A child is born

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Unsure of what to say now for fear of making Aislinn cry more, Fallon held her tongue during the short drive to the manor. When they arrived, she waited for Ginger to open the door for Aislinn, and exited behind the girl.

"This is it."

She offered, quietly, and respectfully. Oh how she wished Mai were around, to help greet Aislinn, and possibly even offer up a little comfort to Fallon. Though she really didn't know any of the elders well, whenever she felt slightly off kilter with the clan, it was Mai's face that appeared in Fallon's mind.

Not that it was that surprising, considering the three elders. Morrigan had always been nice to Fallon, and was responsible for Fallon's current position at Heolfor, but their relationship was strictly business. And Sorin...though he no longer frightened Fallon, she still felt a lot less comfortable around him, by comparison to the other two.

No, it was Mai's quiet, and gentle acceptance of Fallon that she would always remember fondly, and now ached for a little.

Guiding Aislinn toward the entry, Fallon smiled when Rupert opened the door and greeted her.

"Good evening Rupert, you're just the man I was hoping to see. This is Aislinn. Aislinn, this is Rupert. Rupert sees, and knows all around here, so if you're ever in need and can't find me, I'm sure he'll be happy to assist you.

Rupert, Aislinn is going to be staying at Heolfor for a short time anyway...until she decides some things about her life. Would you find someone to ready a suite for her, somewhere close to mine and Cyrus' if possible?"

Fallon's head whipped back and forth between the two at her side, until she was sure everything would be handled well, for the immediate future anyway.

When Rupert nodded in understanding, then left for other parts of the manor, Fallon ushered Aislinn inside, and closed the doors behind them.

"Where to first? The gardens? the kitchen? would you like to see where Cyrus and I stay?"

The manor seemed unusually quiet, but it was early still, by vampire standards. Though she was disappointed that there wasn't more going on at the manor, Fallon still had hopes that perhaps Amberelle, or Dawn, or any number of the other clan members might be in attendance to meet Aislinn.

Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
The quiteness almost reminded her of her castle home for a moment. To her, it had the same kind of feel, that powerful people lived, or still lived here. She smiled politely at Rupert when they were introduced but she didn't speak to him. She watched him leave to find her a suite, then turned her attention to Fallon.

Aislinn had always loved the outdoors and was fond of gardens. But she doubted she'd see much in the dark until she remembered that none of them were likely to use it in the daytime. Perhaps they were lit up.

"Lets see the gardens first, if its not too dark to see them." Perhaps some fresh air would clear her head a bit and let her reign her emotions back in before she met any one else.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
She had come down stairs from her suite to check with Rupert if her package had arrived yet. The paper work for her newest vehicle was scheduled to arrive today. Chryseis collected flashy automobiles like they were hot wheels toys.

The foyer was empty but she heard voices not too far off. Normally she'd ignore them and go about her bussiness, but tonight she was looking for someone and so she quietly glided down the corridor near the beautiful doors that lead to the gardens. As she came around the bend she saw two women conversing. One was Fallon, a fellow clan member, and the other Chryseis did not recognize. It wasn't unusual for Chryseis not to recognize people around the mansion so she wasn't too alarmed.

She stayed back and crossed her arms behind her listening only slightly. Gently she cleared her throat to alert them of her presence.

"Have either of you seen Rupert this evening?"
Fallon 15 years ago
"There is a nice moon tonight so I doubt you'll have trouble seeing, but you'll also find some of your senses might be keener now as well. All my senses seem to have become more acute...I see better, hear better, smell things better...my tasting is a bit off, but my tastes have changed quite a bit as well. I'm sorry...I don't know if that's the case for everyone."

Fallon shrugged as she turned to escort Aislinn out to the gardens. There was a lot she didn't know apparently, but she had every intention of doing something to rectify that.

The women didn't get too far before they were joined by another woman. Fallon immediately recognized the woman's face, but wasn't sure if it was because they had been introduced, or if it was one of the faces she'd seen on the computer database. When she had taken the job at Heolfor, Fallon had tried to make herself as familiar with the Anantya as she could, and that included reading the very short bios that were housed on the database. Nothing terribly personal, or confidential was stored there, but there were photos, as well as lists of people who resided at Heolfor, as well as those who visited often.

"Yes, I'm afraid I've sent him off on an errand, but I don't think he'll be gone long. Chryseis, is it?"

Though she didn't remember anything more about the woman, she was pretty sure she had the name right.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
"Well that explains some things."

She had noticed some things looked different, but had not really given any of it serious consideration. Her sight was not worse, so she had put it to the back of her mind for now. And she had definately become aware of the scent of blood. Her hearing had always been acute by human standards. She could hear slightly higher pitch than others could, which sometimes could be annoying. She could walk into a room and know instantly if a TV was on, even if the screen was blank if the Sky had been switched off but not the TV itself. She recalled even having an arguement about it with her grandfather who refused to acknowledge that the TV was still on until she took the remote from him and switch it off. She had always been able to hear the very high hum of electricity.
But so far nothing had caught her attention as being beyond her normal sense, but she made a mental note to test that later.

She turned upon hearing another come, and smiled politely at her while discreetly looking for some sort of sign that she was also vampire. She assumed she was, because she was here, but she wondered if there was some way vampires recognised others of their kind. She was careful not to stare too much though, she didn't want to appear rude so let Fallon do the talking at first.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
"I see."

Chryseis gave a short nod in regards to the question of her name.

"And yes, Chryseis it is. You would be Fallon correct? She already knew the answer to that question but she asked anyways.

Fallon probably wasn't aware of her affiliation with her maker. They had never formally been introduced and Chryseis never had attended the welcoming ceremony when Fallon joined the clan, but she had watched from the sides and made sure she kept a watchful eye out on the girl. It was of course for security purposes. While her nephew was a known habitual screw up she still funded most of his livelihood and the last thing she would permit was for a newcommer to try and launch an assault on him. Besides the family ties, it would have cost alot of her money for protection.

"I don't believe that I know you." Chryseis addressed the blonde turning a hollow gaze to her.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn was not really sure what to make of Chryseis and her smile faded slightly at the hollow gaze in her direction. She suddenly felt about two feet tall, but damned if she was going to let herself be intimidated.

"I am Aislinn Ross." She couldn't think of much more to say than that without saying something silly like 'I'm a vampire' which would most likely be stating the obvious in this place. Descretion being the better part of valour, Aislinn bit her tongue.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
"A pleasure to meet you Aislinn Ross." Chryseis's voice was flat and devoid of emotion.

Personality never was something she had held onto in her lifetime. Not many people understood the lack of sociability but Morrigan and even then Chryseis odd quirks baffled her at times too.

"Are you in for a visit or have I kept myself locked up for so long that I barely recognize those who live here?" She thought for a moment how that sounded and since she hadn't meant it as a rude joke she figured she'd might as well state so.

"Which is entirely possible."
Fallon 15 years ago
It was pretty rare that Fallon disliked someone without knowing them...she rarely relied on first impressions. She didn't automatically dislike Chryseis either, but there was something about the woman that caused the hairs on the back of Fallon's neck to bristle.

Unfortunately, being that she was an acting...'something'... for the Anantya, and certainly didn't wish to create any drama within the clan, she held her tongue when she noticed the look Chryseis gave Aislinn. Perhaps it was a mother's natural instinct to protect her fledgling, but whatever the case, Fallon slipped a casual arm around Aislinn's waist, hoping to reaffirm what Fallon had said earlier. She would do whatever it took to protect the girl, and make sure she was happy.

"Oh, I'm sorry for forgetting to introduce you sweet."

She smiled at Aislinn before directing her gaze to Chryseis.

"Yes, Aislinn is my guest at the manor for now. She's very special to me, and as such I'm hoping she'll choose to live here among the Anantya, but until she decides, Rupert is seeing to her suite.

We were just heading out to the gardens, to enjoy the cool evening air, would you like to join us? Maybe you could regale us with tales of Heolfor, and the days of yore."

Getting to know Chryseis might prove beneficial, Fallon realized, and she might also prove to be more friendly if given half a chance. Fallon could only hope.

And though she might not have been the ideal Anantya for Aislinn to meet first among the clan, Fallon imagined Chryseis to be a formidable ally, and better to have on your side than not.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Chryseis watched as Fallon laced an arm around Aislinn. Interesting, perhaps she had given up the cat man for something, or someone, more...delicate.

Since Rupert was busy prepairing a guest suite and wouldn't be available for the time being, Chryseis took Fallon up on her offer to join them in the gardens. If anything she could possibly aid in the blonde ones desicion about joining Anantya and even more so enlisting under The Order of the Rose if she had the talent. One less person for dusty old Sorin to claim.

"I will join you two. One can never resist the call of speaking to those who have an interest in our clan, which happens to be the true clan. Why settle for a water downed version of greatness?"

It was one of the few things she absolutely belived in. Evenhet were yuppies who kissed the asses of those we fed off of and Tacharan was barely a clan, nothing more than toddlers without discipline. Chryseis was never quiet about her feelings towards the other clans. Her proud attitude was proof of that.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn was gazing around the hall as the other two spoke, admiring the various artwork and decor on display. More and more this place was reminding her of her own estate on far off shores, that she felt she could quite easily make herself at home here. Afterall, it wasn't as if she could ever return to Scotland anytime soon. But she also shouldn't jump to conclusions... she might want to join Anantya, but what if they didn't want her?

Her train of thought was stopped when Fallon put her arm around her, and she smiled back at her before listening to Chryseis again. The woman seemed to be regarding her with a hint of interest, but Aislinn could not be sure. She didn't think she had ever met anyone so devoid of emotion, and people had often said she herself was too reserved with her feelings. She hoped she didn't come across like Chryseis to other people.

"I would love to hear all about Anantya, if you would be willing to tell." She was careful to pronounce Anantya properly, sensing a deep pride in the clan in this woman and not wanting to offend her. She could not guess what language the name originally came from though she had dabbled in a few languages herself.
Fallon 15 years ago
When it became known that Chryseis would be going along on the walk, Fallon released Aislinn, but remained close.

In the short time Fallon had spent with Aislinn, she had seen a lot of strength in the young woman, and now could see how she would hold her own. It didn't mean Fallon would consider deserting her daughter, and leaving her to the 'wolves', so to speak, but she was feeling better about cutting Aislinn a little slack. If a woman like Chryseis didn't push Aislinn to cower, Fallon could relax a little.

"That would be lovely, I think too. Cyrus has told me a lot about the clan, and I've picked up a few things over the past few months, but most of the information is current. I've really very little knowledge of the clan history."

Leading the way to the doors outside, Fallon moved ahead to hold them open while both Chryseis and Aislinn exited.

"Oh those flowers smell heavenly. These gardens are so lovely, and peaceful...I'm going to make a point of spending a lot more time out here."

She wandered ahead a little, along the foot path lit by the moon and stars. She was having no trouble seeing at all, and hoped Aislinn had found she could too.

"I think there are a couple benches along here somewhere...its seasonably warm...would you both like to sit out here and talk?"
Ambrose 15 years ago
Vampires should not get stiff, they really shouldn’t. Something about undead metabolism and joints should prevent it. However, there wasn’t a damned thing Ambrose could do about it so he just dealt with it. He’d just driven back from his gig in New York and was in a bit of a hurry to get home to Belle and he was seriously hoping that the kid would be in bed. After all, he’d been gone a long time. But first, he had to stop by his rooms and pick one or two things up.

The drive had been long and Ambrose thought he’d grab some air and try and work out a few kinks before getting back in the truck. As he walked through the gardens, his gait was stiff and awkward and he leaned on his cane more than he would have liked, more than he had in a while. Damned Belle did have to be right about something he was doing better without it lately.

Hrmph, voices. He’s have to pretend to be social. Well, so long as they didn’t keep him too long he could fake it well enough to not offend clan mates. As he got closer, he realized that one of them was the little thing he’d attended the initiation ceremony for, not too long ago. Lord, did he know her name? He thought so, but what was it? Well he’d fake that too he decided as he reached them. It also seemed like she was the only one he knew at all. As they seemed to be going out to the gardens as he was going into the manor maybe, it would be quick.

“Evening ladies.”
Fallon 15 years ago
His voice was familiar, but it was the kind of familiarity that remained even after a long absence, and when Fallon saw his face she had a split second momentary lapse in memory.

"Ammmm...BROSE!" She nearly squealed as his name came to her.

Along with his name came memories of meeting him at a pub, or restaurant, and the night he came to her house for the small little house warming party she had held. Had that been the last time she'd seen the man? That much she couldn't recall, but it seemed that way.

"Oh my gosh, it's been ages, but you look great!"

Throwing herself at him, Fallon hugged the man and steadied herself so as to not topple him from his cane. Noticing the cane, Fallon let him go and stepped back, a little embarrassed by her over eagerness.

"I have to introduce you to Aislinn! She's new to Heolfor, and will be staying for a bit. I'm so glad she got to meet you tonight, especially since we don't see nearly enough of you around here."

Fallon grinned and was so thankful to see another Anantya, and one who might hopefully be a little friendlier than Chryseis. As important as it was to her to have Aislinn be accepted by the clan, Fallon wanted the clan to look good to Aislinn too.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn watched with amusement at Fallons display of affection for the man, and it gave her time to study him a moment. He certainly did not seem so intimidating, and was even ruggedly handsome to her. She waited til Fallon had released him before offering her hand and speaking, her Scots accent evident.

"Nice to meet you, Ambrose was it?"
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
They walked out into the gardens and perpaired to sit when a male voice approached. Fallon's reaction to him was positive and she pounced on him affectionately.

Chryseis raised a brow and nodded in the man's direction. His name was Ambrose and he was a member of the clan yet she couldn't remember his Order affilliation if he had one. She'd have to check the records later.

"Good evening."
Ambrose 15 years ago
Damned. He’d no idea he was that well liked, it was a bit scary. Thank god he hadn’t given up his cane, she … Fallon! He remembered! Fallon might have taken him out and then he’d have to have shot some one and he did try not to shoot clan members. He grinned at the little enthusiastic vampire.

“I’d imagine I usually look about the same.”

He quipped ironically. None of them changed any too much.

Taking a look at the new arrival her accent –almost- made him smile. His maker had been a brilliant mimic, she could take on any accent she wanted or needed but when ever she’d been pissed off at him she’d sounded a bit like that. He took the offered hand and nodded.

“Ambrose Townsend, nice to meet you too.”

The other one, the tallest of the three was an interesting addition to the mix. She gave him the feeling of being under a microscope. Ambrose easily shrugged it off though simply preferring not to be intimidated or unnerved by her. Must work well when she was hungry though. He also decided he’d seen her before, but was fairly certain they’d never met and that it might just be prudent to offer her a bit more respect until he had more details. He made as if to tip his at to her and again nodded.

“Ma’am. I’m sorry I don’t think we’ve met.”
Fallon 15 years ago
"Oh my, I really need a refresher in manners." Fallon was so surprised to see Ambrose she nearly forgot all about Chryseis.

"This is Chryseis! Chryseis, Ambrose."

She smiled at them both before she caught Aislinn's eye, and gave her an affectionate wink. How utterly perfect their visit to Heolfor was becoming.

"With Aislinn being new to the manor, we sort of roped Chryseis into maybe telling us a little about the Anantya history. Please, won't you join us? I'm sure you will have things to add as well. Being so new myself, I've only got the few things Cyrus has told me, and because I never asked much, that is a little sketchy."

Fallon walked a bit farther and found the benches she sought. She gestured to them both, and sincerely hoped the four of them might have a little chat, to give Aislinn more insight into the clan she wanted to become part of.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Ysabel had made sure Marie was asleep in bed before locking the house behind her and heading out to feed herself for the night. She wasn't particularly worried about her famliar; at fifteen Marie was more than capable of staying home alone for a few hours. At her age, Ysabel mused, her parents had expected her to be married with children. So Marie could msot likely handle the arduous task of falling asleep without supervision.

She couldn't explain it, but she'd been feeling melancholy. It hadn't taken much sleuthing to figure out why; Ysabel missed Ambrose. She'd grown accustomed to having him nearby. He hadn't taken a job in quite some time and while Ysabel understood his need to work and the pleasure he got from it, she missed him nonetheless.

It was a beautiful, mild night and the gardens at Heolfor had been less crowded than Vesper, so she'd tucked herself into a dimly-lit corner on a small semi-circular bench, enjoying the surroundings, the gentle moonlight, and the light scents carried on the breeze.

When she heard several voices approaching, Ysabel gave a soft sigh and began to let herself drift, her body becoming misty and incorporeal, prepared to float away to another quiet location. One of the voices was familiar though - a well-loved mellow drawl. She concentrated slightly, undoing what she'd begun, forming back into herself. Ambrose was home, she thought with a swell of joy.

Glancing down, she made sure her gown was properly draped, falling in artful folds about her. Call it vanity, call it girlishness... call it what you liked. She hadn't seen Ambrose in nights and nights and wanted to look becoming for him.

As a group of people came walking along the path, Ysabel had a few moments to observe them from where she sat, partially concealed by a rose bush. She recognized Fallon immediately. There were two other women with her; one Ysabel knew she had seen previously and one whose face struck no chord whatsoever. And of course Ambrose, who looked as handsome as ever. He had his "polite" face on, Ysabel thought with approval. Prickly he might be with her sometimes, but Ambrose was always -well, usually- a gentleman with others. The irony did not fail her, but then, that was Ambrose.

Smiling softly as the four approached, Ysabel said, "Good evening ladies, Ambrose. I see I am not the only one who found the night too beautiful to resist."
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Chryseis mused slightly at Ambrose's use of Ma'am.

"No I'm sure we have not. I'm one of the hermits around here. It's no secret that I'm the least enjoyable at most parties and events. I work more than play."

Ambrose had a decent sense of humor Chryseis decided and that awarded him points in the interesting department.

As they walked the path towards an upcomming seating area she noticed another female sitting expectantly. Fallon's excitment had to of alerted the woman and every other creature within 2 miles of the mansion of Ambrose's arrival. This woman ,who looked slightly familiar, greeted them warmly.

"Ah, more of us how wonderful. Good evening to you as well. It seems our Fallon has brought us a potential new clan member. Now perhaps I wont bore her to death with logistics of the clan and thus ultimately frightening her away."
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Well they all seemed to be coming out of the woodwork now. She smiled a greeting at the newest arrival and wondered how she was ever going to remember everyones names. Chryseis' comments brought Aislinn's attention back to her, making the Scot give a slight quirky smile. Perhaps the woman was dry humoured, but Aislinn had been perfectly serious about learning of the Clan.

"I'm quite hard to frighten really... considering the last twenty four hours, I really don't think much will shock me anymore." She looked around at them all. "Perhaps you all have your own take on the history, maybe we can all learn a bit?"