Shay who?

As was becoming somewhat of a ritual, Shay slipped from bed, and padded barefoot into
her kitchen. Removing a bag of blood from the refrigerator, she sat it on a towel that
was folded on the counter. Yawning, then stretching, she walked to the bathroom, and
turned on the shower. The gnawing in her stomach was also becoming familiar, but
thankfully not near as impatient as it had been those first few days.

Once the water was the correct temperature, Shay slipped under the forceful spray, and
began to bathe. She had yet to buy much in the way of clothing, and having no need of
modesty, slept nude. It was not only practical, but economical cutting down on the need
for laundry as well.

As she lathered up her skin and hair, she again gave some attention to thinking about
what had transpired over the past few days. Each morning she hoped she might glimpse a
small bit of her past, and each morning she was disappointed. But each disappointment
seemed less and less so, as she got used to the fact that until she awoke on the couch
at Ginnies, she just hadn't existed. At least not as she now was.

Her mood wasn't one of sadness though. Things were as they were, and doing less than
accepting her life would accomplish nothing but to make her life less than what it was.
Since it was about as void as it could be now, she didn't want that.

As she began toweling off, Shay shook her head, and those thoughts away. It was hard
not to think about such things, but being practical seemed important to her. So, when
she found her mind wandering she made herself refocus on things that she felt would be
more beneficial to her, and her life now.

Running a comb through her wet hair, pulling snarl after snarl out, she made a decision.
Over the course of the past few days, most decisions had been joint ventures with input
from either Ginnie, Alec, or Dayle. But with the hassle of taking care of so much hair
being a total bother, Shay decided today she was going to get it cut off! Putting it up
into a pony tail or bun was okay, but that didn't solve the time and trouble necessary
to just wash it. Cutting it off would remove one less thing to waste time over every
morning, and right now Shay was all for making her life as simple as possible. At least
until there was less of it for her to relearn.

Still somewhat peeved for having to 'check in' with her keepers, she knew they were only
asking her to do so for her own protection. That knowledge didn't make her feel any
more adult unfortunately.

Once dressed she fed, and then found her cell phone. It was programmed with Ginnie,
Alec, and Dayle in the first three speed dial slots, so she pressed the number three and
waited for an answer. She longed for the days when she could just go outside on her
own, and do whatever it was that piqued her fancy, but for now she would adhere to the
'rules'...and they would just have to deal with the grumblings that came along with

"Dayle? Dayle, it's Shay, please pick up."

Dayle 17 years ago
Dayle had stepped out of the shower, forgoing washing her own hair til the next day, and was busily towelling herself off when she heard the chattering of her phone's vibrate function against her desk. Staring at it across the room, she focused on the LCD displaying the caller's ID. 'Shay.' Simple enough. Flopping down on her bed, dampened towel momentarily forgotten, she rolled and grabbed for the phone. As she answered, she heard a voice saying - was that a plaintive tone? or an impatient one? - 'Please pick up.'

"I did. Hello Shay." With a glance at her alarm clock, Dayle asked hopefully with a jocular tone, "Up a bit early today aren't you? What can I help you with? You just caught me getting out of the shower."
Shay 17 years ago
"Oh good, you're there." Shay tried not to sound too excited. She had no desire for anyone to see her too needy, even if she imagined she probably was.

"Yes, I also just got out of the shower...small world?" It was a little attempt at humor, but one that felt foreign in her mind, and as it came out of her mouth. So many things she still had a little difficulty in grasping fully, even if she had the basics down. Comedy, or humor seemed to elude her, though she tried to find its secret by watching certain programs on the television. At least a few things had begun to make her smile, if not quite laugh out loud yet.

"Listen, do you suppose you could take me somewhere I could get my hair cut? I've just no patience to mess with it now, and if I don't go somewhere and have it taken care of I'm liable to just hack it off in a fit of rage!" She wasn't serious about the rage, and was trying to be a little funny; however, she somehow didn't think her words were coming across that way. She hoped Dayle wouldn't freak out and consider having Shay locked up, rather than risk what she might do with a pair of scissors. A part of Shay still considered the people around her might think she was not completely stable.
Dayle 17 years ago
"A man I used to know had a running joke, when I mentioned needing a salon treat. He would always say 'Dayle, I have three words for you. Shave. It. Off.' I never did, I'm sure my head's too strangely shaped for that, but perhaps you could consider that option for yourself, too?" Giggling, Dayle rolled back off her bed and finished swiping the remaining dampness from her.

"A cutting of the hair sounds like a good idea. And I'm sure we could go out elsewhere, too. Though we'll have to hire a cab, unfortunately, I haven't gotten a car yet."

While she waited for Shay's response, she quickly ran a brush through her unruly hair and slid into underwear and jeans. The vampire almost decided to forgo makeup but figured it would be better if she were a bit more presentable than she allowed herself to be when her sister came home... After all, she'd be going out in public. "It'll take me at least a half an hour to get into the city, but I can pick you up in about forty five to an hour? How does that sound?"
Shay 17 years ago
Holding the phone away from her ear, Shay looked at it in disbelief.
'Shave it off'? Though she had no logical reason for not wanting to, she didn't. Besides that, even with her limited exposure to the outside world, via television, Shay hadn't seen an abundance of bald women. So why would Dayle suggest such a crazy idea?

"No, I don't believe that will be an option, but thanks for your input anyway."

Feet still bare, Shay moved to her closet and nudged out a pair of boots. She was wearing a pullover sweater of a muted red, with her jeans, and usual underpants. She had forgone the bra, finding the article less than comfortable, and not really needed. Though she wasn't 'flat' per se, she also wasn't close to Dolly Parton either. Having seen that woman on some Christmas show, Shay couldn't imagine why anyone would want to have tits that big. The idea made her stand up straighter, as she imagined the weight of such large breasts pulling her forward.

"I have a's just a little Volkswagon something...bug? I've not driven it yet, though I'm pretty sure I remember how to. Alec gave me the keys to it day before yesterday, but I haven't been allowed to take it out yet. Nor have I had the opportunity, in all fairness. But I wouldn't mind now."

Her words were only slightly tinged with frustration. She reminded herself all the time how Ginnie and Alec had saved her life, and only did the things they did for her own benefit. But still she couldn't help but feel like an ungrateful brat on occasion. She was an adult, and longed for the day when people remembered that. In the mean time, she tried to go along with things as they were set forth for her. Maybe Dayle wouldn't be adverse to riding with Shay.

"Or...if you feel the need, I wouldn't mind if you drove. Whatever. I just need to get out and be normal again."

There. If Dayle was among those who doubted Shay's abilities, she'd have the option of sticking with her cab, or driving herself.

"I'll be ready, whenever you get here, and with whatever you decide."

Just come quick! Shay thought, as she sat down on the bed and slid one bare foot into a boot.
Dayle 17 years ago
Inwardly sighing at the lack of response to her joke - Alec and Ginnie had said that Shay didn't seem quite up to par with certain reactions - Dayle responded to the mention of Shay's new car, "Since you haven't driven it yet, then you can certainly drive." Quickly shutting down the thought of asking Shay to pick her up, but amended, "I'll be there soon. Toodle-oo."

When the signal cut, Dayle smacked herself with her open palm. "Toodle-oo?" What was she, some kind of Brit? Giggling to herself as she dialed the cab company, she quickly ordered a cab to pick her up. Taking a moment in the bathroom, she straightened her hair in the mirror and lazily but correctly swiped on some understated pale blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick, she was about to turn out of her bathroom to grab her purse when she realized she'd never put a shirt on.

Swinging open her closet, she dug into the sweaters she had available and pulled out a regal blue 'boyfriend' silk and cashmere sweater. (It had been given her as a joke from one of the mercs she'd trained with, saying since Dayle didn't have a boyfriend to wrap around, she should have a boyfriend that she can wrap around her. It was a most appreciated, if off-color, gift.) Finding a dark turtleneck to go with it, Dayle slipped it on, then tugged the sweater on over it. Stopping by her desk for her purse and phone, she spritzed herself with a citrus scent - almost a match for the wine Ginnie'd given her - and wrote a quick note for her sister on the new whiteboard she'd installed at the edge of the kitchen. Using the code they'd devised together, she noted 'Out, W F. Cab.' Out, with a Tacharan (work) friend, took a cab.
Shay 17 years ago
While it probably didn't take an hour after all, because Shay was antsy to get out it seemed longer. Jerking open the door when Dayle knocked, Shay wasn't sure that she might not have startled the Englishwoman.

"Ok, I'm so ready to get outside. I wish I could bask in the sun for a while, but just getting out into the night air will be such a welcome change."

Pulling the door closed behind her, Shay began a brisk walk to the parking garage of the Domicile, assuming Dayle was behind her.

"And thank you so much for not putting up a fuss, at me wanting to drive. I am eternally...literally, eternally grateful for everything Ginnie, and Alec have done for me, but sometimes I feel they might be just a tad over protective. Oh, and you've been a tremendous help as well. And dropping everything tonight to join me...well, again, I appreciate it. By the way, where to you get your hair done? It's very pretty. And I love the just suits you."

She was rambling, and at a rather fast pace, but it was too nice having another living, breathing person was just nice having another person around to talk to, that Shay seemed to have a need to make up for some lost time.

"I'm sorry if I seem a little hyper. Being cooped up for days does that, I guess. Not that I have anything to compare it to, but well, you understand, I'm sure."

She had already seen the bright blue car, and knew where it was parked, so when they neared it she popped the key bob and heard the door locks open. Getting in behind the steering wheel, Shay smiled for the first time in days.

"I THINK I can do this, but I guess now is as good a time as any to find out."

And putting the key in the ignition, Shay put her foot on the clutch, and the gas, looked over her shoulder, and shifted in reverse. She stopped immediately, and looked at Dayle, as she buckled up her own seat belt.

"Oops. So maybe there are a few things that are slower than others at coming to me." And again she smiled, with such a feeling of elation suddenly taking hold of her.

Putting the car into drive, Shay let up on the clutch and sped out of the garage with a bit more speed than required, but nothing dangerous.

"So I was right, and do know how to drive. Unfortunately, I've no freaking clue as to where I'm going...navigator?"
Dayle 17 years ago
"Basking in the sun would be, I'm afraid, a very bad idea," Dayle remarked with aplomb as Shay closed her suite's door.

"I'm sorry I took so long, my own suite here isn't finished and I needed to go home for a decent shower anyway." When Dayle had attempted to move into a suite on the same floor as Shay, she discovered that the remaining one-bedroom apartment had not only previously housed a shapeshifter, but one who seemed to have the savant ability as well. It had been, for lack of a better term, a shite hole. Upon researching the occupant, she'd discovered that, not only had he the ability to change into a primate, but he also seemed to attract an inordinate number of dogs. So when some of those dogs had been captured by the animal shelter, he'd been remanded to the zoo, and died at the next sunrise.

She smiled at Shay's thanks for letting her drive and somehow refrained from snorting at her comment about her hair.
"I've done it myself, though sometimes my sister helps me braid it or whatnot, but it's all natural. Even the color. And today I didn't even wash it, I just let it get a little steam-damp and ran a brush through it."

She followed Shay to the parking garage and simply nodded at the comment about being cooped up. "Cabin fever is a right evil malady, and I'm sorry it seems that we're forcing it upon you, but as I'm sure you're all too aware, you've lost quite a bit and seeing as how the last amnesiac vampire who came into our midst had mostly recovered and rebuilt himself by the time he arrived here in Nachton... We just want to make sure you're safe, since we're raising you from birth, so to speak."

The little blue Volkswagen was quite adorable - though not the car Dayle would have chosen for herself, she momentarily reflected - and seemed to fit Shay quite nicely. Buckling as she got in, Dayle did her best not to stare at what Shay was doing to start the car and get them moving. She let the younger vampire ramble on, smiling when she picked driving a stick back up quickly, and blinked in surprise when asked to navigate.

"While I could joke and say 'second star on the right, and straight on til morning' that would prove painful for both of us, and instead I'll tell you to make two rights and a left, and we arrive at our destination forthwith."
Shay 17 years ago
Free! Shay felt free and exhilarated and couldn't believe how much driving a car seemed to make her feel so...human. She felt no need to enlighten Dayle as to how she felt, thinking the pretty blond might reconsider letting Shay drive, or leaving the Domicile period. But she also couldn't stop the wonderful way she felt.

Casting a few glances Dayle's way, Shay noticed that the woman really was quite pretty, and she wondered how she had missed that before. Ginnie was pretty, but whether it was because of the fact that Ginnie had created Shay or not, Shay saw Ginnie in a much more maternal way. Alec, funnily enough, did not fit Shay's mold of a father figure. To Shay he was more of a teacher, and because she could make that distinction, she could also say that she thought he was 'hot'.

But Alec and Ginnie were...Alec and Ginnie, and Shay would rather cut off her right hand than do anything to come between them. After all they had done for her, Shay couldn't begin to think of ways to repay them.

"But you don't treat me truly as if I was just born, and I appreciate that. I know Ginnie and Alec are concerned about me, but I wasn't just born yesterday. Even if I don't remember who my parents are, or were, or where I went to college, I do know how to function. Honestly, I can bathe myself, and remember to brush my teeth...I eat when hungry, and have yet to set my apartment on fire by forgetting to blow out the candles."

Shay watched the road like a hawk, aware of everything going on around her. The construction crew repairing the right lane, the boy on a bike making his way perpendicular to her street, and the car up ahead with the bad tail light...none of these things went unnoticed.

Dayle's strange directions rang some far off bell in her brain, but nothing so recognizable that she could put her finger on. Assuming it was an attempt again at humor, Shay just gave a perfunctory giggle and continued driving. If there was something important in the meaning, she took it for granted that Dayle would elaborate. So instead she followed the more definitive instructions and soon pulled into a large parking area. Concerned that she might not be able to parallel park, Shay moved a bit farther away in the lot, to an area where she could just pull the car into a slot instead. Turning off the ignition she looked at Dayle expectantly.

"There! Safe arrival, and now that the car has come to a complete stop, we can depart. Thank you again for having faith in me."

Once the two of them were out of the car, Shay used the little key bob to lock the car and then stuffed it into her pocket with her cash. She then stood stock still, all color draining from her face.

"Oh my god!" She spoke in a frightened, but barely perceptible voice. Her eyes flashed up to Dayle's and a look of both fear and bewilderment crossed those eyes.

"I've no driver's license!"
Dayle 17 years ago
"Well, no," Dayle disagreed, "Technically you were born last week. Reborn. A human woman of twenty five who died and, in the process, was reborn as a vampire. Who, unfortunately, lost all she'd been previously. Though, if remembering how to drive is any indication, some of that is, has, and will come back. I mean, you smell freshly showered, so I know you remembered how to do that, as well as brush your teeth and get dressed. Could you imagine the trouble we'd have if you were a feral vampire lacking modesty or toothbrush? I can see the bylines now. 'Naked vampire stalking Nachton's nightlife, identifiable by severe halitosis!'" Dayle hoped Shay would recognize that as a joke, and looked at the driver, the corners of her lips turned up in a grin.

"Further, you'll have to remember, both Alec and Ginnie are new parents, and they're treating you more like a human child than a vampire adult, because, due to your amnesia, that's what you are. There may be things you need to re-learn, or things that a human may not need to learn but a vampire would, that they're trying to teach you. I think they're doing a great job. But you're right, you are an adult, with the basic needs other adults have - albeit with a couple more special ones for our kind - and I think it's only right for me, as one who hopes to become your friend, to treat you as such." Dayle realized she was rambling and kept herself quite as Shay parked in the lot.

They'd barely gotten away from the car when suddenly Shay stopped and all color drained from her face. "I've no driver's license!" she exclaimed. Dayle was able to keep a straight face - no sense laughing at the poor woman's worry - and dug into her purse for a small envelope. Retrieving it, she handed it to Shay.
"Driver's license, created when you were entered into the Domicile's computer. Credit card with a minimal limit. A few useful business cards."
Shay 17 years ago
Being reborn was something Shay thought about almost constantly, but in a way different from how Dayle perceived it. She had become a vampire, and she could no longer remember her life before that, but everything else she remembered with crystal clarity. Well, most everything. Mechanical things, such as driving the car, operating a vcr, using an electrical toothbrush...she merely had to pick up the item and she knew what it was for and how to use it.

But there were other things she wasn't as secure in the knowledge of...things that were born of something more internal. Like reactions, and emotions, and other such mental processes. Dayle's turn on her explanation was a prime example. Shay knew, just as sure as she stood there in the parking lot, that Dayle intended for her comment to be funny. 'naked vampire...halitosis' But Shay looked at the statement as being just odd, instead of funny. And things like modesty...Shay knew what that was, but also didn't really have it, or feel the need for it. She dressed because it was what people did, and to do otherwise in public would mean her arrest, no doubt. Doing what was right and proper in public seemed extremely important, but it was because there were laws enforcing that...not because she had some inner desire to do so.

"I understand the motivation behind Ginnie and Alec's actions, and please don't ever think I am unappreciative. I'm fully aware that I would not be here had they not stepped in and taken over my life...then." Conveying her frustration was difficult, and by continuing on along those lines she imagined she would then sound like the errant child she was professing not to be.

With Dayle, it wasn't necessary anyway, since she had never treated Shay as a child. Smiling at Dayle, Shay felt differently towards her because of it. Unfortunately, aside from verbally telling her so, Shay lacked the means to communicate that feeling. However, when Dayle came to Shay's rescue with the driver's license, Shay's huge sense of relief and gratitude pushed her towards the other woman. She had a need, beyond her recognized hunger, to have contact with Dayle.

But Shay refrained from any physical contact. Too many feelings and thoughts were jumbled about in her head, and she wasn't completely sure if it would be proper to show...what...affection?

"Thank you. It's strange...there was some money on my kitchen counter...not much...what I have in my pocket...I guess Alec or Ginnie left it behind for me. It kind of just appeared, as did the blood, and other food in my refrigerator, and I never gave it any thought. That is evidence that I am still a child in ways, I suppose."

Disheartened by the facts, Shay did not feel very happy. She wasn't sad either, per se, but felt a little let herself.

Yet the mall parking lot wasn't the place for contemplating things, and she pushed any thing confusing away for now, directing her mind towards more productive thoughts.

"When we're done here, I'd like to ask a favor of you?" She waited for Dayle's response, before continuing. "I need to figure out how I can be of value...what can I do to earn money, so I can really take care of myself, and prove even more how adult, and responsible I am."

She had wondered about what she had done to exist 'pre-vampire' and memory loss, along with any relationships she may have had. She didn't know if it was normal or not, but what she did for employment was almost more important to her than who she had known. It seemed she should feel something...regret...loss...some emotion for the people she had left behind, but try as she may she just couldn't bring those feelings forth. Yet it did bother her not to know what she could do to support herself, or what she had done.

Following Dayle to the hair salon, Shay tried to express a little of what she felt, again hoping maybe Dayle could give her some insights, if not into the specifics of her previous life, maybe into what she could do now.

"Shooting a gun...its like the way I feel about driving...I know I've done it. I also feel at ease with the idea of using a computer, though I don't feel at all easy with the notion that I could fix one if something went wrong. I also don't think I could fix a car if it broke down. I have no strong feelings about cooking, or sewing...I'm not even fond of the idea of buying clothes, or eating for that matter."

Maybe she should just 'not' think about things for awhile. It was pretty much all she did when she was by herself, and it was wearing. She had a companion now, for the moment, and maybe it was better if she focused more on Dayle, instead of herself. Smiling, she studied Dayle as they walked.
Dayle 17 years ago
Shay's sudden movement towards her, then immediate reversal and seeming puzzlement confounded Dayle. Had she been going to embrace the other vampire? Why had she stopped? Dayle's mind cast over the past few days of interacting with Shay, of even the last twenty minutes when there had been at least one extremely funny comment (in her opinion, anyway, but then several people of the Clan had mentioned British humor seemed difficult to grasp) and there had been no emotional response. Dayle cast her mind through the adverse effects of becoming a vampire and couldn't remember the lack of emotions being one of them.

Though, as her logic further leapt with her, she realized that perhaps Shay couldn't -remember- how to deal with them... Not unlike a young child or a puppy. Her train of thought was derailed by Shay's comments about things 'just appearing' for her avail.
"They're as new at all this as you are, Shay. Some things may not come naturally for them, but the little things will add up and some day soon you'll all get into a rhythm of how your family should be working. As far as the food is concerned, the habit of eating real food was something you'd had for a long time, and while we do not need to, some find it to be a comforting or relaxing action. Through our Clan, though, the other sustenance is available for you when you need it. Just let me or Ginnie know if you run out."

Shay's overall demeanor could only be described, in Dayle's mind, as melancholy. Suddenly, that vanished when the younger vampire asked her the favor. "Finding you a job may not be easy or even advisable so soon, but it is something I've been investigating. Since you asked, I'm sure there's something computer-based I can set you upon, to get you some income. Your quest to demonstrate your responsibility is admirable, you know, and something you are to be commended for." Tilting her head towards the salon's doors, Dayle lead Shay across the lot.

After they gave their names and sat, Dayle turned in her waiting chair, arm over the back, left thigh crossed over her right so she could pay better attention to her companion.
"According to the research I've done, many things will come back as muscle memory or non-personality-specific memory reconnects inside you. What is that American saying? It'll come back to you like riding a bicycle." With a frown, she prepared to correct herself but half-shrugged and stopped. "You may end up picking up a paintbrush and become the world's next Whistler, for all we know, but that doesn't mean you should limit your experiences to things you only think you'd like." Dayle's mind dredged up Shay's original dossier and intermixed some fantastic ideas. "Puzzles, art, writing, swimming. Glass-blowing. Wine-tasting. Martial arts, opera singing, pole dancing. Really, many things, -any- thing could catch your fancy."

Dayle caught motion out of the corner of her eye and glanced towards the main floor. The last of the previous patrons had left, and all that remained other than Shay and herself were two beauticians. Glad to have chosen this salon for Shay's first trip, she knew the employees who remained were 'in the know' and would keep quiet of anything said. "Though, right now, you fancy a hair cut. Our chairs are almost ready. You can say anything you like here, as the remaining employees are... shall we say sympathetic to our kind."
Shay 17 years ago
Concentrating on everything Dayle said was easy, but what was strange to Shay was how she still seemed to remain tuned into everything around her. A mother scolding a child of about ten, for whining about something they wanted...a car behind them screeching into a wanted parking place, apparently before someone else got it...the sounds of music coming from the mall, which Shay thought was Christmas music, but since it was instrumental, she wasn't sure. She guessed it should be no surprise that she felt a little worn out already, with her mind shooting out into so many places.

Directing her focus to Dayle, Shay tried to shut out everything else, but was unable to do so.
"Uh huh...I will take time for us all, but then, that's something we all have in abundance anyway." When she talked the focusing seemed to work better, so she continued interjecting a few 'uh huhs' as Dayle continued speaking.

"I will defer to the three of you for now, knowing you have my best interests at heart, and because I am at a loss for what to do otherwise. But even if I don't take on something full time, I would really like to have at least something to occupy my time for a few hours a day. I can't keep following you, or Alec, or Ginnie around day in and day out...I know you all must have your own things to do." She by-passed the compliments on her desire to be responsible...Shay wanted it to work to be be less of a burden...not for any altruistic reasons.

"Whistler?" She wasn't sure why painting would make her a whistler, but shrugged off the wonder. If Dayle thought painting would help her whistle, maybe Shay should see if she still whistled now, and relieve them of the concern. She puckered up and blew a fine note, and even picked up the Christmas song which she finished, whistling along to.

"I might like to try all those things...I know I can write, and swim...I believe I have knowledge of martial arts, to some extent...the rest though might give me something to do." Shay smiled in thanks as she watched the salon workers, and again let her eyes linger on Dayle's face. The woman was quite pretty and it was interesting to compare her to the ladies bustling around them. None of the other women could hold a candle to Dayle's features.

"I hope it doesn't bother you, with me looking at you like this. I find people's features and the differences between them fascinating. Maybe it's just being out among people period, that is a nice're very pretty, you know?"

It was comforting to know they could talk about anything while they were in the salon. Shay guessed being a vampire wasn't a widely known issue throughout the world, so some discretion would be necessary. She just had to remember that.

"Yes...a hair cut...that's what I'm here for!"
Dayle 17 years ago
As Shay rambled on about wanting to occupy her day, Dayle thought, 'We do have our own things to do, yes, but one of those 'things to do' for me is to give care of you when Ginnie and Alec cannot. And I don't mind doing it.' "A task for when we get you home, then, will be to find you responsibility."

"Whistler was an American born, Britain-based painter. He painted the 'Arrangement in Gray and Black,' depicting his mother. Quite famous piece." She grinned, giggling silently when Shay whistled the Christmas tune.

The sudden change in subject to Shay's repeated gazing at her didn't shock Dayle so much as make her cheeks warm and pinken.
"Why thank you, Shay, that's very appreciated that you'd notice." Smiling sincerely at her companion, she amended, "I don't mind you looking."

And Dayle didn't. Except for that one gentleman at the Arslantai party, no one else had really commented to her outside of bundling her with her sister. Her chatting with Suki had been to ensure the point of view in others that she and her sister were indeed two seperate individuals and should be considered such.

"And while I'm here for you, I am getting my hair cut, or at least trimmed, as well. I haven't had a good trim since before arriving in America," she said, lifting the shoulder-blade length mass, "and I'm definately due."

Arching a brow as she looked at the two employees sweeping, she commented, "I wouldn't mind a good shampooing, either."
Shay 17 years ago
Dayle couldn't have been more accommodating, Shay thought, and she felt better knowing Dayle was with her. Of course Shay would have been able to get a simple haircut on her own, but verbalizing the things that concerned her, to someone who appeared to care, gave Shay a sense of calm that she wouldn't have been able to come up with on her own. At least not until she had learned a lot more about herself and this world she was living in.

She finally offered up a small laugh, at herself mostly, for missing the whole 'Whistler' meaning. The artwork Dayle referred to seemed as foreign as the Whistler name, but now Shay understood the connection between the word and the paintbrush.

"Names...names, and faces, that's where I'm blank. I seem to remember 'things', but not people." Much of the conversation on Shay's part was vocalization of her thoughts, in an attempt to try and understand them, as well as to present them to Dayle. If Dayle could continue to help Shay make connections, like she did with Whistler, she might learn more, that much faster.

Since Dayle admitted she didn't mind Shay studying her, Shay continued. In her time alone, over the past few days, Shay had spent many hours in front of the mirror studying herself, in an attempt to try and jog some remembrance from her subconsciousness. Of course it hadn't worked, but it was now interesting to see how she and Dayle differed, and Shay liked looking at the other woman.

In all honesty, Shay believed Dayle was much prettier than she herself was. Dayle's eyes were a lot bigger, and vibrant, and Dayle's mouth was more generous than Shay's. Shay liked her own nose, but thought Dayle's went with her face very nicely. Unfortunately when the stylist was ready to begin cutting Shay's hair, Dayle was no longer in view. So Shay closed her eyes, and tried to recapture the vision she had just lost. During her daydreaming, Shay took note of the fact that in all the time she had spent with Ginnie, Alec, and Dayle, over the past week, all the conversations had been about her, and what she needed to learn. As a result, Shay knew very little about her new 'family'. Alec had been the only one to really offer up any insight into his life, and Shay suspected that was in an effort to give her comfort in the knowledge that what she was not alone in what she was going through.

"Dayle...can you tell me about your life in Nachton?" Being that Dayle herself had said it was safe to discuss things in the salon, Shay thought now would be a good time to get a better understanding of her companion.
Dayle 17 years ago
Dayle smiled at the little laugh Shay gave, though was a bit mystified as to its source or reason. Deciding she would likely feel that way for some time, when interacting with the younger vampire, she was at least glad that it had happened.

"If some of the people that you've lost contact with are important to you, then you need to decide whether or not you want to reenter their lives. Realize, of course, with your new status, as well as your amnesia, it would be twice as difficult - or more - than if you'd just had an accident, or just amnesia alone." Dayle didn't remember many people that Shay had interacted with at the Arslantai party, though she did seem known in most of the circles she'd approached.

"I would imagine that, inasmuch as the cutting of your hair would be a cleansing experience, it's also a changing one, a diversion from who you used to be. I freely and sadly admit, though Shay, that I didn't know you as well as I could or should have, given your status with the family, but... Hindsight will get you an arrow in the buttocks sometimes."

Aware she had completely butchered that cliche, she simply reclined into the cushy chair prepared for her and shook out her tresses. With a glance up at the employee - Barbara - she requested, "Minor trim, a bit high around the ears, clean off the neck and plain ol' bangs. And a shampoo, too please." This way, Dayle wouldn't have to do it herself at home.

Barbara nodded and Dayle closed her eyes, relaxing into the cushioned chair. She felt the chair recline beneath her and spin, likely to place her over the edge of a sink. She felt the light spatter of hot water against her neck as Barbara prepared the floral scented shampoo.

Shay's question was a bit of a surprise, and while Dayle was more than happy to answer, she even felt a pang of disappointment in what she was saying. It lacked... Substance.
"Since arriving, nearly the whole of my existence has been at the office, taking care of the day to day in place of Carol. I work, I go home to my condo in the suburbs, sleep eat and return. Three times a week I go to training with Alec or Ginnie, or elsewise I'll hold meetings in my office. I go out with my sister from time to time, and other than that, I'm mostly a homebody right now. Having been here only six months or so, I haven't explored much about the city and instead stick to the back and forth." Heaving a sigh, both delightedly content as Barbara wrapped her fingers into Dayle's mop and began massaging her scalp, and excruciatingly disappointed at how lifeless her life actually sounded, Dayle commented, "Sounds awfully depressing, dunnit?"
Shay 17 years ago
"I've decided I can't go back to my family. Not knowing who they are, and with the changes in myself, it just wouldn't be fair. I've watched enough of those 'missing people' television shows to know I need to give them closure though. I believe I'll let Alec arrange whatever he needs to, so they will believe I'm dead."

Her decision was born of practicality, and emotion played no part in it. So when she gave Dayle her explanation for what she had decided, it was said almost coldly.

"The only problem I see, would be with people in Nachton who might know the old Shay. If I run into someone on the street...what do I do...what do I say?" Cutting her hair had been born of practicality as well, though if it prevented someone from recognizing her, that would be an additional perk. "I don't think I'm a good enough actress to pull off a blatant lie, although it will be easy and believable when I tell them I have no knowledge of them at all."

Furrowing her brow, Shay couldn't figure out how Dayle could wear her hair as long as she did, and yet have it trimmed around her ears and up off her neck. Maybe she was getting a more drastic trim than what Shay imagined. She was going to be curious now to see how it looked when 'Barbara' was finished with her.

Odd that she was less than curious to imagine what she would look like herself, having nearly ten inches of hair removed from her own head.
Dayle's accent was more than pleasing to Shay. Shay loved the way the words sounded coming from Dayle's mouth, and found them soothing as she listened. She had to agree that Dayle's life did seem to be missing something, as work seemed to be the bulk of it. Where Shay needed some work to balance out her play time, Dayle appeared to need more play time to balance out her work.

"Do you have time that you could dedicate to things outside of work, or is it that your work just takes up too much of your time? If it's the latter, maybe there is something I could help you with, to remove part of that burden. But then you have your sister, so I guess whatever free time you have you probably would want to spend with her..."

Being new to Nachton gave Dayle something in common with Shay, and if she acknowledged that, maybe the two of them could begin exploring the city together. Shay would like the company, and Dayle could use Shay as an excuse if need be.

"It's only depressing if you feel depressed by it. Otherwise, no... It seems to me that everyone is different, and something that one person might find dull and boring might be very exciting to seems to me anyway."

Shay didn't want Dayle depressed, and if there was something she could do to prevent that, she was more than willing to try.
Dayle 17 years ago
Dayle didn't think that Shay's initial thoughts about needing to give up her old life completely - replete with faked death - and her questions about meeting an old friend on the street needed answering. Well, perhaps... "If you did meet someone you knew, then you could either pursue them as a friend, or just say what you said. You do not remember them due to amnesia or whatever it is you decide."

The shampoo was finished and Barbara had righted her in the chair, facing the mirror when shay asked her about time outside of work. "Oh, I do have it. Sometimes I'll take a walk around my neighborhood, or chat with my sister, or veg in front of the telly for a few hours. Hot baths, read a book, talk to my mum... Stuff like that. Work isn't so bad, I quite enjoy it, it just pulls me in a few different directions depending on the day. My sister has her own responsibilites, job, and friends, so we only see each other at home two or three days a week, sometimes as much as five, depending. She's a lovely woman, and I do enjoy spending time with her, but she's repeatedly concerned about my well-being and social life."

Barbara began snipping at the ends of Dayle's hair when Shay mentioned the differences that one person could perceive about another's routines. She caught Shay's gaze in the mirror and looked through the reflections at the other woman. "It's a routine I'm comfortable with, and truly I do not bemoan anything that I do. If I did, I imagine you'd hear me complain about it at some point. I'm mostly comfortable, usually satisfied; change is always welcome though. Hence moving to America."
Shay 17 years ago
The feel of the woman's hands in her hair, Shay admitted, did feel relaxing. Sitting there with her eyes closed, feeling that, and listening to Dayle was both peaceful, and exhilarating at the same time. Being around Dayle seemed to bring in the exhilarating factor, though Shay wondered if it was Dayle specifically, or people in general...maybe talkative people.

Even the constant barrage of noises and movements that she detected in the salon, did nothing to sway her from the feeling of calm she thought she literally felt seep into her. She even felt her head tilt back suddenly, as if she might have been falling asleep, but it was only a muscle reaction, as her mind was as alert as could be.

What Dayle recommended she do if she met someone who knew her seemed perfectly logical, and yet almost too simple. However, it was something she didn't even know if she had to worry over. Maybe she had no friends. Aside from the man she supposedly lived with, who apparently had gone away, and would have no reason to come looking for her, neither Ginnie, nor Alec, nor Dayle seemed to know of anyone else Shay might have known. Maybe she had been just a housewife, and therefore had no co-workers who would miss her.

So many questions, and so few answers, or even avenues to follow to find those answers. It was good that Shay didn't feel compelled to find out, even if that in itself might have been strange. But for whatever reason, at least for now, she was quite content just figuring out the future.

Glad to hear her initial assumption that Dayle was a work-a-holic was wrong, Shay considered that Dayle had a lot going on in her life, and that she shared it with a lot of people as well.

"That sounds nice...having a close relationship with your sister, and mum...but...does that mean that they are know...too?" And though she knew she could talk freely, saying the word 'vampire' was still difficult at times. It was as if a tiny part of her still thought that part of her life was a joke, even if she grew fonder and fonder of her morning meals of bagged blood.

"I should like to meet your sister, if that would be okay with you. If it's a bother...having her concerned about your 'social life'...I'd be willing to take up more of your free time, so she could rest a bit easier. Well...what I mean is...television is becoming pretty boring, and I do enjoy your company, even when you're not needing to teach me things."

Feeling a slight breeze on her neck, Shay opened her eyes and saw the stylist was almost done, and that Shay was nearly naked of hair.

"Wow, but that is quite a change, I must say." And after having spent so many hours in front of the mirror recently, the face she now saw looked like someone completely different. Gone was the softness, and somewhat childlike features she once had, replaced by what looed to be a more mature, and edgier woman. For a split second Shay felt something strange in her stomach, as if she had done something stupid and irreversible, but that feeling passed quickly. Of course her hair would grow back if she decided she really did not like it, so there was no reason to get upset.

When the stylist said she was done, and moved back to turn the chair around, handing Shay a mirror to examine the back of her head as well, Shay already felt better. Fluffing the downy soft, short hair at her neckline, she smiled.

"Oh yes! This is going to be so much easier to care for. Thank you." Once brushed off, and after having the protective smock removed, Shay stood up and walked over to where Dayle sat. "What do you think?"
Dayle 17 years ago
Dayle smirked a little behind the randomly moving Barbara, then thankfully cleared the expression from her face when Shay's face was visible again. "Aye, we definately are." She wondered when the inevitable next question of 'how when who' would arise, and had already prepared a 'we'll talk later' comment. After all, while Shay would be eternally twenty five, Dayle had no idea how the ex-cop would deal with knowing that the Englishwoman sitting next to her was eternally eighteen... and soon to be six hundred sixteen. Point of fact, as Dayle ruminated over the numbers, she believed that she was the oldest vampire Shay had met thus far.

Since her turning, anyway.

The prospect of having Ysabel meet her wasn't such a bad one; it might be good to expose the youngling to other quirks present in those beyond the mortal coil. And Ysabel Yolgrave definately possessed a few quirks. Dayle was about to snort laughter when she realized Barbara had a hank of her hair in hand, and didn't want to ruin the cut.

Peeking out of one eye she looked at what sounded like the end of Shay's cut and thought her companion looked dashing and lovely. It certainly was a big change from the longer style she had, but different, and attractive all the same.

She felt the soft whisk of a razor against her neck as Barbara finished up her requests, and twitched slightly as the brushing of hair particles made a shiver run up and down her spine. She smiled up at Shay when the other vampire displayed her newness.
"I think it looks dishy." A moment's pause, then: "I mean, quite attractive."

Barbara removed the smock from her front and brushed off her shoulders. When Dayle stepped away from the chairs, she picked up her purse from where she'd sat next to it and reached inside. To Shay she said, "My treat."
Shay 17 years ago
No matter how she had tried to ignore it, one idea seemed to run through Shay's head from the time she and Dayle had walked into the salon. She was now around humans for the first time, and itching to do what all good vampires did...bite a human and suck their blood. The desire must have been instinctive, because it wasn't like the women were offering themselves up for it. But off and on Shay could think of little else.

And though she couldn't be sure, at times as the stylist would lean close, Shay not only thought she heard the woman's heart beating, but could almost swear she smelled the woman's blood. That would be something to ask Dayle about later, for now Shay was fighting to hear Dayle's words, and ignore what her body seemed to be screaming at her.

"Thank you." She returned, when Dayle sounded pleased with Shay's new hair style. "Your's looks fresh as well, and suits you." It was a compliment, but since Shay thought Dayle looked better than good with her hair the way it had been, and didn't see a tremendous difference, she spoke the words that seemed to fit how she now saw Dayle's hair.

Seeing Dayle get ready to pay, and include Shay's cut as well, Shay shook her head.

"Thank you, that is a nice gesture, but I have this money, I might as well spend it. I don't have anything else to do with it." And Shay reached into her jeans pocket, to withdraw her hand with the folded bills in it.

"I've a question for you first...before we leave."

Shay handed the folded bills to Dayle to use to pay, not quite sure how much was owed, and put her other hand lightly on Dayle's shoulder, as if to stop her from moving. Shay then leaned in close enough that Dayle would hear her words, but neither stylist would.

"Something I've yet to how to feed 'properly'. Would it be wrong to tip these ladies well, and possibly partake of them?" Was there an etiquette to how one did something like this? Should Shay ask the women, or coerce one into the back, more private part of the salon? And how would she know how much was enough...or when to stop? Having Dayle there gave Shay the confidence to consider such a step, but how would Dayle feel. And was it a totally inappropriate idea?