Jephthah's Daughter and The Return of the Prodigal Son

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The first thing she noticed when she stepped outside and looked down the long walkway was that, even at a distance, Marthinus looked -good-. Very good - there was color in his face and he seemed to have filled out where before his trip he had looked as though he were fading away. It was something about the way he walked, though, that really caught her attention. While he moved along with no sign of his age or recent health troubles, he went slowly, with the gait of a man who had resigned himself to carrying the world on his shoulders. He had always been dignified, unfailingly so - now he looked almost fantastically regal, like an aging king wearing an ill fitting crown.

Trusting that she'd given enough time for security to do their thing and make sure he was alone (not that she really cared either way), she paused only for a moment before breaking into a run down the path, the change in her pockets jingling like little bells in the otherwise quiet night.

"Marthinus!"Â? Forgetting to be careful, she launched herself at him, full-on throwing her arms around his shoulders in a gesture that was half hug, half collision. "I thought you'd -left-."Â? Not knowing what else to say, and completely unwilling to let go, she simply repeated herself, softly but emphatically. "I thought you'd left."Â?

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Marthinus T. Steyn 16 years ago
Why right now. Why, indeed.

Marthinus struggled to hold back the rising pain that was shooting up his back and up into his head. The change was coming on him strong but thankfully not as quickly as his first full moon. Still, the pain was more from fighting it than letting it take him. He sputtered as he tried to speak.

'I...gah, I don't...know.' His jaw clamped down and he felt his back expanding and as if the skin was going to split along his protruding spine. Marthinus turned away from Simon and faced the corner, breathing heavy. 'It's...YOU,' he snarled. 'Something about you and...'

Just then the elevator stopped and the scent of outside wafted into the small steel elevator. The smell of the dirt, the old blood and flesh from the slaughterhouse was filling his nostrils and it made him shudder with painful delight. He tried to hold onto his human side, trying to fight the wolf in him when suddenly that sweet, familiar smell shook him to the core.

Whatever Simon evoked in him was nothing compared to that scent. He felt her name drift softly off his lips.


Whatever human was left in him was now gone. An unspeakable feeling rose up in him, a rage so raw, so uncontrolled that it brought an eerie calm to him and he turned to face her, scaring Carol back against the wall of the elevator and as he took a step forward to the oddly perplexed looking Ellis, the change took him over completely.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
Alec managed to neither shudder nor wet his pants at the physical contact. He counted both as serious points for the home team. Preparing his response, he heard the elevator arrive and felt the definite presence of a wholly new issue. Perhaps Ginnie was right, God was real and he was about to give Alec a huge gift by solving two problems at once - Marthinus would manage to kill Ellis and be incapacitated enough to not notice him plant a tracker on him as he made his escape. Of course, that would require surviving the next few moments. He also thought it was more than a long shot and certainly would have placed his bet differently in Vegas.

"Oui, madame. You could say that."

This was so not Alec's fight that it made him grin for the first time since Simon said werewolves were real. It wasn't often he was allowed to indulge his cowardice these days. Jumping quickly to the side, he arranged himself so that both threats were in his field of vision, and pressed against the side of the building, having the distinct impression would be an opportunity to blend to its contour when the greeting got rough. Not for the first time in recent days he contemplated how he found himself in these violent situations. Funny where life can bring you in the big city.
Nova 16 years ago
Nova clung to Marthinus’s arm, tugging at him, trying to get him to listen, but he paid no attention, turning away from them all to face the corner of the elevator. That something was happening to him could not be denied; all she wanted to do was to stop it and she didn’t know how. It never occurred to her that this was an inevitability, a force of nature she could prevent no more than she could stop a tornado in its tracks. Even when Marthinus growlingly accused them (Simon? Did he mean Simon?) of being at the root of all of this, she couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around the idea that this was completely out of her control.

The elevator doors opened, and everything seemed to happen very fast. She looked over to where Ellis and Alec were standing, and when she looked back, her eyes wide and shocked, Carol was up against the wall and Marthinus…

The –wrongness- of what Marthinus had become was enough to make her knees weak; in fact, she could no longer feel them at all. She wasn’t certain of how she was remaining upright – it was as though some invisible force, not unlike the one that had turned her friend and mentor into this –animal-, was rooting her in place.

Paralyzed, she turned to Simon, her mouth agape, and something about looking to her creator broke the spell. She pointed to the wolf that had taken Marthinus’s place, gasping out a single word.


She couldn’t seem to get anything else out, and things were happening too quickly, too damn quickly, to linger in shock. She didn’t know what Marthinus (and in spite of her shock, she –knew- it was still him, in a different skin) was planning, or if he was planning anything at all, but she did know that Ellis wouldn’t hesitate to tear him apart if he attacked her, and that certainly looked like his intent if his raised hackles were any indication.

Without further thought, she dove, knowing full well that if she missed she was going to get a mouthful of dirt and gravel.
Carol 16 years ago
Carol was having a hard time not freaking the fuck out, but resisted it when Simon pleaded with her to trust him. She did, that wasn't the issue right that second. The issue was that something very fucked up was happening to Marthinus and the one person who already had enough guilt was the cause of it. Everything was moving too quickly, being shoved back into the elevator, Nova and Simon both trying to talk to Marthinus and then his sick, guttural noise that used to be Marthinus' voice. Unconsciously she began to step away from the adorable older man who hired her as a clueless but remorseless intern. Then the proverbial shit the the fan when the elevator doors opened back up.

Marthinus had been struggling, fighting whatever was happening to him but out of the corner of her eye, there stood Ellis and without even looking, Marthinus knew she was there. For fuck sakes, Carol thought - he could smell her.

She was not prepared for what she saw next and with every fiber in her being, she let out a sickened whimper at the sight of Marthinus. His face had completely changed, his mouth had grown bigger, longer and full of fucking huge teeth. The moment his eyes met Ellis his entire body just seemed to relax and he haunched over, his legs changing, ripping through his linen pants and his chest completely shredding his shirt.

Carol lost her breath looking at him and she felt her legs wobble beneath her. She wasn't sure when she started to cry but when her knees hit the floor of the elevator she was already sobbing. It wasn't that Carol had never seen this before - she had in fact seen the bigger man, Hammerthynn, half turn in Marthinus hospital room. The shape shifting wasn't terrifying in the least, and if anything, she was completely enthralled by it. It was because that thing that was rapidly growing hair and looking less and less human with every step out of the elevator was someone she cared so deeply about - the only father she had known since leaving her life behind to come to Tacharan. This was Marthinus T. Steyn changing into something they could never and would never understand.

Carol sobbed as Marthinus change took over completely and when he landed on all fours, he was a total and complete wolf. A snarling, fucking pissed off carnivore with Ellis in his sights. Ignoring the fact that Ellis was back from the dead and standing not five feet away from her, this was the woman who Carol knew hand picked his mother and watched Marthinus grow from a baby to the CEO of one of the nation's most prolific and technologically advanced research centers. Despite who she was, what she was, Marthinus blindly served for Ellis. Lived his life...for her, and now something about her triggered the primal beast in him and he was going to tear her throat out.

Carol ignored Ellis reaction to Marthinus' change and instead she reached out on hands and knees to try and stop him. Ellis was an ancient and if the physiological werewolf laws were anything like vampires - she had 1500 years of strength and power on him. 300lb werewolf or not, Ellis would fuck him up twice as hard as he could.

Suddenly everything slowed down as she watched Marthinus spring at Ellis, jaws open and claws out. Nova suddenly threw herself at Marthinus and Simon pushed past Carol, leaving her on the ground as they all tried to reach Marthinus before he reached Ellis.

With a deep breath, Carol sobbed loudly,
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Ellis would never be able to fully articulate what happened the moments after the elevator door opened. She would recall every minute detail; the chilled evening, the familiar sweet smell of the old, once heavily used slaughter houses, Carol's tinkled voice as she slid to the ground and began to cry, Nova and her coppery hair leaping forward, the dark look on Simon's face as he watched Marthinus exit the elevator car, Alec moving out of eye sight range out of self preservation, all this she would remember but seeing Marthinus half changed and snarling at the sight of her would be something she would never, could never speak of again.

Ellis suddenly recalled a very warm evening in a beautiful stucco tiled house, holding a gorgeous fat baby. She would name this baby and grow particularly fond of him, despite who he was and what he ultimately was to her. This baby would help rule her financial empire and enable her every technological whim. This baby had hazel eyes, exactly like her beloved companion and he smelled exactly like a baby should...absolutely delicious. Deep blue-green eyes mixed with soft brown looked up at her from his perch on her lap, giggling loudly as she gave him zerbers on his neck. She would watch this baby become a man and wrech havoc on the medical industry, giving Duibne a name that inspired power, wealth and hope. This man would then almost die and she would not do a damn thing about it. Ellis thought of all of this as she watched those same hazel eyes on that same great man advance on her.

With every step he took, his features changed, morphed and, much to her surprise and dismay, broke her heart. That same feeling washed over her now as it did when she saw Simon and Carol together for the first time. The urge to throw up was severe as she felt her eyes well up with tears. This magnificent man before her was changing into something she just could not fathom. Becoming something that she had never once foreseen or planned for his life. And she had planned every single monumental event in Marthinus life - from his birth and what she thought would ultimately be his death, but she realized that the fire Simon let her drop in did more than give birth to a hate that knew no bounds, that it stripped her of that resilient armor she wore to protect her from feeling and realizing how empty her life might actually be. She considered all this as Marthinus' snarling jaws opened and he came for her.

Ellis sighed sadly and whispered,
'Marthinus...please don't.'

Werewolf or not, Marthinus could not compare against fifteen hundred years of a vampire's life. Everything she had learned, abilities she had honed and developed, could withstand a high speed two ton car - stopping it in its tracks, what hope would Marthinus have against her? Still, something in her told her not to hurt him and later this feeling, instinct...whatever, would surprise her. Ellis relaxed and let Marthinus knock her to the ground, but she was not prepared for the frenzy.

The fury of his attack surprised her and she hit the ground with his full weight on her stomach and chest, effectively knocking the air out of her. The moment it took for her to reassess the situation and catch a breath resulted in her almost losing part of her face. She pushed back with her arms and elbows, keeping his snapping jaws far enough away from connecting with her, but instead they closed down on her forearm and she let out a painful yelp.

'FUCK...damnit...Marty stop...STOP.' Ellis tried to push at his chest but his grip on her arm was surprisingly strong, stronger than she thought it would be for such a young werewolf, but maybe things didn't work the same way they did for them. It was strangely quiet for a moment before everyone around them erupted into screams and yelling. Simon came flying out with Nova and with Carol screaming she lost track of what Alec was doing. Marthinus squeezed his jaws and had she been human, her bone would've broken like a twig.

Simon tried grabbing a hold of Marthinus who growled in response but pulled him off her enough for her free hand to frantically reach into her coat pocket. Her face twisted with pain as she fought the instinctive urge to reach up and snap his jaw till it separated from his head. Then for a moment her eyes met Simon's and they both looked at each other with frightened and sad eyes. Her eyes pleaded with him to get Marthinus off as her free hand finally found what it was looking for in her coat pocket. Her fingers slid into her prize and she pulled her hand out, only now brandishing lethal looking brass knuckles - only they weren't brass.

They were silver.

Wasting no time Ellis pulled back and punched Marthinus on the top portion of his chest, the silver connecting with his skin and he immediately released his grip on her arm and was flung back, yelping in pain.
Nova 16 years ago
Nova did not end up getting a mouthful of dirt, but she did manage to give herself a nice case of road rash along one side as she slid along the gravel path, half from the force of her leap and half from being dragged along by an inhumanly strong Marthinus. Jumping him had done little good; she’d managed to get one hand bunched tightly, and probably painfully, in his fur (and Marthinus having fur was just too weird to think about) at the scruff of his neck, but even her full body weight didn’t slow him down. Simon came at him from the other side, giving her a chance to readjust her grip; she made a grab for his muzzle but he was too quick for her.

Then, quite suddenly, he was flying through the air. Nova barely managed to get out of the way in time and ended up dumped awkwardly on the ground, her hands thrown out for balance behind her. In spite of the fact that her mentor had just become a raving beast, she felt an agonizing wave of sympathy when she heard his whimpers of pain, and twisted around to look. Not for the first time that evening, her mouth fell open and she was struck dumb.

He was changing back.

Bewildered, she turned to face Ellis, trying to formulate a question, something to the effect of ‘what did you do?’. It seemed as though she’d just punched him, but there had to be more to it than that. A metallic glint caught her eye, and she honed in on Ellis’s hand.

Then her eyes narrowed. That whole deal could be sorted out later; right now, the woman who had just tried to have her killed was standing not three feet away, and a yard the other way Marthinus lay in pain.

She got up slowly, wincing as the gravel dug into her raw hands, and turned her back on Ellis, walking over to where Marthinus was shivering, convulsing in the throes of transformation.

She hoped the Mercs torched the bitch – for now she had bigger fish to fry.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
Alec's head was not quite on right. For a moment he thought he'd seen compassion on the face of the Cold Hearted Evil Undead Bitch Queen's face. Then it was confirmed with a plea. Then reconfirmed with scolding the man like a kid. Then reconfirmed by Marthinus not being eviscerated and spread evenly over all of the nearby surfaces.

This would warrant some SERIOUS reconsideration over large amounts of alcohol. Reaching forward to snatch Nova out of the way, Alec stopped. It seemed there would be no need. Ellis had just PUNCHED the fucking WEREWOLF and knocked it the fuck out. Even with those brass...oh...silver knuckles. Guess some fables were true after all. Grinning evilly, Alec considered the alterations he would be making to his work clothes.

Well, everyone seemed safe. Sadly, that included Ellis and Marthinus (to a lesser extent). Still hanging back a bit, he waited to see what Simon would do.
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
The only thing he could hear was not the frantic flutters of heartbeats, but the scratching of nails against dirt. It was oddly quiet the moment after Marthinus jumped at Ellis, fully changed in mere seconds, trying desperately to tear her throat out. It was frantic, primal and familiar. He supposed she inspired those feelings in the people who knew her best.

Next Alec moved, then Nova and then the screaming and scuffling noises were fast and furious. Simon lunged right behind Nova, in fact almost past her with his older abilities pushing him. Later he would reflect on just who he was trying to protect - Marthinus or Ellis? It was more than probably the thousand plus years of companionship and intimate loyalty that forced him to react at a break neck speed, but the realization of his actions stopped him from killing Marthinus when he very well could have done in two seconds.

He stopped his rush and fell to his knees, grabbing at Marthinus along with Nova. He grabbed a fist full of fur, immediately causing a low, guttural growl from Marthinus that gave him the chills. Pulling back as hard as he could, he lifted Marthinus but could not get a decent grip on the frenzied beast. Whatever pissed his grandson off about himself, it was a thousand times worse in Ellis. Suddenly his eyes locked with Ellis.

For a full two seconds they looked at each other. Marthinus tearing the flesh off of her arm, Carol crying and screaming, the rush of wind and dirt around them as he felt the Mercs closing in. Her blood lust should have been raging and Marthinus' jaw should be separated from his head right about then but the look on her face told him why.

She was hesitating.

Then her eyes moved away and down and his eyes followed as she pulled something metal from her pocket. He was halfway to grabbing her hand when she reeled off and hit Marthinus, square in the chest. Nova spilled off to the side from the force of Marthinus moving past her, Simon fell back onto his side and he caught himself with his hand on the ground. Then he did a curious thing.

Simon leaned forward and extended an arm over Ellis. He hovered there for half a second when he realized what he was doing. If no one noticed, he would be grateful to the gods beyond words, but he didn't have to look over in Carol's direction to know that she saw him protecting the woman he tried to kill over a year ago.

He quickly pushed forward, leaping over Ellis who was left on her back on the ground, breathing heavy. The mercs were there now, the entire crop standing over them but their guns were moving back and forth from Ellis to Marthinus in a ridiculously comical show of indecision, more than likely stemming from the fact that Marthinus was now changing back. The fur, his features - all of it were receding now and there was a glaring ringed impression on his chest where Ellis had hit him.

A sharp whistle caught every one's attention and they looked back at Ellis who lifted a hand, signaling to the Mercs to cover her. The laser points of the Merc guns reflected off of the metal piece in her hand. Walking back over to Ellis, he reached down and grabbed her armed hand.

She winced and grunted at his grip, pulling her half up off the ground as he forcefully took the bit of metal out of her hand. Brass knuckles, he thought. Holding them up he looked again, they weren't brass at all.

'Silver?' Simon asked her, his hand still wrapped around her wrist, pulling her from her sitting position but not up all the way.

Ellis smiled as she shrugged. 'Lucky guess,' she replied.
Marthinus T. Steyn 16 years ago
He had smelled that perfume a thosand times. Since the time he was a toddler, that scent had been present in his life. Marthinus wondered if she had always smelled that way, from the time she was human till over a thousand years later, at this very moment. It wasn't that the scent evoked comfort, just familiarity which inspired that warm home feeling - although now the scent filled his nostrils and it sickened him with a rage that he had never known.

His change came so easily that it scared what was left of his human side. It was as if he were taking off a jacket, letting his human exterior be silently overcome by this primal rage inside him. Marthinus felt the recognizable ache in his legs as he fell forward, completing the transformation. Then that heady, intoxicating feeling swept over him - all that was human was gone and somewhere deep, deep inside, the primal beast that lived inside him, inside all of them, reared its head, snapped its jaws and attacked.

His senses overwhelmed him and as he connected with Ellis, he knocked her to the ground. In the back of his mind something immediately told him it was too easy, but the wolf in him was blinded by the need to taste her blood. Her long lady fingers tantalized him and he snapped at her hands and face searching out the prize when finally his painfully long teeth clamped down on her forearm. He scratched at her, digging his claws at her chest, but when the blood rushed into his mouth, Marthinus could barely contain himself.

Hands had begun to grab at his fur, pulling tufts out as they tried to pull him off her, but he would have none of that. Growling he continued to try and tear off Ellis' limb, satiating the voice in his head that she was the embodiment of something so disgusting and wrong that his soul ached for her death. Marthinus pulled and twisted his head, when suddenly he felt his body lifted, granted only by inches, off Ellis - but far enough that she managed to finally hit back and the next few moments tore him from one painful hell to another.

Marthinus yelped out from the pain on his chest and his human mind was instantly reminded of his heart attack; the feeling of his body caving in and every muscle in his body revolting against him. Then he was across from her, on his back with his chest on fire. Reaching up, his paw crossed his vision and he saw that he was changing back and at an alarmingly and painful rate. His entire body shook, the pain radiating from where Ellis had hit him. Looking down he could see the badly burned outline of whatever she hit him with.

His limbs failed him then and he crumbled painfully, curling up into fetal position. Shivering, Marthinus tried to block out the noise and pain.
Nova 16 years ago
Nova lowered herself into a crouch, watching carefully as Marthinus transformed but making no move to interfere. His fur receded into his skin as his limbs twisted and reformed with sickening snaps and cracks. Soon she could make out a large red welt where Ellis had punched him. The whole process looked horrifically painful, and Nova winced when she realized how clinical and cold she was being. In spite of her instinctual ‘this is –wrong-‘ reaction to what she was seeing, the scientist in her couldn’t help but find the entire process fascinating. The way the joints in the knee flipped and the muscles reattached themselves to strong thighs was…

…ho. Strong –naked- thighs. Marthinus was naked. She was looking at Marthinus naked. And had the words ‘not half bad’ crossed her mind? No, surely not! She quickly sought out something else to think about. The Queen of England. Simon and Carol having sex. Gah! How did –that- keep popping into her head? Flustered, she turned to the mercs, sizing them up. Too tall, too skinny…ah, this one’s just right.

“You,” she said, pointing. “Strip.”

The one piece coverall the merc was wearing would do nicely for Marthinus, though she thought his nudity was probably the last thing on his mind. In truth, she wasn’t entirely sure of what to do with herself, and was unsettled by her own desire to study and investigate this man who was supposed to be her friend.
Carol 16 years ago
Carol watched the fight unfold and within seconds it was over. Her hysteria seemed to deflate as quickly as it had started, but when Marthinus flew back and Simon automatically covered Ellis, Carol retreated to the cover of the elevator. Her legs were tucked underneath her, but she slid to the side, half covering her face behind the edge of the opened elevator door. She watched quietly as Simon moved again to Marthinus to see to him.

Carol's eyes welled up again at the sight of Marthinus suffering still; his body contorted and twisting back to a recognizable shape. She rested her head against the steel wall inside the car and peered at them through tear stained eyes. Slowly, Carol turned her head and watched as the Mercs surrounded both Ellis and Marthinus.

Ellis was sitting up with her arms draped on top of her knees. Carol could see the tattered flesh through her jacket and when she looked up, Ellis was looking at her with bright green eyes. For a moment they stared at each other - once casual lovers but now adversaries. Carol didn't have ask Simon why he hovered over Ellis, even for a brief second. You can't break that kind of habit, not after over a thousand years.

Ellis slowly smiled, as if she knew what Carol was thinking.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
As quickly as it had all come together, it came to a close. Marthinus had gone from man, to monster...and back to man again. Ellis had shown her hand in a very clear way, but still wasn't giving anything for free. But she'd hesitated, as well. Nova'd commanded Abdelhalek to surrender his clothing. He and his organ donor information boxers were on their way to the lift. Though any of those things would have captured his attention on any other day, they were shoved unceremoniously to the back of his mind.

Simon had moved to protect Ellis.

Alec felt a strange dread bubbling up from within him. Ellis was supposed to be dead by this man's hand...and now he was protecting her. The enemies of the Clan were supposed to die - not necessarily by the Clan's hand, but there was no room in his mind for exceptions of this magnitude. His brain hurt, and his world was slowly reversing magnetic poles. Moving toward the elevator, he paused, and considered Carol. As bent as his mind was from this, he couldn't imagine what she was thinking, was going through. Giving her a sympathetic look, he turned back to see Ellis grinning in her direction. What. A. Bitch.

Moving to break the nonverbal exchange, he offered a hand to help Carol up. Eyebrows up in a concerned arch, he asked

"Are you injured?"
Carol 16 years ago
Carol's tear stained face glared back at the smiling pair of eyes across from her and almost didn't notice Alec's gesture and concern. She jumped slightly at his offered hand, but took it gently, letting him help her up off the ground of the elevator, her knees skinned and bleeding lightly. Carol didn't bother to dust the dirt off her skirt or look back at the unfolding drama in front of her. Instead she put her back against the inside wall of the elevator and kept her eyes on Alec.

'I'm fine. Mind, uh...' she cleared her throat quietly and felt the tears welling up in her eyes. She would have rather not had Alec seen her react this way, but it was taking everything not to scream so she quietly did it in her mind and it was proving to be a little distracting.

'Mind taking me back down, Alec?' Carol finally finished in a soft voice.
Alec Devereaux 16 years ago
This was distinctly outside of his comfort zone. Like...everything about the day. But Carol's day was worse. Human or no, she'd been through the ringer and that was no kind of fun.

"Ah. Of course."

As he cued the elevator to descend, he really hoped that she wouldn't start crying. He had no idea how she wouldn't...but he really hoped it didn't happen. Today had been surreal enough without then having to console the usually bubbly and upbeat girlfriend of his boss.

Yeah, rough night.

((Alec and Carol out))
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
The silver had indeed been a lucky guess. Wives tales and folklore had some semblance of truth Ellis noticed over the years and she used this theory when she had her nickel based silver knuckles made. It had an interesting affect on Marthinus, who now lay crumbled on the ground. Her eyes watched silently as Nova directed one of the Mercs to strip.

Simon suddenly let go of her and she dropped back on her bad arm, causing a tight grunt from her mouth. He was preoccupied she noticed as the elevator doors closed on Carol and Alec. She caught Carol's eyes and smiled through the pain. Ellis resisted the urge to say something coy to Simon, however. In front of his men, his woman and children, he would not hesitate to hurt her and quite honestly she just didn't have the strength for it. Still, she laughed inside.

The hallow point of a gun barrel was suddenly thrust up against the back of her head and she knew it would never leave until Simon said so. Almost bitterly Ellis raised her hands as she slowly stood from her sitting position; her hands hovered on either side of her head and roughly her wrists were pulled back behind her and bound. Again she never felt the gun barrel move. A gunshot she could easily take and walk away, but getting her head blown off - well those don't grow back as easy plus she was pretty partial to the state of her noggin. Ellis blinked slowly and looked back down at Marthinus as the Merc quickly shed his jump suit and helped the trembling man into it.

'I guess I came at a bad time.'
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
Simon watched as Carol and Ellis made eye contact just as the elevator doors slid close. The urge to throw up was instantaneous and inevitable, but he maintained his composure in front of the Mercs and Nova. He honestly did not know what he was doing. Protecting of all people Ellis. He mentally shook his head and tried to reassess the situation. Ellis would have to be dealt with but first Marthinus had to be returned.

'Nova,' he said looking down at his grandson, shivering as the Mercs dressed him. The welt on his chest was bright red now and looked sensitive to the touch. He could not stay here at the Domicile, not in his condition, not with his reaction to Simon and not with his pack no doubt looking for him now. The thought made him cringe. 'Take Marthinus back to town, please.'

He hoped Nova would recognize that letting Marthinus stay there would only provoke him further and possibly the werewolves. It was bad enough that he was going to have to explain why he was even out here, much less the mark on his chest now.

Simon looked over at Ellis who was standing quietly with an intrigued expression. Nodding his head the Mercs pushed her towards the elevator and retreated back down to the bowels of the Domicile. He had no idea what he was going to do with her but figuring it out now was good enough.
Nova 16 years ago
She was a little surprised, in retrospect, that the merc actually listened to her; maybe Alec or Simon had backed her up without her noticing. After all, she didn’t sign their checks and if their positions were reversed she would have told him to go fuck himself. Maybe he was just a good guy…or maybe the self help books were right and it was ‘all about confidence.’

Not that she had read any self help books. Especially not after she’d been told she had an ‘anger management problem’. What a crock of shit – she could manage her anger just fine! Sometimes you just needed to put a hole in the wall. Was that so unreasonable?

All pondering aside, she was being helpful in her way, getting Marthinus into the jumpsuit and trying to ignore everything else. She didn’t want to even look at Ellis and she was honest to god sick of just about everyone right now. It was almost a relief when Simon sent her off.

Getting to her feet, she helped Marthinus up along with her, surprised at the strength he had already recovered. Wordlessly, she led the way down the path, meeting Simon’s eyes with silent resolve before continuing on. She would trust that Simon was not about to let Ellis get away with trying to kill her; in fact, it looked as though the mercs were taking care of her now.

/ooc Marthinus and Nova out
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Sometimes irony was hilarious. Really, truly comical in its cosmic...ness. Ellis thought this as she sat on a metal chair, in a metal room with a one way mirror. Wasn't she in that same exact position almost a year and a half previous? Except for the three armed Merc's standing behind her, each with a shot gun leveled at her head.

That part she didn't recall.

Ellis turned to her right and looked at the merc who closed in to about three inches from her face. Spanish decent, tied back curly pony tail and hair lip scar on his top lip. Overall he was actually very handsome which made it that much easier to remember his face and kill him slowly. She winked at him just as the electrical seal of the door opened and Simon stepped in.

'Simon, baby really? Where's the trust?'
Simon Huntington 16 years ago
Simon stood with his hands behind his back, watching her from the opposite sides of the one way mirror. She was patient, even more so than he was, but he knew it was time to come in when she looked at one of the merc's behind her. Great, he thought, that one's dead.

'Turn the audio off.'

The two other mercs in the room both turned and looked at Simon, then at each other.

'Do I have to say it twice?'

The merc on the right of the monitoring console immediately reached up and cut the audio. Simon ran his tongue over his bottom lip and then left the console room, confident that neither merc would even dare turn the audio back on. Still, it would be recording visually so he would have to make his visit brief.

He pushed open the door and the electrical seal hissed softly. Neither of the mercs moved to acknowledge Simon, much to his pleasure, keeping their weapons aimed at her head. Still, he wanted this to be quick and private.


One by one they lowered their weapon and in a quick clip, walked out of the interrogation room. If they were unsure of this order, they did not voice it until after they closed the door behind them. Simon stood with his back to the one way mirror and crossed his arms in front of his thousand year old ex lover.

'What do you want?'
Ellis Duban 16 years ago
Ellis shrugged and crossed her legs. 'I want what every little girl wants - a pony with purple ribbons, an ice cream cake with...'

Ellis would have finished what she thought was a funny reply when Simon's hand came out of no where and back handed her so hard it felt as if her head would come off her shoulders. Immediately she gripped the arms of her chair sending icicles of pain up her damaged arm. Still, Ellis gripped the arm rests so hard they bent like straw and she began to stand up when again, much to her dismay, Simon's gun was shoved unceremoniously in between her eyes.

She lowered herself back into the chair and tried to temper the blood lust that had risen to the challenge. Her eyes blurred not only from the rage but the pain and she shook her head to clear her vision. Ellis looked Simon over with an appraising and glaring eye. He had come a long way from the man she once knew - her knight in shining armor, her completely consumed lover. He stood in front of her now, with his unwavering gun and determination.
Grimacing she tried to relax her stinging cheek muscles.

My,' she started - her voice steady and ironically laced with humor, 'what a temper you have now.'