Out of touch

Wanted to let y'all know X and I will be out of town Monday - Wednesday of next week, and probably busy prepping for it most of this weekend. You should see us back to bug ya on Thursday.

No more Cali earthquakes damnit!

Alfarinn 18 years ago
Oooh Vacation!?!? Send us postcards!
Amberelle DeEspionne 18 years ago
I wish.. heading out to San Diego for my grandfather's memorial service.. It will be at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary. My uncle's arranged to fly us all out, has rooms for us at a nice hotel in La Jolla and such. I hate heights, and swore I'd never go to Cali.. but this is enough to make me go *sigh* But the hotel is right near the beach and such so I hope to take some pictures, if we do will post those.

Anyone know the area?
Alfarinn 18 years ago
Sorry to hear that. I've never been to california though so I can't help you there. I believe Rasberry might though.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago

I've been to the area a few times, but I don't know it well enough to be of any help.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
/comfort, y'all be safe.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Hope you guys have a safe trip, sorry to hear about the circumstances.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
good luck and be safe /many hugs