An awkward situation. (private)

((Continued from "Realize" in the Domicile

The red BMW M6 Coupe sped quietly up and out of the hidden gated entrance of the Domicile, racing down the dirt road leading out of the abandoned slaughter district. They headed west to the city without the benefits of headlights until they made it back onto the paved interstate.

Ellis sat quietly next to Simon who did not once take his eyes off of the road. As she finished her cigarette, she considered speaking via their bond but hesistated. Opening the window just a hair, she slipped the used cigarette out into the night.

For the next twenty minutes she looked at the dashboard of the coupe and admired all the extra options and smooth ride. Finally they reached Nachton Strip and as she looked out of the window, she tested their bond.


She was startled by the sound of his voice and irritated tone.

Simon Huntington 15 years ago
They drove in silence from the Domicile to the city's main Strip when suddenly she did what he had hoped she wouldn't.



He blurted it out a little louder and angrier than he had hoped and he held up his hand, pointing it in her direction. She looked back at him with a startled look but didn't say anything else.

'I'm sorry. But...just don't. Not right now.' Not ever, he wanted to add but he let the words die on his lips. His choice of words immediately made him blush uncomfortably. Simon turned onto the main Strip and slowed the car down to a casual speed.

'I don't even know where to start.'
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Ellis let her irritation gather forces at the top of her brow and it descended down into her eyes, narrowing them at Simon.

'This is all your fault.'
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
'What?' Simon turned away from the road and snapped at Ellis. 'How is this my fault? You wait seventeen hundred years after I try and kill you to bond with me? This isn't my fault.' He pointed his finger angrily at her.

'This is all your fault.'
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
'No. No. No.' Ellis' voice was getting louder with each declaration. 'This is not my fault. I'm not the one with the ability. You are. And stop fucking pointing that finger at me!'

She reached out and grabbed his finger, bending it back until he yelped.
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
'Ow! Jesus!'

Simon yanked his injured finger back and swerved to avoid an oncoming car. The night, as always, was just as busy as during the day so he had to either fight with Ellis on who's to blame for their current situation or drive.

'Wait...damnit, wait a second,' he growled as he pulled the car over along a relatively quiet section of the Strip. The car barely had time to stop when he pulled up the emergency brake with a savage yank and turned off the purring engine. With a huff Simon turned his body toward Ellis and made with the yelling.

'I think we both know why we're in this predicament.' Ellis started to open her mouth again to no doubt reiterate her position when he held a hand up and spoke over her. 'In certain situations,' he said with a raised voice that prompted Ellis to stop and narrow her eyes at him. Again he started with a calmer voice.

'In certain situations I think a bond can be formed. Those types of situations probably include certain death.' He paused, choosing his words carefully. 'I'm bonded with Carol. I can't be bonded with you.'
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
Her icy stare melted at the mention of Carol.

'Oh yeah, because she looked thrilled to bits about our bond.' Ellis couldn't help but snort softly although she did try to hide them behind her hand. 'Listen, people say shit when something traumatic happens. We were going to die or we thought we were - you say things you,' she shrugged and let her sentence trail off for a second.

'You say things you don't mean.'

Nice lie, she thought to herself but immediately hissed at her inner voice. Denial was awesome.
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
Simon opened his mouth to say something but stopped. Instead he gave her a searching look, to which she raised her eyebrows at, and then he turned to look back out the front windshield. He shifted his body away from her.

Something happened between the two of them to create their bond. It's undeniable and yet there she was, yet again, making light of what happened and what was said. He felt his tense shoulders slump and he ran his right hand over his knee, near the car keys. His fingertips touched the keys, making them jingle.

'Yeah,' he mumbled.

Grabbing the keys violently out of the steering column, he pushed open the door and lifted a long leg out.
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
It was a vicious circle, this thing between her and Simon. Every inch he took closer to her, every inch she allowed him to take, she did her damnedest to push him back. Was it instinctive? Maybe, but of all people he should have been the last person she'd do it to. The way he looked at her now, his dark hazel eyes with the flecks of gold and green, looked into her pale green ones making her stomach flutter.

The wave of regret seemed to rush out of him and into her. It was shocking as well as disarming. The ability to read someone's body language paled in comparison to what she felt from him. Almost empathic, but only tuned into what he was feeling, she immediately wondered if their life would have been any different if they both knew exactly what the other was feeling.

Simon broke off his soul gaze and angrily exited out of the car. Ellis wanted to reach out to him but instinct kicked in again and she kept still. As he slammed the door shut she sighed dramatically and shook the car with her annoyed flailing.

Simon circled the front of the car and stepped onto the sidewalk, his hands on his hips and his head turning from side to side searching the area. Ellis felt the sensation of regret evaporate and be replaced with desire. He was so different to her now. He wore the burden of leadership with class and style. It made the soft spoken Simon more rigid, noble and on more than one occasion had stared her down and inspired fear.

He reached up and touched his lips with one hand as he turned in a slow circle, his eyes darting back and forth, from the car to the street until finally he approached her car door. From his opposite hand dangled the keys and she watched him squeeze the keyless entry and open the car door.

It seemingly sighed open, quiet and cautious. He pulled the car door open and let his hand drape on the door. Ellis peered at out him. With his other hand he hooked a thumb for her to get out of the car.

'What? God, I liked you better when you had manners.'
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
'Get out.'

Simon bent down and looked at her inside the car and almost laughed at her reaction. Instead, he snorted softly and straightened back up, his hand still on the car door. Ellis uncurled a shapely leg and stepped out of the car, standing directly in his personal space. He looked down at her, not a foot away, and gave her his most disinterested look. But that wasn't what he was feeling, not after his mind felt her emotions brush by him like a whisper. Her desire welled up in his chest and he felt his face flush with it. Simon could not maintain his expression and it softened into confusion.

This wasn't how his discovery of his bonding with Carol had been. With her it started with a whisper of her crying voice, a lamentation of regret and love. It was sad, but pure, and he felt that bond with her slowly slipping away. Frustrated confusion had taken its place and it was everything and nothing in his mind. It was raw, tangible, and a little dangerous. He felt it push out from her, wrapping him in the warm folds of her want, and it confused the fuck out of him.

Simon openly looked at her, searching her eyes, and watching her body language, from head to toe, and settled on her lips. She was angry, but flustered. Annoyed, yet the seed of her wanting was growing, and secretly he wished this thing between them could go away, yet stay.

Taking a step back, Simon let his hand fall off the door to his side. Ellis took a step forward and placed both hands on the door, brushing her chin over the tops of her fingers. She was flawless. Her wounds had healed and the torn, bruised flesh was replaced by its usual suppleness. She had not had time to wear any makeup, but she didn't need to; her lips were full and soft, her eyelashes long and curved. He watched her cheeks redden with a blush that climbed her throat up into her face. When he reached her eyes, he saw the watery green iris' that taunted him even to this day.

She didn't even have to speak but when she did, he found her question interesting.

Ellis Duban 15 years ago
She hadn't planned on asking that question. It wasn't even in the forefront of her mind until Simon had made no move to get out of her way. If he had not just given her a look that seemingly searched down into her soul, the question would not have even occurred to her. She would have pushed past him and walked away. It was probably their bonding, she thought. The ability to almost touch his aura, to be able to tangibly feel him, from head to toe and down to the nook and cranny, was probably what made this moment as palatable as pressing skin to skin.

The thought of touching him made the desire in her reach epic proportions. That, coupled with his penetrating stare, made her blush like a school girl. From the southern regions to the roots of her hair - she wanted this man. Even when he took a step back, Ellis needed to follow, to stay close to him and feel his aura. Was that need or want, she wondered.

'I said,' Ellis rested her chin on her hands and slowly asked her question again, 'do you know what the difference between want and need is?'

Simon's eyebrows knitted in confusion and she couldn't help but grin eagerly. Pointing a finger from underneath her chin, she told him.

'By definition, and I looked this up, need is: "an urgent want, as of something requisite". There are at least 9 different variations of the word, but I think that one fits the best. Power is a potent and efficacious thing. The quest for it, earning it and wielding it is like nothing I have ever felt.' Ellis shook her head and peered up at Simon.

'Power isn't everything, though. Need is nothing compared to want. Now want,' Ellis started slowly, 'the definition of want is: to wish. To need. To crave. To demand. Or desire. I thought I wanted power, but I think I was wrong.'
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
Had it not been for their bonding, reading her right then would have been impossible. But being able to not only hear the inflection of her voice but feel them, he had no doubts. His heart had been set on everywhere else but her, but right then, as knowing blurred the lines of feeling, she had him hanging on her every word.

The question of why he was there with her instead of anywhere else had been on his mind since...well since forever. For over fifteen hundred years she had managed to keep him near her, serving her every need and whim without the benefit of this new bond. Simon wondered how lost he would have been if the bond had always been there.

He listened intently, drawing closer to her as she spoke till he was inches from her face. Looking down at her he watched her lips move and felt her words resonate in his body, bouncing off his bones and vibrating in his head. Did she feel this way with him - her part of the bond? Was the realization that even the world crashing down around them would have been just a faint blip on their conscious radar encompassing her? His bond with Carol different. But even Carol was a fleeting thought during this moment in time. A blurred shadow on the edge of a photograph and the center of it was Ellis. Only her. Always only her.

What was the difference between want and need? Searching her green eyes he recalled what he thought need was.

'Need is nothing, E. It doesn't compare to what 'want' is, what it was, and what it will always be.' Simon titled his head and looked at her lips again, his hovering just inches from hers. 'I'll tell you what want is. Want, for me, is the feeling of contact with bare skin. It may be brief but it is always exquisite. That feeling with the look in your eyes when I do it stays with me long after its over.'

Simon felt the ripple of her want resonate in him as she watched his lips. Their bonding was nothing he had ever felt before, with Carol or with her. He wanted to run his fingers in her black hair and press his lips against her naked breasts and without really realizing it, the world had completely faded away around them. The sound of the cars, the whisper of the wind, and the chattering of voices. It was only him and her. His heart was racing, pounding in his chest and he felt his entire body react to the closeness of hers and nothing else mattered, except telling her exactly what his want was to him.

'Want is usually for what I can't have, but it's a pain I'd rather live for, than without.'
Ellis Duban 15 years ago
To say she was mesmerized by the movement of Simon's lips would be a gross understatement. Ellis felt her lips part in anticipation of his. The tip of her tongue darting out to wet hers in preparation. She had felt those lips a hundred thousand times and had watched Simon move unchanged throughout time and not once did she ever feel the pull of want for him like this moment. The feeling was overwhelming - it wrapped her in its erotic embrace and coated her skin in a thin sheet of sweat. Her fingers curled around the top of the car door and she pulled herself closer, bridging the gap between them, what little precious space there was left.

'I....' Ellis started. Her loss for words embarrassing but appropriate. The time for words was over. There wasn't anything else she could think of saying. Nothing else to add, other than to act. Her eyes fluttered, wanting to close and fall into the kiss but she could not help but look into Simon's perfet hazel eyes. The flecks of gold and green swimming in a vortex of chocolate brown.

Again she tried to form words, something that might have started with a 'W' but his gaze left her eyes and blazed a trail down to her lips as he leaned in to kiss her with those lips. Soft, perfectly shaped almonds of delight, a delectable bevy of scorching want and she was ready.

So imagine her disdain as his cell phone began to ring loudly in his breast pocket.
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
He was going to kiss her, really fucking hard. Simon was sure of this as he felt her want run its fingers into his hair and practically willed his body closer to hers. There was no rational thought in what was happening and what would happen. There was no calculated plan or prudent course of action involved. No, this was simply the both of them giving into the curse that was their bond.

And he was perfectly fine with that.

Everything about him was on end - from the hairs on the back of his neck to the raging hard on in his pants. Everything was also telling him that this was not only a bad idea, extremely imprudent, and just downright stupid. That's what made the want that much more desirable. It was illicit want. Ruthless and abandoned want. Want that made you ignore the obvious to satiate the desire. It was blinding, idiotic and fucking glorious. The hesitation only made the want that much stronger. But timing had a way about stopping you from doing something stupid. So when his cell phone began to ring loudly from his chest, just as his lips were threatening to engulf hers, just when they shared the briefest of touch, the spell of the moment was broken and reality came rushing back.

The harsh ring tone was immediately followed by the howling of the wind between the buildings and cars honking in the distance. Ellis took several steps back against the car looking as perplexed and embarrassed as he was feeling. He almost tripped as he stepped back and reached into his pocket, pulling the phone out too quickly and sending it flying into the air above him.

'Shit. No, no!' It dropped down to his hand but in his eagerness he slapped it back up above his head and he did this two more times before finally regaining his grip on the silver piece of bad timing. He held a finger up and turned away from Ellis.

'Oh my god, WHAT?!'


The voice on the other end only further defused the situation.

'Is this...Marthinus?'
Marthinus T. Steyn 15 years ago
It was a relief to hear Simon's voice after the incident back at the cabin. Hammer nor Brig had broached the subject of his leaving the Den against orders, but if they had he need only remind him of the Alpha's new course of action. Therefore his phone call to his grandfather.

Simon's voice sounded strong but incredibly put out.
'Is this a bad time?'
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
Thrown completely off his guard, Simon tried regaining his composure and pulled at the collar of his black polo shirt. Was it a bad time? His eyes opened wide in embarrassment as the smell of a cigarette being smoked wafted past him. Looking over his shoulder he watched as Ellis took a long pull at her cigarette and shot him a look of impatience mixed in with a flushed face.

'Bad time? Not...really.' Clearing his throat he pulled himself together. 'I wanted to thank you for what you did. Putting yourself on the line for us like that.'
Marthinus T. Steyn 15 years ago
Nodding to himself, Marthinus reached up and pinched his lips softly. What did you say to something like that? Sure, was happy to risk my life so you and your she-bitch can frolic a bit more? Shaking the uncharacteristic arrogance out of his shoulders, Marthinus continued.

'That's what I wanted to speak to you about actually. I have a request.' He paused and clarified. 'We...have a request. The Kadzait. Our pack wishes an audience with you.'

Marthinus felt ridiculous formally requesting a meeting with Simon but it was better than what Hammerthynn had wanted to do, which was just kill them all. The semblance of authority and diplomacy had to be maintained.
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
'An audience?' Treachery was written all over that type of request, coming from what Marthinus was apparently representing. 'For what? Why?'
Marthinus T. Steyn 15 years ago
'It's a little hard to explain over the phone.'

How the hell do you request a truce between one of the two faction of werewolves in the city with a renegade clan of vampires? Marthinus rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of it.

'We, meaning Iov Hammerthynn and his Pipers, with whom I know you are acquainted, have been ordered to initiate a deal. A truce between the two species.'
Simon Huntington 15 years ago
Simon ran his hand through his hair and again turned back to watch Ellis quickly finish her cigarette. 'Marthinus,' he started and then turned his back on Ellis again. 'Listen to me, unless it's in neutral territory, in public and during the night...I don't know, I can't promise you anything. Not with how this sounds.'

He wiped his hand with his face and then continued.
'Can we speak later about this, in more detail?'

Simon had not the time nor the patience to work a deal involving the entire clan with Ellis standing behind him. Again, another distraction that affected his leadership, he noted but he pushed that thought aside and finished his call with his grandson.

'Do me this favor, let's talk tomorrow evening about this?'
Marthinus T. Steyn 15 years ago
Simon was distracted. Marthinus could hear it in his voice and he must have interrupted the vampire in the middle of something important.

He'd never know the irony of his thought.

'Of course. I'll contact you tomorrow evening. Till then.'

((OOC Marthinus out))