Wildlife Sightings (Private)

Morrigan had not gotten much further with the mounds of things that needed her attention when there was a light knock at her door. She never heard the footsteps to announce the person's pending intrusion into her domain, not a human then. Setting her files down into a drawer, Morrigan then straightened and composed herself for an audience. Most everyone would go through Rupert to meet with her and that left only a handful that would have felt themselves on familiar enough terms to come directly here...unless it were an emergency.

With an almost silent sigh, Morrigan wondered what impending tragedy must be averted before morning. She laced her hands together and leaned forward in the anticipation of handling this quickly.


Mai 17 years ago
Mai had passed an unfamiliar man in the hallway as she headed towards the office of the Elder of the Rose. Paying no more than cursory attention to who he might be, she continued forward,undaunted from the grim task of delivering unwanted news to the already over worked leader of the Rose.

She knocked quietly on the door, giving Morrigan a measure of respect despite the urgency of the matter. It was difficult to wait for the permission to enter; she could hear that the other Elder was alone. Pretenses and civility were not among her strengths and Mai had little trouble putting them aside when it best suited her purpose.

Moving silently into the room, she closed the door behind her. Mai waited long enough to make certain no one was within hearing range of the office before turning around. Coming to a halt in front of Morrigan's desk, Mai folded her hands neatly in front of her and gave the Elder of the Rose a proper bow in greeting. Standing once more, she gazed steadily at the redhaired woman and stated the purpose of her presence.

"The children of the wolf are in Nachton."

Mai rarely saw the point of dodging the heart of the matter.

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Morrigan Kinsey 16 years ago
If it were any other person standing in front of her then Morrigan would have asked if they were certain. But this was not just any vampire; this was Mai. She watched the Elder of the Hunt for a few seconds before speaking.

"Do you know how many are here?"Â?

Perhaps if it were a small force then the situation could be contained and life could go back to normal, at least as normal as Morrigan was accustomed to.
Mai 16 years ago
Mai nodded solemnly; she waited until now to speak of the wolf children because she felt it necessary to know whether they were a threat. In past years one or two might be found in the cities and she marked their coming and going with interest but little concern. Things had changed and the Rose needed to know.

“There are many more. I do not know their den but their number is many.”

The larger the number of any group and the harder it was to keep it hidden. Mai was surprised they managed to get even this many in without notice. No matter, there were bigger problems for Anantya to deal with now; she would consider what to do about a lack of vigilance on the part of the Hunt at a later date.

“They have come with purpose.”
Morrigan Kinsey 16 years ago
Many, there were many.

Morrigan took a deep breath and motioned silently to one of the seats in front of her desk. She needed to weigh out this new information and Mai could at least be more comfortable.

"Yes"Â? She gazed intently at a painting on one of the walls. "They are here with a purpose."Â?

There was the faint hope that this purpose had nothing what so ever to do with Anantya but Morrigan was not so naive. They had cursed the werewolves and any presence of the beast kin here meant confrontation.

"First things first. We need information. I will organize teams and locations if you would please lend the Hunt's aid to the Night."Â?

Morrigan pulled up a map of the city on her computer and started sectioning it off into pieces. Two Huntsmen to one member of the Night should be sufficient for safety,speed and stealth. She looked back up at Mai.

"Is there any other information that you have already?"Â?
Mai 16 years ago
Mai looked at the proffered chair but shook her head. There was more to do and she could not afford the luxury of watching the Elder of the Rose work, even as fascinating as she found it.

Sketching a bow that was almost a nod, the Elder of the Hunt offered her Order's services to the cause.

"Hai, We will be ready."Â?

She waited while the Elder of the Rose pushed buttons on her electronic box, mentally going through the list of her people and deciding who would be best suited for the task at hand.

Looking up when Morrigan once again spoke, Mai shook her hand, the thick curtain of hair obscuring her face.

"Zannen nagara chigaimasu. I came to you as soon as I was certain."Â?

Her duty was done; Mai gave Morrigan a deeper bow in parting and then turned to leave.

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Morrigan Kinsey 16 years ago
Morrigan nodded to Mai, acknowledging the decision to come with this important information, slight though it was. She gave the Elder of the Hunt a seated bow in response to the gesture of parting. Turning back to her computer, Morrigan only spared a small grimace of distaste at the thought of having to speak with Sorin.

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