Seeing you again (attn. Ezekiel)

Standing outside of the cafe where they had their first drink together Aly brushed the wrinkles out of her clothes (even though there weren't any), pushing open the door to the cafe her hands trembled, scanning her suroundings she noticed him right away, his big form sitting at a table close to the entrance, his blue eyes locking on hers the moment she entered.

He stood up as she walked over to his table, a tense look on his face as he waited for her to join him, cluthing her purse in her hands to hide the trembling she walked towards him.

"Hi.. thanks for meeting me on such a short notice"

Taking a seat she gestured for him to do the same, she could tell he was nervous, how would he react to the news she had to tell him, would he be angry at her for hiding, for not telling him right away.. as a waitress came to their table they both ordered their drinks, as she left Aly took a deep breath.

"How have you been?"

Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel grinned as Alyshia leaned against him and smiled. He didn't bother putting the keys in the ignition, but calmly reached up and flicked on an overhead light.

Alyshia looked at him questioningly as Ezekiel shifted about the cab. She laughed softly as he pulled down thick shutters across the windscreen and both passenger windows. They were effectively screened from the outside world and Ezekiel made his way to the back on the cab and sprawled out on the large bed.

"Well now, Aly. I reckon I might be persuaded to watch you model them's fancy new clothing you got in the bags."

Ezekiel lay on his side and winked at her.

"And I'm afraid there's no changing room in here, so you'll just have to make the best you can do."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Giggling softly as Zeke lay down on the bed she took hold of the bags which held the garments she had purchased.

"So a fashionshow? hmm I can do that"

Whinking back she turned so she was facing away from him showing him nothing but her backside, tugging her top over her head exposing her bare back and lacy bra, wiggling out of her jeans she bent forward giving him a perfect few of her round rump.

"So what should I try on first? the dress? skirt?"

Turning around she smiled innocently at him, picking up the dress she slowly slid it down her body, making a little twirl she was glad she was a tiny person, there wasn't that much space in the rig, enough to move freely but not to do big twirls.

Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel coughed as he watched Alyshia bend forward, revealing her perfectly rounded posterior. And he felt somewhat flustered as she slipped into the dress and and twirled around. Alyshia winked at Ezekiel and he almost bit his tongue. He had forgotten how intoxicating she could be.

Alyshia slowly eased her way out of the skirt and leaned forward, exposing her ample cleavage to Ezekiel as she reached for the skirt. She smiled shyly at him and batted her eyelids, enjoying the discomfort she was making Ezekiel feel.

Ezekiel whistled softly. A wide grin was plastered on his face.

"Forget the skirt, Aly. Why don't ya come on over here and show me just how much you missed me."
Alyshia 17 years ago
She couldn't hold back the grin that threatened to spread across her face at his words, dropping the garments she was holding, walking over to him she sat down on the bed, leaning in to kiss his cheek she smiled against his face as she spoke barely above a whisper.

"I won't show you how much I've missed you my love, I will make you feel it"

Using both her weight and strength she pushed so that he was flat on his back, straddling his hips she pressed her body up against his, their pubic area's meeting as she rocked her body back and forth, the friction created made them both groan, reaching for the front claps of her bra she let the lace garment fall away from her body, her big blue eyes never leaving his as she let her hands trail down her torso till they reached his body, there was enough room for him to move and remove his shirt, licking her lips she moved at her fast speed, crushing her lips against his.

Showing him how much she had missed him was the understatement of the year, she yearned for him, every fiber in her body had been screaming for her mate, how foolish she had been to deny herself this man, feeling him near her like this only made that more obvious.

Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel opened his mouth to Alyshia as she crushed her lips against his. Her tongue darted after his as she playfully bit on his lower lip. He could feel her fingers moving deftly now, unbuckling the belt on his jeans and quickly working on the buttons.

Ezekiel kicked off his boots and raised his hips as Alyshia pulled down his jeans and boxers, using her legs to push them down to his ankles. He cupped his hands around her firm buttocks, kneading them as he hooked his fingers through the lacy undergarment and pulled it down. He groaned softly as Alyshia pushed herself up against him, rubbing him as she ran her hands over his chest and twisted his nipples till they stood erect.

Alyshia tugged on Ezekiel's lower lip as she pulled back and smiled at him. Leaning forward she braced her hands above Ezekiel's head and pushed her breasts invitingly down towards him. He needed no encouragement to reach up and begin gently sucking on each nipple and circling his tongue around each breast. She gasped as he gripped her buttocks tight and rubbed her back and forth against him. Alyshia shivered at his touch and arched her back to met his caressing tongue.

Ezekiel was hardening now, his body responding rapidly to the touch of Alyshia's body as he moved her back and forth, pushing her legs apart as he held her. Ezekiel bit softly on Alyshia's breast and grinned as Alyshia let out a soft moan. Gods, he had missed her. And now he wanted her worse than ever. Did that make him greedy, desperate or both? No, it was something other than lust and base desire. He wanted her to be his, like she wanted him to be hers. Ezekiel swallowed down the implication of what that would entail. A ring? A ceremony? Or a new scar? Ezekiel shivered in spite of himself. That could wait. Right now there were two beautiful orbs waiting to be licked and stroked.
Alyshia 17 years ago
By the Gods what was this man doing to her body and another good question, how could she get the both of them naked within the next minute without breaking down the rig? feeling his mouth on her breasts was driving her crazy with want and need, she knew from their previous love making at the cabin that Zeke had great stamina but then so had she.

Moving backwards she breathed hard, grinning at him she reached for his shoes, taking them off together with his socks, reaching for his pants she helped him wiggle out of them, which wasn't an easy task on the small bunk, removing the last few garments on both their bodies they were soon as naked as the day they were born, looking at each other for a moment they both smiled, moving back into his arms they shared a soft kiss.

Ezekiel whispering soft words into her ear as they lay there together, they would make love, have sex even but at that very moment they just needed to be with one another like this, skin to skin, touching and feeling, sharing sweet kisses and exploring what they both missed so much.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel wrapped his arms lovingly around Alyshia, embracing her against his body, just holding her. He could feel the warmth of her flesh against his, the trembling of her breasts, and the crashing beat of her heart. The familiar scent of hers inflamed his senses and aroused his passion, his love for her. He would have been content to just hold Alyshia and gently plant kisses on her delicate lips.

He felt joy rushing through his body, the thrill of having his beloved back made Ezekiel heady as he ran his hands down her spine and over her curves. She smiled at him, her blue eyes gazed into his with lust and longing. Alyshia whispered to Ezekiel, causing him to shiver in spite of himself. She ran her fingers through his short cropped hair and pulled herself upwards so that his face was directly below hers.

Ezekiel placed his hands on Alyshia's hips as he reached up and pressed his lips against hers. He felt her teeth tug at his bottom lip and she growled softly, calling to him. The answer came from his stomach and rolled through his chest. A guttural, primal sound that escaped Ezekiel's lips as he pushed Alyshia down. Alyshia's eyes narrowed as she felt his touch and she let out a sharp cry as he entered her.

Ezekiel groaned and gripped Alyshia tightly as she slowly slid down on him. Her nails bit into his shoulders and she brought them forward, raking his chest as she took the length of him. She didn't break the hardened skin, or even bruise it. But he certainly felt it. Alyshia tightened her hold on his chest and arched her neck back as she began to move back and forth.

Alyshia 17 years ago
Moving on top of him at a slow pace Aly closed her eyes tightly, the feeling of him inside of her was beyond anything she could describe with words, being filled, stretched so fully made her feel more alive then she had ever felt, arching her back she flexed her inner muscles, groaning as she felt him slide in deeper as the pace quickened.

Opening her eyes back up she smiled down at him, leaning down to capture his lips for a soft but passionate kiss, his hands moving across her body touching her, taking in as much of her as was possible, words were shared between them, letting the other person know how good it felt, how much they had missed this.

Using his chest for leverage she pushed herself back further as she picked up the speed, riding him for all it was worth, waves of orgasmic bliss moving through her body as she reached her peek, she knew he was far from coming but then women were the lucky ones when it came to multiple orgasms during love making, resting her head on his chest she felt his big hands on her back and head as he stroked her hair while she tried to get her breathing under control, lifting her head she grinned at him.

"Ready for round two?"

Placing her hands on his face she kissed him deeply, they were far from done.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel chuckled as he caught the sly look in Alyshia's eye.

"And I thought it was us Kadzait's who were bred for stamina and endurance."

Alyshia ran a slender finger over the outline of Ezekiel's face. His skin was damp, and the sweat easily came off as she flicked his chin.

"Oh really? You have a lot to learn about the Vyusher R'asa. Here let me teach you."

Alyshia rested her head on Ezekiel's chest as she reached down and began to stroke his flagging manhood, gently caressing him with her fingers. He began to respond slowly to her touch and Ezekiel coughed slightly as he she wrapped her hand around him and began to draw upwards along his length, encouraging his arousal.

No fair," Ezekiel strained to speak as he ran his hands down Alyshia's back and over her buttocks.

Alyshia snickered and gripped him tighter. She stared up at Ezekiel's face.
"The R'asa play to win, little man. Think you can handle that?"

Ezekiel growled softly. "Little man? Sound's like someone's hankering for a spankering."

Alyshia gently bit on his right nipple. "You're welcome to try."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Making love to Ezekiel was like nothing Aly had ever done in her life, true she had been a virgin when they had met, but she had never imagined that sex could be like this, when she was with him she let go of all her inhibitions, she turned into a vixen, a sexkitten who talked dirty, rode her man till they both screamed out in ecstasy. the slow pace they had going right now was driving the both of them mad with desire, each time she moved down Zeke would trust up, his length moving deliciously inside of her with each move she made, her voice was barley above a whisper as she spoke to him, her skin was covered in a fine sheet of sweat making it glow with each move she made.

"You do realize that i'm never letting you are you, you are mine as much as I am yours, forever"

Leaning down to kiss him she sped up her movements, she felt him shudder beneath her, knowing his release was close she moved even faster, she needed to feel him come inside of her, to fill her, to claim her as his all over again.

Her feral side was taking over, growling softly she bit down on his neck as wave after wave of pleasure moved through her body, whimpering as Zeke squeezed her behind to bring her even closer to him.

His big hands moved across her skin, she was sure she would have bruises later, but she didn't care, all that mattered was him and her, lifting her head she looked down at him. his eyes were closed, his face holding so much passion and concentration it was making her feel weak inside, she could sense the emotions moving inside of her, he was her mate, this was the man she wanted to be with from this point on till the moment she let out her last breath.