A child is born

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Unsure of what to say now for fear of making Aislinn cry more, Fallon held her tongue during the short drive to the manor. When they arrived, she waited for Ginger to open the door for Aislinn, and exited behind the girl.

"This is it."

She offered, quietly, and respectfully. Oh how she wished Mai were around, to help greet Aislinn, and possibly even offer up a little comfort to Fallon. Though she really didn't know any of the elders well, whenever she felt slightly off kilter with the clan, it was Mai's face that appeared in Fallon's mind.

Not that it was that surprising, considering the three elders. Morrigan had always been nice to Fallon, and was responsible for Fallon's current position at Heolfor, but their relationship was strictly business. And Sorin...though he no longer frightened Fallon, she still felt a lot less comfortable around him, by comparison to the other two.

No, it was Mai's quiet, and gentle acceptance of Fallon that she would always remember fondly, and now ached for a little.

Guiding Aislinn toward the entry, Fallon smiled when Rupert opened the door and greeted her.

"Good evening Rupert, you're just the man I was hoping to see. This is Aislinn. Aislinn, this is Rupert. Rupert sees, and knows all around here, so if you're ever in need and can't find me, I'm sure he'll be happy to assist you.

Rupert, Aislinn is going to be staying at Heolfor for a short time anyway...until she decides some things about her life. Would you find someone to ready a suite for her, somewhere close to mine and Cyrus' if possible?"

Fallon's head whipped back and forth between the two at her side, until she was sure everything would be handled well, for the immediate future anyway.

When Rupert nodded in understanding, then left for other parts of the manor, Fallon ushered Aislinn inside, and closed the doors behind them.

"Where to first? The gardens? the kitchen? would you like to see where Cyrus and I stay?"

The manor seemed unusually quiet, but it was early still, by vampire standards. Though she was disappointed that there wasn't more going on at the manor, Fallon still had hopes that perhaps Amberelle, or Dawn, or any number of the other clan members might be in attendance to meet Aislinn.

Ambrose 15 years ago
Ambrose smiled wryly while trying to work out a way to disengage. Yeah he was getting soft but damned he missed Belle. Still manners and all, he could hang around for a bit.

“I doubt you want my take on history. Damaris taught me and she has a blood thirsty view of things.”

Of course so did he, so it worked out, even if it had taken him the better part of a century to settle on the order. He tagged along with them but decided against sitting down, he was both tired of sitting and not sure, he could get up off the damned benches.

He almost laughed at Chryseis’ comment. That didn’t sound too unlike him.

“Work is easier. You know what needs to be done.”

Now wasn’t that fine beyond words. It was all Ambrose could do to keep from grinning like an idiot and/or jumping Bell on the spot. But she liked to play polite so he was going to try. He figured it would last about five minutes. Maybe seven, he’d been practicing but then again it had been a while so maybe that brought him back to three minutes. Oh screw the math. He forced himself not to make a move and let Belle set the tone.

“Don’t look at me. I only know its dark out. Fallon Shanghaied me.”

Twenty-four hours?! It took a hell of a lot of effort but Ambrose kept his jaw from hitting the ground. When Fallon said new arrival he hadn’t guessed –that- new. Ambrose wasn’t even quite sure what to say.
Fallon 15 years ago
Things seemed to be progressing along marvelously, as each Anantya made an appearance. When she saw Ysabel sitting on the bench she'd been headed for, Fallon made a bee line for her, and bent down to give her a hug.

"And look here, Ysabel! What a coup running into you now. My gosh but that gown is beautiful! Is it an original?"

Fallon really did think the dress was gorgeous, and normally wouldn't have asked anything so pertinent as to its origins, but thinking it truly might be something Ysabel had kept for centuries, she had to ask.

"Oh, but before I forget, I need to introduce Aislinn to you. She's newly arrived here at Heolfor, and I'm showing her around.

Ambrose I'm pretty sure you know." Fallon laughed, but wasn't totally apprised of the relationship there, so she didn't elaborate further. She had seen the two of them together at least once, and did her own math, so to speak. But that was something she drew the line at. She didn't know either of the two well enough to pursue that line of thinking.


Thinking everyone probably knew everyone else, Fallon figured no further introductions were due.

About ready to take a seat, Fallon heard the comment Aislinn made, and suddenly felt very guilty, and quite sad as well. She had intended to show Aislinn how wonderful the other Anantya were, and how being a vampire wasn't a horrific life, and thought so far she'd done a fairly good job of that.

And though Aislinn was anything but a simpering, frightened child, Fallon still had reservations about how splendidly the young woman had accepted her lot in life...or death.

"Any history, as long as it pertains to Anantya, would truly be welcomed. Aislinn would like to know, and truthfully, so would I. But I also understand that I've sort of 'shanghaied' you all, so if you'd rather not, we won't impose."

To offer Aislinn support, though it seemed to be the last thing the girl needed, but to also give herself something to hang onto, to settle her nerves, Fallon moved behind Aislinn, and wrapped her arms around her charge.

"Truth be told...its Aislinn who was truly shanghaied..."

Fallon's voice trailed off slightly, before she pulled herself together, feeling now ashamed as well as all the other emotions befitting her circumstances.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn tensed at first, not in fear of Fallon but in still being largely unaccustomed to such close physical contact with others. But she let herself relax in Fallon's embrace, sensing that perhaps it was she who wanted comfort as much as anything else. She heard the ashamed tone in her voice and wished she could take her comment back but she had not meant it to be hurtful. She lifted her hands to rest on Fallons, offering her new 'mother' as much emotional support as Aislinn knew how to give. It had never been one of her strong points admittedly but it was not through being coldhearted, she simply had little experience of it herself.

She hadn't understood 'Shanghaied' at first but was quick to put it into context hearing the rest of them, and it brought a smile to her lips again. As she listened to the others, getting a feel for them, she relaxed further into Fallon. Even if the rest of the Clan rejected her, she would still have Fallon.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Ysabel gladly returned Fallon's hug, always happy to encounter a clan-sister. Fallon's question about her gown brought a soft sigh to her lips and she shook her head sadly.

"Unfortunately no. Very few of my gowns survived the years," she said, "and while I can at least have them made anew, today's materials and fabrics are a far cry from what we enjoyed centuries ago. But we change with the times, do we not?"

It was said with a soft, ironic smile. While many who looked at her would insist she had resisted change, Ysabel was well aware that she more than most was adaptable. So she preferred a particular style; that was who she was... but she understood the use of elastics, nylons, polyfibers. She didn't necessarily enjoy such things but change happened most often regardless of who wanted it to.

When she heard the name 'Chryseis' she realized why the woman was familiar to her. If Ysabel recalled correctly, they were members of the same order. It was more than likely they had seen each other on one of Ysabel's previous visits to the Anantya seat. She inclined her head to the other woman.
"It is always a pleasure to visit with anyone of my Clan, and in particular my Order."

Tilting her head slightly, she gleaned from the interaction and words between Fallon and Aislinn that the woman with the Scottish accent was very newly-turned, and that it had perhaps not been intentional. She concealed any disapproval that may have crossed her face otherwise. How one 'accidentally' turned a human was mystifying to her. It was to be hoped that this young vampire could be impressed upon to understand what exactly had been given her.

At least she could do no worse, Ysabel thought, than to have two veteran members of the Order of the Rose to discuss Clan history with. She turned her eyes to the newcomer and smiled warmly.

"You've been offered a very rare and precious gift," she said with solemnity. "Our Clan is the greatest of them. We were here before history. We are history."

Standing, she shook back her wide sleeves and reached over to caress one of the blooming roses on the bush next to her. Then she glanced back up at Fallon.
"May I join you, if you plan to continue your walk?"

While she waited for Fallon's response she turned her smile on Ambrose. There was nothing she wanted more than to throw her arms around him and kiss him, but manners prevailed and their current company demanded a greater amount of restraint and decorum. She would settle for demurely holding his hand, for now, if the others didn't mind her company.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
The small comment's and the guilty voice and body language added up quickly in Chryseis mind. With a raise of a brow she fought the growing grin from spreading across her face.

"A legacy lives on. Interesting." She mused out loud.

Of course she was referring to the actions of her own kin and Fallon's maker. She doubted that anyone would grab at the connections with her statement, these people probally didn't know Fallon's origins, but it would have been too bold and perhaps rude for her to have made a more clear remark. What she would have liked to say was - ' The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it.' But she didn't.

"Ysabel couldn't have said it any better my dear. Anantya is a great circle, we are the begining and we will be the ending. Everything in between, well we are the original blood that fuels them all. This evening you are among the elite."
Fallon 15 years ago
Feeling Aislinn tense up beneath her arms gave Fallon reason to get even more teary eyed. She managed to hold back the water works, and was rewarded when the young woman was finally able to relax. The soft hands that now rested on Fallon's both increased her feeling of regret, and simultaneously made her feel a little better. It scared her a little too, realizing more and more that she would carry the responsibility for this new chick for a while to come. And the yin to that yang was having found another purpose to her life, as well as someone to love.

Ysabel's offering of clan history was exactly what Fallon had hoped for. It was brief, but it opened up what Fallon had hoped would give Aislinn a better understanding of her new life and what she had taken on, albeit without a choice.

Yet it was a simple statement that came from Chryseis, which had Fallon distracted for a few moments. The similarities between her actions, and those of Panos had been considered earlier. Though Fallon hadn't seen any connection between Panos and Chryseis, it now occurred to her that perhaps she had seen the two of them together at a party or two, and hadn't Panos mentioned having an aunt in Nachton? Could the two be related, and could Chryseis be mocking Fallon now, for perpetuating the heinous act her own nephew had done over a year ago? It was a thought she would give a lot more attention to later, when she could take the time to distance herself a little from Aislinn.

Bringing herself back to the moment, Fallon did give Chryseis a few kudos for her added illuminations on Anantya, though while positive, weren't really full of much hard data.

"I do hope you join us Ysabel, though I was considering sitting and chatting here. It might be nice to continue the walk though, through the gardens...and you and Ambrose can have a chance to walk together too. As long as you don't disappear from us too soon...I really do want to hear more about Anantya."

Anyone would have had to have been a romantic retard not to have seen the way those two looked at each other, though they were doing a grand job of maintaining their polite decency. That Fallon assumed what she had might also have been due to her own longings for Cyrus, but she didn't think she was wrong. She hoped Ysabel and Ambrose didn't feel her comment was rude or out of line.

To get back on track, she gave them all a specific question.

"Does anyone know who began Anantya?"
Ambrose 15 years ago
Well apparently they were all going to play nice and ignore the pink elephant in the room, wasn’t that dandy. Except for Chryseis, she seemed to have something to say but Ambrose didn’t understand it. Maybe she knew more about Fallon than he did. At least it seemed like the comments were directed at Fallon.

From what he was picking up Ambrose guessed this little birthday party wasn’t at all planned. That just blew his mind; it was one hell of a decision to make on the spur of the moment. Granted he and Damaris hadn’t had a long heart to heart before the deed was done but at least they both understood each other. What he’d be, some of the consequences and what she’d expect from him. These two were going to need a lot of luck, hell Fallon was only a year or two old and now she had a fledgling? Talk about your underage mothers.

Taking Belle’s hand, he was severely tempted to bite her, just a little one - but not in front of the kiddies and the Rose folks. He was feeling a bit out numbered there too wasn’t he. Only male and only non-rose in the lot. Ah well.

Low and to Belle he made two quick queries.

“Miss me? What did you do with the chick?”

He wasn’t used to having the girl about yet. But she was a nice enough bit of fluff and good with the horses. He hadn’t trusted her to take Midnight out yet but she did look after the mare well enough. The other, well that was for form’s sake. He was pretty certain he knew the answer.

Feeling flip he answered Fallon.

“Wait I think that was on final Jeopardy last night.”

Truth was he was going to defer to the organizers and historians amongst them.
Chryseis Angelique 15 years ago
Jeopardy? She wasn't sure what Ambrose was talking about but it was prolly something to do with the television. She hadn't watched TV in years since it went color. Even then she had to get up early before the american flag came on and the television turned itself off. She liked to sleep in more than she liked television so she had quit watching.

"Well, the Triad consists of Morrigan, Mai and Sorrin. They are Anantya's beginning and they've helped it grow to what it is today. Each part of the Triad is made up of the three orders you may have heard Ysabel and I mention one this evening. We both belong to The Order of the Rose who is lead by Morrigan. Then there is The Order of the Hunt lead by Mai and The Order of the Night lead by Sorrin. Not everyone joins an Order but I wouldn't be without one. How you choose what Order you wish to belong in is up to you, some say it's a calling and other's follow in the footsteps of their makers as I have done and are very pleased. While the triad is strict with it's rulings they often have given leeway to those 'individuals' with potential promising ideals. Thus how Evenhet came into exsistance."

She stopped to let Aislinn catch up. She didn't want to rattle out too much at once.

"The rules of Anantya may seem like many and even a little comsuming but much like having a caution warning on a coffee cup they are there for a reason. It seems if you don't print it somewhere, someone will undoubtly break them. So as we continue on don't let the archaic vault of what you can and can't do deter you from our fold. You'll find that those of Anantya can be very forgiving if warranted."

Her thoughts wen't back to Fallon. She was pretty sure that turning of a new vampire without prior clan approval was a no no, though she did bring the new one to the clan right away. It would be a shame had it went differently and Tacharan had gotten ahold of Aislinn first.
Celeste 15 years ago
Celeste wandered through the gardens with no real destination in mind. It was a nice night and she'd gotten dressed to go out but found herself lacking the motivation to do it. Her tall buckle platform boots barely made a sound on the path as she walked, stealth was just in her nature. Her fingers were hooked in the pockets of her shorts, the skull embroidered suspenders loose and half sliding off her pale shoulders. A slick red Nano was clipped at the front of her black corset and the long cords dissapeared under her hair. She'd worn it loose instead of her usual slicked back style, a sleek sheet of straight raven tresses that framed her face as they fell just under her chin. They only served to draw attention to the black leather choker she wore with it's dangling silver carm, a perfect symbol of the Night proudly displayed for all to see.

Staring at her feet, lost in thought, and the eardrum splitting Tool song playing, she rounded a corner and headed straight for the small group without even being aware.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn listened intently. The Orders intrigued her and she wondered if Fallon was in one. The rules didn't deter her too much, she had been brought up with enough rules because of her social class and now that she thought about it she was breaking more than one just by being here. She almost smiled at the thought but quickly wiped it from her face, afraid that Chryseis might think she was not taking it seriously enough.

She was about to ask her to carry on when she heard soft footsteps. It was more the rythym than the actual sound that she picked up, for non of the party were walking and the night was otherwise still. She turned her head and looked down the path, seeing a woman who was evidently away in her own world and hadn't noticed them. The clothes did not shock her, she had been in a store that sold such outfits already, and she considered buying herself a similar pair of boots later.

She glanced back at the others to see if they had noticed, then back at the newcomer who was almost upon them.

"Hello" she said fairly loudly, now hearing the faint beat of music coming from a walkman.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Ysabel smiled at Fallon and stood, offering her clanmate a demure curtsey in acceptance of the invitation to join them. Lifting the hem of her gown to make sure it didn't snag on the rose bush or the bench, she glided lightly over to Ambrose's side and offered him her hand when he reached for it.

She answered his low query with a whisper of her own so as not to disturb the flow of conversation around them. "She's in bed, and of course I did. Terribly."

Turning to hear Chryseis' explanation of the Clan history, brief and concise, she nodded her head at Aislinn. Ysabel would have elaborated, but Aislinn still had not said much and she feared they were overwhelming the newcomer. Indeed, yet another clanmate was approaching. It was turning into quite the little garden party.

Tucking her arm into Ambrose's Ysabel drew close to him, enjoying the brief semi-embrace as Aislinn greeted the new arrival. With this many people around, it might even be possible for the two of them to sneak off. Eventually. For now she was interested in watching Aislinn and Fallon, to see how they interacted with each other and with their clanmates.
Fallon 15 years ago
Fallon giggled at Ambrose, but refrained from countering with her own Jeopardy reference. Since she didn't know who it was that began Anantya, she couldn't offer the proper response.

Most of what Chryseis offered wasn't new to Fallon, but she dearly appreciated the information anyway, for Aislinn's benefit. It never hurt to have your own ideas supported and confirmed.

Sporadic bouts of guilt and anxiety filtered through the delight Fallon was feeling at just how wonderful the Anantya brethren were coming to Aislinn's aid. While she could hear definite pride in the voices, and understood how that could propel someone toward offering anecdotes, Fallon had to believe some also wanted to make Aislinn's introduction one of welcoming comfort as well.

Celeste, who Fallon knew only from a photo in the Anantya database, was welcomed, upon seeing her approach.

"Hello, Celeste. I'm Fallon Arslantai, and this is Aislinn Ross. We're all out enjoying the beautiful evening, and trying to give Aislinn, new to Heolfor, a bit of the low down on our clan. Please join us, and feel free to add whatever history, or not so historical tidbits you'd care to."

Though the broad swing of her arm included everyone else nearby, Fallon would leave any other necessary introductions to the other members of the clan. For all she knew, everyone else knew everyone there already.

Fallon's heart swelled, and she again put an affectionate arm around Aislinn's waist, feeling the growing love for her kin, ever expanding. Had she planned the evening at Heolfor, she doubted it would have gone as well as it had so far.

The evening continued to progress in much the same way, everyone offering little stories of their own personal experiences, and knowledge of the Anantya history. Fallon was learning almost as much as Aislinn was, and felt much gratitude for the offerings. From now on whenever she might have some free time around the manor, Fallon would make a point of reading up further on the clan's history.

Concerned that Aislinn might be growing weary, or even hungry again, Fallon leaned her head until her lips were nearly resting on the younger woman's ear.

"If you begin to feel the slightest bit hungry, or grow tired at all, please let me know right away. Sometimes, in the beginning, we're not always the best judges of what we think our bodies need."

Seeing a rather large gardenia bush close by, Fallon moved from Aislinn's side and bent low to smell the fragrant white flowers that covered the bush. She had thought she'd caught a whiff of gardenias earlier, and was glad to see she'd been right. She loved the strongly scented flowers.
Celeste 15 years ago
It wasn's so much that she heard Aislinn's greeting over the music as her instincts kicked in. Looking up from her musings, the petite vampiress quirked one pierced brow slightly at the assembled group. Flicking the cord with one long red nail so an earbud fell free and spilled its screech of metal into the night air she kept her expression neutral as her icy pale blue eyes moved from face to face.

Fallon and Ysabel she recognized from her investigations into Amberelle when she first arrived in town and the cowboy had come up when she looked into Alexander though his name escaped her at the moment. Chryseis she had seen photos of when she looked into who the resident "powers that be" were. A child of the Rose, that she knew and also a member of that order. Much beyond that had been too boring to remember.

But this other face, that one was new. Her expression stayed blank as Fallon spoke though she couldn't help the slightly annoyed look in her eyes and the faint grinding of her teeth as Fallon spoke. How the woman knew her name was a mystery, but Cel gave her a bit of respect for having some knowledge.

So.. Aislinn.. you're new to Heolfor? Or to Anantya?

The Creole was a bit puzzled as to why they would be relating history to someone who was not recently turned, but there had been no initiation ceremony that she'd heard of, so the girl couldn't be freshly turned. Could she?

If they really were lax enough to just go wandering around with an uninitiated fledgling here in the seat of the Clan, Celeste was not very impressed. Then again, if the girl had been changed without a thorough teaching of the family she was joining, Cel thought it fortunate for whoever her sire was they weren't in New Orleans where Gustav would have enjoyed punishing them both for it.

She kept the sour expression those thoughts brought her off her face as she fixed the girl with her piercing stare and awaited an answer.
Ambrose 15 years ago
Ambrose heaved a mental sigh as they inherited another person. A) it was going to be god damned hard to get some privacy and B) it was another out to intimidate woman. What was it with this clan and intimidating women? Oh well, what ever worked for her. Ambrose wasn’t about to worry about it. On the other hand he sort of liked Tool maybe she was an OK sort. Maybe. However, he quickly caught sight of the symbol for the Order of the Night hanging around her neck and decided to keep his trap shut. Sure he’d considered the order, didn’t mean he trusted them.

Aislinn was apparently braver than he thought as she was the one who ventured a greeting. That made him grin.

Nodding at Belle’s answers, he simply pulled her as close as polite… well a bit closer… than polite company would allow and flashed a fangy smile at her. It was good for the ego being missed.

He was relived not to be included in the specific introductions. She was a spy, let her get the info herself if she wanted. Why the suspicion Ambrose couldn’t say but he did listen to his instincts. He also didn’t feel like doing the exposition, choosing to let Fallon and Aislinn explain the details of tonight’s expedition.
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
She nodded slightly at Fallon's whispered words, though she had been so intent on the goings on around her that she hadn't given anything else much thought. She was quiet only because she was listening and watching, although by nature she normally stayed in the background and spoke only when spoken to. To be in such a gathering tonight was highly unusual for her, even if they had not been vampires.

Aislinn met the piercing blue stare with her own golden gaze. While the dark haired woman's face was blank, it was this lack of emotion that made Aislinn sense something along the lines of disapproval. The others had greeted her with varying levels of guarded expressions, but none had given her such a blank look.

"Both... we arrived at Heolfor a little while ago, but I am hoping to join Anantya."

Wether this satisfied the dark woman or not Aislinn wasn't sure if she cared or not. While she did want to belong to their Clan, she wasn't going to kiss anyones ass to gain approval.
Ysabel 15 years ago
The arrival of the woman named Celeste turned Ysabel's attention briefly away from Ambrose. The music issuing forth from her device was annoying, and Ysabel thought it rude that the woman didn't turn it down, but she showed no outward signs of annoyance, keeping her opinion to herself.

When Aislinn spoke again, Ysabel smiled softly and interjected, "You don't necessarily get to choose your Clan." Drawing Ambrose with her a little closer to the front of what was becoming a small crowd, she continued the education Chryseis had begun. "Your Clan chooses you, too. Generally, a vampire will pick up abilities and traits similar to those of her creator." Here she nodded her head toward Fallon. "That isn't always the case. You were just turned."

She looked directly at Fallon, her expression gently sympathetic. "How do you know she belongs to Anantya, so early?"
Fallon 15 years ago
She tried not to grin too overtly, but Fallon was just so proud of the way Aislinn was taking control for herself that she could hardly contain herself.

Yes, she was still disgusted with herself for her personal failing, and even though she was trying to do the responsible thing by bringing Aislinn to Heolfor, and Anantya, she could see it might not have been the best decision. But in spite of everything, Aislinn didn't seem at all afraid to stand her ground, and Fallon knew then that the young woman was going to be fine, no thanks to her.

It was Ysabel who stopped Fallon in her tracks, and made her consider her next words very carefully.

"I know for the simple reasons you just stated...her creator is of Anantya."

Fallon gave Ysabel a slightly grim grin, and a barely perceptible shrug.

"She needed a place to be...to get to know others like herself...and a place of safety...what better place than Heolfor? She knows she has some say in what clan she wants to be a part of, but has expressed interest in Anantya...this is why I brought her here."

She had chosen the coward's way, but for the time being it was the only way she knew to go. Had Cyrus been there, she most assuredly would have been less hesitant to admit her part in tonight's events, but with no one to fall back on she had gone back into her self-preservation mode, and was only dealing with the things she knew she had to. Everything else would be dealt with later, perhaps once Morrigan, Mai, or Sorin returned...perhaps once she was no longer needed to take care of all other Anantya things in Nachton.
Ysabel 15 years ago
Ysabel smiled and shook her head slightly at Fallon. She hadn't made herself clear, perhaps. To rectify a potential misunderstanding, she spoke again. "Parentage is but one facet of becoming a Clan member," she pointed out gently. "There is only a remote chance, but still, a chance, that your young one here may yet exhibit traits that would place her more comfortably amongst our Evenhet cousins."

Or Tacharan, but in spite of her twin's preferences, Ysabel had difficulty credting them as a Clan in and of their own. "Has she demonstrated Anantya traits to you so soon?"

That likelihood was remote. Ysabel held out her hand toward Fallon as if to touch her reassuringly but drew back before doing so, uncertain the contact would be appreciated. "I am sure you did the right thing in bringing her here, but it might take a little time before we can verify that she has the appropriate traits to be a clan-sister. Naturally she needs to be sheltered and taught, not left to wander aimlessly, but it might be somewhat pre-emptive to call her an Anantya at this point."

Ysabel glanced apologetically at Aislinn. She didn't want to scare the child, or to be a wet blanket on her arrival to Heolfor, but just because her creator was an Anantya did not cement the child's admittance to the Clan. Ysabel, several centuries in the Order of the Rose behind her, was certain they could not initate the girl until they knew for sure she was where she belonged.
Celeste 15 years ago
Standing there feeling decidedly stuck in a social obligation that she found both annoying and entertaining, Celeste could only listen to the other women and try to keep her foot from tapping along as "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" came up in her playlist. It was a bit confusing as to why a child who was so recently created was being ushered around the Clan stronghold without even having been properly briefed on the family she was joining. Hell, that she was even created before such things was disturbing but who knows how lax they were around these parts. Pale blue eyes flicked from face to face as she listened, realizing there was an undercurrent or two going on here. The Nightswoman in her was intrigued and tried to sort through what signs and clues there were.

But the shift in conversation had the Creole smirking then shaking her head at Ysabel. You know.. as long as she is born of our blood and doesn't share the bleeding heart, tree hugging human sympathizer's whining ways who really cares what abilities she brings out? I mean, Cel rested a hand on her hip and tilted her head to the side as she gave the Rose a faintly puzzled look, they are only Anantya who chose to break away because of their misguided idiotic beliefs but in the end.. we are the one true clan. All are Anantya..some just don't recognize their place in the order of things. Hell we even take in questionably bred Orphan mistakes sometimes. So.. considering that, what difference would her manifestations make?
Aislinn Ross 15 years ago
Aislinn listened to the interaction between Fallon and Ysabel, and while in a way she could understand Ysabel's view, it made her bristle. She knew blood did not cement anything, her past was proof of that. The blood of generations of nobles ran through her veins, but she had never felt she belonged to that world of aristocracy with all its airs and graces. Her father had despaired of her marrying well, and Aislinn could not have cared less.
And now she wondered if it was to be the same here. Only her father had never disowned her, she would always be Ross, but this 'family' looked for more than blood ties. Evidently she would have to prove herself somehow, though she did not voice the question lest they think she was desperate and just want a place to stay. She had the means to have her own place easily enough, but they did not know that.
She looked at Fallon, who had seemed to Aislinn so confident and while she knew she was fairly new to the fold, she hadn't realised that new. She squeezed her arm gently, letting her know it wasn't her fault and that she understood. But she kept her own anguish to herself, hiding it behind the mask she had spent years perfecting, but a glimmer of determination shone in her eyes. She would be accepted on her own strengths, not out of pity.