shocking bleach blonde hair amongst the crowd. Scanning the dance floor with his eyes he finally caught a glimpse of Alexandra but she was alone, well as alone as she could be surround by men.

Panic ate at his insides and he turned back to Louis and Miya. Worldlessly he pulled out a small bussiness card and a pen. Quickly he scratched down an address and pushed it across the table to Louis.

"Give that to Alexandra, I have to...goto the bathroom." It was a lie, he didn't have to goto the bathroom at all and he hoped Louis would figure that out. In truth he was going to see if Delilah knew anything about that place he was held at and the woman who had approached her.

Hopefully, Panos thought to himself, Alexandra would not take his sudden depature as him yet again leaving her without explanation. That's where the address came in, it was the address of the apartment he hadn't been back to since waking up and where he was now headed.

Standing up abruptly Panos took off through the mingling people his Perceptions high.

If Delilah went off with some fool there would be necks to snap. He only hoped it hadn't been Alexandra's idea.

Nearing the restroom he finally found her and thankfully she was alone.

Roughly he grabbed her shoulder.

"What do you think your doing here?"
Alexandra 15 years ago
One moment she had been dancing and chatting with the petite blonde, the next she was standing on the dancefloor by herself as Delilah excused herself and almost ran towards the ladiesroom, small bladder?

Looking over her shoulder at where Panos and Louis where sitting she raised an eyebrow at the sight of Panos missing, making eyecontact with Louis he motioned the direction Panos had left for, using her perception powers she quickly located him by his unique body signature.

Making her way through the crowd of partying people she located him fairly quickly, using her glamour she hid her presence, seeing Panos grab Delilah by the shoulder, getting closer she heard him talk

Panos Mehalitsenos;46434

"What do you think your doing here?"

What the hell?
Delilah 15 years ago
Spinning around Delilah prepaired herself to be annoyed with whomever had just grabbed her. When she saw it was Pauly she was instantly surprized to see him, unfortunately the look in his eyes told her he wasn't very happy.

"What do you think your doing here?" he demanded.

Narrowing her eyes she looked down at his hand still resting on her shoulder.

"Get your hands off me. I was taking a break and getting a new drink. What's it to you?"

Pauly didn't make sense, first he acted aloof and even spent majority of the time ignoring her and now this?

Delilah shrugged off his hand and made a move to walk away from Pauly but something was holding her back. She hadn't even seen him move but somehow he had his hand on the back of her neck. Terror filled her entire body and she froze. She could feel the pressure he was applying at the base of her skull and she squeaked out a protest.

"This is the only time I'm going to ask you so I suggest you drop the stuck up bitch routine real fast. How did you know I was here and who approached you about me." Pauly literally growled at her.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya was bored with the small talk happening at the table. She'd been keeping an eye on Delilah, but then Delilah had moved towards the restroom. She'd been distracted for a moment while Panos had gotten up, she hadn't heard him say anything. Then Miya glanced back onto the dance floor and Alexandra was gone. Some friend she was...

Miya felt confused for a moment,
"Did you happen to see where Delilah went? I was daydreaming for a second, I think..." Her voice sounded very unsure, and she half-rose, scanning the crowd to see if she could see her friend.
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Talk about confusing, ok so here they were, then Ale went off to dance with the blonde little thing and the beer drinking what's her name girl stayed behind then Panos ran of and now the red girlie was blabbing her head off and was acting like her lapdog had gone missing.

Maybe she had?

Lighting another cig he looked at her with a bored expression.

"No should I have?"

What, did he look like he cared much? he observed the redhead, she seemed nervous, unsure, maybe she was afraid her little blonde friend had ran into trouble, shrugging he took another drag, maybe she had, hell if he cared.

"If you're worried go find her, she's probably off getting her blonde head into trouble"

Smirking he observed her reaction, picking up his drink he twisted the stem between his fingers, foolish girl...
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
He was quickly losing his temper.

Since waking up in that strange little apartment, Panos tried to pretend it was all a nightmare. Useless as that was he knew eventually he'd have to figure it out.

He should have been feeling anger or rage or resentment or something. Hell he had been missing for quite some time aparently sleeping, which wasn't unsual for him as he had been known to doze off for long periods of time, but it was the fact he woke up in an unknown location with no memory of how he got there that put him off.

It was easier to deal with it later he had told himself.

Now, with Delilah suddenly appearing at the nightclub when he happened to be there teasing him with some kind of warning, he felt like he was being played in a game. That in itself was enough to finally flick the switch inside him, sending him from passive to agressive all at once.

Delilah's smart remark and her attempt to walk away infuriated Panos. She was a fool if she thought any of her games would work on him. Unearthly fast he snatched her up by the base of her skull and slowly added pressure so that she would understand his meaning.

"This is the only time I'm going to ask you so I suggest you drop the stuck up bitch routine real fast. How did you know I was here and who approached you about me."

Panos felt Delilah instantly freeze up at the sound of the fire in his voice. He could see this wasn't going to get him anywhere anytime soon. She was so fragile and delicate, much like that of fine blown glass. It wouldn't take much for him to quickly snap her neck and be done with her. His thumb twitched, it had been awhile since he'd killed anyone.

"NO!" a voice from within him screamed.

Panos almost jumped back at the sound of his own voice in his head. Releasing the grip he had on Delilah's neck he promptly grabbed her upper arm and jerked her towards the exit.

"Your comming with me. You haven't got much longer to start answering my questions, and I've got more of them."

He would take her to the apartment where he woke up and see what she really knew.
Delilah 15 years ago
"Ohshitohshitohshit!" She was rapidly cursing in her head and she barely heard the words Pauly had said.

What was she going to do? This had never happened before. Sure a few guys had tried to get rough but there had always been someone there to step in save her.

"Not now." she told her self.

She was way out of her element and now she knew, well out of her league.

Before she could force herself to respond, his rock hard grip left her neck but returned on her arm. This was quickly sprialing out of control as Pauly jerked towards the exit and declared she was leaving with him.

"I, I don't know what your talking about! I just came here tonight I didn't know you'd be here i swear!" she looked wildly over her shoulder in attempt to catch a glimpse of Miya. Delilah now regretted ever leaving her side.

"Where are you taking me? I promise you I don't know who that girl was who came up to me. I, I thought she was your exgirlfriend or something. I'm sorry I was just being catty about it. I was just trying to get your attention." she pleaded.

Pauly shot her a dirty look.

"Well you've got my attention now." He snarled as they blew out the doors of the club back in the sewer.

Delilah paused and tried to reach back for the closing door but Pauly yanked harder on arm. Her shoulder shrieked in response as it threatened to come out of the socket.

"Your hurting me!" she squeaked out.

"That's not all that's going to hurt if you don't get moving."

The tone in his voice told her he wasn't lying and she hurried out to the streets and his dark car that was suddenly as menacing as he was. As he flung the door open he swiftly shoved her inside and slammed the door. Quickly she tried for the handle but he was already in the driver seat next to her.

The deafing thud of the car locks froze her in place as the engine roared to life and the car tore away from the curb. Dread began to set in as she silently wished she had never woken up from the couch this evening.

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Alexandra 15 years ago
Being as quiet as a mouse she stood there, frozen almost on the spot as she listened to the conversation taking place between the man she thought she knew and a blonde girl she had just met, it was clear that they knew each other, a lot better then she had thought at first.

So what the hell was going on? looking around she glanced over at Louis who was looking calmly into her direction, damn him for always spotting her when she was in glamour... bastard always did that to her.

Looking back at Panos she flinched as she noticed the both of them leaving the club, Panos dragging along a very distressed looking Delilah, her first instinct was to run after them, then her sensible side kicked in, walking back towards their table she crouched down so that she was face to face with him.

"Something's up and I need your help"

Nodding Louis held out his hand, slipping her the piece of paper Panos had left him earlier, quickly reading it she nodded, they had to go.

Looking back at Miya she wrinkled her nose, they didn't need the little redhead around, she would only slow them down.

"Miya right? look something came up we have to leave, it was nice meeting you, see you around"

Louis had gotten up from his seat, making eyecontact they quickly headed towards the exit.

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Miya 15 years ago
Miya seemed terribly confused as Alexandra and Louis left, leaving her at the table. It was then that she got up and started looking around for Delilah. Talking to a bartender elicited that Delilah had left, being supported by her male friend. The smirk that the bartender had given Delilah's supposed Dominant gave Miya a pain in her stomach. Moving towards the exit, Miya shimmied her phone out of her pocket and quickly txted Delilah 'Bartender says you left. Hope he's good in bed.' She hit send and left then, her heart a little heavy. The night hadn't exactly gone the way that she had hoped it would, and it looked like Delilah was going to have a great night with her male friend.

She straddled her bike in the alley, and kick started it. Muttered softly inside her helmet, she whispered
"Looks like you got used..again..."

Maybe Nachton wasn't all that different from DC after all.

((Miya out))