Please accept these flowers as a token of my respect and never-ending affection. As difficult for you to believe, I have always held both of those things in abundance for you, alone.

An invitation to dinner is being extended, along with these flowers, for the next evening you have open. As my practice allows me to create my own schedules, barring any emergencies, I am available whenever you deem fitting.
Provided you deem a dinner invitation acceptable.

Knowing you do not owe me a thing, and that I still owe you quite a lot, I won't be surprised if you reject this offer; however, that will not deter me, and I will continue to seek your company.

Please Reign...


He had paid extra to assure the bouquet she was sent resembled the one he was looking at online. It was a very festive arrangement of pine, red and white roses, babies breath, poinsettias, and white carnations. Deciding it was getting close enough to the holidays to switch over from the oranges, yellows, and browns, of autumn arrangements, Bastian hoped Reign would enjoy these. He had always enjoyed sending her flowers in the past, even if she wasn't the biggest fan of the sentiments. It pleased him to know she would have something pretty to look at, and to remind her of his feelings.

The note was both easy, and terribly difficult for him to write, but he recognized it was something he had to do. After seeing her with that other man last night, Bastian had come home to a cold and empty bed, and not slept at all. His reflection in the morning mirror was a startling affirmation of his mood...bleak and grey.

Fortunately, he wasn't near ready to throw in the cloth just yet. If that had been the case, he wouldn't have moved to Nachton, or tried to locate Reign to begin with. And though he wasn't quite yet obsessed with his plight, he was one hundred percent focused on having it turn out the way he hoped.

The note included his cell phone number, again, just in case she had tossed the rest of his cards. And as he dressed and walked out to his kennels, he patted the phone in his pocket. A silent prayer to the heavens was all he could do now, besides wait.

Bastian 17 years ago
He watched the dog for a few seconds, appreciating how it stuck close to his mistress. Jealousies aside, and Bastian could sense those on both sides, he was glad to know Reign had such a protector.

"He minds well, did you train him yourself?" He asked the question casually, as he looked into the 'pool' room, turning on a light as he did, and then proceeded into what he guessed was her parlor, or family room...the place she lived, when she wasn't sleeping, cooking, or playing pool.

The whole place was Reign, or what he could imagine her liking. The random splashes of blue, in the pillows, and the Zeppelin poster. He liked it, and again it made him feel good to see that while she hadn't gone overboard in decorating, there was obvious signs that it was her place.

"Si, remembered." Chuckling to himself, it didn't seem that big of a deal that she would recall he liked black coffee...he imagined the majority of the populace must. But still, it pleased him.

Turning on another light, he looked over some of the movies, but rejected the idea of watching. He hoped she would talk to him instead, now that she was in familiar surroundings. Surely she had questions, and the sooner he could answer them, the sooner they could move on...hopefully towards that second chance.

Sitting down on the sofa, Bastian felt immediately at home, and comfortable.
Reign 17 years ago
“Some me, some Vince, some professional it was a good mix but if you’re gonna have a dog this size he’s got to be well behaved.”

Sirius had traveled with Reign a lot. In this one respect, her ex-husband and Bastian were quite similar, Vince hadn’t wanted Reign alone and unprotected and Sirius had been his solution.

“Its decaf, just on general principle.”

It hadn’t taken long to make two cups. His black hers with cream and double sugar.

She’d kicked her shoes off, stashed them under the dinning room table, and came into the family room with the coffee. She also chose to ignore folded cloths. They’d been waiting to be put away for two days, they’d wait another few hours at the very least.

She sat down and tucked her legs up under her, the dog laying on the floor right beside her, still watching the unfamiliar male.

“I still can’t drink it black unless that is the absolute only option and then I hate it. But caffeine is caffeine some mornings.”
Bastian 17 years ago
It wouldn't have mattered, either way, decaf or regular, coffee just didn't effect Bastian's metabolism any more. He had no information as to why, and didn't feel particularly interested in finding out. Once he had found the medical reason for why he was as he was now, he had lost interest in that as well. Knowing there was nothing around to change the way he was, he accepted it, learned to live with it, and moved on.

"It's fine, thank you."

Taking the mug he smiled as he waited for her to settle herself. He also made eye contact again with Sirius.

"Yes, I'm afraid I'm still here." He chuckled and swallowed the coffee he had sipped. It was okay coffee, just nothing very descriptive. But he really wasn't hanging around for the coffee anyway. And even though Reign seemed to want to talk of little else, he hoped they might move on to a topic with a little more relevance.

"Do you feel less overwhelmed now? Does it help being in your own home...would you rather not talk about 'it' yet?"

Again sipping the hot, slightly bitter coffee, Bastian watched her over the rim of his cup.

If she had asked him what he wanted to talk about right now, he would have told her he really didn't...want to talk period. From the soft, brief kiss to his cheek, he had thought about little else than kissing her back, but not on the cheek. If he hadn't been afraid of shattering her present calm, he would have taken her cup, and placed it on the floor with his own, and then pulled her across the short expanse of space between them. But he was too smart for that. He knew if they started, chances were he'd have a hell of a time stopping.

And she didn't need that right now...not that way...not rushed and not while she was still trying to wrap her head around all he had told her.
Reign 17 years ago
She absently pet Sirius as he lifted his head at Bastian’s voice. It was slowly clicking why the mutt might be more than a bit uneasy around him. Because the animals at his place seemed settled with Bas about she expected Sirius to react the same way, but Sirius hadn’t had time to get used to Bastian. Strange the dog would know something was off.

“I just don’t know Lupo. It’s odd, damned odd. I’ve spent ten years thinking you ran off with no good reason. Then I find out that not only did you have a reason it’s a completely un-real reason. I’m not sure which is more unsettling or where we go from here.”

Shoving a book on the coffee table out of the way she set her coffee down, leaving her hand to rest on her dog’s neck as he’d shoved his nose into her hand once it was empty.

“I don’t know a thing about what it really means for you to be … what you are. What the risks are for me and him, how it happened or anything. All I’ve got is B horror films and superstitions.”
Bastian 17 years ago
For the most part all he did was nod along as she spoke, and voiced her issues. It was nice hearing the words sound more like curiosity, than the fear he might have imagined.

"It is unfair for me to press you. You said it earlier...I've had ten years to learn what it means to have this...condition. But one thing you need to believe me on, is that I can control it, and would never harm you. My mental faculties don't desert me when I change...I still hear, and see as I do now. I can see better, and hearing is better than perfect, a nice perk." Only a very tiny bit self-consciously, Bastian reached to his left ear, and tugged it, then ran his fingers down the scar that ran along his neck.

"So honestly Cara, you are in no physical risk at all. There are rare occasions when I might be angry, and if the change happens to begin before I can return to a more calm demeanor, I will lock myself in a room where I am of no threat to anyone. Then usually in the morning I just re-spackle the walls, touch up the paint, and go on as normal."

The last bit of his statement was meant to be in jest, hoping not to let the tone of the evening get any more dangerous sounding than necessary.

"And as for Sirius...I can't say there isn't going to be a period of adjustment, but that would be expected of any many who came into your life must see that."

Putting his own mug on the table, Bastian turned so he was facing Reign better, and in the process moved closer, spreading his arm along the back of the couch, close enough now that he could touch her shoulder if he wanted.

"I don't know how much you want to know, but if you want, it might be easier if you just ask me...what is it you fear, or want verified, or debunked?"
Reign 17 years ago
Tired, lonely and frustrated Reign gave up and leaned back against Bastian letting him support her. He was warm and the minor snuggling was familiar and still comfortable, even after ten years.

Sirius, however, didn’t agree and stood, paced a bit and finally settled on nosing at Reign’s leg until she again put a hand on his neck. It was fascinating, but the dog went out of his way not to touch Bastian, not even a little bit. She hated to see her only friend so uncomfortable, so ill at ease but she didn’t know what to do for him either.

“I want to know everything. Start with Underworld and work your way back to Boris Karloff, everything from full moons, to silver bullets, to how many of you are there, to carrying off sheep in the night to howling and anything else you can think of.”

Funny, that one piece of information, knowing that he hadn’t left without a reason gave Reign licenses to start to forgive him, to let herself trust him a little. She wasn’t ready to commit to anything or to just pick up where they left off but she no longer had to keep him totally at bay.
Bastian 17 years ago
Arms outstretched, Bastian gladly took Reign against him, even through his shock.. He recovered quickly, and curled an arm around her lightly, wanting to show her he could be supportive, and caring without it turning into anything more. Even though that would have been easy to do as well.

Once again the years melted away, and they were as they had been. How could he not have hope, when they could find 'this' together so easily?

As Sirius stood, Bastian took notice but showed no signs. He could sympathize with the animal, but would not give the dog the comfort he sought. To do that would have meant Bastian's leaving, and there was no way in hell that was happening.

"There is a virus, a very rare strain, that you can get much like HIV, through bodily fluid transfers. You can also be born with it, though that isn't how I happened to get it. It would seem when I had my accident as a child, I received the virus through a blood transfusion. That is the only explanation I've been able to come up with, though I have no proof.

The virus alone isn't the issue though, as just receiving it does nothing, and that is undoubtedly why very few know about it. It doesn't affect the host's body until it is 'activated', and that's the part you were partially involved in."

What he was doing was against all the rules. If the pack knew he was telling Reign these things, they would be less than happy, and that's putting it mildly. She was the one and only person he would ever want to tell this too though, and there was no way he could keep any of it from her. Not when she was asking about it, and not when he still loved her and wanted to be with her.

"I know I probably don't need to caution you here, must not tell anyone about what I'm going to tell you. It's for your safety as well as mine."

Instinctively he kissed the top of her head, gave her a firm but quick squeeze, and resumed his explanation.

"That bite I got back in school...remember when I told you it was from a wolf? Yes, I know it was difficult to believe, and when we found no evidence I even had to wonder if it had been a dream, although I will forever carry the scar on my shoulder from it."

Softly rubbing her arm, where she held a scar too, he continued.

"I've since found out the process is two fold. First a person has the virus, either by being born with it, or becoming infected. But the virus must then become activated before the transformation will occur. When born with the virus, usually in an established pack, the child is then given a 'gift' of a bite, which allows the transformation to begin. As in my case, it can also occur when a rogue werewolf attacks and bites. But again, since it is very rare to have the virus, the odds of being effected by a bite beyond a normal injury, are just as rare."

He hoped he was explaining it all in a way she could begin to understand. Not that she was stupid, far from it, but because it was so far-fetched it would take faith on her part as well. And right now he wasn't sure how far her faith in him extended.

"Once I figured out why it was I went into such fits during that one time of the month, I began to learn more about how being a werewolf effected me, and what I needed to do to live with it. It was that, or killing myself...there is no cure, so my options were limited."

But he HAD thought along those lines for several years, weighing the pros and cons. Was he enough value to mankind, to accept his fate, and learn to live with it, or should he take the easy way out?

"I've only recently met up with my pack...those effected with the same strain of virus I the information I have about my condition is how it effects me specifically. I'm only now learning how others are effected, and that it can be quite different from one werewolf to another.

I don't attack or kill people, though I have wanted to attack a few, it was my human temper taking over. I remain aware of everything while in wolf form, but my ability to communicate is confined to the physical capabilities of the wolf form. I am lucky in that I only need to change the night of the full moon. There are many who need to change several nights, before and after. I can change at will, but it takes a tremendous amount of energy and concentration...during the full moon it is a different matter. The process isn't without pain, but I've found if I can choose when and where to change, I can reduce that some.

I do like to hunt as a wolf, and...I do eat my kills then. I guess there are parts of the wolf that are just too strong to be ignored. To give you an example, think of working a really tough game and then winning after coming so close to thinking you just weren't going to be able to pull it off. That rush you get? I think hunting and killing as a wolf must feel something like that."

Afraid he might be taking the conversation down a road too bloodthirsty, Bastian stopped talking, and sighed.

"I do now have a physical reaction to silver, much like a severe allergy, and stay away from it. It has to do with the virus, and some property in silver that causes the reaction. I don't age as quickly any longer, another side effect of the virus."

Needing to allow her some time to process what he'd said so far, Bastian quieted, and leaned into her hair. The products she now used were different than those she used in college, but the underlying scent of Reign was the same. Closing his eyes, he hoped when his time came to pass out of this world, he had that scent in his nose.
Reign 17 years ago
The support was welcome and necessary. By keeping contact with him, Reign was easily able to remember that all this was real. Not only was it real but also it had happened to some one she knew and had cared (did care?) for.

It all sounded so scientific and so perfectly reasonable. However, it was still madness. She remembered the bite he got in school She remembered telling him off something fierce for not taking care of it they way she though he should and wondered briefly if any part of this had been her fault.

He was giving her one hell of a lot of trust, more than she probably deserved, but without it, she couldn’t make an educated decision. She ‘Hmmm’ed softly in a few places.

“So if we try and make this work again the odds are I’ll be infected.”

It sounded like if there were kids they’d be infected too. Reign was fairly certain she had no desire to be a wolf and the idea that it would be passed down through the generations was a bit staggering. But she was getting ahead of herself.

She frowned deeply as he started dealing with the more… gritty aspects of all of this. He was dangerous, at least one night a month he was and there was no getting around that. But if he was aware of it maybe that could be mitigated.

“What do you mean you don’t age as fast?”
Bastian 17 years ago
Huzzah! Wasn't that the word she used a time or two? '...if we try and make this work again...' there was more to her sentence, but that was the part Bastian focused on. Anything else could be dealt with, but the fact that she was considering being with him again made everything else seem very possible. As much as he would have liked shouting the word from her roof top, he bit back any exclamation at all, and remained calm and serious as he spoke.

"There is a chance you could become infected, but if we are careful, it would be a small risk. Remember, first you would need to receive the virus, and then have it's not as simple as just a minor scratch."

Tilting her face upwards, Bastian's expression was loving, and concerned. He had given up all pretenses of being only mildly interested in Reign, and was now acting more like he had years ago. He knew there was no way she was going to just come back into his life, without them passing more hurdles, and resolving several obstacles, but how could he not be thrilled with knowing she was agreeable to at least trying.

He wanted to tell her that if they resumed their relationship, and things progressed the way he had planned out years ago, he would eventually persuade her to have kids, and that there was a reason for concern there. Chances were great any children he fathered would have the virus. But knowing how Reign used to feel about kids, it didn't surprise Bastian she hadn't brought the topic up now. And because they had more imminent things to work out, he chose not to as well.

"There is something in the virus, I guess its a compensation for having all the other issues to worry with...but it slows down the aging process in our bodies. I guess I'm not the best specimen..." For apparently he didn't look any younger to her. "But I've seen men and women in their sixties and seventies who could have easily passed for forty. It seems to cut the aging process in half."

He stopped again, giving her time to mull over what he'd said, and see if there were any other things she wanted to inquire about.
Reign 17 years ago
Reign grinned up at him, it was reflex, habit, she could not see the look on his face and not smile at him. Sure she was still worried about this virus and still skeptical about letting Bas back into her life but why shouldn’t they try?

“What are the odds of it being activated? Seriously.”

Was he one of many or a lone wolf, so to speak. Given the fact that she’d never heard of another werewolf she had to assume it was low. But Reign didn’t want to delude herself, she needed to know how likely it was.

If it was a big risk, it might be better to close the door now and have nothing more to do with each other. It wasn’t that Reign was a coward, but there were some things she just didn’t want to tangle with.

She didn’t comment on the aging. If things got serious they could sort that out, but it would make things interesting.
Bastian 17 years ago
Her smile did things to his heart he never thought he'd feel again, and without hesitation he hugged her closer.

"Honestly, I'm not sure there are any statistics about those odds. I can check with the pack elders if you want an actual figure..." He felt bad that he didn't have that information, since he'd spent so many hours trying to make sure he would have all the answers for her.

"But from what I've learned..." Shifting on the couch again, this time to face her better, Bastian became very serious.

"Reign...I would have never sought you out, if I thought the odds were against us being together...if they had been in favor of putting you at risk, I would have stayed away."

And he would have too, with her well-being being paramount to his existence.

"Tell me what you need to know...see...what I can do to help you here...anything... But believe me when I say, it really doesn't have to make that much difference. For me, well, I would like to learn more about my pack, my wolf heritage. It wasn't a choice on my part, but now that it's part of me, and I've learned all I need to about the physiological aspect, I'd like to find out more about others like me."

He chucked her under the chin softly, brushed the tip of his thumb under the edge of her lower lip, and grinned.

"But more importantly...I'd really like to get to know Reign."

Touching her lips together now, with the pad of his thumb, Bastian shook his head softly.

"Not what she's been doing...but who she the years have changed you, if they have...your hopes...goals..."

Sitting, or rather nearly lying on the sofa now, Bastian could easily imagine everything in his world was again as it had been...nearly perfect. He was smart enough to know nothing had really been solved in what he had told her, but he refused to think they weren't on the right track, finally, again.
Reign 17 years ago
“No, I don’t need a figure. I just need to know it’s not likely. I know it might not be fair to you but I don’t think it is something I want for myself. I’m sort of used to being an average human.”

It wasn’t right, it was too soon she reminded herself. It was a good thing some part of her brain was still functioning or she would have kissed him. Maybe she’d missed Bastian, just a little and it was possible that she was more capable of forgiving him than she’d thought; but now was not the right time. That, however, didn’t stop her from snuggling up against him.

Sirius whined a bit, and she reached out to pet him quickly. Satisfied the dog lay back down.

“We have time. You apparently have more time than I would have figured, but…”

They did have time. She simply didn’t want to jump the gun. This was one date; one date with a massive revelation. They might have been incredibly close at one time but for now she needed to work back up to that level of closeness. She wasn’t sending him away, just slowing him down.
Bastian 17 years ago
He couldn't be unhappy, not with the way things had gone, and were at the moment. He couldn't have wished for her to be more accepting, not when he knew her nature. No, he was very lucky she was still here, in his arms, and not fleeing, or inflicting random injuries upon his body.

Yet, she wasn't willing to let him in yet, and he couldn't help but feel saddened by that. She wasn't really one to talk about her feelings, or hadn't been in the past, and it seemed that hadn't changed. Bastian needed to hear that now, and since it didn't appear a subject for tonight, maybe it was time that he took his leave.

Sitting up from the half reclining position he'd gotten into, Bastian kissed her temple, and set her away to rest against the couch. Slipping off the couch now, he stood, and smiled down. Having no reason to mask his feelings any longer, he allowed the love he felt, he had always felt, to spill out in his expression.

Careful not to disturb Sirius, Bastian shushed him before he stirred, and got upset again.

"We do have time, and I have as much time as you, which is all that really matters. Now, I believe, I should say goodnight. I don't want to ruin anything by being hasty, and if I stay there is a distinct possibility that could occur."

Deciding he didn't want to wait for a cab either, Bastian hoped she wouldn't mind if he changed, and just ran home. He really wanted to be out in the cold, biting, night air, and a good run was always something he enjoyed, whether in human or wolf form.

"Do you think I might impose on you a little, and leave my clothes here for a while? Instead of waiting for a cab, I believe I would rather enjoy just running home. It would also mean you'd need to put Sirius in another room until I leave...he might not be able to contain himself if he were to see the other me."

It also didn't hurt for Reign to continue seeing Bastian in his wolf form. The more exposure she got, the quicker she should become accustomed to him that way. That was something he hoped she would want to do as well.
Reign 17 years ago
It was odd seeing him look at her the way he used to. In some ways, it was hard to believe it had been so long, that they’d been so hurtful towards each other and that it all might be resolved. It was just all very odd, but not unwelcome. Reign was having trouble reconciling that.

She was disappointed he let her go and seemed to be ready to leave, although that was best. She wasn’t thinking entirely with her head any longer.

“That’s not a problem if you don’t mind… … changing while I put him away.”

It was a hard word to say, it just felt off. And even though she didn’t mind and she did have a certain amount of curiosity, she wasn’t ready to watch. It had been quite enough of a shock to see him change back, she didn’t want to watch him turn into a wolf, not yet.

Standing up she whistled to Sirius who stood, but he obviously wasn’t going any where with out her.

“Go to bed. Come on.”

Making eye contact with Bas she looked at him softly, carefully for several long seconds before escorting Sirius to her bedroom. She spent a few minutes with him, settling him in. Bastian had asked her to waive fifteen minutes before, she gave him that time again before coming back to the family room.
Bastian 17 years ago
As much as he loathed leaving, he knew it was for the best. Knowing she wasn't going to shut him out made it much easier to proceed as well.

They hadn't made any future plans, which Bastian regretted the minute Reign sequestered herself in her room with Sirius.

"I'll call you, tomorrow..." He yelled towards her room, and then shed his clothes, folding them neatly and setting them on the couch.

It helped having the full moon so close, and being in a good frame of mind was a plus as well, so the change went through quickly. He had kneeled on the floor, and shook himself good, once the process was completed. He considered going to her bedroom door, but knew that would only serve to get Sirius riled up again, so he remained in the family room, wandering about, inhaling her scent.

No matter what she washed with, or used to perfume herself, Bastian could smell the real Reign everywhere, and reveled in it. He even rolled about the floor, trying to pick up some of that scent to follow him home. No matter where he was, he would never feel any better than he did when she was with him, and this helped prolong that effect.

To let her know he was ready, he barked. His wolf bark was somewhat different than that which Sirius would have managed, but Bastian toned it down a little, and stopped short of howling. Sitting now, so he could see the door to her room, he waited, anxious to leave, and be outside, yet more so to see her again.
Reign 17 years ago
She wondered about his shouting back at her, but then remembered he’d hardly be able to speak to her as a wolf. All she could think was, ‘Does this mean I’m dating a werewolf?’ as well as some less than dignified thoughts about having to appear on the Jerry Springer show. She could do with out that.

Reign was lost in thought when she heard Bas bark, followed shortly by a hostile growl from Sirius. The three of them were going to need to work this out. She wasn’t getting rid of her friend but she also wasn’t going to veto a relationship because of him. At least the mutt was well mannered and stayed when told so Reign could shut the door behind her and leave him in the bedroom.

This time she was able to actually look at him clearly. He was bigger than Sirius, and some how the red brown color seemed to suit him. With the black points he reminded her of the fox he’d often called her. She grinned at that idea and knelt down beside him, unafraid.

“You know most guys wait until the second or third date to spring things like kids, prison records and being a werewolf on me.”
Bastian 17 years ago
It never occurred to him that she would approach him as she had. He expected once she came from her room, she'd immediately go to the door, and let him out. So when she came to him, and got down on his level, Bastian couldn't resist, and softly, but firmly, butted his head against her side. Once he was flush against her, side to side, his muzzle found her neck and he tenderly rubbed it alongside. Her scent permeated his mind, and more than anything he wanted to shift back and pick up where they had left off, when they were sitting on the couch. However, he knew it was a good thing he had already changed, and wasn't about to do anything that might jeopardize what he now felt secure in knowing was a new beginning.

Yet he couldn't just leave now...things were too, too sweet. Nudging his nose beneath her hand, Bastian managed to get underneath, so her arm now rested across his neck. A quick lick to her cheek, and he whimpered, but wagged his tail excitedly. Any contact from her, be it a soft peck while he was human, or a gentle pat while he was wolf...coming from her, without instigation by him, was pure bliss. And he loathed the thought of going anywhere as long as she remained affectionate.

But to remain as he was now, for more than a few moments, would just lead to frustration, so after a reasonable amount of time had passed, Bastian moved away from Reign. Walking to the door, he eyed the knob, and knew within a few minutes he'd have it open. Bastian didn't even attempt to open the door now, and instead waited for her to let him out. Eventually Bastian hoped to show her his skills, and abilities, but had already given her enough to occupy her mind on the subject of werewolves. There would be time for more in the future. Looking back to her now, he nodded his head, and then looked to the door. There was no way anyone might mistake him for Lassie, but at moments like this he saw a lot of similarities, much to his chagrin.
Reign 17 years ago
Oddly enough he seemed safer as a wolf. She wasn’t in as much danger of falling for him as he was now. His fur was soft and thick and she couldn’t resist petting him, even scratching him behind the ears, much as she did with her dog.

Even though she knew it was him it was hard to believe this was happening, sure the evidence was right in front of her and trying to knock her over but it was still a myth. Fortunately before they got carried away he asked to go out. For a moment she felt selfish, like keeping him here, but that wouldn’t do to start things out. Not if they really were going to try again. So she opened the door.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow then?”

Giving him one final pat Reign waited for Bastian to make his exit.
Bastian 17 years ago
Now that the time had come to leave, Bastian hesitated. The door was open, and the call to run out into the night was strong, but the need to be with Reign was greater.

Circling her, he rubbed against her thighs and hips, nudging her gently, but with a pressure firm enough to allow his scent to infuse with her clothing. He knew Sirius wouldn't like the fact that Reign would now reek of Bastian, and yet it was necessary that the dog grew accustomed to him as quickly as possible. Perhaps if he was exposed to reminders of Bastian, it would speed up the process a little. There was no way the dog would deny Bastian what he now had before him, yet Bastian knew his methods had to be subtle. He didn't want Reign becoming defensive now, and he wasn't completely sure she wouldn't still side with her dog, should the decision become necessary.

Once she repeated his earlier promise of a call tomorrow, Bastian knew it was time to stop stalling, and take off for home. Stopping in front of her, he moved his head beneath her hand, twisted it away, licked her palm, and then turned and ran through the door. Once he was almost to the sidewalk, he again turned around to face her, barked, started to howl and thought better of it, and spun around. In seconds he was gone from her sight, and running at full speed towards the woods.

(Bastian out.)
Reign 17 years ago
All things considered the last time he ran out on her was less dramatic. Just disappearing into nothing didn’t have quite the same effect as running into the night as a wolf. She stared after him and when she couldn’t see him any more she sighed and closed the door. There was going to be more to think about.

Letting Sirius out she got a through sniffing, but he didn’t avoid her. If any thing he stuck closer to her as she put things away and drifted to the pool table.

“No I’m not sure where this is headed yet, but you’re going to be a gentleman.”

As she said that the dog lay down in the hall and she began playing. That was the best way for her to think and unless she was mistaken this session would run into the morning.

((OOC… Reign out))