Distractions ((open))

She was a creature of habit, she would freely admit it. The young vampire sat in her normal booth, sipping her normal drink as she watched some of her favorite dancers performing. Not even after the bizarre events here recently would she change.

No, Celeste knew she was in a rut. 'What I need is a distraction,' she thought with a sigh. Shifting one of her fishnet clad legs and adjusting the miniscule black and purple plaid schoolgirl style skirt she wore the vampire propped her feet up on the bench across from her. The buckles and spikes on the tall combat boots clinked softly as she tapped them together unconsciously. If it wasnt for the extra tightly laced latex corset she would have slumped down in her seat, but she still managed to slump her shoulders and sigh.

Her chin length blue black hair was left loose this evening, a change from her normal slicked back style. It hung down and framed her pale, porcelin like face. Thick khol and black eyeshadow left her eyes dark and smoky, which only enhanced the brilliant pale blue orbs that stared at the stage intently. Blood red polish on her long nails shimmered from the glitter in it as she drummed out a rapid beat with one hand, the other propped her chin up.

Brook 16 years ago
What the hell was she doing coming into a place like this? She didn't know. The place stunk with... with... well like a cheap brothel, heavy on the cheap. Babylon, interesting name to call a strip club, now she was pondering if it was named after the Whore of Babylon. If Jesus appeared, she was making a quick exit.

She took out her earbuds and shut off her MP3 player, stuffing them into her pocket, pulling out her Misfit's wallet and checking to see how much cash she had on her. Looking at the crumpled bills she knew she wasn't going to be paying for a show, which was quite alright, T and A were really not her forte. Her eyes looked up as she peered around the bar, wow this place was lacking at least the dancers didn't have saggy tits like some of the joints she has been too.

Her last experience in a strip club still made her shudder, last time she ever did a bet while drunk. She meandered over to a table and sat down, kicking her feet up on an empty chair, if anything she could kill a few hours.
Carol 16 years ago
Carol walked in eating her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pausing only to lick the sticky parts off from the webbing in between her thumb and index finger. It was delicious and she hummed a happy tune as she finished the sandwich. She crossed over onto the hell side, in the far back, and looked for something to wipe her hands on. Casually reaching down and wiping it on a table cloth, she checked out the room before choosing a seat. A gothy type dressed woman sitting a booth seemed agreeable, as did another younger looking punked out little lady. Carol looked down at her rose colored, mid thigh high slip dress and sandaled feet. Her blond hair stood out comparatively as well - oh well, she was pretty sure she had those same boots so she walked over and slid into the booth, opposite of the woman.

'Hey, hi.' A waitress walked by and Carol reached out to get her attention. 'Oh, uh - hazelnut coffee? Wait, no...yes, hazelnut coffee.' The waitress nodded and began to leave but Carol reached out again with a snap of her fingers, remembering something else. 'Oh oh, could I get some hot wings?' The waitress nodded again and turned, 'Oh wait - and...jalepeno poppers. Yeah, poppers. god those are so good.' The waitress waited this time, looking at Carol with a hesitant look. 'Oh that's it - thanks!'

Turning back to the bound and leather woman, she leaned over and smiled. 'So - are you a friend of Amberelle De'Eespionne? My boss met her in Duibne Inudstries during that whole Zombie thing. Bad night that was, huh - but you look familiar.' Carol referring to upper level surveillance which were really only glimpses of her since she appeared to be fading in and out. 'Ethereal, right? You guys are SO lucky to get that!'

Carol crossed her legs and smiled. Looking over at the other woman in the club, she called over to her before her booth mate could answer her question. With a sharp whistle hoping to get the woman's attention, Carol began to wave frantically, wanting to invite her over too. Why not, it was a quiet evening and she was never one to be shy.

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Celeste 16 years ago
Straightening up, Celeste leaned back and let her silky black tresses fall out of her eyes to get a good look at the blonde across from her. She narrowed her eyes as her mind filled with a string of curses. 'How could I have been so stupid? Security recordings. It had to be.. how else would she have seen? Damnit.' Excuses could have been made for the dire situation, the madness of the night or any number of things, but the Creole was not the type to make them for herself.

Yes.. lucky. The vampire lifted her wine glass and took a sip slowly, icy eyes sliding over her appraisingly. Manners first.. She smiled thinly at her, as if to reproach her for the slip. I'm Celeste.

As for how I know Amberelle.. she is my clanmate, and my cousin. Reaching over she picked up the slim silver cigarette case sitting beside her and pulled out one of her dark cloves. She held it in between her lips as pulled out her lighter, one eye still on the stranger. So tell me, a brief flare of fire from the Zippo lit up her starly pale features in the shadowy club for a moment and shimmered on her various piercings, who is this employer of yours?

Maybe the saucy wench with big appetites could fill a few of hers, Cel mused. The less people who knew about her and Amber the better. And she could always use a bit to eat.

(And yes, quite alright that Carol recognizes her =D ))
Brook 16 years ago
Brook glanced at the woman who was waving at her,she paused for a moment, turning her head around to see if the woman might have been waving at someone else. Nope. She looked back at the bubbly blond and rose an eyebrow, wondering if she had some kind of message on her forehead that said, "Plays well with others." Last time Brook checked, she didn't.

She stood up from her chair, wondering what the hell the woman could possibly want from her. No one ever is polite enough just ask for a conversation, people always wanted something. She flicked her tongue against the back of her teeth, pondering if she should walk over there. Well she was standing now, it was a late now, Brook was already standing.

She casually walked over to the booth where Carol and Celeste were, pulling out a pack of cheap cigarettes and pulling out one. She stopped at the booth and looked at the duo and then to the blond.
"Whut?" Her think southern drawl rolled off her tongue, she pulled out her bic and lit the cigarette, taking a deep drag from it. Her forehead knitted together, making the scars on her face cut deep into her flesh, twisting her appearance. She was disgruntled and not the chipper type.

Her eyes shifted to the other woman, wow, up close and personal the woman dressed like a really cheesy goth was pretty cheesy. She looked over back to the blond, lifting an eyebrow, wondering when she was going to state what the fuck she wanted.
"C'mon, I ain't got all night." Brook states with an impatient grunt. "If there is somethin' ya want, spit it out." She licks her bottom lip before putting the cigarette in her mouth and just letting it dangle there, as she slid a hand into her pocket.

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Carol 16 years ago
Carol recognized a predator's look when she saw one, but it didn't bother her in the least that Celeste was considering eating her. She got that a lot. 'I'm Carol, nice to meet you.' She smiled unafraid. 'My boss is Simon Huntington of Tacharan.' Carol decided to leave it at that - if she knew he was involved with her, that was ok, if not...that was ok, too. She'd let Celeste make her own conclusions.

Just then the angry punk goddess walked over to their table after noticing Carol waving her arms frantically to get her attention. She couldn't help but giggle at the 'mean girl' act. Carol gave her a pleasant smile offered her a chair.

'Hey there! Just being neighborly, tween us girls and all. I'm Carol and this is Celeste.'

Now, Carol had no clue who this girl was - in fact she had never seen her before at all. She wouldn't even attempt to guess if she was a vampire although she looked like she could have fit into Tacharan quite well, but then she just might be human like Carol. One could never tell and it just wasn't polite to guess.
Celeste 16 years ago
Celeste just watched the exchange between the two women with a faintly amused smirk. The pretty little blonde was quite ballsy, but that was such a typical Orphan trait. Well, at least the few she'd run across in New Orleans. So full of themselves, thinking they were an actual clan and not a loosely organized bunch of riff raff. Granted, she acknowleged to herself, after seeing their base here in Nachton they were obviously well funded and entrenched in the city. They didn't seem to be hunted for food and sport by the Anantya like back home.

Flicking a bit of ash and exhaling slowly away from the two, Cel looked the other woman up and down a moment before lowering her feet and motioning for her to take a seat.

Come on, join us. I'm sure Carol here would just love to buy us both a drink, non? Must have a huge expense account at her disposal... Working for who she does. The vampire smirked at the human, a hint of fang showing.
Brook 16 years ago
Brook looked at the blond and just blinked at her. Is she for real? Just being neighborly? She didn't know how to reply in a nice mature manner, no all she had up her sleeve was uncouth brash backhanded comments. She lifted her brow to the woman, she had to be up to something, Brook just wasn't sure what. It could be a number of things, the likely chance anyone was ever -nice- was slim to none. "Riiight." Brook commented around the cigarette to the bubbly blond, did someone give her a lobotomy?

She looked over at the other woman, just her outfit alone hurt Brook mentally, but in the woman's catty undertone, Brook saw something she shouldn't have, it wasn't the fangs, even if she did see fangs, what goth poser freak doesn't go out and get molded casts? No it was something else. There was a conflict, of some sort, and Brook was about to be brought into the middle of it, whether it was unintentional or not, Brook saw this leading into a bad place.

She pulled her cigarette from her lips and flicked the ashes into the ashtray.
"It's unusual for people to invite strangers to their table for a drink." She sat down at the booth, snuffing out what was left of her cigarette into the ashtray, she barely smoked it, it mostly just hung on her lip for decoration. She tried to make herself distant enough from Celeste and Carol, not to be to close, but it was hard to do in such cramped quarters.

"Either ya'll dun git many visitors here or ya'll be a tad to friendly." Mostly that statement alone was filled with sarcasm, Carol might have been bubbly and full of smiles, but as Brook learned, those are the ones you have to look out for, they tend to be a bit crazy and unpredictable. Celeste was easy to peg and Brook didn't find her as much as a threat. She was the dagger woman, she would place a dagger in your back if that meant she could get anywhere. An opportunist. Brook knew Celeste's kind, they way they thought they were better than everyone else. Never getting their own hands dirty they pay the lowlifes to do it for them. Brook was one of those low lifes, now she was waiting for Celeste to give her an envelope filled with cash, to be a leg breaker on Carol.

She didn't doubt Celeste had her own people for that, but the cliche` analogy was to epic not to think in her own mind. The stench of these two, an aristocrat and the bimbo, almost made Brook vomit a little in her mouth, yet she was too amused to see how events would turn out, so she had to stay. If only to make fun of them and potentially be kicked out of a strip club. Heh. No there was nothing suspicious at all with three women sitting in a booth at a strip club, nothing at all. However if it turns out, either of these two bitches are lesbians, Brook is heading out quick. Last thing she wants is gothwonder here, dressing up like a total Dom and coming after Brook with a whip... She shudders at the thought, grabbing a waitresses attention.
"Git me a tall bourbon..." Dear god and make it quick!
Carol 16 years ago
The annoyed expression on the punk girl's face was hilarious and Carol couldn't help but grin. She wondered just what conclusions this girl was coming to about her and Celeste. Looking over at Celeste she had her own conclusions, but she knew what you see was most certainly not what you got. Carol wondered about this girl's story - abused childhood, genius or reckless criminal...maybe even a loving mother - who knew? Maybe she just liked to bite things.

'Oh, I don't know how unusual it is for people to invite strangers to their table for a drink. You'd be surprised.'

Carol happily took her coffee and took a big gulp. She practically bounced when they brought the appetizers and she hungrily dug in.
Celeste 16 years ago
Looking over the odd newcomer, Celeste kept a perfectly bland expression on her face as she took in all the details about their strange mannered, punk haired, surly seeming new table mate. Never one to judge anyone by their looks, the Creole was curious to see who this young woman was and just what she was doing here. And why Carol had really invited her over.

Her pupils narrowed ever so slightly when she considered it could all be an act and this was some Tacharan heavyweight sent to keep an eye on pretty miss goldielocks here. Taking a sip of the almost finished wine she'd had, she nodded to the waitress as Brooke ordered, one red nail tapping the glass lightly to indicate another. The scantily clad brunette gave them all a mock sneer as she spun off towards the bar, her black angel wings swishing along with her hips. Cel allowed her eyes to follow her briefly, more amused than anything else.

Finally looking at the other woman with her cold blue stare, she tilted her head to the side and gave her a full on grin, her tone teasing and her Louisiana accent thickening slightly as she spoke. I guess you didn't expect much southern hospitality this far North? Trust me.. people in this town are very friendly.. Well, some of them are. 'Usually when they want to use you for dinner,' she added to herself with a slightly wider grin.

This whole situation was quite amusing when she stopped to think about it. Here she was an accomplished assassin, renowned amongst Clanmates in her home city for hunting and killing Orphans, and generally not a pleasant person to be around but yet she was playing nice with one, and possibly two, of those very same rogue kindred. Dear God she hoped Amberelle's bleeding heart ways weren't rubbing off.
Brook 16 years ago
Brook kept that odd look on her face when it came to Carol, Brook was certain she was from another planet all together. It was the only logical explanation Brook had for Carol's really happy attitude, no one was ever that happy. "Well, Carol.. ya have me surprised." And complete creeped out, she sunk back into her seat, praying that Carol's bubbly nature was not contagious

She looks over to Celeste, from one extreme to the other, overly happy to overly bitchy. It was written all over Celeste, like the woman had a case of permanent PMS. Brook then just smirked slightly, Celeste probably doesn't see too much action, seriously, what man wants a chica like that? None that she knew, then the smirked faded when she actually thought about the guys she used to hang around with. She quickly took her mind off the subject.

"Southern hospitality? Is that when they call you a 'damn dirty gringo' an' then try to shoot you?" She blinks at Celeste, Brook wasn't much liked down South, she was right up there with the blacks, jews and asains. "Or is that when they invite you in for dinner, have you touch everything in the house then call the sheriff to come arrest ya for breaking an' entering?" Brook wasn't trying to be impolite, but there was a big difference between Celeste and Brook, and that was skin color. Brook was half mexican, but down south she might as well have jumped the border herself.

"No one ever gets enough southern hospitality." She gives a slight cocksure grin. "But if ya say ya'll are friendly, then by all means, I will be prepared to jump fences." She looks back at Carol and smirks, jacking a thumb to Celeste. "See, that's how 'em southern's git ya. They smile, invite you over for ice tea wit dem bright smiles on their faces and as ya are about to leave, they pull out a double barrel shot gun an' the next thing ya know, yer in a morgue cause of a 'huntin accident'." She makes little quotations with her fingers. "Southern hospitality." She laughs at the phrase. "Forgive me, seems I have come down with a laughin' fit." Her laugh was loud, boisterous and gruff. She couldn't hide her amusement.

She takes a deep breath, calming herself down, looking back over to Celeste.
"Ya be shittin' me? Right?" She cracks herself up again. "Yer ma and pa would give ya a mighty fine whoopin' if they saw you dressed the way ya are, no self respectin' southern bell, would ever be caught dead in that get-up." She couldn't hold back, it was too difficult. "And if ya be workin' here, chica... seriously, find a new act, ya look like a two bit hustler." Brook wasn't the best smelling or the best dressed and she knows she shouldn't be pointing any fingers. She just couldn't help herself, and it was her mouth that was going to get her killed one of these days.
Carol 16 years ago
'Well wow,' Carol started, swallowing a bit of a popper, 'you're wondering why people aren't nice to you with a sunshiney attitude like that? What are you? 15?' Carol dusted her hands and crossed her legs.

'Despite your, undoubtedly, long years of experience with unfriendly people it may not have occurred to you that they may have started off friendly, it's just your 'woe is me' and that's woe spelled with an E, not w-h-o-a, that have put them off. Why should someone offer you tea, if you're just going to spit in it?'

Carol titled her head and smiled.
'Actually I thought I'd be polite and invite a stranger to a nice show of titties and some small talk. Although I am enjoying your bruised, if not insulting, idealism. I'm actually still quite prepared to 'jump fences', as you put it and try to enjoy this conversation. As much as you want to come off as a bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks, then by all means...it's just an old and tired show of street balls, as it were. Give a shit about yourself and maybe other people will give a shit about you, too.'

Carol pointed to the appetizers and smiled at the punk goddess.
'Help yourself. They're yummy!'
Brook 16 years ago

She smiled at Carol, looking at the food that was offered after all the insults and presumptions that was thrown at her. She didn't need to eat, other then to hold up appearances, she just shook her head. “No thank you.” She said as she declined the food.

I am glad that you are the only one that can make presumptions. As you presumed that I would come to this table and be as cheerful as you. Not everyone can be dosed with prozac.” She batted her eyelashes at Carol, articulating her words very carefully. “Or that when I was making a statement on the social status of the south inclined that I being emotional and whiny. Allow me to convey this in a way you will comprehend it. Your opinion, though entertaining and amuses me greatly, has no baring on what I am going to say. If you find it immature and brash then please, excuse me from your table.” She folded her hands together and rested them on the table. “Until then, chose your words carefully miss.” She smiled as pleasantly as she could muster up. “I am not some street punk, I am not someone showing street balls, you have me mistaken entirely for someone who really gives two shits about their reputation or street credit, or that I lack any self respect.”

She flicked her tongue ring against the back of her teeth, watching Carol carefully. “I am not flashing my balls, people have a tendency not to show you what their true intentions are or their true natures until it entirely to late. I am giving you the consideration of knowing my true nature, instead of beguiling you with some false demeanor.” Brook had a weird way of being considerate. “Perhaps you should do the same, or are you to ashamed of yourself to let everyone know who the real you is? Because I am not buying the sweet bimbo facade. You ruined that the moment you opened your mouth and decided criticize my behavior.”

She crossed one leg over the other, she could be well educated like if she wanted to be, at least with speaking. Just don't ask her what side of the plate the fork goes on, she wouldn't know. She looked over to Celeste.

“Please feel free to jump in at any moment. I would love to hear what you have to say.”

Carol had gotten her turn, now it was Celeste's, truth be known, Brook was have one hell of a time, it wasn't often she got to behave this way and most times she was far to sheltered to have any form of conversation.

Celeste 16 years ago
The night had made a turn and actually become interesting. Celeste found herself looking between the two women, her eyes twinkling with an amused glint. Taking up Carol's invitation she munched on one of the still very hot poppers and waited to see where the conversation would go.

And then they were looking at her. What do I think? hmmmm. Yes of course they both had valid points but right now all the Anantya could think of was how nice it was to not sit in silence and be bored beyond belief. Would it behoove her to draw out this little confrontation or.. wait who was she kidding, she was no peacemaker. Oh joy this could get even more fun!

With a wide and fangy grin on her face she looked to Brook. I would say you're right.. this little Orphan here is no bimbo. In fact I would bet she's quite the clever one.. Blue eyes flickered to Carol for a moment, apprasing the blonde. Turning back to Brooke she continued in a more philisophical tone, head tilted to the side as she studied the angry woman some more.

But despite her flaws.. she has a few points for you. Some people say honesty is refreshing and all that bullshit. I think you should always remember how letting people see the "true you" is dangerous. I mean.. I don't judge anyone by their looks. But most people do. Cultivate that weakness, shape the fools around you. And merde, don't slap away every hand that happens to offer you something besides the shit you're used to. Sometimes you miss out that way. And.. oui, you are right. In the South prejudice runs rampant still. But don't let it define you.. or everyone you meet.

Her wine arrived and she took it with a relieved "ahh". A few sips of the rich red liquid to soothe her throat and allow the ladies to mull over what she'd said. She certainly wasn't here to offer pearls of wisdom or advice or any such crap, but when you asked her to speak her mind, sometimes she actually said something constructive. Usually her reply was to tell you to fuck off but hey, maybe she really was mellowing as she got older.

Oh and... chica... Celeste's eyes grew harder and her smile went from relaxed and warm to cold and harsh. I dress the way I like. My parents? Don't know what they would think of this outfit and I don't care. Remember what I said about cultivating the ones around you.. don't be judgemental. The vampire smirked. It only means what I'm doing is working and you are showing your ignorance and willingness to accept things at face value.

And that.. mes ami.. is a very, very dangerous trait in Nachton. Giving her a slight mock salute with her wine glass, Cel leaned back and crossed one arm over her waist loosely as she looked at the others, waiting for any reaction.
Carol 16 years ago
Carol was nodding as she ate another popper. Celeste was a lot more polite than Carol had been and it wasn't what she had expected. Another example of never judging the cover...blah blah.

'Oh but I am a bimbo. You'd have to be to get into some of the stores I shop in,' Carol said with a toothy grin.
Brook 16 years ago
Brook looked between both women, wow... Just wow. She had nothing to come back on. Which was a shock for her, she usually had something and this time, she found herself speechless. "Wow." She blundered out. "Huh." She scratched the back of her neck.

"Ya know." She went to say something, but got distracted by another thought "Ya guys remind me of a these people I met long time ago." She started, she loved to tell stories, at it was something to change the direction of the conversation. "There was once a port city I used to live in, not long mind you, but long enough." She turned her body slightly so she could see the both of them more clearly. "I was walking down the street, my ear caught the sound of talking in an alley, because of my curious nature I had to stop and listen." She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and tapped one out as she told the story.

"There were two women, one dressed in clad leather outfit, the other was dressed in a formal gown." Okay, so maybe she was exaggerating, but like a true bard, she never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. "They were arguing about something, I am not sure what it was. I could barely hear them over the roar of street life, but I did think it was odd that two women dressed like that would be in an alley. So I moved closer, tiptoeing my way over to them. Trying to use the darkness of night as my cover." She hunched her back over as though giving a visual guide on how she crept along in the darkness in her story. She was very animated and hey, at least she was entertaining.

"I crept closer and closer, but then I startled a cat and everything went down hill from there. The trash cans fell over and my location was compromised. They both looked at me, and boy were they mad. I smiled slightly and gave them a slight wave, much like the child being caught sneaking down the stairs on the night before Christmas to peek at the presents. The weird thing is..." She said as she crinkled her forehead. "They didn't say anything to me, no warning, before both of them pulled out pistols and started to shoot at me."

She chuckled,
"I ran so damn fast, I thought my legs were going to fall behind." She scratched her neck, thinking for a moment, she actually wondered if these two were packing. "It was only until I escaped into the sewers did the chase end. Now here was the funny thing, these two didn't look like they were packing, I have seen my share of thugs and leg breakers, they didn't fit the description." She blinked and looked at the two very carefully, "They didn't even fit the mannerisms."

She shrugged her shoulders, once the beer came, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her tattered Misfits wallet, paying for the drink with a few crinkled dollar bills. "Mais c'est le jeu, oui ?" She asked as she looked over to Celeste. "The rouge is the more entertaining than the truth." She glanced over to Carol as she brought the beer up to her lips, pausing for a moment. "Right?" She winked at Carol, taking a sip from the bottle, still holding onto the cigarette in her other hand unlit.
Alexandra 16 years ago
Shiny red stiletto heels clicked on the polished floor of Babylon, long toned but feminine legs leading to a black pencil skirt that just reached the knees, the curve of a tight ass leading up to a red silk top which left the back bare and was tied at the neck by a long shimmery string of red beads, some whimsy locks of hair touched bare flawless shoulders, leading up to a slender neck, the moment the woman turned and looked around the club her face came in to view.

Her large nearly black eyes seemed to take in every detail, a small nose leading down to red plump lips, slightly parted as they curled up into a smirk, a trade mark expression for the woman belonging to this body.

Yes it was good to be back, an assassination job had called her out of the country for a while, the pay being too damn good to turn it down.

Making her way over to one of the vacant tables she waited for a waitress to approach.

"Good evening miss, can I get you something from the bar?"

Reaching inside of her purse Alexandra took out a 500 dollar bill, putting it down on the table she noticed the waitresses eyes widening.

"Champagne, the good stuff, nothing cheap I'll know if you try to rip me off, get that? leave the bottle and bring me 2 glasses, I have the feeling I will be getting company soon"

Watching the waitress scoot off as fast as she could she sat back, looking around her she noticed a head of neatly styled blonde hair, grinning she observed the woman for a bit.

"My my if it isn't the lovely Carol, this could be an interesting evening after all"
Carol 16 years ago
Carol ran out of poppers, much to her dismay. She was getting full, which in this see through dress wasn't a good idea, so she decided against more fun foods and maybe now a drink. Turning in her seat as Brook finished her story, Carol rubbernecked for a waitress. Seeing one standing in front of another patron, Carol waited impatiently for the cutie piece of skin to finish. As the waitress moved away the patron's profile was revealed.


She again began to wave frantically for the vampire to come over.
Alexandra 16 years ago
Waiting a bit impatiently for the waitress to return with her order Alexa checked her messages on her PDA, seeing she got a message from her last "boss" she smirked contently as he was very pleased about the done job and gave her a 500 k bonus.

"It pays to take out small country presidents"

Looking up as the waitress brought her a bottle of DOM PERIGNON - Vintage Rose 1996, nodding her approval she waved the girl off, just about to open the bottle she heard her name being called rather loudly, glancing over at the source of the sound she raised her hand in a greeting, picking up the bottle she gracefully walked over to where the other woman was sitting, nodding her greeting at the people who where with her.

"Carol, it's been a while, care for some champagne?"

Holding up the bottle she flashed one of her most dazzling smiles, waving the waitress over she instructed her to bring another bottle and enough glasses to serve the people around her.
Celeste 16 years ago
The Anantya listened quietly, sipping her wine and wondering if this was the other woman's way of changing her attitude without making a fuss over the admonishment she and Carol had given her. The story was different and mildly interesting, if only for Brook's reactions. Celeste's interest was quite peaked when she said "escaped into the sewers" not into a mall or some other bright, shiny and well populated venue. It wasn't how most mortals thought. Very interesting indeed.

She started ever so slightly when Carol bellowed out at some woman and resisted the urge to rub her ringing ears. Following the blonde's gaze and frenzied wave she smirked ever so slightly to herself. What interesting companions she had this evening. Another Orphan and this one was good friends with her little Amber.

Cold blue eyes carefully studied the fluid movements of the Frenchwoman as she made her way to their table. Celeste did raise one eyebrow when she caught a look at the label on the bottle in Alexandra's hand. Setting her glass down she waited until the woman was done witrh their waitress before purring in a perfectly unaccented voice, My my. Celebrating something this evening?
Carol 16 years ago
Carol clapped her hands together once and gave Alexandra the thumbs up.

'Right on! Have a seat!'

Leaning back Carol snagged a chair from the next table and pulled it over for Alexandra. And expatriot but an interesting woman just the same. The waitress returned promptly with another bottle and more glasses. There was a celebratory pop from the champagne and the bubbly began to flow.

'Oh - this is Celeste and Brooke. Ladies, this is Alexandra!'

Carol took a sip of the drink and wrinkled her nose.