Decorating the Tree (SA Supporters ONLY)

In the pavilion at the long table full of decorations, those who have provided the Nachton Children's Foundation with a donation are welcome to make their own ornament. Put it in the pool and receive a numbered ticket, and at the end of the night all the decorations will be randomly redistributed to everyone who has participated!

((ooc: This is a mini art exchange! Each character in this thread must contribute an ornament in the form of a 60x60 button. You may have multiple characters contribute, as long as each makes and contirbutes his or her own original 60x60 button. Buttons must be submitted to Aishe by December 23rd, at which point your character will receive a numbered "ticket." On December 24th, buttons will be handed out to everyone who contributed. You will be given the name of the person who designed your button, but only for crediting purposes; unless one character expressly tells you that they made the ornament in a RP'ed setting, your character will not know whose ornament they've been given.

Feel free to RP in this thread if you are an SA supporter. Make sure, as with the rest of the Festival, that you are in this thread and no other in the event. Any character who enters, however long or short, will be considered a contributer and will be expected to make a button! ))

Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Ever since she had read about this event days ago, Amberelle had been gathering up cash from her 'meals' and various other unsavory individuals she ran across and had a very generous donation. Amby loved kids, that was one of the losses with her 'change' that had saddened her the most. So she took the opportunity to help them out however she could. And taking money from punks and thugs was a good motivation to get her out and hunting. It had been a win-win for everyone. "Well.. except the crooks," she giggled to herself.

Waiting line line with a few others, she pulled her mahogany leather jacket tighter around her. The snug fitting ribbed chocolate cashmere turtleneck she had worn was warm but it was still very cool outside to her Southern blood. Her faded black pencil jeans were tucked into her boots, which were keeping her feet warm at least. Amby happily gave her rather generous donation to the sweet woman working the pavillion, who resembled a rosy cheeked Mrs. Claus. The blonde was caught by suprise at the woman's warm hug and simply nodded as she rambled on hers and the childrens' thanks.

Settling down in an empty spot, the young Creole glanced about and sighed softly. The holidays were certainly meant to be spent with your loved ones and family. Unfortunately that wasn't possible for her. Suddenly incredibly homesick for her siblings and cousins, she sniffled a little. Tightening her jaw and squashing the negative thoughts she began gathering together the items she needed.
Nyra 17 years ago
Nyra was chilled but not frozen, which was a good thing. Her nose was probably bright red and shiney in the brightly lit night air but it didnt matter. What did matter was the beautiful tree before her, just begging to be clothed in the most beautiful of decorations. Stepping up to the older woman who took donations, Nyra smiled brightly and handed over her donation. It was not an overly large amount and she vowed to send a larger donation soon as she could. But even with this small portion she was welcomed warmly into the woman's greatful hug and thanked profusely. It was such a little thing really. Everyone could chip in just a portion they could spare. People probably lost more money in the dryer each year than this donation.

Silencing the commercial in her head she made her way to the crafting tables, gently running her hand over the items on the table. Her gloves had come off earlier and gotten jammed into her pockets of the coat she wore. Ploping her jean clad rear onto a bench she looked at the offerings before picking several. Figuritively pushing up her sleeves she started to put items together to get an idea of how she wanted to proceed.

Since Connie was supposed to meet her here she ploped her backpack down on the bench beside her and fussed for a moment over a pretty burgandy colored ribbon and creamy velvet one. Deciding on both she also pick a plastic sphere that could be snapped apart before rummaging through her bag for the craft goods she had brought from home.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana walked mitten-in-glove with Joey over to the tree decorating area. She wasn't feeling very creative at the moment - maybe it got sucked out of her via her lips? - but she would try her best. The array of ribbons, beads, little metal fragments (filed and smooth of course) glass bits, tinsel, pine branch pieces... Combinations could be endless, and the table almost seemed to be.

Looking up at Joey, she commented,
"Somehow I think your's'll be miles better than mine, but I'll try my best. Hot chocolate first, though, so at least I have something safe to warm my hands with." She winked and quickly turned away, hoping he wouldn't detect the instant flush that ran from the line of her hair and further south.
Joey 17 years ago
Joey looked at the array of beads and glitter with some trepidation, they were not his customary trade tools and he thought they might be a bit out of his league.

"Happy to oblige, Ana"

He wanted to call her baby again, but wasn't sure if that would be acceptable or not so he stuck with her name. Though he had a hard time keeping emotion out of the word, a very hard time. They walked over to the refreshments table and Joey was pleased to find muffins, candy canes and gingerbread men. He asked for a muffin and a mulled cider while Ana ordered her hot chocolate. He followed her to one of the tables and sat in the chair closest to the one she chose.

"Not hungry?"

They'd met after dinner time, so he assumed she had eaten, he certainly had, a growing were needed his regular meals.

"Speaking of hungry, what should we have for breakfast in the morning."

Joey was going to assume that they were spending the day together, and hopefully all of this night so he would continue on that way, unless of course she told him differently. He hoped with all his being that she didn't.
Montana 17 years ago
"No, not really, I had a late lunch at work - alright, I ate before I left work, since I never got an actual lunch break - but I'd let you know if I couldn't survive another moment without a bite." She grinned and wrapped her bemittened hands around the mug of cocoa.

"As far as tomorrow, well it depends. Will you be cooking or will I? Because if I cook, we're having scrapple and eggs over easy, toast, oh-jay, maybe some donuts if you feel like driving out to Krispy Kreme or Dunkin', though I make a mean panfried steak if you wanted steak and eggs." The mere thought of such a rich meal in the morning of Christmas made her mouth begin to salivate; flicking her mitten off under the table she reached across the corner and plucked a morsel of muffin and popped it into her mouth, smiling winningly all the time.
Joey 17 years ago
"That sounds great, but...What's scrapple?"

He pulled the paper off the muffin and broke it in half, he took a large bite out of one half, chewed a couple of times and swallowed, chasing it with a gulp of hot cider.

"But I'll cook. If you don't mind stopping at the store on the way to your place. We can get eggs, sausage, biscuits, bacon and milk, flour and butter if you don't have them, and I'll make my famous biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs. I don't do sweets for breakfast, drains my energy for the rest of the day."

He pushed the other half of her muffin closer to her after she took a small bit of it, then popped the rest of the first half into his mouth.
Montana 17 years ago
"Scrapple is... How can I explain this." Overlapping her top lip over the bottom, she gently blew across the surface of her hot chocolate. "You know how all the parts of a pig are used? Like, ham and bacon and hot dogs and so on and so forth? Well, scrapple is made from everything that is left over. I prefer it sliced thick, fried, then I dig a little hole in it and plop my over-easy eggs in the center and mush it all up together. Sometimes even put that glop on toast. Or have it seperate, on toast with ketchup and pickle. Mmm mm! Yummy. Making my mouth water."

Ana nibbled on the cinnamon-scented muffin - and even got an oral explosion of applegasm - and dared ask a question of her own, "What's sausage gra..." Her eyes widened as half the muffin disappeared into his mouth. "Nice. Don't choke. Sausage gravy?"
Joey 17 years ago
He took another gulp of cider and washed down the muffin, then offered Ana a grin. "That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of. I'm going to pass if you don't mind and won't take offense."

He took another sip of the cider, this time actually tasting it. It was perfect, just like his uncle use to make back home.

"Sausage gravy is country gravy, you know the white kind, with cooked crumbled sausage in it. You cook the sausage first then spoon it onto a paper towel lined plate, then use part of the sausage drippings to make a rue with flour and a little pat of butter, then you whisk in milk until it's nice and soupy, then you add back the sausage and you cook it until the gravy thickens. I usually add a little pepper in there too. The you put it on top of hot split buttermilk biscuits, and serve it with scrambled eggs and fried bacon."

He looked down at the remainder of his muffin then back over at the table. "I think I'm going to get another one of those muffins. Be right back."

He stood and half jogged over to the table and asked for two more of the apple muffins and took them back to the table. He put one in front of Ana and the other he peeled the paper from and split in half.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana tried to imagine the concoction Joey described. "If it is as famous as you say, then I suppose I shall have to try it, even if I cannot imagine what it may taste like. Though I don't recall ever having been a real big fan of anything white that is soupy and creamy. Let alone chunky."

Ana took the muffin Joey set in front of her, watched him split his muffin top to bottom through the vertical middle, and simply mimed popping the hard top off her own muffin's bottom. "Sometimes you learn the easy way," she said with a wink, "especially when you're trying to not make a mess." Ana leaned forward and brushed her mitten across Joey's scarf, knocking a few crumbs loose onto the table or his arm. Brushing his arm, she flicked off her mitten and actually broke her muffin the way she'd indicated. Setting the muffin top upside down on a napkin, she unwrapped the bottom half and broke it carefully into pieces. One small morsel was placed daintily in her mouth.
Joey 17 years ago
He chuckled at her description of sausage gravy, it had been a staple in his home growing up and he hoped she would like it. "Fair enough. And if you don't like it then I'll make you an omelet that'll curl your toes."

He was about to put the last half of muffin into his mouth when her hand touched his chest. Technically she touched his scarf which was on top of his black leather jacket which covered a navy blue fisherman's sweater, which covered a navy blue t-shirt, but it felt like she'd just rubbed her hand against his bare flesh. It sent a small shiver down his spine that was quickly chased by another when she touched his arm. He had absolutely no idea how he was going to make it through this night and as many as she needed until she was in his arms.

He realized then that he had no idea how she felt about sex and if she was even willing to engage in the activity or if like many other things in her life it had never come up. That shocked him for a moment as well, what if his sweet little Ana was a virgin. He pushed that thought away, there was just no way it was possible, not in this day and age.

"I don't think I was going for the neatness prize that go round."

He watched as she dissected her muffin and put a tiny bit into her mouth. In difference to her, he broke his remaining half, in half and put the smaller portion into his mouth, though crumbs were not prevented all together, and gave her a grin.
Nyra 17 years ago
Plucking the craft store dove from her backpack she returned her attention to the sphere in front of her. With deft hands she separated the two sides and made a nest out of a yellow ribbon in half of one. Working carefully she positioned her bird of peace facing away from the seems and snapped the plastic back together. The velvet ribbon she picked earlier was glued to the seem to seal and cover it completely. Then she attached the cream ribbon to the top to make a bow and loop to hang it on the tree with.

Smiling happily she let her work dry in front of her and watched people from her seat. There were several other crafters working on their ornaments, both those young and old. A grandfather helped his grandson place an ornament on the lower branches of the tree. A couple nibbled on muffins at a table near the snacks and a couple of teen girls giggled while using lots of glitter.

It was such a beautiful night and event. Nyra could hardly wait for Connie to arrive.
Montana 17 years ago
"Omelets curl toes? Sounds almost as gross as stepping on grapes to make wine." Ana had watched some dating show within the last few weeks where a woman had taken her boyfriend grapesquashing. It gave her the squicks the whole time. She almost shivered from the sheer grotesqueness of it just remembering it.

Joey mentioned not going for the neatness prize as she consumed another morsel, held neatly between her fingertips.
"This may be so, but at least you've learned that just because one's mouth could possibly fit a whole cow, doesn't mean one can't just put in a fingerful's worth." She winked at him, a shiver going through her neck and down her spine as she remembered just how soft the lips attached to that mouth felt against her own.

"After we're done snacking, did you want to start decorating? Or being nosy and seeing what other people have come up with?"
Connie 17 years ago
Connie bonked her forehead against the pole of a light not far from the tree decorating ceremony. Three hours. Three hours! Three hours it had taken her, with over seven visited stores and nine further phone calls to find a store that carried a winter jacket that had NO animal products - faux or otherwise - before finally finding something that was comfortable, looked good, and wouldn't offend Nyra's vegan sensibilities.

The raven-haired vampire had chosen, finally, a long, black cashmere coat. Black jeans and a white cami tank under a black cashmere cardigan were the only things that protected her from the elements of the night.

When a passing policeman stopped and looked at her funny, she smiled at him and stepped onto the path to walk to the main tree area.

When she found Nyra, her lover was sitting on a bench, alone but for her backpack and a lap's worth of decorating supplies. Connie approached the the snack table, picked up a pair of mugs of mulled cider, and circled back around to squat at Nyra's side, watching her creative motions intently. Using her telekinesis to set up a 'catch zone' in case Nyra dumped her creation, Connie whispered carefully,
"Sorry I'm late, sweetie."
Joey 17 years ago
Joey chuckled and popped the remainder of his muffin in his mouth. They were really good muffins, but eating in small bites was not a trait he had come wired with. "Thank you for the lesson, Ana, dear."

He returned her wink, then looked about him, first at the tree and then the table covered with craft items.

"I think I'd like to decorate and then nose around. If I do it the opposite way I may steal someone else's idea, because frankly crafting is not my strong suit."

He finished off the rest of his cider and began to clean up his little space, tucking the trash into the cup.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana knew he was humoring her, even if he hadn't actually popped half the muffin into his face. She stuck her tongue out at him, holding it between her teeth so it wouldn't rest much on her lip. Rolling her eyes and giggling, she finished her own and drank her cocoa while he watched in relative silence.

Except his note about what they might do after snacking.
"If crafting isn't your strong suit, I'd hate to see what you put on your resume for Wren."

Gathering her own trash in her napkin, she dumped it in the container nearby, and picking up a small handful of snow wiped out her mug. She carried it over to the snack table where she attempted to return it, but was told by the woman there it was a complimentary collectible. "It is?" Confused, she looked down and saw a sign. 'All mugs are complimentary collectibles. Please enjoy with the Spirit of the Season.' The woman laughed at her and said, "When you two came up the sign hadn't been finished. Go on dear, have a good time."

"Thank you! Happy Holidays to you!" She grabbed another handful of napkins and tucked them into the mug, after which she stared at it stupidly for a half a heartbeat and carefully tucked the mug that read 'Nachton Holiday Festival, 2006' into her pocket. Returning after a moment to Joey, she asked, "S'next? S'go! S'lowpoke!" She giggled and held out her hand to him to stand.
Joey 17 years ago
Chuckling he took Ana's hand and stood up, he'd watched her tuck the mug into her pocket, so he tossed his trash and followed suit. It would be a nice souvenir of his first date with Ana. Hand in hand they moved to the ornament table area and Joey pulled out his wallet with his free hand, and reluctantly took his other from Ana's grasp. He pulled a few bills from the wallet and looked up into the familiar smiling face of one of the Foundation workers. Joey did some repair work for them when their regular maintainance guy couldn't make it. They had a toilet that was in bad need of replacement, but since they didn't have the funds, he babied it along for them.

Joey wasn't destitute, but he wasn't a rich man either, so his donation was not as big as he'd like it to be. However he accepted the exuberant hug his three twenties had earned him as happily as he would if he'd given ten times that amount. He placed an "aunt kiss" on the blonde woman's cheek and took a step back.

He gave Ana a moment to go through the same procedure, then they found a place to sit, they were just down from a female couple, one blonde and one raven haired. The dark haired woman was crouching next to the other and their mannerisms showed an intimacy that spoke of more than friendship, and Joey was happy for them.

He wasn't sure how homosexuality was looked upon in the Pack, but he doubted it was a very acceptable thing as it rather hindered the whole make babies thing. But he himself was in love and so found happiness for other couples that appeared to enjoy that state of being as well.

Taking his eyes from the couple, he turned them to the bits and bobs at hand and saw several sheets of craft foam and an idea popped into his head. With a quick peck to Ana's cheek he began to gather things toward him. He kissed her because he knew he'd not being paying her much attention for a little while as his muse took over and helped him create. As he pulled glue, ribbon and glitter close he smiled at Ana.

"Any ideas?"
Montana 17 years ago
Ana felt a bit of surprise well up when Joey took a trio of twenties from his wallet and handed it over to the donation women. She giggled when the woman practically attacked him, hugging him and thanking him. She unzipped her coat a bit and reached into an internal pocket and pulled out a check she'd made up beforehand... It wasn't much, only fifty dollars, but the crazyhappy hug given her by that same blonde woman made her blush with pleasure.

She followed Joey's gaze to peek briefly at the two women together on the bench down from theirs. She was struck momentarily by their contrasting appearances; one dark haired, the other light. One wearing all black, the other lighter colors. Pointed observation, and artistic osmosis. She leaned up to whisper in Joey's ear,
"Interesting, the contrast between them, no? Darkness and light. Yin and yang. I wonder how they make it work."

He gave her a kiss on the cheek, his lips cool but warm against her cold but now warming with a flush of heat at the contact. "Not so much of an idea, no..." She looked at the few creative items she could see on the end of the table. Something prodded her to make something of herself in the ornament... Especially since other attendees might get it. And though they might not know her... They might get a little holiday joy from whatever she might make, so why not put more than just her creativity into it, but some of her personality as well? "But a pretty good inkling. You stay here, I'll be back shortly."

Ana got up and went back to the snack table and asked for half a cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup. She then went over to the decoration table and picked up two blank white sheets of paper and a pair of scissors. Returning to the bench with Joey, she crumpled one up and stuffed it into the coffee cup.
Joey 17 years ago
"Sure thing."

Joey watched her walk away. even in the bundled up state of her body she had a nice bottom and he found he liked watching her. She returned shortly and began to shove paper into a cup full of coffee. With a quirk of his eye brown he gave her a smile then returned to his own project. He snagged a pair of scissors, and began to cut his sheets of green foam into eight squares per sheet. Then each square was glued one on top of the other. When he'd gotten all twenty-four pieces glued together he set it aside and began to measure ribbon against it.

He laid the ribbon flat and began to paint it with glue, getting his fingers covered in the sticky white stuff in the process, then covered the glue with gold glitter. As the green square and the red ribbon dried, he took some larger red ribbon and began to make a bow.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Humming softly while she worked, Amberelle had found an internally silvered globe and begun applying washes of paint to create an irridecent blue. Fussing with it for far longer than it really needed, the vampire finally forced herself to put down her paintbrushes. She began to gently blow on it and wave her hand to get it to dry. Taking that opportunity to do a little more people watching, she let her golden eyes wander around the crafting area. Grandparents lovingly helping young children, young couples sharing a tender moment, a pair of siblings arguing over some trinket while their Mom scolded them in hushed tones. It was like a scene from a Christmas movie with all the love in the air and family around. It brought a lump to the homesick Anantya's throat.

Clearing the mist from her eyes with a few hard blinks, she continued to look around. One couple seemed naggingly familiar and Amby focused on them for a moment. Almost unable to place the cute, smiling face it finally came to her. 'Ahh.. the artist Nyra Mac.. Mc.. something..' The two paintings that hung in the Creole's suite, and had inspired their decor, were by her. 'And I lost her number.. I should get it again so I can find out about a commission..' Noticing the woman crouched beside her and the intimacy of her body language, Amberelle quickly decided that maybe now wasn't the best time. 'I'm sure the gallery would get me in touch with her. Now here's hoping I remember to call them!' She chuckled to herself.

Shivvering suddenly, the blonde decided now would be a good time for something warm and tasty. Gingerly setting her shimmery cerulean ball down, she brushed her hands off and stood. Taking a moment, she rocked onto the balls of her feet and stretched her long legs while popping her neck side to side before she carefully stepped away from the craft table. Deciding a hot chocolate would be the perfect thing to chase away the evening's chill, at least for a little while, she made her way to the concession area.
Montana 17 years ago
Ana looked at her coffee-soaked spitball and wanted to take it out to let it dry, but didn't have anywhere to put the coffee... She didn't want to dump it for fear of it freezing and killing some poor old woman who might slip on it. So instead, pursing her lips and shivering from her neck to her toe in pre-imagined disgust, Ana took the now-cool cup of coffee and downed it, the paper ball inside tickling her nose. She coughed lightly and her head twitched; the coffee was okay but seemed to have a funky aftertaste from the paper. Taking the paper out of the cup she shook it out and lay it on the back of the bench to dry. "Remind me to make sure this doesn't freeze," she said, then hopped up, went back to the snack table again and came back with a handful of paper towels. Carefully blotting the crumpled paper, she set the paper towels aside and handed an extra to Joey for his fingers, before folding her remaining paper carefully in a V shape.