Something old...something blue

Having one's head in the clouds could be a good thing, as long as one also had the semblance to pay attention to where one was going. In Fallon's case, it never had been very easy to remain graceful without concentrating. With Cyrus it was different. He seemed to bring out the very best in her, and she was able to move with poise around him. But left to her own devices, she either focused on where she was going and what she was doing, or she ran the risk of landing on her ass.

Stumbling out of her RAV, she managed to catch herself before she wound up on the asphalt parking lot. Weddings, and everything that went into planning them, consumed Fallon's attentions at the moment. Even when she was again on an even stride, her mind was a whirl with things she had to take care of, if she wanted to get married next month.

Valentine's Day was, without doubt, way too soon to be planning nuptials for, but Fallon had two reasons for not wanting to go beyond that date. One, she wanted to be married to Cyrus as soon as possible. She loved him with every fiber of her being, and though she didn't expect things to change between them, felt the need to 'be his', in name as well as spirit. And two, it just seemed the perfect day.

Because the wedding would be in the evening, there was no need to wait for pretty spring or summer days. And even though she and Cyrus spent a great deal of time outside, getting married in the forest just didn't seem conducive to guests who would attend. So a wedding in an enclosed structure, in the evening, seemed to lend itself to a Valentine's Day event as well.

Besides...she thought it was a cute idea.

Wandering into the library, Fallon looked for Ana. No arrangements had been made between the women, so she knew there was a good chance Ana might not even be working tonight. But going to the library to research things for the wedding had been a spur of the moment decision, and while it would be nice to have both Ana, and Aishe with her, Fallon had found both women rather scarce the past few days.

From lack of contact, Fallon guessed Aishe must have still been wrapped up in her man, and understood that completely. Yet that fact didn't stop Fallon from missing her sister.

And, but that girl seemed to have her hands full. Between all the back and forth voice messages they had left on each other's phones, Fallon had come to find out that Ana had been dating! That was all she knew though, and was dying to find out more, and gave her an added reason for coming to the library tonight.

Not seeing her friend, Fallon went in search of the magazine section, and found several on brides, and weddings. Choosing six to start with, Fallon carried them to one of the more secluded tables, not yet inhabited, and spread out her find before her. Sitting down she began going through each publication, page by page, making notes on a small pad she pulled from her purse.

Aishe 17 years ago
So wrapped up had Aishe been in her move out of the Towers, that she'd only just gotten Fallon's voicemail. It was too late to call back; she'd just head over to the library. It wasn't a very long walk from Kem's house (their house!), and she got there shortly after dark. The nights were growing short again, something she hadn't anticipated as being too big a factor in her new life, but she was going to miss being able to go out at 6 as opposed to 9. On the other hand, she guessed her snuggle-time would increase and that could only be a good thing.

Remembering the crabby librarian from her previous library visits, Aishe made her way cautiously and quietly through the library until she saw Fallon, absorbed in her wedding research. As silently as possible, trying not to disturb her friend or interrupt her note-taking, Aishe slipped into a chair opposite from her and waited for Fallon to finish.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana had seen Fallon as she entered the library, sorting returned books. She was about to go greet the 'new library patron' when another caught her attention with a passing "Miss?" Somehow Ana was able to keep the snicker from exploding when she remembered Leeloo's response of "Multipass" and instead assisted the woman.

A second, then a third patron appropriated her attention, and Ana saw in the meanwhile Fallon tossing through various magazines and then watched with a grin as Aishe joined her, unnoticed, at the table. At that exact moment Ana was walking forward, her brain telling her to turn the corner down a specific aisle; the bookshelf jumped out and decided to slide-tackle her by colliding with her shoulder. Spinning around the corner with an "Uh" Ana tripped backwards over a stepstool and landed with an "aruh!" on her posterior. Turning her head with a soft moan of pain, she saw the book the third patron had wanted.
"See? Right there. Lifestyles of the Stupidly Rich and Darwin's Messages to Them." Rolling off the stepstool Ana carefully pulled herself upright with the opposite bookshelf and limped over to the table with Aishe and Fallon.

"I'm taking a fucking break," she told herself as she gingerly settled into the remaining chair at the table.
Fallon 17 years ago
Sighing, Fallon never imagined there would be so many choices to make from, when deciding what dress she and her friends would wear in the wedding. Just about every style, and material was available, not to mention many brides no longer wore white, thus making color a choice as well. It would have been overwhelming had she not been so happy, and dedicated to deciding these things tonight. Having a focus, and being organized seemed to be helping to hold her together very well.

Therefore it was the sound coming off to the side of her that brought her back to the library, as she watched the end of Ana's helpfulness, resulting tumble, and then walk over to join her. Only then did she realize Aishe was also seated at the table, and after a quick double take, unmindful of library protocol, Fallon jumped out of her chair and around the table to hug her friends.

"You guys! Perfect timing! I've missed you both so much, and was just sitting here wishing you would show up, and help me with what appears to be yet another huge undertaking I've begun without an ounce of sense."

Hugging first Ana, then Aishe, then Ana and Aishe together, Fallon remembered where she was and blushed. Releasing the two women, she swept her hand in the air above the table, indicating the magazines, all open to various pages showing both brides dresses and those an attendant would wear.

"I hope you're both ready to push up your sleeves and help me dig in to some decisions?"

It then occurred to Fallon that she had a lot of lost time to make up with both her friends, and instead of returning to her seat on the other side of the table, pulled up another chair to place between Ana and Aishe.

"But wait...Ana, you look like you could use a break, so I'll not monopolize your free time yet. Instead both you and Aishe can tell me how your love lives are going????"

Assuming that Ana was indeed dating, and that Aishe and Kem were still a couple, Fallon didn't feel out of place in asking how her best friends were doing along those lines. Fallon also had a myriad of questions for Aishe about her recent lifestyle change, but didn't think the middle of the library was the best place for that topic.
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe grinned at Ana and shook her head at their friend after her tragic spill. She seemed all right, so a soft chuckle was in order, and an even wider grin as the distracted Fallon finally looked up and gave the expected bounce, hug, bounce-hug.

She was certainly ready to dive right in as Fallon suggested, but Fallon herself changed the topic instead, asking them about their own love lives. With another laugh, Aishe gave Fallon a sisterly little tap with her fingertip on the very tip of Fallon's nose.

"Just like the newly-engaged to want the status on everyone else's relationships," she joked. She leaned forward slightly, as if she were about to tell a big secret. "I've been busy moving," she confessed. "Kem asked me to live with him a few nights ago. Just today I finished getting everything out of Liefde and into his house."

She sat back with a satisfied nod, but her green eyes went immediately to Ana. "And you... I saw you with a handsome young man at Christams on the lake. I didn't want to interrupt you; you both looked so happy! So," she spread her hands expectantly, "spill it all!"
Montana 17 years ago
"So magical wishing is a new power of yours, then?" Ana quipped with a grin. "Look, Aishe, we've got our very own genie!" Giggling, she hugged the teacher and leaned over to hug Aishe as well.

"Congratumatations on the moving-innations!" Ana gave Aishe a gentle push against her shoulder then was taken aback when Aishe mentioned seeing her at Christmas with Joey.

"Oh, uhm, he's Joey, he's head of maintenance for The Studio, a new dance school in the city, I met him there, that was our first official date, there's not a whole lot that I want to spill in public." Stopping herself from rambling off on Joey's wonderful chocolate-brown eyes and soft skin and manly scent and nice smile and mesmerizing voice, Ana simply shrugged apologetically.

She was about to say something else - her mouth hung open - when a loud crash in the background stole her attention and thought.
"Crap. Be right back." She pushed her chair out quickly and headed off in the direction of the sound.

(( temporarily out ))
Fallon 17 years ago
"Being engaged has nothing to do with it...I'm just curious...well, no, more like down right nosy, but only because I care about you guys."

Fallon did indeed care about the two women next to her, more than any other person, save Cyrus. In that caring, of course, came the desire that they both be as happy as she was, and at the moment that included having someone to love, and be loved by.

"Ack! You've started it...the cycle has begun...pretty soon you and Kem will be planning a wedding too!" Fallon giggled and gave Aishe a soft jab with her elbow. She really had no idea if marriage was something Aishe and Kem had ever spoken of, or cared about, but it was a happy thought. Considering it was never anything she and Cyrus had considered, she knew stranger things could happen.

"And you missy? Genie...I AM sure." Fallon, still giggling but trying to be quiet about it, stuck her tongue out at Ana, and her silly notion. "Shall I put off my wedding a few months, and then all of us can march down the aisle together?"

Fallon couldn't help but see signs in Ana, similar to what she had looked like when she had first started dating Cyrus. Of course Ana had just met this 'Joey', so chances of anything that serious happening so quickly was out of the question. And there was a tiny part of Fallon that seemed a bit put off by this bit of news, but she hid it well. It was her hope that everyone would ultimately be as happy as she was. Maybe once she met Joey, she'd lose that tiny, niggling feeling.

Unfortunately before anything more could be divulged by Ana, she took off to do her job. Casting a raised eyebrow to Aishe, Fallon scooted her chair a bit closer, in a conspiratorial manner.

"Ana has a boyfriend? Joey? What does he look like? Not rich, I'd imagine if he's a head janitor, but if he has a good soul...what's money then?" Nothing Fallon remarked on, outside of the wish for world wide happiness, was said with any earnestness. Until Ana told her differently, she was regarding the news of Joey as she would anyone who had just met someone new.

"And're happy with, nevermind, you don't have to answer that, it's written all over your face."

Feeling quite emotional, Fallon cleared her throat and stopped her eyes from tearing up. She was happy...Aishe was happy, and it appeared Ana was happy, so there was no call for crying.

"Where are you living now then?"
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe smiled at Ana as she left, but she shook her head when Fallon asked her about Joey.

"He was cute," she admitted, "but aside from that I don't know... I really didn't want to disturb them. They did look rather... infatuated... with each other." She delivered her gossip in the same sort of conspiratorial tone Fallon used. Neither one of them was going to assume anything, but it wasn't wrong, or bad, for them to cross their fingers together and hope, was it?

"Naturally we'll have to give him the girlfriends' inquisition," Aishe said. "He should understand, if he's any kind of a man at all... Ana's friends are watching out for her of course!"

Aishe had simply shaken her head with a laugh at the idea that she and Kem would marry each other. Things would go where they went... Aishe was happy with it, so long as she and Kem were together. "Let's take the weddings one at a time, shall we? We can string out the fun that way. And it seems like one is enough for all of us for now!" She indicated the huge pile of books and magazines Fallon already had in front of her.

As she grabbed the closest one and leafed through the index, she answered Fallon's next question. "Kem's house is down near the ocean actually, about a five minute walk from the waterfront, almost outside of Nachton in a cute little residential area. It's very quiet."

Then she tilted her head for a moment. "Except," she considered, then decided Fallon would be a good person to tell, "I think it's haunted. Or something. I know it sounds funny, but I keep hearing voices when I'm there."
Fallon 17 years ago
Fallon really did want only a happy life for her friends, and having someone went part and parcel with that idea. Things between her and Cyrus had moved so quickly, she couldn't really ask caution of Ana. Except that Fallon felt older, and more experienced in her soul. Ana still seemed like such an innocent to her, and if there was any chance this Joey was out to hurt her, Fallon would have none of that.

Strangely there was another feeling Fallon had about Ana's new romance, but it seemed to absurd that she ignored it.

"Okay...first my wedding..." Taking another magazine, though still somewhat distracted, Fallon too started flipping through the pages.

"The ocean sounds it so quiet that you can't hear the roar of the waves from the house?" Fallon adored the home she shared with Cyrus, and loved living in the forest, but the lull of the ocean waves sounded romantic too.

"Haunted?" The words were barely audible, as Fallon responded in a whisper. Had she not also had recent issues with ghosts, she probably would have kidded Aishe away from such a notion. However, Fallon knew all to well about being hounded by spectres.

"I don't think it's funny at all. I don't hear voices...but Aishe...I see a ghost all the time." Though she had come to terms with the annoying kitten, Fallon still wished she didn't have to deal with her. Life would be perfect, had it not been for that one nagging thing.

"What kind of voices...what do they say...and have you told Kem?"

Trying to offer comfort for what she suspected was trying on her friend, Fallon tenderly rubbed the back of Aishe's shoulders, just above the back of the chair.
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe displayed a magazine page to Fallon. "Look at those flowers..."

Then she shook her head. "No, not so close we can hear the ocean, but close enough to walk there. We went the other night. It was so warm out, we just rolled up our pants and waded in. The water was chilly, but it didn't really matter."

She smiled with the memory; it had been a short walk since they'd both been frozen after their improptu run through the shallows, but a better scenario for romance Aishe could never have dreamed up herself. Cool water lapping around her knees, Kem's arms around her, a kiss warm enough to drive the chill of the water out of her mind...

She shook her head, snapping herself out of her woolgathering, and tuned in to Fallon once more. "You see a ghost?"

She nibbled at her nail. "I don't see things... that must have been scary the first time, for you. I'm sorry I wasn't there..."

Aishe broke off and offered Fallon an apologetic grimace. "I wish I had been." Torn between asking about her friend's ghost and answering her question, she did first the one then the other.

"I hear them saying things like... well... shiny. They seemed obsessed with shiny things. I've only heard them two or three times. But it seems to me like they're, I don't know, thinking about something." Giggling at the next question, she nodded. "I told him I heard something. We even looked around for anything, but we couldn't find anything. I think he's worried for me. Not only do I see funny shapes and colors, but now I hear things too. Poor man... he's stuck living with a crazy vampire!"

Smiling at Fallon she continued, "Tell me about your ghost. Maybe it's sort of similar!"

If nothing else, she would learn about what had been going on in her friend's life for the past few months. Maybe it would give her some clues about how to solve her own voice-problems.
Fallon 17 years ago
Fallon was torn. She wanted to find dresses, and cakes, and flowers, and nodded as she admired the lovely arrangement Aishe showed her, but ghosts and strange voices seemed to take precedent now.

From the smile on Aishe's face it was clear that her friend was in love, and voices or no, she was fortunate that she had Kem's support. Had it not been for Cyrus, Fallon knew for sure she'd have flipped out big time after seeing the kitten over and over again. But seeing the ghost of a kitten, and hearing random voices saying...'shiny', didn't quite seem to be similar to Fallon at all. With the exception that they could both possibly be caused by ghosts.

"More than one voice...male...female? And all they talk about are shiny things...anything chrome, or shiny jewelry..." Fallon was stumped. It wasn't her mystery to solve, but she didn't like to think of Aishe being bothered by such things...not if they bothered her the way they did Fallon. It gave her comfort to hear her friend laugh, and could only hope she either quit hearing them, or discovered the cause.

"My ghost..." Fallon sighed. Closing her magazine, but holding her finger on the page she'd been viewing, Fallon gave Aishe a sad grin. " a tiny, white kitten, and at first you'd think...'Awww, how bad can that be?'...but you see..." Fallon paused again, never at ease talking about the reason the kitten was a ghost to begin with. "...I'm pretty sure it's the ghost of a kitten I killed."

Feeling horrendous, and semi-evil now, Fallon glanced around to make sure there wasn't anyone nearby who might over hear the rest of her tale.

"Right after I was turned...I found a kitten in the parking lot of the Piazza...where I was staying. I stayed there when I first came to Nachton, and returned there when Panos let me go. make a short story less gruesome...the need for blood overcame me, and the little thing never knew what hit her."

Sadness crept into Fallon's gaze, and she found it difficult to look at Aishe. How would her friend feel, now knowing she had been so consumed by thirst that she had attacked such a poor, defenseless creature. With the life Fallon had led, she never wanted to treat any other living thing in such a way.

"And you do have the relief to know you aren't responsible for the voices. I wish I could claim the same."
Aishe 17 years ago
It didn't take a rocket scientist to determine fallon's feelings on the subject of the kitten. It also didn't take Aishe any time at all to determine how she felt about it. She reached around Fallon and hugged her friend back, resting her head on her shoulder.

"That's not your fault Fallon," she said, shaking her head. "You can hardly blame yourself for something that happened right after you were turned, when you had no information and no one to help you learn. I have been lucky. I have Chris, and I have Kem, and I haven't had to go a single night since my own creation with unanswered questions."

Still though, she was curious. "Your kitten... does it seem angry? Is it upset?" A vengeful ghost in any form would be disturbing, and Aishe hoped her friend didn't have to deal with that. Particularly Fallon, who always worried about doing the right thing and never did anything to intentionally hurt anyone.

"The voices I hear," Aishe continued, "they don't really bother me. Maybe they should upset me, but so far they just make me curious. They aren't hurting me, or anything as far as I can tell, and they seem far more concerned with mundane matters than anything else. I would like to know who - or what - they are, but I don't think any harm will come from not knowing."

She smiled to reassure Fallon. "Kem has even suggested moving, that perhaps it's the house somehow, but I don't want that. I like living there, and I know he loves the ocean."
Fallon 17 years ago
Aishe's comfort did wonders for Fallon's mood. Knowing deep inside she really hadn't had any power over the situation at the time was the logical view, but the emotional view was difficult to let go of. Relaxing against Aishe enabled Fallon to draw a bit of strength from her friend, and nodded as she heard the words which reaffirmed what she knew to be true.

"No...she doesn't seem angry at all...really, she doesn't seem anything, except there. She doesn't seem like she wants to tell me anything, other than to just remind me of what I did."

Her shoulders slumped a little, but for the most part Fallon had come to terms with the spooky cat. It wasn't like she really had any choice. And fortunately the appearances of the white kitten were fewer and farther in between these days.

"I think since I've become so wrapped up in my husband to be, and our new babies...and now the wedding, she's decided to give me a break." Shrugging her shoulders, Fallon sat up straighter again. She stopped feeling sorry for herself, and gave Aishe the support she had just exchanged with Fallon.

"That is good at least...that you aren't tormented by them. At least you know they're not haunting you for something you did. As long as they don't become so distracting to you that you have trouble with day to day...night to night living..." Fallon giggled at her faux pas, and winked at Aishe. "...then I'll not worry for you. Personally, I think if I had to listen to voices all the time I'd go mad...but you seem to have a much stronger character and inner bearing than I...I mean, just look at how good you look after having been turned so recently. You positively glow! Though I'd guess Kem has a lot to do with that too."

And more giggles were emitted from Fallon, with thoughts of ghost kittens and spectral voices now fading away.

Again nodding in understanding, Fallon did know that she would loathe moving from Ger Kogji, and was glad Aishe wouldn't let her terrors scare her away. Curiosity got the better of Fallon though, when she reopened the magazine. Promptly shutting it again, she turned seriously to Aishe, and spoke incredibly softly.

"Cyrus has told me about how as vampires we can develop special abilities...but we can also become flawed. I think I've always been able to kind of blend into the shadows...with Ted it became a life saving gift, that now seems to have strengthened, and become so easy to do. Then of course the shifting...that was surprising, but it too seems natural now...just an extension of who I am. Would you consider the voices to be a new ability...or a flaw?"
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe considered Fallon's question about flaws. "I don't know," she said honestly. "To be truthful, I don't think I'd ever consider hearing strange voices out of nowhere a special asset. It isn't as if they're speaking directly to me. I get the impression I'm simply an eavesdropper."

Fallon's description of her strengths was fascinating to Aishe. "You seem to have some useful abilities," she admitted. "So far the best I can manage is to see funny shapes and colors, and not very reliably." She hadn't had the chance to describe her sort of empathy to Fallon. Aishe was still afraid it would creep people out, so she was circumspect about who she revealed it to.

"Oh. And I can hear Kem talking in my head, and talk back to him." She whispered that part. "But that's from him... not from me, because it's been happening since before I even came to Nachton."

She grinned a little. Talking to Fallon about the various changes they'd both undergone was a bit like sharing secrets with a best friend. "I'm curious now. Shifting? What do you mean?"

Perhaps something Fallon said would help her determine why she heard odd voices. She didn't attribute her ability to cope to any particular special strength... Aishe supposed, instead, that between Kem and Chris and Pakpao, she'd started to grow used to hearing people speaking without actually speaking. The addition of new, apparently benign voices, wasn't a shocker.

The fact that it wasn't a shocker was more shocking, if she thought about it.
Fallon 17 years ago
Fallon had considered that maybe the voices Aishe heard were her flaw. It never occurred to Fallon to think that could be an asset. Then it was Fallon's own fears and paranoias speaking, and because Aishe had lived a different life, it made sense she would see those episodes differently too.

The funny colors and shapes had Fallon stumped, at first, but then an idea sprung up.

"Seeing colors...would that be like seeing a person's aura? I don't know a thing about those, and never heard of them coming in different shapes, but do you see the colors around people, or just like random flashes of light?" Having never tried any hallucinogenic drugs, Fallon also considered maybe that's what seeing colors was like, but to her knowledge Aishe wasn't into drugs, so the idea seemed absurd, and she didn't pursue it.

"Now see, communicating like that sounds wonderful, and much more useful than shifting, or even blending. How nice it would be to talk to Cyrus like that..." And a slightly wistful look crossed Fallon's face, as was want to happen these days whenever she mentioned her man. But Aishe wasn't claiming that as her own ability. "At least it's a skill he can share with you though." And Fallon's luck in learning to shift had become similar with her and Cyrus.

"Hmmm...I guess I haven't told you that yet, huh?" Fallon grinned slyly, as she remembered she hadn't seen much of Aishe since she discovered her new talent. Again lowering her voice, she leaned towards her Egyptian sister.

"To begin with, you need to know first that Cyrus can turn into a leopard...a snow leopard, to be more exact. Even better, a magnificent snow leopard." Pausing a couple seconds to gauge Aishe's reactions, Fallon continued. "As it also turns out, I can change into an animal as well, and luckily for both Cyrus and me, I change into a bobcat."

Prepared for laughter,as well as horror, Fallon left the ball in Aishe's court, to decide where she wanted to go with it.
Aishe 17 years ago
Aishe nodded in agreement with Fallon's opinion of her bond with Kem. "More than that," she said, "I can tell how he feels, and vice versa. It's just what I was afraid of when I came to Nachton, except I'm not crazy and it's not frightening. It's wonderful." She beamed at her friend.

Her reaction to Fallon's definition of shifting was one of awe. Farfetched and fantastic enough to know that Cyrus could do so, but Fallon?

"That's incredible!" Aishe said, her voice slightly louder than it probably should have been. Pressing her fingers self-consciously against her lips she considered the ramifications of such a talent. The practical scientist in her was, as usual, the first responder to the scene. "Doesn't it hurt? You're not naturally bobcat-sized," she hissed, careful now to be very quiet lest her arch-enemy librarian should decide to investigate.

"Can I see sometime?" Was the next question out of her mouth. "That's like something out of a storybook!"

Hundreds of questions sprang immediately to mind, and she fought to stay silent long enough for Fallon to answer the ones that had already popped out, bouncing a bit on the hard wooden library chair as she did so.

She felt like a schoolgirl sharing secrets all over again. Just being able to talk so candidly to Fallon was enough to have her in a fairly bubbly mood.
Fallon 17 years ago
"Isn't it just great how we've both found ourselves involved with wonderful men, and living a life neither of us could have imagined, but know is perfect for us? Not to mention...meeting you, and Ana, and all of Anantya...I have a home now Aishe...the kind of home I never believed existed beyond Disney movies."

Fallon took hold of Aishe's hands and squeezed them firmly, mimicking the bounce in her seat too. And even as she began discussing the aspects of her cat turning, she didn't lose the happy feeling that filled her.

"It is incredible, but true..." Shaking her head, she adamantly wanted Aishe to know there was no pain involved. "...and no, there's no pain anymore. It did hurt, like a sonovabitch the first several times, but I guess my vampire resiliency has taken care of that too, and now it's pretty much just a feeling like stretching...very intense stretching." And giggle followed, before Fallon got a bit serious.

"I couldn't explain any of it to you, even if my life depended on it. I might have been more curious, and researched it had I gone through the experiences alone, but having Cyrus there, and knowing he has lived with this anomaly for so long, with no bad effects, made it very easy to deal with. So I just accepted that this was the way we would live from now on, and we have."

Finding she was bouncing in time with Aishe, Fallon laughed, but caught herself before it became too boisterous.

"I'd be happy to show you...any time. I prefer changing outside...Cyrus and I love to run in our forest, and even sleep outside sometimes." Some slightly risque memories flitted through Fallon's mind just then, causing a slight pink flush to color her cheeks. "But I can change in a closet if I need to."
Joey 17 years ago
Joey had just finished with work and was supposed to pick up Ana after her shift so they could grab some dinner. They were still having trouble getting together regularly, so he made it a point to pick her up a couple times a week and get take out with her. It wasn't glamorous or romantic, but it was time together.

He'd changed from his work clothes into a pair of faded blue jeans with the right knee blown, a green "save the whales, sink the boats" t-shirt. There was a slight chill in the air, but nothing worth bothering with a coat for. This weather had been weird. he shrugged and pulled open the door to the library. Invariably he found Ana near the back of the place so he headed that way. He didn't see her, what he saw was two women whispering madly about something. A few more paces and he'd be able to hear, not that he cared, but truth was truth. Sighing resignedly, he approached them.

"'Scuse me. I was wondering if you'd seen Ana? Cute little librarian here, brown hair, glasses?"

He made a gesture with his hand at about Ana height, touched his hair and then the corner of his eye as he spoke.
Aishe 17 years ago
Even though the last time she'd seen him he had been farther away and definitely more focused on Ana than anything else, Aishe recognized the man her friend had been with at the Winter Festival. A wide, knowing smile graced her lips as she turned to him fully and said, "Aha. You must be Joey."

Her conversation with Fallon would have to wait a few moments, exciting thought it was. They certainly couldn't discuss such things as changing into cats and hearing voices now. It would be much safer for them to do so in a less public place, anyway.

"Ana had to step away for a moment but she said she'd be right back," Aishe continued to the cutie in front of them. "You're welcome to join us if you want to wait for her. I'm Aishe, and this is Fallon. We're her friends."

All the better to grill you, she thought as she indicated one of the many chairs around the large wooden table. Not that she didn't think Joey would pass with flying colors, but that's what girlfriends were for, wasn't it?
Joey 17 years ago
Joey lifted an eyebrow at the dark haired beauty. 'How did she...ah." He'd heard a bit about Aishe and Fallon, though when Ana said Aishe's name it sounded more like Ace than what this woman said. So he figured that was either Ana's accent or a personal nickname/joke. He held out his hand to first Aishe then Fallon.

"Yes I'm Joey. Ana's told me about the pair of you."

He gave them his best, 'See I'm just a harmless little puppy' smile and took a chair at the table across from them. "So is this the part where you ask me penetrating questions while I squirm in my seat and hope I pass the Girlfriend Test? I'm told that all serious relationships must pass the gee-tee in order to go the long haul."

He waggled his eyebrows and grinned again. "In all seriousness, it's really nice to meet you both. Ana holds you both in high regard and I have been wanting to meet you."
Fallon 17 years ago
Only slightly annoyed at the interruption, Fallon looked up at the tall man before them, and smiled timidly. Expecting the man to ask directions or something, she was a little surprised to hear him ask about Ana, and even more surprised to find he was her new boyfriend.

As Aishe introduced them, Fallon took the moments to study the man. Aside from being quite tall, she ceded he was a slightly rough way, and seemed well enough mannered. Certainly not Fallon's type, but if Ana liked him then that was what mattered.

"Hello." She offered, not exactly happy he was sitting down with her and Aishe, but not about to say anything contrary.