Please accept these flowers as a token of my respect and never-ending affection. As difficult for you to believe, I have always held both of those things in abundance for you, alone.

An invitation to dinner is being extended, along with these flowers, for the next evening you have open. As my practice allows me to create my own schedules, barring any emergencies, I am available whenever you deem fitting.
Provided you deem a dinner invitation acceptable.

Knowing you do not owe me a thing, and that I still owe you quite a lot, I won't be surprised if you reject this offer; however, that will not deter me, and I will continue to seek your company.

Please Reign...


He had paid extra to assure the bouquet she was sent resembled the one he was looking at online. It was a very festive arrangement of pine, red and white roses, babies breath, poinsettias, and white carnations. Deciding it was getting close enough to the holidays to switch over from the oranges, yellows, and browns, of autumn arrangements, Bastian hoped Reign would enjoy these. He had always enjoyed sending her flowers in the past, even if she wasn't the biggest fan of the sentiments. It pleased him to know she would have something pretty to look at, and to remind her of his feelings.

The note was both easy, and terribly difficult for him to write, but he recognized it was something he had to do. After seeing her with that other man last night, Bastian had come home to a cold and empty bed, and not slept at all. His reflection in the morning mirror was a startling affirmation of his mood...bleak and grey.

Fortunately, he wasn't near ready to throw in the cloth just yet. If that had been the case, he wouldn't have moved to Nachton, or tried to locate Reign to begin with. And though he wasn't quite yet obsessed with his plight, he was one hundred percent focused on having it turn out the way he hoped.

The note included his cell phone number, again, just in case she had tossed the rest of his cards. And as he dressed and walked out to his kennels, he patted the phone in his pocket. A silent prayer to the heavens was all he could do now, besides wait.

Bastian 17 years ago
He had never minded not being able to communicate with people before, in wolf form, or even in human form for that matter. He had learned English at a rather young age, and had spent the past several years honing his skills and trying to tame his accent. But in business he found when necessary people understood him fine, and in his personal life...well, there hadn't been much of that.

Now it was imperative that he get his point across to the love of his life, and was happy at least, to find she wasn't afraid of him. In fact she spoke to him in a tone that he longed to hear again in human form.

His eyes stayed on her as she moved about the room, but whimpered more loudly as she got farther away. It had been a long time since he'd felt her touch, and he wanted more.

Following behind her, he nudged into her, first one leg, and then the other, trying to get her to back up. He wanted her sitting on the bed, so he could change back. Not that he had any intention of doing so in front of her, but that was another reason he wanted her seated in the room.

Ready to bark, if he wasn't able to maneuver her properly, Bastian had planned to go into the bathroom, and change back, then reappear before her. How could she not believe him then? And once that had been taken care of, he hoped she would be more receptive to giving 'them' another shot. He counted on her strong will, stubbornness, and love of a challenge to help him too. For without all that, she could just as easily run out of the house screaming, once she believed that he did, in fact, turn into a wolf.

He still worried about the long term ramifications of the wolf matter, and knew the possibility existed that she wouldn't want to be more than a friend to a wolf. But that was the next course of action...and not to be considered until this course was completed.
Reign 17 years ago
She interpreted being nudged about as a minor show of aggression, dominance, and while she did back up she didn’t leave her feet. It probably had to do with dealing with her dog for so long and when she needed to be in charge she had to appear bigger than he was. That and she would trust Sirius with her life, this was a wolf, a wild animal and not at all the same or to be trusted entirely.

“Knock it off sport. We can all behave ourselves here.”

As a show of good faith she again offered him her hand before heading back towards the stairs.

“He must have gone out. Not like him to take off without saying something but it could happen.”

Take the wolf, leave the wolf? Leave the wolf, if she took him out side she could lose control of him, hell lose him all together. Not that she really thought he was domesticated or trained but Reign could hope.

Bastian 17 years ago
Becoming frustrated, but not overly so, Bastian growled. He licked Reign's hand when she offered it, but he nudged her again towards the bed.

When she bypassed him and headed for the door, he howled, and then rapidly went to skirt around her. Once he was between her and the doorway, just, he stood stock still. The word 'stay' had no effect on him at all, but then she wouldn't understand that.

Rubbing his head against her leg again, he nudged her back again, and whimpered. He knew she was a very intelligent woman, but couldn't blame her for being at a bit of a loss here. He just had to keep after her until he convinced her she had to wait.

Moving around her, he ran and jumped on top of the bed, barked, and then circled her again, with yet another whine, and lick to her hand.

Oh pretty lady...please just humor me for a few more minutes, he thought as he considered how else he could get her to follow his lead.
Reign 17 years ago
OK she was officially at a loss here, the wolf was giving her some seriously mixed signals. Leaving seemed to be a bad idea and Reign wondered if she’d violated his territory or something.

Both the growl and the howl gave her the shivers, but it didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt her.

“Here’s the deal fella. I’m gonna stand right here and you’re gonna be a good wolf and not do any thing crazy. Once you figure out what you want I’m going to call for some help.”

She was able to keep her voice steady and mellow hoping not to further antagonize him.

Who the hell she was going to call was another story. She didn’t see a phone and didn’t think animal control would be right, maybe she still had Bas’ card in her pocket and could call his cell or office.

Wasn’t this a fine mess she’d gotten herself into? Although really she’d be OK eventually Bastian would come back from where ever he was and between the two of them they could handle the wolf.

“Or I could just wait here until Bas gets back. Which do you like better?”
Bastian 17 years ago
Madre dios, what else could he do? It now appeared he had no choice but to change in front of her, as loathsome as that idea was to him. But since she was being so contrary, he wasn't given any other choices. At least not if he were to succeed tonight.

Howling in frustration, Bastian ran past Reign, and jumped back onto the bed. Barking until he had her attention, he began to shift. A slow shift, done while relaxed, was the best way for him to make the change, but in this case he didn't have that luxury, so the transition was slightly painful. Again, it was a pain he was more or less used to, but tonight, given he didn't have any time to waste on comfort, once he finished his altering he was left breathless, and grimacing. Being naked was nothing he even considered. He had been with Reign like that many times before, and even with all the years in between, it didn't concern him. It didn't occur to him that it might concern her.

"I'm...sorry...I didn' see that."

He croaked out the words as fast as he could, hoping he hadn't scared her beyond, her ability to recover fast.

Still on his hands and knees, Bastian rolled over onto his back, and tried to catch his breath. The pain was diminishing, and he knew it would only be a matter of seconds before it was gone.
Reign 17 years ago
What the hell, crazy mutt…

“Oh shit… shitshitshitshitshit.”

That wasn’t normal or healthy or natural or real. It couldn’t be real. She needed it not to be real or that meant she was losing her mind or he really was a werewolf; which of course he couldn’t be because they didn’t exist.

Reign’s head was spinning and she needed to sit down and did so, rather heavily. It would have been nice if there had been something to sit on, but she was far enough out of it that she didn’t even notice the sharp jarring as she hit the floor.

It was simply impossible to think of anything right now, this couldn’t be right or real. Taking a couple of deliberate breaths Reign very calmly stood up.

“I think I should probably go home now.”
Bastian 17 years ago
"Nooo...Reign...please. Give me a couple...minutes, and I'll get dressed...don't leave, yet."

Bastian sat up, regaining his strength, and the ability to communicate again, even if a little stilted for the time being. Recovery time usually ran opposite to the transformation time, in that if it took him ten minutes to shift, it took him fifteen to recover, or vice versa. But he had to push himself now, and get his wits about him. If she left in the condition she was in, he had no idea what might become of her, or if he'd ever see her again.

Rolling off the bed, he grabbed his slacks and stepped into them, moving on to put a light hand on her shoulder, almost in one swift move.

"How about a drink, or at the very least, lets go downstairs where you can sit down, and take in all this?"

He didn't tell her, but he would not let her just walk away now. Whatever he had to do, whether she liked it or not, he would do, to keep her there to discuss what she had just seen. And this was why he didn't wait for her to answer, but grabbed her into his arms, and carried her downstairs. Once she was settled on the couch in front of the fire in the parlor, Bastian ran across to the kitchen and poured two more ciders. Back at her side before she had a chance to blink, he set the one for her on the coffee table, and joined her on the sofa. He gave her distance though, not sure what she'd do next, and not relishing anymore elbows into his gut right now.

(ooc - liberties taken with picking Reign up - feel free to give him the old elbow or knee if deemed inappropriate)
Reign 17 years ago
While it felt comfortable, familiar, and even safe in his arms again after so long Reign also couldn’t forget what she’s seen and felt the need to try and get away. She brought her heel back sharply, essentially kidney punching him, and tried to squirm away. Apparently Bastian was read for that as he didn’t drop her.

Shock was a funny thing, her mind just stopped functioning and she didn’t know what to do or say or believe. It was disturbing to say the least. Picking up the cider she held it, letting it warm her hands, but other than that just stared blankly and silently for several long minutes.

“it’s a trick. Mirrors or something.”

She said numbly. Reign knew it wasn’t a trick, she didn’t believe he would do that to her, but that left only one answer and Reign wasn’t big on having her reality shaken. There were people, there were animals, there were not werewolves or ghosts or vampires; superstition, the supernatural, it didn’t exist.

Shaking her head she forced it clear, or at least clear enough that she thought she could drive.

“It’s alright Lup… er… Bas. I’ll be fine. We can talk about getting you a tree in a day or two.”

Gently patting his arm she again stood and started to leave. She needed to be somewhere she considered safe, her own environment to get over this, to forget it had happened.
Bastian 17 years ago
He remembered seeing her like this, one night many years ago, and recalled he had been the cause of her discomfort then as well. She had come through for him then, fighting for him to come back from wherever he had gone when he had lost his memory. And he knew then that had it not been for her strength, he might still be stuck in that other world.

Now he had to find a way to bring her back, and show her that she was safe.

Her persistent need to leave was a reaction he had considered, when he had been planning this evening. And when she spoke of getting a tree, he thought maybe she had suffered some form of breakdown, having completely forgotten about his wish for a Christmas pine. When that memory surfaced he laughed. Such a relief to know she hadn't lost her mind at all, but that he had come closer to doing that himself.

"A tree is the least of my worries Reign." Standing up along side her, Bastian stood transfixed, directly between her and the door, much as he had just a short while ago upstairs.

"I know you're having a rough time with all this, how could you not? But I am frightened for you Reign. I can't just let you walk out that front door...not with you in this condition."

And pushed beyond the ability to know anything else to do, Bastian pulled Reign into a hug. His side still ached from her earlier attack, but he would endure ten times that now, if he could convince her to listen...or talk...or do whatever she needed, as long as she didn't leave.

Holding her against him with one arm, he used the other to try and soothe her, softly stroking the back of her neck, while speaking low, and tenderly, into her hair.

"Please Cara. Please don't leave. You're safe here, even if you don't feel it. I would never hurt you, I know that now, it has been all that I have concerned myself with these past years. I left so I wouldn't hurt you, and I came back when I knew I wouldn't hurt you. At least not in the physical sense. Yes...I know I hurt you...I had your love, and for all intents and purposes you thought I had thrown it back at you. But I didn't Cara. I never stopped loving you, or wanting things to be different.

I also know now, that you may find me repulsive, and any chance we might have had at a reconciliation is probably gone, but I still can't let you go off like you are now. If anything were to happen to you..."

...he would likely end his own life, without a second thought. Knowing they couldn't be together, but that she was safe somewhere, would allow him to go on. Knowing she was no longer, and it was because of him...he would have no reason to take another breath.
Reign 17 years ago
“I’m fine. I’m not in any condition, just surprised that’s all.”

Something about finding that supernatural creatures did exist had a way of making a girl a little stupid. Oddly enough her mind flashed on Pakpao. How much easier had it been to accept the Thai woman was a vampire than that Bastian was a werewolf. But then she didn’t know Pakpao as well or at least the same way she knew him. It didn’t matter that her sponsor was undead, whereas it mattered a great deal that Bas was a wolf.

Letting him pull her into an embrace after a moment’s hesitation she rested her cheek against his chest, her head just under his and wrapped her arms around him. It was almost as if the past ten years hadn’t happened.

“You should have told me. You shouldn't have left, you should have told me and we could have figured it out. You didn’t have to go.”
Bastian 17 years ago
Bastian coughed, and pretended to clear his throat, but in truth he was overcome with emotion, and afraid if he spoke, his voice would crack and betray him. Having her arms around him, her cheek against his chest, with his eyes closed Bastian could erase the past years, and imagine the two of them standing on the beach, or at the Green Parrot, or in the library.

"I know love. I know that now. If I could go back and change things, I'd do it. I'd give up ten years of my life if I could do that, and have saved you from the pain you carry. But I was young, in love, and scared, and there just didn't seem to be any other options."

He whispered against her temple, breathing deeply in between sentences, in an attempt to keep his voice from wavering.

"The problem now, is not what I've become. You really are safe around me, and with the exception of one night a month, you'd never know there was anything different about me at all. I've been able to learn to live with it, and with only minor adjustments, haven't had anyone else find out. But none of that is the issue now."

Reaching under her chin, Bastian tilted her head up, so he could see her eyes. He was pretty sure most of the moisture in his own had been blinked away now.

"The problem is what can or do we do about it now? Do you still have any desire to give me that second chance...give US that chance, to see if we still have something worth building back up...and building stronger? Or because you know what you now know, you just can't see a future with me at all?"

He held his breath, hoping for the best, but anticipating the worst.
Reign 17 years ago
She didn’t want to look up, to look at him. This was still too much to take in, the ramification of what she’d just seen, what he’d shared were huge. At the very least Reign was confused; that among other things.

“I don’t know Lupo. I just can’t say right now. It was easier to be pissed at you for leaving than knowing what the reason was.”

Reign felt some nebulous responsibility for his condition, for not noticing any thing was wrong and finding him help. That was weighing on her right now.

“That and I don’t know what it means. I mean you say your safe but what happens if you get excited and bite me? I can’t say I’m keen on the idea of being a werewolf. Beyond that, I just don’t understand all this. Maybe it’s been too long to put it back together.”

There was just so much time now, years of resentment, scars, and anger. To try again with this wolf thing hanging over them seemed like a very daunting prospect. Reign hadn’t been convinced she could give him another chance before, now part of her thought it was near impossible. The other part, however, thought that since she had the missing piece of the puzzle they just might be able to pull it off.
Bastian 17 years ago
He still didn't want to let her go. The feel of her familiar softness in his arms was what he had dreamed of so many times during the past years. Now that he had her back where he knew she belonged, how could he just open his arms and let her go?

None the less, he did just that. Squeezing her to him one last time, and kissing the top of her head, Bastian let his hands drop to his sides. He nodded, and sighed.

"Maybe it has been too long, and maybe I did hurt you beyond repair, and maybe this whole thing is just too daunting for anyone to take on..."

Moving away from her, Bastian went into his office and got his keys from the top of his desk, and then returned to her side. He couldn't help feel defeated, but he tried his damndest to keep that from his voice. He didn't need to add anymore burden to the monstrous load she already carried. He couldn't be sure that she cared enough to take on worrying about him now, but in the off chance she considered it, he hoped by showing he was fine, she wouldn't.

"I...don't want you to leave, but I understand your need to. I won't let you drive though...I'll drive your car, and get a cab back." Fetching her coat, he held it up to her, waiting to assist her in putting it on.

"That is...unless you don't want me to see where you live..." When he heard his tone as he spoke those words, he got angry with himself. What he heard in his head sounded like he was about seven years old, and finding out that his parents just didn't have time to spend with him. Again he coughed, and tried to cover.

"I can call a cab for you then, and you can have your car picked up tomorrow?"
Reign 17 years ago
“Time Lupo, I just need some time on this one.”

It was odd, he’d always been her wolf and now that old nickname had taken on a whole new meaning.

Impulsively she softly kissed his cheek.

“You’ve had ten years to deal with this, I’ve had ten minutes. I need to think it through, I need to know more about you and this new part of you before I can make any kind of decision at all.”

She wanted to argue with him, that she was quite capable of driving herself how, and Reign believed that. But she also remembered how Bas could be on these matters and didn’t think that had changed. He’d always insisted on taking care of her when she was equally determined to take care of her self, that and she didn’t feel like picking a fight right now.

“You can drive if you want. I’d be fine but your call.”

Sliding into her coat she was certain what his answer would be.

“You’d better get a shirt and your coat though."
Bastian 17 years ago
She had used her nickname for him several times tonight, and each time Bastian's heart swelled just a little more. It was more evidence that she still had some feeling for him, otherwise...well, with Reign he just didn't believe she would continue using a term that had once been of endearment.

What ultimately convinced him he'd done the right thing though, was the kiss to his cheek. Again, it wasn't some overt showing of affection, but coming from Reign, it meant a tremendous amount to him.

And, for as stubborn as she could be, he could be equally.

"Thank you for not fighting me on this. I will drive then."

He couldn't help but laugh out loud, when it took her reminder to clue him in to the fact that he was only half dressed. Sprinting back upstairs, he pulled his clothes off the bed, shoved his feet into a pair of boots, and was back downstairs in less than a minute.

Walking her to the door, Bastian shut off lights as he did, and didn't concern himself with having left all the dishes in the dining room, or kitchen. When he had arranged for the dinner tonight, he had moved his housekeeper's day back one. Since his house was normally quite tidy, he didn't see any reason that occasionally he could ask her to earn her salary. She was a nice enough woman, but Bastian hadn't employed her long enough to form any personal attachment.

Once settled in Reign's car, Bastian glanced at Reign sideways. He was still just enjoying having her close, and being able to see her, but he was also still watching for signs that she wasn't coming to terms with all she'd had shoved in her face tonight. So far, so good.

"Ok...where to?"
Reign 17 years ago
It was cold out, even by Reign’s standards and it would be a while before the car would have any heat, but it wasn’t terrible. She was just glad that most of the dog hair and car clutter was in the back of her Magnum so she wouldn’t have to be really embarrassed. And thankfully she’d left the radio at a sane volume as well, although her choice of CD today might have to be questioned. Ten Years gone was generally one of her favorites but tonight she didn’t want to think about the lyrics and switched to the radio and a classical station, just in case.

He knew enough of the route to get them to town but she supplied the last little fiddly bits as they got closer. Other than that she didn’t really say much as they drove, preferring to think. Oddly enough it wasn’t the werewolf thing that she was having the most trouble with it was the whole trying again thing. But since there had been a legitimate reason for him to disappear for ten years perhaps she could be a little forgiving. Then again he could have written or called or something; yet again he must have been terrified when he figured out what was going on. It had to be one hell of shock to find out you turned into a wolf every full moon. Was it every full moon or was that a myth?

Stream of consciousness was a wonderful thing and Reign’s thoughts took her in more directions at once than she could count. Some times there was a clear pattern and some times it was a wild leap, but it all made sense to her. Immersed in thought it surprised her when she noticed they were in her drive way.

“Did you want to come in for a bit? I mean you’re gonna have to call a cab and its too cold to wait out here.”
Bastian 17 years ago
The drive was quiet, but Bastian didn't mind. It seemed quiet was better than arguing, or trying to console her if she didn't want to be. Just as long as her thoughts didn't turn her away from him, he hoped she was doing that...thinking.

It wasn't a very long drive either, and as he drove up to her home, he liked that she had chosen a corner lot. Privacy had always been important to him, and when neighbors were close he always felt as if they were studying him. With a corner lot you eliminated some of that feeling...not that his concerns were of importance.

The invitation to come inside was too good to pass up. Had she not extended it, he probably would have used the excuse to call the cab to accomplish the same. But having her think of it was sweeter, and he both smiled and nodded.

Doubting she would wait, and that he could reach her side of the car quick enough to open her door, Bastian just got out and walked around to stand behind her.

"Nice place...nice tree...big back yard?" There really wasn't anything too unusual to comment on, and but what there was seemed...nice. He wondered what it was about the place that made it stand out enough to catch Reign's eyes.
Reign 17 years ago
“It works out.”

It was a good place, the size and the price was right, had a yard for the mutt and was in a nice quite neighborhood. She liked it.

Taking her keys from him she unlocked the door. Reign wasn’t at all surprised to hear Sirius moving about in the foyer, he always knew when she was coming in. It did surprise her that after he got a good whiff of her he down right growled at Bastian. The was a watchdog to be sure but rarely, if ever, hostile.

Immediately he put himself between Reign and Bastian and while he didn’t make any further moves Reign grabbed his collar.


She barked at the dog perplexed by his behavior.

“Bas, this is Sirius who is generally more accepting of visitors.

Get inside.”

The dog reluctantly obeyed but didn’t let Reign out of his sight. She led the way in and closed the door behind them.

“There’s a phone in the kitchen or I can make some coffee.”
Bastian 17 years ago
Bastian was quite prepared for the greeting he got from Sirius. The dog was protecting his turf, and asserting his alpha maleness. But Bastian wasn't going to back off. He wasn't going to challenge the dog, at least not right off, but he had to make sure Sirius knew who was the true alpha.

Meeting the dogs eyes was antagonistic, but it also told him that Bastian didn't fear him. Luckily the animal listened to his mistress, and there was no reason to come to blows, for the time being.

Besides, Bastian didn't want to lose the small foothold he now had, and was pretty sure if Reign's dog didn't come around, he would probably do just that.

Moving with deliberate slowness, and keeping his distance, Bastian smiled at the dog. He didn't bother offering his hand, knowing full well Sirius could smell Bastian's scent. That his scent was on Reign was undoubtedly the big problem Sirius had with him.

"Coffee would be great, if it's no trouble." Looking around, Bastian noticed the very large living room that faced the front of the house, and held very little outside of the pool table he had expected to find somewhere. The one constant in her life, gave him a sense of calm to see it hadn't left her.

As he tried to see in the adjoining rooms, Bastian repeatedly cast looks down at Sirius, until he finally spoke to the dog directly.

"Hello Sirius. I'm Bastian, and I mean your mistress no harm." Short and sweet, with no threatening tone, Bastian merely wanted the dog to know he wasn't frightened of him. If things went as Bastian hoped, the two of them would eventually become allies, if not friends. Bastian didn't have the need to win the dog over, but to just make sure they got along.
Reign 17 years ago
“No its not. Go on in make your self at home I don’t think its –too- big of a mess.”

Her dissertation was spread out over the dinning room table, as usual. There was some folded laundry on one of the chairs in the family room and probably a random chew toy and/or tennis ball floating around but it wasn’t a pigsty.

Sirius’ behavior was down right odd, he hadn’t acted this way with Will, or Vince or any one else. He was being perfectly polite, but sticking right by her and keeping a very obvious eye on Bastian. Ordinarily Reign liked him being in the room with her but this time he was just plain under foot, but she cut him some slack scratching him behind the ears reassuringly as she made the coffee.

“Black still right? You can stick a movie in or something if you want.”

Reign often used movies to disengage and process things on a subconscious level. It really was quite relaxing and helpful.