Seeing you again (attn. Ezekiel)

Standing outside of the cafe where they had their first drink together Aly brushed the wrinkles out of her clothes (even though there weren't any), pushing open the door to the cafe her hands trembled, scanning her suroundings she noticed him right away, his big form sitting at a table close to the entrance, his blue eyes locking on hers the moment she entered.

He stood up as she walked over to his table, a tense look on his face as he waited for her to join him, cluthing her purse in her hands to hide the trembling she walked towards him.

"Hi.. thanks for meeting me on such a short notice"

Taking a seat she gestured for him to do the same, she could tell he was nervous, how would he react to the news she had to tell him, would he be angry at her for hiding, for not telling him right away.. as a waitress came to their table they both ordered their drinks, as she left Aly took a deep breath.

"How have you been?"

Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel sighed.

He had caught her scent long before Alyshia had opened the door, and it had sent his head into a tail spin. It had been the same in her workplace, in the deli. The same scent, but no sign of her. No whisper. Until a telephone call out of the blue. After so many months.

Of course he hadn't forgotten her. The painting was of Joey's cousin, but it could easily have passed for Alyshia.

Ezekiel lifted his head and stared at Alyshia thoughtfully.

"Truthfully. I been better. Four steel gallon drums got my hand prints all over them."

Ezekiel managed a slight smile.

"Course they all deserved it. But, it's good to see you Aly..Alyshia. As you say, its certainly been a while."

Ezekiel placed his hands on the table and exhaled slowly. Weren't easy being here in her presence. He'd almost forgotten how intoxicating she was. And he couldn't face her if she told him it was someone else that drove a wedge between them. He hoped it was anything but that.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Clutching her purse on her lap Aly bit her bottom lip, looking back up at him she studied her face for a moment, he had missed her and he didn't sound mad.. not mad.. maybe a little mad? he did beat up all those drums.. yikes..

"I guess I owe you an explination.. first let me say I'm sorry, sorry for disappearing like that, sorry for letting you stand out in the cold"

Looking down at her hands she released her purse as her knuckles had gone white from holding on to it so tightly.

"I got scared Zeke, scared of what I was feeling for you, scared of the longing to be with you, it grew so strong.. I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, all I could think of was you and it scared me to death, I needed to know that what I was feeling was real, that it was more then just a strong attraction to you, that I was ready for all of this"

As the waitress returned with their drinks she paused, fidgiting in her seat she took a deep breath, nodding her head slightly as the waitress walked away, turning back to him she met his intense stare, it was like he was trying to figure all of it out, like he was trying to crawl inside her head.

"At first I just stayed in my room, each time you called me I wanted to pick up, tell you how I felt, but I couldn't, then you came to work, I was right there, watching you, but I was too scared to see you, too scared of my own reaction to you, does this make any sense? it's almost like an obsession, you're under my skin and I can't get you out.. tell me how to handle this.. cause now I realize I can't be without you Zeke, I don't want to be without you anymore.

The last words came out as a whisper and the tears she had be holding back the whole time fall down her cheeks, she had told herself she wouldn't cry, she would be strong and brave, but seeing him like this made all the walls crumble to pieces.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel reached out with his hands and caught the tears that trickled down Alyshia's face. He cupped his fingers around each side of her jaw and cheek.

He had been prepared to argue with her, fight with her, not to have her cry in front of him without any provocation. But he didn't want Alyshia to be scared of him.

Ezekiel stared at her. Part of him was still upset by the way he had been poorly done by, but he cared too much about Alyshia and everyone deserved to be heard out.

"I can't tell you how to feel Aly. If you truly have feelings for me then I'm glad. Cause you know how I feels 'bout you. You like a ray of sunshine in the morning, just waiting to greet the fella that opens the window and lets it in. I won't begrudge you for wanting to hide away, though you got to know it put a mighty hurting on me."

Ezekiel sighed wistfully as he felt the warm tears on his fingers.

"I can't stays mad at you. I done my brooding and my raging. I forgive you if you forgive me. I don't mean to be scarey. I hopes you can forgive me that."

He smiled at her hopefully.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Turning her head when he cupped her face in his big hands, Aly closed her eyes for a moment, letting the hot tears wet his hands as she took a shuddering breath of air, looking back at him her big blue eyes shone with tears and her love for him.

"It's not you i'm scared of, it's me and what i'm feeling for you, I've never been in love before Zeke, I've never felt anything even close to what I'm feeling for you and it's scary and it's wonderful at the same time"

Smiling faintly at him calling her a ray of sunshine she put her hands over his softly stroking his skin with her thumbs, his words went right to her heart, he forgave her and he still wanted her, it was as if a giant weight had been lifted of her shoulders.

"There is nothing to forgive, all that matters is that I'm sure I want to be with you no matter what, I want you Zeke, all of you if you still have me"

Pressing a soft kiss to the inside of his hand she smiled, the drinks they'd ordered were getting cold but it didn't matter, all she could see or want was him and the rest could fall to pieces around them.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel almost shivered as he felt her warm fingers on his large hands. He'd missed her touch. And he was too much of a soft touch to be grouchy and mad at a woman. Not just any woman. His woman. That thought sounded good and he grinned. Honestly, how could he say no to her?

"That's about the silliest question I ever heard, Aly." Ezekiel chuckled and winked at her. "I mean what fella is gonna refuse to be seen with the prettiest woman in town. Sweet on the outside and a sweetheart on the inside. What's done is done. You said your peace. I said mine. As far as I'm concerned, we're peachy."

Ezekiel wiped away the tears from Alyshia's eyes and held her hands in his own.

"Just promise me if you ever get scared again, you tell me. I get scared plenty, believe it or not, and it helps to share it with someone."

Ezekiel thought of his clanmate Joey and the picture he had thoughtfully gotten him.

"Now I'd shift over there and give you a big old hug, but I swear this her table would come off of the floor if I tried to stand right now."

Ezekiel whistled softly. "Maybe later, I reckon a hug would be mighty fine indeed."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Her smile brigthened at his words, the urge to fling her arms around him and hug him like there was no tomorrow grew stronger till it took her all her willpower to stay in her seat.

"Just promise me if you ever get scared again, you tell me. I get scared plenty, believe it or not, and it helps to share it with someone."

"I promise, from now on i'll share all my most inner darkest feelings with you"

Giggling she winked at him, his next words made her squeel and jump out of her chair right into his lap making the chair he was in fall back with a loud tud making him land flat on his back with a very excited Aly on top of him giggling like mad, the people in the cafe were looking at them and laughing at the silly blonde girl and the big giant who were laying on the floor hugging eachother tight.

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Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel grinned as he tickled Alyshia and then rolled to one side. He scooped her up effortlessly in one arm and set the chair back in its proper place with the other.

Alyshia squirmed and wriggled in his grip, a rather undignified sight that made a few of the customers blush and others choke on their coffee. Ezekiel ignored the jabbing in his side and managed to pull out a twenty and hand it to the startled waitress.

Ezekiel scratched his head and looked apologetic.

"For the coffee. I'll take this little muffin to go."

Alyshia squeaked at being called a muffin but could do little as Ezekiel held her tightly and strode towards the exit.

Just you wait till I get you in my cab."

Ezekiel laughed as he passed through the door and into the carpark where his Rig was parked.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Did he just call her a muffin? what was she a tasty treat? O wait.. she was.. giggling in his grip she poked him in the rips with her long nails she looked up at him her big eyes twinkling with excitement.

Waving to the waitress and the other customers in the cafe she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her out the door and strode towards his rig, she could have known a big guy like him would drive a big truck, waiting for him to open the door she slipped inside and waited for him to join her, the moment his big frame slipped inside she found herself pushed against the seat with him kissing her till she couldn't breath, still she didn't let go, instead she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as desparetly.

A soft growl rumbled inside of Ezekiel as they kissed, answering him with a soft mewl she bit down on his bottom lip, pulling back in need of air they looked at eachother her cheecks flushed from the intense kissing.

"Hi again.. I liked this seeing you again much better"

Leaning in she placed a butterfly kiss on his cheeck, bracing herself on his shoulders she pushed up so she was sitting on her knees.

"So now that you have me in your cab.. whatever will you do with me"

Giving him a toothy grin she turned her face to an almost angelic innocence (it was a good thing the little horns on top of her head weren't showing to ruin the image)
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel kissed Alyshia and grinned.

"Take a look Aly. The Lambchop Express comes complete with deluxe accomodations."

Ezekiel pulled back a curtain to reveal the back end of the rig. A large bed with wallset televison, media centre and a fridge. Beneath the bed were drawers, on the left wall a mirror and on the right some clothes hooks.

"They don't call us long haul drivers for nothing."

Alyshia clapped her hands together in glee and tried to pull Ezekiel's hand back towards the bed. Ezekiel spun her around and pulled her close.

"Enough time for that later, sweetheart. Take a seat and we'll go for a drive. See what it's like to be king of the road and bigger than all other vehicles on the road."

Alyshia smiled and jumped into the passenger seat.

The Porkchop Express started with a thundering roar of diesel injected fury and Ezekiel ran his fingers through his hair. He eased his pride and joy out of the parking lot and winked at Alyshia.
Alyshia 17 years ago
As she was given the tour of the rig Aly's eyes widened at what was inside of the huge truck, she had never seen the inside of one of them and was truely amazed at how comfy and homey it looked, smiling at Zeke as he offered to take her for a ride she crawled next to him as he started up the engine.

The monsterous truck shook beneath them as Ezekiel pulled out of the parking spot he was in and headed into town, looking out of the window she was amazed at what she could see, being only 5" tall means you miss the high stuff, she was sure being as tall as Zeke was he didn't have that problem, smiling she pulled her legs up so she was sitting in a lotus postion while looking at the scenery the moved alongside them as they pointed things out to eachother as they drove.

"Did you have anywere special in mind or are we just going for a casual drive through Nachton?"

Looking at him questionally she admired his driving skills, it had to be hard to manage a big truck like this, it was nothing like her little car which fit in all the parking spaces.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel grinned at Alyisha.

"Well I gotta take the ole Lambchop Express in for a tune up today. That's a truck stop outside of town. We go head on that there, they got a bar that serves half decent food, but the company is a bit rough and ready."

Alyshia gave Ezekiel a questioning look.

"Truckers, bikers and mechanics. And hookers. Real classy joint."

Alyshia elbowed Ezekiel in the ribs and pouted at him.

"Hey, what was that for."

Alyshia smiled.

"Not exactly what I had in mind. And it hardly sounds like a place for "your sweetheart.""

Ezekiel rubbed his chin and looked sheepish.

"True. But who's going to mess with a beautiful creature like you when this here brute is standing right next to you."

Ezekiel laughed softly.

"Asides, I was thinking you might like to roam around town in the Lambchop for a bit first. We can go anywhere you want."
Alyshia 17 years ago
So they could go anywhere she wanted, hmm where to go.. chewing on her bottomlip she glanced over at him.

"I'm not sure, I've been around town but never seen it from this point of view, just drive around for a while till it's time to go for the tune up and besides i've never met a hooker before"

Grinning at him she poked his side making him laugh, they drove around in silence for a while just enjoing eachothers company, they would make remarks about the things they saw, laughing and joking till it was time to go for the tune up, as Zeke parked the truck and helped her hop out of it she looked around, she felt greatly out of place in a place like this, all the men were looking at her making her blush, holding onto Zeke as he talked to the garage owner, as one of the men made a remark about why Zeke has brought his little sister she felt like hiding behind him.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel's ears picked up the offhand remark. Tasteless, just like the oversized grease monkey in oil stained overalls who leered at Alyshia like a dog sizing up a bitch in heat.

Ezekiel was tempted to ram his fist down the man's throat, but Alyshia held his hand tight and wanted to leave the garage and head for the bar and makeshift diner. Ezekiel smiled at her, and began to walk when another comment made him drop Alyshia's hand and swing around, steamed.

"Kissing cousins? Real funny. Are yer fists as fast as your tongue, or are both dipped in oil all day."

The mechanic turned an ugly shade of red and clenched his fists together as he strode over to Ezekiel with a large wrench in his hands.

The man was a good foot shorter than Ezekiel but his neck and shoulders were as thick as a bull, and his chest as wide as one too.

"You mind repeating that, friend?"

Ezekiel shrugged. "You got oil between your ears as well, grease monkey?"

The wrench stopped in middair as the head mechanic grabbed the hand.

"Ain't no fighting in my garage. Joe's garage ain't no pissing pen. You wanna make a scene you do it out back. Hell, we might as well have us some entertainment. The wagering kind."

Ezekiel suppressed a smile. Joe was looking to make a quick buck out of a short fight. And the way he sized up Ezekiel could only mean that he was hoping the trucker would take down his loud mouthed mechanic a notch or two.

"Fine by me, Thomas ain't afraid of no hillbilly and his little 'cousin.'"

Ezekiel had to hold Alyshia to stop her from delivering a well aimed kick between the man's leg.

"Set it up Joe. I'll be out back in a few."

Joe rubbed his hands together eagerly and wondered off, shouting at the truckers, hookers and bikers in the driveway and around the outside of the bar.

Ezekiel waited until Joe was engrossed in taking bets, and Thomas had left the garage.

"Er, sorry about that Alyshia. Folks tend to forget their manners out here. But I reckon I can make up for that by whupping this fella Thomas and earning a fair commission for it. But it's up to you. I won't do nothing without your approval."

Ezekiel scratched his head.

"er... or disapproval."
Alyshia 17 years ago
She was shaking with rage, how DARE these people talk to them like that, she was ready to kick some ass herself, she might be tiny but that didn't mean she could hurt these guys good, feeling Zeke holding her back was a good thing or she would have kicked this guy Thomas in the croch and they were going to make it a gambling bet.. she didn't like gambling much but she was 100% that Ezekiel could tone this guy down a notch or two.

"It's ok.. you go show this guy that you know how to protect your woman"

Winking at him she planted a kiss on his hand, normally she hated fights but in this case she was all for it, for one it was about her and this guy insulting not only her bu Zeke too and it seemed that the owner of the garage was approving the whole thing so who was she to object.. feeling the eyes of all the people around on her she pulled Zeke down so that he was facing her, giving him a passionate kiss that showed them she wasn't his little sis she smirked, walking out back swaying her hips from side to side she winked at Zeke over her shoulder.

"Lets do this"

Walking over to where Thomas was standing she stuck her tongue out at him (very mature NOT but she didn't care), feeling Zeke standing next to her he gave her another long kiss before walking over to the grease monkey, nodding at Joe, Aly told him that they were ready, placing her money on Zeke she folded her arms and grinned, this was going to be interesting.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel removed his jacket and handed it to Alyshia. He cracked his neck to the side and stretched out his arms.

"What's the odds?" he said to Joey.

"5 to 1 against you. Thomas was a Golden Gloves boxing champion. He looks like a prize bull and he hits like a wild one."

Ezekiel nodded and glanced over at the mechanic. He had pulled his overalls down and tied them around his waist. A grimy white t-shirt could do little to hide the fact that the man was in excellent shape.

Alyshia laughed softly as Ezekiel grinned and handed her his wallet.

"Five hundred on me, Joey. What sort of odds you giving if I can take him down in less than a minute."

Joey pursed his lips for a moment and shook his head. "10 to 1 against. Thomas has never been knocked out, let along knocked down. But I'll take your bet just the same."

Ezekiel watched as Joey scurried off and began touting amongst the gathered crowd again. Some bet on him, most bet on Thomas. Obviously he was a local favorite. It never changed. Always a dirt ring to be found at places like this.

Joey scampered back after a few minutes and ushered Thomas and Ezekiel into the middle of the crowd that had formed a circle around them.

"Rules. Only two. No weapons. No killing. Other than that you're free to wail on each other. Winner is the last one standing."

Thomas merely grunted and spat to one side when Ezekiel offered him his hand.

Ezekiel shrugged. So much for sportsmanship.

Joey raised an oily rag in his hand.
"You gets to fighting when this hits the ground."

Thomas leant forward and threw his weight behind his left hand as he went for the cross. Ezekiel didn't even bother to dodge it. There was a sharp crack and Ezekiel's head slowly turned to the right.

Thomas grunted in pain. He felt like he just hit a cement bag. He followed up with two quick jabs and another cross to the head. Ezekiel let them land without apparent effect.

Thomas circled warily around Ezekiel, his fists stinging. Ezekiel smiled.
"My turn, you useless sack of shit."

Ezekiel stepped forward and with his hands reached out and pulled Thomas' face down. At the same time he drove his knee up into his stomach. Thomas was lifted off the ground by the force of the blow and he staggered backwards, eyes steaming.

The crowd caught him and pushed Thomas forward.

"Sweet dreams."

Ezekiel grabbed the dazed Thomas with one hand and rammed his elbow into his face. Thomas' cry was muted as he fell to the ground and twitched. Ezekiel kicked dirt in the moaning man's face and strode over to Alyshia.


"20 seconds to spare." Alyshia said clamly, a wry smile on her face.

Joey cursed.

"I hope you got the greenbacks to cover, Joey. If there's one thing I hate worse than liars, it's thieves."

Ezekiel took his jacket, placed his hand in Alyshia's and walked through the silent crowd towards the bar entrance.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Bitting her bottom lip as she watched the fight Aly stood to the side, people were cheering and howling towards the men standing in the middle, she didn't have a doubt in her mind that Ezekiel would win, but she still felt a slight nervousness, a sudden uneasy feeling in the pit of er stomach, the wolf inside of her stired restlesly letting her know that if it came to the worst she would be at his back and call.

Holding onto his jacket she smirked as the fight was over in a couple of minutes, jumping into Zeke's arms she flung her arms around his neck pressing a firm kiss to his lips, as he put his jacket back on and took her hand she threw a smug look at the owner of the shop.

"Nice meeting you"

Giggling he and Zeke walked towards the bar, she was getting a bit hungry, some coffee and bacon would be nice maybe a steak, watching the fight had awakend her instincts and that always made her long for bloody meat, licking her lip she walked towards an empty table, taking a seat she smiled at Zeke as he took the seat facing her.

"My hero, I knew you would win, now lets eat fighting makes me hungry"

Giving him a toothy grin she turned as a waitress stopped next to their table, ordering them both some coffee and two barely cooked steaks she took Zeke's hand in her own, this day was becoming one hell of an adventure.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel took his time savoring the rare steak, while he literally wolfed down the eggs, fried green tomatoes, and side of grits that it came with.

He lovingly cut each portion of steak and chewed on it with satisfaction.

"I feel like a god with you around, Aly. And I don't mean no disrespect to the big God."

Alyshia cut in. "I'm quite certain that she understands."

Ezekiel laughed as he raised his mug of coffee.
"Aye, I bet she does. And speaking of bets I smell money."

Joey looked distinctly uncomfortable as he placed a large pile of bills on the table between Alyshia and Ezekiel. And both knew why, it wasn't quite the full amount that both of them had figured on getting.

Ezekiel eyed up Joey, but the old man was shifting about, trying to avoid his gaze.

"I'm sorry Ezekiel, I can't quite cover the money you is owed."

Alyshia sipped quietly at her coffee and said nothing.

Ezekiel put his knife and fork down and pushed the money towards Alyshia.
"This was for her anyways Joey. You boys finish tinkering around on the Lambchop and fixing her up, and we'll call it even."

Joey sounded relieved as he scratched his head. "I reckon that'll be swell Ezekiel. That lughead Thomas may be sore, but he won't skimp on his working on account of a swelled head."

Ezekiel laughed. "There's always one, Joey. Just now folks around here are gonna remember that this little lady has a fella that don't take kindly to insults."

Joey thanked Ezekiel, nodded respectfully at Alyshia and then shuffled his way on out of the dining area.

Ezekiel picked up his fork and stabbed it into a piece of steak.

Alyshia shook her head in mock despair as she looked at the pile of money in front of her.
"You can't buy my love, Ezekiel, but you can try."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Finshing their food they chatted quietly, letting their hands touch now and then and smiling the whole time,the people in the cafe watching them could clearly see that these two only had eyes for eachother, the waitresses behind the counter ooohed and ahhhhed at the cuteness as they fed eachother from their plates, saying how such a huge man could have such a petite girlfriend and how clear it was that they were deeply in love.

Blushin a little at the remarks they payed the bill and left the cafe, heading back to Joey's garage the picked up the Rig which was done by now, Thomas was nowhere to be seen which Aly didn't mind at all, as they walked back to the rig she wrapped her arm around Zeke's waist.

"So... wanna go spend some of that money? or did you have other plans for me"

Grinning she pulled his arm till he leaned down to kiss her, lifting her from the ground he walked them back to the rig, using one arm to hold her up he opened the door for her helping her inside, getting in on the other side she looked at him questionally.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel plonked himself in the drivers seat and turned the keys over. The mighty diesel engine roared to life and he eased the Lambchop out of the garage.

"Money's all your, Aly. If you wanna go shopping we can do that. Or would you rather go somewhere nice and quiet like and.."

Ezekiel leaned over to Alyshia and whispered what was on his mind. She blushed for a moment and then smiled at the suggestion.

"Can't you keep your mind above the waistline?" she mock scolded him.

Ezekiel grinned.
"Hell, no. Not with a pretty creature like you around. Up to you Aly, what would you like to do?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
Leaning into his body she pondered on what to do with the time they had, option #1, stay in the rig and make out for hours (and more), option #2, take him shopping, buy something sexy and then make out for hours.. what was a girl to do in a situation such a this? well.. shop of course!

"I could use some new clothes, lets go spend some money, swing by work we could find something nice for the both of us"

Placing a chaste kiss on his cheek she huddled closer to him, placing a small hand on his thigh as he pulled out of the parking lot, she knew better then to tease a man while driving, but being as petite as she was and him being as big a guy as he was gave room to all kinds of options, moving underneath his arms as he held on to the steering wheel she maneuvered her body so that she was sitting in his lap facing him, he didn't have a problem watching the road as she barely made it to his chin.

Chatting and placing a kiss here and there they passed the time till he reached the parking lot near the store, pulling in Zeke parked the rig, not waiting for him to help her out she made her way outside, gracefully jumping out of the high passengers side and landing as if this was something she did on a daily basis.

Taking hold of his hand they walked over to the stare, saying hello to her co workers they began to look at the clothes, finding a cute little outfit she went in search for some sweaters in his size which wasn't the easiest thing to do, finding a couple of dressy shirts and pullovers and another pair of jeans and a bustier for her the finished their shopping, as Zeke insisted on carrying the bags the exited the store, content and almost in a bubbly mood (if a guy like Zeke could ever be bubbly )

"So... want to go somewhere more private so i can model these outfits for you? or did you have something else in store for today?"