Jephthah's Daughter and The Return of the Prodigal Son

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The first thing she noticed when she stepped outside and looked down the long walkway was that, even at a distance, Marthinus looked -good-. Very good - there was color in his face and he seemed to have filled out where before his trip he had looked as though he were fading away. It was something about the way he walked, though, that really caught her attention. While he moved along with no sign of his age or recent health troubles, he went slowly, with the gait of a man who had resigned himself to carrying the world on his shoulders. He had always been dignified, unfailingly so - now he looked almost fantastically regal, like an aging king wearing an ill fitting crown.

Trusting that she'd given enough time for security to do their thing and make sure he was alone (not that she really cared either way), she paused only for a moment before breaking into a run down the path, the change in her pockets jingling like little bells in the otherwise quiet night.

"Marthinus!"Â? Forgetting to be careful, she launched herself at him, full-on throwing her arms around his shoulders in a gesture that was half hug, half collision. "I thought you'd -left-."Â? Not knowing what else to say, and completely unwilling to let go, she simply repeated herself, softly but emphatically. "I thought you'd left."Â?

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Simon Huntington 16 years ago
Without hesitation he replied to her sarcasm with his own.

'We all have to evolve sometime, Ellis.'

Simon wondered though, was this the man he was meant to be? The quiet and sullen pet of a tyrannical leader suddenly realizing the wealth of power and the stink of humiliation - namely those around him. He spoke now with a cold finality whereas before he chose his words wisely to soften the inevitable blow of Ellis' tongue. The path of a leader had become a clear one full of nothingness, cold hard edges and an unyielding need to cause pain.

Simon lowered his gun at his last thought and watched Ellis give him a bitter smile. Holstering the gun under his jacket he reached down and took his ex-lover by the arm. Ellis looked at his hand but came willingly as he walked them both out of the interrogation room. He could feel her eyes on him as he walked down the hallway, his hand still gripped tightly on her left arm. He wasn't sure what he was doing, but when he found them in the elevator descending to the residential rooms, Ellis turned to him with an openly questioning face.

The steel elevator opened up to the floor with his own and Ellis' quarters. The entire floor itself was sectioned off for just them and finally Simon let go of her arm and walked down the hallway, right up to her door. He turned and faced her as he reached his destination. Simon watched her casually close the distance between them and they stood, face to face.
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
He was thinking.

Ellis found his reaction curious; he was mulling over either what she had said or her presence there in the Domicile - either way she could practically see the smoke rising from behind his head. When he put his gun away and took her by the arm, she didn't fight him. She was too tired now to fight this man standing before her. Simon was wielding more power than she thought he would ever want or be able to handle...and damn if he wasn't doing a decent job. He was ruthless, cruel and quick to cause pain. Her bitter smile failed to warm her. Simon was everything she thought she wanted him to be. He was a leader...but it felt wrong.

Ellis fell back a step and watched him as he led her to the elevator and then to an immensely familiar place. His sandy brown short hair was sticking up in the front in that spikey style she liked and she could smell his scent waft back to her as he walked with determination. Finally he let go of her arm and walked ahead of her as she slowed her pace. Simon was confusing her with no real reason for being down at their quarters, but she wondered if Carol was moved into his now. Ellis considered it a moment and decided that she probably had not - if Simon spent anytime in his quarters at all. He was never one for personal space or belongings really - he spent most of his time in her space.

Rather, he did.

Ellis reached over and touched her damaged arm which was now healing, slowly but surely; the itch being a tell tale sign. She approached the door to her quarters and stopped in front of Simon, both of them staring at one another. Her door had not opened, which didn't surprise her, her access was more than likely erased the moment the raid had come to an end. So, she stood there - waiting.
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
Her eyes had failed to fade from the water pools of green that she had when he first met her, but then they wouldn't have faded, would they? Although looking at her now he couldn't find the woman he knew over a millennium ago. Simon turned and palmed the panel outside the door and it slid open quietly.

Without waiting, he walked in and descended the short flight of steps into the main living area of her open concept ground floor. If she followed him, he did not notice. Simon was making his way across the room to the far wall where her family crest, the family she cared nothing for ironically, was on the wall and crossed in front of it were a pair of her Celtic short swords.

The sound of her voice, but more specifically her question, stopped him halfway across.
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
He was thinking again although about what, she wouldn't wager to guess. There were a million things crossing her mind right now, she could only imagine what he must be thinking. Ellis figured he was done thinking his thoughts as he turned and crossed the threshold with a firm gait. He was making a bee line across the ground floor to the far wall. She wasn't sure why - she knew where he was headed, but why he was headed there was beyond her.

The space was open and large, so even his quick walk would take enough time for her to decide on whether or not she wanted to step into her old quarters. Gingerly she took a step in, leaned back a little to look into the hallway, but then took several more steps into the apartment. No explosions, no laser beams, no party streamers or welcome home surprises.

Simon was now halfway across the floor as she slowly descended the steps, her boots vibrating off the cold granite. Ellis took a look around and was a little surprised. She was fairly certain that nothing had been touched - in over a year. Not since she took her last steps out of the Domicile, not even her bed was made.

Nothing had changed...but everything did.

He was nearing the far wall when suddenly she blurted it out. She hadn't even been thinking about it but her question just spilled out as she ran her eyes over the tussled sheets on her bed. Or maybe since pulling herself out of his grave for her, she had been thinking of it every second of the day, every day since then.

'Was our life together so bad, Simon?'
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
It stopped him short and maybe, deep down, he felt something break, but as quickly as it came, he dismissed it. This wasn't something he wanted to talk to her about, not here. Not with everyone watching, certainly not where Carol could hear. With a deep breath he continued to the wall and pulled her swords off the mounting.

Simon had put them there not long after the raid. He had stood at the doorway of her quarters and stared into the darkness and smelled her. Her swords were on the table beneath the crest and they were the only things he touched that day. He put them back on their mounts and sealed the room forever - at least until this very moment.

Simon turned with them in his hands and looked at her across long distance. She was standing just at the foot of the steps of the entrance and he all the way on the opposite side. So close, so far away. Slowly he walked back across the room, never taking his eyes off of her, letting the silence fill up the moment, making it ache and sigh. As he got closer he could see the confusion on her face - she honestly wanted to know.

Once he got to a foot away from her, he looked down at her swords and swallowed. Ellis gave him a small nod in understanding and held her hand out. Simon put them in her hands and then took a step back, wiping his suddenly sweaty palms on the his chest. He cleared his throat and was shocked to hear how loud his voice seemed in her quarters. Well they weren't hers anymore.

'Take what you need, what you want and then go, Ellis. Tacharan is mine...for better or for worse.'
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Ellis pursed her lips and gave the room a final look.

'Naw, I think I'm good now.'

She looked down at her weapons and ran her hand over the engraved twisted knots that were enlaid on the hilt, the tips were shaped as boar heads, representing courage and fearlessness, used in Celtic and Saxon history. Ellis lifted them with a soft, '
Yeah...I'm good.'

Ellis turned away from him and started back up the stairs. He wasn't going to answer here, but it wasn't as if he really needed to. Funny thing about being left for dead in a burning fire - not only does it do a job on your sinuses, it does quite a bit to help clear away all that the rose colored glasses seemed to hide. She didn't need him to tell her that. As she left her quarters, more mercs were standing silently in the hallway, their guns again pointed at her. Ellis decided, she was no longer their leader, but she didn't have to give up her pride. She raised her hand to her earlobe and tugged, then wistfully ran her fingertips over the computer panel, lighting it up briefly. All good things must come to an end, she figured. Why stop the inevitable, especially what was inside her? Lifting her head she nodded to the men and they followed her down to the elevator.

As they escorted her off the property, Ellis paid no attention to her surroundings, she just walked as a normal pace down to the dirt road she had come up. Tacharan was behind her now, figuratively and literally, and she had the whole world in front of her. Why stay in Nachton? Why bother? Ultimately it came down to principle, she decided.

Because getting fucked over sucked balls.

((Ellis out))
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
Simon watched her as she looked around the room. Behind him was her unmade bed that he knew full well last had them both in it. The tussled sheets was from their love making before the raid, the same raid he'd try to kill her during. Her eyes were looking past him now and he turned his head slightly in that direction. Swallowing he looked back at her as she decided she didn't need anything else from her old life.

As she turned and exited slowly out of the apartment, his perception picked up the half dozen Mercs standing outside in the hallway. As they walked back towards the elevator, Simon slowly ascended the steps and exited the quarters. She was long gone by then, nothing but her soft scent lingered in the hallway. Reaching up without looking he touched the computer panel to reseal the room but the door failed to close. Dropping his hand he gave the panel a confused look and then touched it again, this time it responded automatically and the electrical hiss of the door signaled the reseal.

Taking a step back Simon turned back to his quarters and as the door slid open automatically, he exited the hallway.

((Simon out))