White Sleigh (Rules Within)

A brilliant white team of horses toss their heads as small puffs of steam issue from their noses. Their driver checks their harness and then climbs back upon the sleigh, inviting you aboard for an hour-long ride through the park and preserve. The tumbled hay is inviting and soft, and as the horses move off in perfectly matched stride, the bells on their breastplates jingle airily with a high pitched tinkling sound. Muffled hoofbeats and the shoosh of the sleigh's runners are the only sounds as the crowd of guests disappears behind you and you're carried in the warm hay through the preserve.

((ooc: On this thread, feel free to RP as you like; however, in this thread every character's post must end with a question to another character. With the exception of the first person to post in the thread, every character must answer any question (or questions, in case you're asked by more than one other player) put to him/her before they can continue posting.))

Ysabel 17 years ago
"Of course it's not a trick question," Ysabel responded with a soft laugh. "I just thought I would make the offer, if you decided you wanted something more festive."

She had, of course, decorated Ambrose's apartment for Christmas. No tree; the place was just too small for one, but she had brought out many of her family's old traditional things. Silver candlesticks, a pair of nutcrackers, a hanging dove over the window. In a fit of mischief she'd hung mistletoe over the doorway, and had discovered the first time she'd pointed it out to Ambrose that apparently where he'd grown up, mistletoe led to far more than kissing.

There was mistletoe over the bedroom door as well, now.

If she didn't know better she'd have said her gruff lover was in a holiday spirit. But she knew better. Of course Ambrose was just humoring her. Of course!

The sleigh had moved off with its passengers now, having loaded on another few couples and two or three children. As they slipped into the woods with a ringing of bells, Ysabel felt a few flakes of snow drift down from the sky and settle upon her lashes and nose.

"Now this is perfect for setting the Christmas mood, isn't it?"
Montana 17 years ago
"I'm quite warm, thank you Joey," Ana replied, her mind appending 'Thanks to the hot chocolate, and your arm around me, and your kisses...' But she simply smiled. She wondered if she'd be able to say, anytime soon, the things that percolated into her head now and then when he talked to her, in almost the same way she could say anything to Fallon.

She blinked furiously at the flash in her eyes, unfortunately magnified by her glasses, and hoped the picture would come out alright, without any glare.
"How long does it take you to paint, say, a two by three foot canvas?"
Joey 17 years ago
"that depends on what I'm painting and the technique I use. It can take anywhere from a few hours to weeks." He had a canvas in his room that he'd been working on for almost a month now. It was a depiction of the Long Run as seem from his window. He planned to give it to the Pack for Christmas. It just needed some final touches, like a frame. He would take care of that when he got home and present it to the Alpha before new year's.

"I like to paint landscapes so they can get really complicated."

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and inhaled the apply scent of her shampoo. She felt right in his arms and so he held her just a little closer.

"Would you like to see some of them sometime?"
Montana 17 years ago
"I think I would, yes," Ana replied, "And maybe even watch you in action some time. Visual artistry is not a talent I have, and while I'm not envious of those who have it," she said with a nudge to Joey's midsection, "I do admire it."

She thought she felt pressure on her head - was it a kiss? - and leaned back into Joey's arms. She pulled them around her belly and folded her be-mittened hands on his. "Do you show them in galleries, or do you hoard them?"
Joey 17 years ago
"A little from collumn A and a little for collumn B. I have some that I can't make myself sell and some that I refuse to part with. I've given some away, sold some over the internet, I still do that, and now I have some space in a gallery on the Strip. I'll take you there to see some paintings, he currently has my best stuff."

He played with the ends of hair that hung down past her cap and was unsatisfied with the motion. he tugged off the glove and tried again, much more pleased with the result. Her hair was silky and fun to play with so he did just that for a little while.

The question sprang to his lips unbidden and though he was a bit embarrassed by them he was happy he'd said them. "Ana? May I kiss you again?"
Montana 17 years ago
"Not yet, no," Ana reluctantly replied, cheeks pink and hot, the woman across from her staring while the evil elbow boy sat on her lap.

Each stroke of Joey's artistic fingertips through her hair, against her neck and scalp, sent little thrills down her arms and spine. He stopped when she declined the kiss, but then picked back up slowly.

Turning her head, she wiggled in his arms just enough to look up at him out of the side of her glasses.
"Do you really think it's a good idea to corrupt the minors on this ride?"
Joey 17 years ago
"It will be good for them." He gave her a mischievous little grin. "Every child needs to see adults being affectionate, especially their parents. If they never see it they won't know it is natural. So I figure we should educate the little boy with sharp elbows."

He didn't expect her to kiss him, but he had needed to relieve some of the tension her gentle rebuff had caused. He used humor in stressful situations and now was no different. When she returned his smile, he decided it was time to change the subject.

"What would you like to do when our romantic sleigh ride is over?"
Montana 17 years ago
"Elbow education sounds like a good idea to me," she replied, in honest answer of his question, and turned her head to lean up and softly pressed her lips against his. The sparklies returned, the warm thrill in her rekindled, and before he could get too insistent, she backed away with a demure smile.

"We're not his parents, though, but you do have a point." Reaching with a free hand, she touched her mitten-finger to the tip of his nose and made a "beep" sound, "Not just the one on the end of your nose."

A question filtered through the back of her mind, one she was reluctant to allow past her lips because truthfully... The answer to it scared her witless. She tried to force her brain to rework it, to twist it around to the same end, and yet make it not sound as blatant as it had originally been brewed. "Do you want to stop at your place for peejays on the way home?"
Joey 17 years ago
Still chuckling from her nose beep, he replied with out thinking.

"I don't sleep in peejays"

His smile died and his cheeks pinked just a little at the words that had just come from his mouth. He hadn't meant to tell her she slept nude, but there it was. Time to try and pry his foot from his mouth.

"We can go to the Target instead of just a corner store for groceries and I can get something there. I don't mind my boxers and t-shirt. Which ever would make you more comfortable."

He began to stroke her hair again, it soothed his embarrassed nerves, and made him feel a little less like a dork.

"I could get some of those silly "Don't Open 'Til Christmas" ones. Would you like that?"
Montana 17 years ago
"Wouldn't that be too cliche'? You know how I hate cliche'," Ana joked, beeping his nose again.

Her mind imagined Joey in the tee and boxers he mentioned - in a big red shirt that read 'All I want for Christmas is' with a graphic of a hand pointing at a picture of her! - and some kind of cute Christmasy wrapping-paper-like boxer shorts. When her mind's camera panned back up, the tee was gone replaced by bare chest...

Ana shook her head and shivered, and suddenly was pelted by snowballs arcing in over the sides of the sleigh. Brushing her chest and legs off with a cry of,
"Hey!" she looked around and had just barely focused on the kids launching the missiles before whipping her head aside to dodge one, catching the 'splash' of its impact with Joey's chest on her face and glasses.

"Are you going to sit there and watch, or are you going to help me stock up on ammo?"
Joey 17 years ago
"Oof." Was the only answer he had for her, when the projectile hit him in the chest. He scraped the snow off his chest and added it to the small ball forming in Ana's hand. He shook some from his hat and brushed a bit off the hay next to him.

He steadied her as she stood to aim, and laughed when the tiny snowball fell short of the fleeing culprits. Joey watched them until they disappeared among the trees, sadly he'd never be able to pick them out of a crowd or recognize their faces on the street.

"Someone should tackle those kids and tickle them until they pee. You don't go throwing snowballs at beautiful women."

He brushed some left over flakes from her chestnut locks with a grin.

"What an interesting turn of events. Let's hope the rest of this ride is much more sedate." He seemed to be asking it a lot, but he needed to be sure she was unharmed... "Are you alright?"
Montana 17 years ago
"Just peachy," she said, partially sarcastic, partially serious, as she wiggled her shoulders to try to dislodge the lump of snow that seemed to make it under her scarf and into her jacket.

"What can I say, I'm out of practice. I throw like a girl." With a shrug, she settled back down in Joey's arms before a voice caught her attention. She turned to her neighbor, the young girl who requested assistance, and gently brushed her shoulders of snow before turning back to Joey. "At the risk of creating my own hypocrisy, do you really want to spread yellow snow?"
Nicholae 17 years ago
"Oddly, out of all the places I've been, Ireland is one I was only in once, and that was really just a quick train ride through. However, had I known it bred such fine lasses as yourself, I would have rectified that years ago."

Nic's response was slightly flip, but honest. He was honest by nature, even if on occasion he had to bend the truth some, mostly to survive. It was that honesty that precluded him from giving her the answer she needed about their 'relationship'.

Since meeting her, he had done little else but think about her, and his home life, so he was sure he wanted to be with her for sometime to come. There was still so much about her he hadn't seen, and wanted to get to know about. But besides that, she was one of the very few people he could recall feeling both easy and relaxed around, while excited and anxious. It was just all around enjoyable being with her, and she had just admitted she felt pretty much the same, so he'd be crazy to think of doing anything but building on what they had already started.

The problem was, and yes, there always seemed to be one, could he make it last? Could he be enough for her, and vice versa...beyond the initial 'honeymoon' phase of their...relationship?

The touch of her fingers on his chest was too distracting, and Nic almost stilled her hand. When he realized what he was about to do, and how he would have rather returned her touches, he knew it was time to get less cozy. The diversion of being together in public, where he didn't have the ability to just strip her and make love, was something he needed to prolong. It was better for the 'relationship', if they...he...took things slower.

Given the opportunity to get off the sleigh, when it stopped again for new passengers, Nic albeit reluctantly, set Livia away, and stood.

"What say we try our hand...or feet...at ice skating...for a while anyway, just to see what it's all about?"

Where Nic had spent his childhood, snow and ice wasn't seen, and though he'd been on ice skates several years ago, he couldn't even remember if he had been able to use them. It could be fun, he mused, if he could manage not to spend all his time on his ass.

A hand down to his beautiful lady, who he hoped wouldn't be terribly disappointed in the change of venues.

"Would you mind much?"

(out pending acceptance of outting by Livia)
Ambrose 17 years ago
“Too much snow.”

Was Ambrose’s only answer. Belle knew this was his first ‘real’ white Christmas. He’d never lived further east than western Texas and never further north than San Francisco. Snow therefore was still a bit of a novelty even after living more than a century.

He gently brushed a few flakes from her lashes and nose. With Ambrose though that lead to a kiss, and not a light proper one either. Who the hell cared about the others in the sleigh they were all wrapped up in their dates, not that an audience would have stopped him, but at least they wouldn’t draw –too- much attention.

Snow ball shrapnel landed on his head and slid down his back. He’d been much more agreeably engaged and he half roared as he demand an answer from the whole sleigh. He didn't at all like beng interupted.

“What in hell’s name was that?”
Joey 17 years ago
"No not really, it's just the principle of the matter." He gave her a toothy smile, but a shout from across the sleigh had his head jerking up. "Snow ball assassins. Did they get you?"

He put his hand to his shoulder and pretended to talk into a walkie-talkie "Man down! Man down!"

He laughed and gave the guy a wave. He seemed awfully pissed at a little snow ball attack, but then he'd been rather lost in the eyes of his companion. Joey had sympathy for the man, but there was no need to frighten the little kids, well except for Sharp-Elbows. Wrapping his arms back around his date, he pulled Ana close and placed another kiss atop her hatted head.

"I think he over reacted a little. All that does is make the little creeps want to come back and do it again."

Ana's apple scented hair got caught in a breeze and a few strands got caught on his face. He gently pushed them back into place and stroked the length of her hair.

"We should lighten the mood. Do you sing? We could start up some carols. Want to?"
Ysabel 17 years ago
"A run-by-snowballing, it would seem," Ysabel responded softly as she laughed and brushed snow off of Ambrose's neck and shoulders. "But it makes you looks distinguished."

She leaned in and gently kissed the side of his neck. Ysabel hadn't expected him to get quite so... intimate, while in the company of others, but it was dark and for once she didn't withdraw, although she would have preferred a more private setting for such things.

She was tempted to give in to the urge to do as a few other were doing and make use of the loose snow in the sleigh for retaliation, but that would have been unladylike... and she had always been taught never to sink to someone else's level. However, could she be blamed if the few shapes in the distance were providing too lovely a target?

A little thought was all it took... Ysabel's eyes were far better in the dark than they were in the daytime, and she peered into the dark at the small, retreating figures of someone's wayward children. Shrieks of mischievous laughter turned into yelps of surprise as a branch overhead shuddered and deposited a large pile of snow upon the group from above.

Ysabel gave a little satisfied smile and snugged back up.

"And don't for an instant try to convince me that had you had any snow where you lived as a child, you wouldn't have done the same just now." She eyed Ambrose with prim expectance, knowing he couldn't deny that, one eyebrow raised. "Can you blame them for having a little fun?"
Montana 17 years ago
"I do sing, but not in public," she said, remembering traipsing around the living room earlier while getting dressed, singing 'Winter Wonderland' very badly, and blushed with 'I don't want to' embarassment. "You can, I'll just hum or whisper quietly."

She saw Joey wave to a man on the other side of the sleigh, and saw a couple that looked quite familiar. In fact, she remembered seeing both of them not too long ago at Fallon and Cyrus' party. She heard what she thought was surprised shouts, and saw a little smirk on the woman's face. Wiggling her foot to get her attention. she gave her a quick 'thumb's up' and smiled before returning her attention to Joey.

Grinning, she said,
"Do you mind if we avoid 'Winter Wonderland' and 'Sleigh Ride' and instead go for Jingle Bells?"
Livia 17 years ago
"Ice skating sounds fun. I would like to try it and dont mind at all."

Livia noted the line to ascend the sleigh and it was indeed time to disembark. Several children were preparing to climb aboard and that would, in her mind, hamper the romantic moment they were having. She was loathe to share his company with anyone really for too long. With his assistance, she rose from the straw as gracefully as possible and dusted off her backside before shaking out her skirt.

The skating looked like fun but as she had not attempted the sport in a very very long time she worried slightly. Spying a bundled person attempting to stand on skates did not bolster her confidence either.

"You will catch me when I fall right?"

((Livia out with Nic))
Joey 17 years ago
"Never fear, only Jingle Bells here."

Joey laughed, it was not a sound of derisiveness, but of pure amusement. He was not much of a singer himself, but that had never stopped him before, not at Christmas anyway.

"I don't think it matters if you can sing or not. I remember some movie I watched that said "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." So the louder the better, right?"
Montana 17 years ago
"Of course, if you're a caterwauling siren. I'll be the dullard hiding my voice behind my scarf, thanks," Ana replied, momentarily chagrined. She never was a fan of her singing voice. She almost made Roseanne look like Beyonce, at that one baseball game back in the Nineties.

Casting her thoughts about, she furiously tried to devise a way out of singing. Or at least, singing loudly enough to be heard. When her gaze lit upon the children in the sleigh, she commented,
"Wouldn't it be great if we could get the kids to start the first verse for us? Help us along, try to get into the spirit?"