a jump in my step...(open)

She hadn't meant to be rude to Miya, after all she had invited her out this evening, but she had to go after Pauly. She hoped Miya would come with her, but if she choose not to she was going to work extra hard to make it up to her.

There was a pull towards this man that she couldn't resist. It made her crazy and she had no idea why. Even after the nasty things he had said to her before, Delilah couldn't cross him out of her mind. Normally such things would have gotten any many tossed to the curb like trash. Now Pauly, he was like a pale god who's every word, good or bad, was wanted. No, it wasn't just wanted, it was needed.

What made it worse was that he had just worried about her enough to make sure she was ok during the little brawl she had almost gotten sucked into.

She searched for him along the booth lined walls of the club. This time he wasn't going to be able to walk away.

Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
He leaned his face against his fist lightly. He wouldn't debate the amazing sex he and Alexandra shared, not at all. That was one of the more amazing perks.

Louis's story was believable enough, and it seemed to go along with Alexandra had said earlier at the apartment. It was good enough for now, but he knew it would take some time before he would fully trust Louis's motives.

"I'm just making sure. The last thing I want is to have to piss Alexandra off by killing you. You understand I'm sure. We seem to be two peas in a pod in that sense, both unsure and untrusting but connect by one hell of a woman."

His eyes searched the crowd once again to make sure Delilah hadn't gone anywhere. Spotting her platinum hair reflecting the strobe lights he nodded in her direction.

"Now, there's someone here who has something I want. A problem I have run into this evening is that she has a very protective friend attached to her. Do you see them? The blonde and the red head out on the dance floor?"

Panos assumed that Louis wouldn't need much help in narrowing in on the two females dancing seductively together.

"Per chance, do you like redheads?"

It was then when he heard Alexandra's voice quip next to them.

"Well hello dearie." He said tauntingly. "We were just talking about you. Won't you have a seat?" He smiled at her.

Alexandra had a way of looking damn good without hardly trying.
Alexandra 15 years ago
When Panos offered her a seat she smiled wickedly at him, sliding into his lap she nuzzled his neck before licking it softly up to his ear, her voice coming out in nothing but a whisper.

"You, me... handcuffs, whipped cream and fucking"

Pulling back she acted as if she just didn't whisper that to him, turning to face Louis she winked at him.

"Seen anything good? this place is always good for a bite to eat"

Leaning into Panos she ran her fingers up and down his leg, turning in his lap she smiled at him.

"Lets go find something to eat, i know you're just dying to get your hands on something warm and soft aren't you dear?"

Moving her hips she ground her back down into his lap, she knew she was being evil, but damn she needed this.
Miya 15 years ago
Miya swayed closer to Delilah, grinding sensually against the girl to the sway of the lights and the pulse of the intense beat. As the song came to an end, she pushed her lank hair back from her place. This was a lot hotter, closer. She took a long deep breath and shouted over the noise, "I need a drink!"

She moved through the crowd back towards their table which was miraculously still empty. "Don't look Delilah, but your buddy has friends at his table and one of them is drop dead gorgeous."
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Watching the blonde and redheaded women Panos pointed out to him, Louis nodded quietly, did he like redheads?

"I don't really care about haircolor on my food"

Smirking he took another drag of his cigarette, feeling a presence nearing them he turned just as Ale came walking up to them, looking her over he chuckled, she had done it again, turn herself in a true bombshell.

Watching her wiggle into Panos' lap and whisper in his ear he knew she was up to no good, that was the way Ale worked, she loved to tease, loved to seduce and be seduced, she was a sexual predator, she loved all things sexual, hell the woman was sex on legs.

As she addressed him he nodded slowly, turning his gaze back to the 2 women on the dancefloor he put his smoke back in between his lips.

For now he would just watch, the night was young, they had time.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Alexandra was both a dream and a nightmare rolled into one. A sexual predator and he was the prey. It was a roll he didn't mind all that much and he only wanted to kill her half the time for it, usually when they were in public. His hand slid down her thigh.

"I was just asking Louis here if he had a preference in women. His response answers my question. There's a couple of females out there that seem like easy targets but I have yet to find a third for you. I guess it depends on what your tastes are tonight."

Sometimes Panos wished he smoked. Dirty habit that couldn't harm him aside he just never remembered to do it. It was like forgetting to take a vitamin to him. He looked at Louis in a tad bit of envy.

"Actually, I'm having an issue figuring out how to get some information out of one those easy targets I mentioned. She knows something and I want to know what."

He brushed Alexandra's hair off her neck so that she could feel his words against her skin.

"It seems I'm full of problems tonight aren't I?" He said softly.

Delilah 15 years ago
When Miya raised her bottle Delilah didn't have to hear her shout out that she needed another drink. Nodding her head she shook her own empty glass.

"Me too! Or some more shots! Let me get his round since I didn’t know you weren't into alcohol earlier!"

At the bar Delilah casually looked over her shoulder back in the direction of Pauly's table. Miya was right, friends had arrived and one particular friend looked more than friendly on Pauly's lap. Delilah narrowed her eyes and turned back to Miya.

"The guy or the girl?" she said with noticeable disapproval.

Really it was hard to tell which person Miya was talking about. The woman was unbelievably gorgeous, straight out of fucking Hollywood beautiful. Delilah was a bit disgusted.
Miya 15 years ago
"Well I was referring to the gal, but the guy certainly is cute enough. Was that his girlfriend you were referring to earlier?" She asked casually taking her Sam Adams from Delilah. One of her eyes was on the guy. "Yeah I wouldn't mind taking him home for the night." She commented with a soft sigh. "Are all the guys in Nachton so handsome?"

Miya stood up and wiggled a little bit to get her cell phone out of her pants to check the time. She DID have work in the morning and it would not do to be late for it. Or to be hung over. She ignored the cat calls as she wiggled to get the cell phone back into the too tight pants.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Leaning into Panos she smiled, moving her body a little she sat contently in his lap as he spoke about some women he had issues with and wanted to know what her taste was for the night, turning her head she threw a glance over her shoulder.

"Don't worry i'll find something tasty, I always do"

Placing her hands on top of his as he held her, feeling him brush her hair to the side she shivered slightly feeling his cooler breath on her heated skin.

"Don't think of them as problems, think of them as a challenge and you have me and Louis now, we're great at fixing things"

Louis raised an eyebrow at her making her grin, looking over at the 2 women Panos had mentioned she leaned back.

"Tell me... which of those two is bothering you, I bet I could get them to talk, hold on"

Jumping up she blew him a kiss, sauntering over towards the 2 women having a drink she gave them both a radiant smile.

"Hi, I'm Alexandra, my friend *pointing at Panos* over there seems to know you 2, wanna come over and have a drink with us?"

Her body language was open and friendly, her dark eyes twinkeling in the light, she came off as being just a nice girl who wanted to have a good evening, damn she could act.
Delilah 15 years ago
"I've seen my fair share of skeezballs around this town, but Nachton does have a large catergory of fine men." Delilah mused.

She didn't miss the way the woman was sitting on Pauly's lap and the way he responded to her. It wasn't like with the other two bimbo's he had sitting with him earlier. There was an air of aloofness to him before that was missing now. Delilah felt a slight twinge of jealousy.

"No, that's not the same girl I ran into before. This one is much more stunning. Shit she's comming over her!"

For the first time in her life, Delilah was actually speechless and admittedly a little frightened. The flawless woman strode over to them and introduced herself and invited them over to the table. Damn bitch, why'd she have to be so nice? Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear she stammered.

"Oh hey, I'm Delilah and we'd love too." She blurted out without consulting with Miya first.

Taking a huge gulp of her martini she turned to Miya with large eyes that basically read 'Oh shit I'm sorry I dont know why I said that!"
Miya 15 years ago
Miya's eyebrows shot up in amusement at Delilah's comment that just seemed to be blurted out. She'd been watching things with eyes well accustomed to the world of Dominance and submission. Her eyes told her that everyone there was Dominant to some degree or another and that this seemingly sweet woman, whose bodylanguage had changed since walking into the club and sitting in 'Paully's' lap to now, wasn't so sweet. Miya wasn't sure why, it probably had to do with that information that Delilah possessed. Whatever the reason, their intentions probably weren't horrible, and neighter of them would end up dead in an alley from a drink.

She summed all this up in a few heartbeats, and spoke smoothly, in a voice that had a slight tremor, barely noticeable,
"My apologies for Delilah's impulsiveness. My name is Miya. It's a pleasure and we would be delighted to join you and your friends for the evening. It would do Delilah well to be around such controlled people." Miya made sure that her voice held a hint of disapproval. It was an appearances thing, in this kind of space, you were what you acted to be.

In two strokes Miya had put herself again in the role of Delilah's protector. Part of the submissive's mind agreed with protecting Delilah from herself. The other part was screaming that there was no way she was going to get laid.

Miya picked up her bottle of Sam Adam's and gestured for Alex to lead the way.
Alexandra 15 years ago
Looking at the blonde woman ramble she had to stifle a giggle that was bubbling up inside of her, o my.. talk about getting nervous, taking in her appearance and body language she gave her another smile, turning her eyes to the other woman as she began to talk she laughed softly at the remark she made.

"Okay then, lets go"

Turning on her 4,5" inch heels she casually walked back to the boys, winking at Panos she gestured for the two women to take a seat, pointing at Louis she smiled.

"Tall dark and handsome over there is Louis, he's an old friend of mine, Panos you both know"

Waving a waiter over she ordered a bottle of champagne and 5 glasses, tipping him she let him go on his way, her dark eyes watching the people around her, this was quite the interesting company, licking her lips she moved a hand through her hair.

"So Miya, Delilah, come here often?"
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos hadn't been able to utter a word before Alexandra abruptly got up and headed towards the bar where Delilah and Miya stood.

This hadn't been what he expected but he kept his mouth from calling Alexandra back. Hell knows she wouldn't of listened anyways. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably.

Why did he feel this uneasy? What did he care what Alexandra did to these two as long as he got his information?

She laughed teasingly. "We shouldn't be out here."

The memory was a flash and it dissapeared as fast as it had came. A pain shot through Panos right eye and he rubbed at his temple. Anger stirred inside of him at the sight of Delilah following behind Alexandra. The tiny blonde was infuriating.

"Get what you want and make her go away." A voice inside of him whispered.

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Delilah 15 years ago
Miya's response to Alexandra sounded so off for Miya but it reminded Delilah to calm down.

God she must have sounded really foolish.

Following behind the two Delilah eyed both Louis and Pauly as she sat down. Louis looked just as hollywood as Pauly did.

What a minute, didn't Alexandra just call Pauly Panos? Puzzlement flashed across Delilah's face briefly before she connected the name to a memory. The girl who had approached her on teh street, the assumed exgirlfriend, she had begun to call Pauly Panos. She had stumbled with his name before saying Pauly. It had sounded foreign when she had finally said it.

So he had an alias. So what, so did she, Nikki Nightmare was her stage name as was Lizandra.

Pulling herself together Delilah put on her best smile.

"Nice to meet you Louis, Alexandra." She nodded respectively at each of them. "This is my first time here, I've heard lots about it but usually I've always stuck with the above ground clubs. I wasn't too fond of the entrance way here, but decided to give it ago finally."

She let Miya speak for herself as she didn't know what the girl wanted to say. Pauly knew things about her and she couldn't bullshit but Miya still could if she wanted to.

"So far so good though."
Miya 15 years ago
Miya's attention centered on Louis. He was handsome and that appealed to her. Ah, well. There would be other nights to pick up handsome men. As Delilah talked, Miya noted that she seemed calmer and that was a good thing.

"I'm new to Nachton, I just moved here from D.C. where I went to school at the Corcoran. Delilah mentioned this place to me, and it seemed like a club I used to attend while in D.C." Miya took a sip of her Sam Adams, more for the sake of drinking socially than a desire to drink it. "It seems like the typical sort of club for these sorts of things. Except for the fight...there was no way the Lord of the Crucible would have allowed that kind of bar fight in his club. Are those sorts of fights normal?" Miya's eye went to Delilah for a moment, watching the other girls body language. As the champagne came and the glasses distributed, Miya shook her head. "Delilah may drink if she wishes, but I am fine with my beer."
Louis Morel 15 years ago
Calmly finishing his cigarette he watched Panos, he seemed nervous for some reason, not being quite able to put his finger on the why he shrugged, putting out his smoke he sat back, Alexandra was talking to the two women Panos had mentioned earlier, reading her body language he could tell that she was all bubly and friendly to them.

"This will be interesting"

Crossing his legs by putting his left foot on his right knee he watched them make their way back to the table, nodding his head as Ale introduced them he gave them both a faint smile.

"Nice to meet you both"

Picking up one of the champagne glasses he held his out in a toasting gesture before sipping the bubbly liquid slowly, across from his Panos was shifting nervously in his chair, looking at him he couldn't help but raise a brow at the other man, what the hell was his problem?
Alexandra 15 years ago
Her eyes darted from person to person, resting on Panos for a moment she noticed his troubled expression, something was bothering him, something to do with the 2 women and she would find out what it was.

Picking up her champagne flute she lifted it like Louis had, gesturing for a toast she smiled to everyone around her.

"To new and old friends"

Her eyes lingered on Louis for a moment, noticing him looking right back at her she gave him a genuine smile.

"So first time here hmmm... it's Louis first time here too, you guys have something in common, we should celebrate"

Sipping her champagne she grinned, there was a hint of playfulness and mischief in her words that one could easily pick up on.

Leaning into Panos who was sitting next to her she whispered into his ear.

"What did those wenches do to upset you so?"
Delilah 15 years ago
Delilah set her now empty martini glass down and exchanged it for the champagne flute, following suit she held up the glass for the toast.

"Really? Aren't we all a bunch of newbie’s. Are you and...Panos, seasoned vet's here Alexandra?"

It was odd calling Pauly by the new name but, it was probably best to refer to him by the name the other two were familiar with. She didn't exactly know what name was really his true name or if either were.

"Any trade secrets about the place we should know?"

Sipping the champagne Delilah was adamant to rarely look at Pauly, instead keeping her attention on the two who were actually speaking.
Panos Mehalitsenos 15 years ago
Panos rolled his neck listening to each bone crack respectively. Reaching forward he grabbed for the newly arrived champagne and raised his hand to toast. Alexandra's toast felt menacing as it should have. In any other instance he would have been making such toasts himself.

Alexandra and Louis both were looking at him quizzically. When Alexandra whispered in her concerns in his ear he grimaced only slightly.

Leaning forward he cleared his throat.

"Only to watch who you go home with." He addressed Delilah's second question.

He looked over at Alexandra and shrugged. It was enough that Delilah may have an important key to discovering why he constantly felt followed but how would he explain the rest? Hell he couldn't even sort it out fully himself nor did he want to.

There was a part of him that he kept locked away and sealed shut. Somehow, Delilah played a part with what was stored behind those doors to his past. He wasn't ready just yet to see what part that was, there were reasons he walled that portion of his past up.

Alexandra 15 years ago
Narrowing her eyes at Panos she almost huffed at his shrug, so he didn't want to tell her, fine!

As Delilah spoke she almost replied seconds before Panos did, biting her bottom lip she glared at him, the nerve! what the fuck was his problem, getting up she took a seat next to Louis, leaning into him a bit she took her time finishing her champagne.

"Like Panos said, this place can be fun, just be careful who you end up with, not all people here have the same intentions"

Louis let out a soft chuckle next to her, turning she smirked at him, watching him light another cigarette and inhale deeply she wrinkled her nose at him, making him raise an eyebrow at her in return.

"So anyone up for dancing or am I the only party girl here?"
Louis Morel 15 years ago
O dear.. Ale was up to no good, picking up on the none verbal conversation going on between her and Panos he lit another smoke as Ale sat down next to him.

Dancing? sure he could dance... he'd rather stay seated and have a drink, maybe if the women would dance he could have a quiet chat with Panos, he didn't expect the man to open up to him, but like they say, sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger then to a friend.

"Why don't you girls go on and dance, Panos and I will stay here"