In Morrigan's Office (Private - Morrigan and Amberelle)

Back at her office, Morrigan attempted to settle back into her research but was distracted by thoughts of the evening's events. Gustav De'Espionne...the name was familiar and somehow unpleasant.

She knew he could not be one of her Order; no, those she knew quite well. Always careful with documentation, Morrigan flipped through her files until she found the one she kept which tracked the members of each order. The Hunt? No, that didn't seem appropriate. Searching through her file on the Night, she found him - Gustav De'Espionne of New Orleans. Now she remembered why the name was unpleasant. Sorin. These two were familiar, she knew.

Morrigan's acute hearing detected the slightest of footsteps coming in the direction of her door. Maybe she would agree to placing those cameras outside her door as was once suggested to her.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
After escaping from Sorin and Thadeus' presence, Amberelle headed down the road towards the mansion with thoughts whirling wildly through her head. Louis sensed his mistress' churning emotions and rubbed his head on her arm to comfort her. She stopped and smiled, lifting her furry friend up to look him in the eyes. How about you go do some recon hmm? Check out the grounds and the house. But *avoid* that Sorin fellow. I.. She paused and thought for a second, her Grandmere' Ellise's words comming to her 'Choose your allies carefully in a battle, sometimes they make all of the difference.' Amberelle smiled. I am going to go back and speak with Lady Morrigan.

[i] She waited, making sure the coast was clear, and slipped stealthily down the passages, sniffing and following Morrigan's scent until she reached a closed door. She straightened, tugging her shirt down some and brushing her hair back, then knocked twice softly.
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Poised at her seat and listening, Morrigan heard the footsteps halt and the light knocking on her office door. The delicacy indicated to her this was likely a woman with a strong and steady hand. She was always fascinated by how much hands could give away about a person - even a vampire.

Buttoning her jacket, Morrigan stood and proceeded to the door. She opened it to find the young De'Espionne waiting outside. Curious.

Do come in, mademoiselle. It is interesting you should come to visit me. Please, join me in a glass of wine. You do drink wine, yes?

Morrigan motioned toward the velvety red wingback chairs gracing the opposite wall of the office and stood patiently at the door.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amby smiled warmly and stepped inside, glancing about the office as she walked to one of the chairs and sat. Thank you, Lady Morrigan that is most hospitable. I would appreciate a glass of wine, very much. Sitting, she perched on the edge of the chair, her back straight and her hands folded demurely in her lap, ankles crossed. Try as she might to appear casual her breeding shone through. She glanced down, checking her perfectly manicured nails, trying not to fidget
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan broke her reserved expression and smiled bemusedly at the girl. Closing the door, she strode over to the fully stocked bar and selected a wine from the controlled cooler. Going through the motions to finally pour the wine, Morrigan spoke while she worked.

Silly how I still enjoy alcohol when feeding is so much more enticing. Old habits apparently don't fade with age.

Morrigan glanced at the young woman and her perfect posture.

I do appreciate your manners, lass - I'm sure you've no doubt been told of my fondness for manners - but you are not on display here. She eyed the girl's clothes. I probably would have gone another way with the attire, but you are young yet.

She handed the girl a glass of a deep merlot and leaned back in the opposite chair.

Now tell me, how did you find your way here? Are things not well in New Orleans?
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Sipping her wine, she smiled wryly into the glass. It was almost an automatic reply, as Amberelle seemed to begin speaking it before she was aware... The organization is strong, it is thriving under Gustav's control. Anantya flourishes in New Orleans, my Lady. She paused, her brow faintly furrowing and she glanced up to meet Morrigan's gaze. She took another deep sip and continued, But.. I.. hmm. Recently, Master Gustav and his lady traveled to holiday in Europe, and well.. I.. She paused a second, seemingly trying to pick her next words carefully. I would like to see more of the world than New Orleans, and it seems like an.. opportune.. time to start my travels while he was gone, perhaps. She looked at Morrigan with dark and troubled eyes, looking for some reaction to her words.
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan raised an eyebrow.

Anantya flourishes in New Orleans, but you do not. I take it he would not have responded well to your want to travel, yes? My dear, I can see there is fear in your eyes. Within the clan's walls, you are safe. Anyone who thinks otherwise will answer to me.

Her eyes blazed with her last statement before she focused back on Amberelle.

I will not force you to divulge everything, but the more I know about what is going on, the better I can help you.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
She visibly relaxed, tension pouring out of her at Morrigan's words. Thank you, thank you my lady. I wasn't sure if I would be allowed to stay. Gustav always spoke so highly of Lord Sorin and they seemed so close.. I feared he would force me to return to New Orleans.

She chewed her bottom lip a moment, glancing down, thinking.. Perhaps.. perhaps he did not contact the Lord yet, but I am certain he will demand my return. He always referred to me as a useful asset. She glanced up at Morrigan again, tilting her head to the side curiously But, I could be wrong on my impression of the relationship he shares with the Lord. He did say some things that seem very untrue about you, so.. I can't be sure. If he does ask for me, will I be forced to return?
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan's hand clenched at the girl's words.

Amberelle, you are not property. The man can ask all he wants, but we are not going to ship you to him like a package!

A wry smile crept to her lips.

And I would hardly presume Sorin to be a lord, much less myself a lady. The honorific is not required as much as I enjoy hearing it.

A serious tone crept into Morrigan's voice as she continued.

One thing I would count on is Gustav's ties to Sorin. I faintly recall their friendship before Sorin assumed leadership of the Night. It would be best to go forward assuming Sorin has received some information regarding you. Not knowing exactly what is that information, we will assume the worst.

And friendship with Sorin likely means disdain for me. It is no secret Sorin and I do not particularly care for each other, but we must work together just the same. Assuming Gustav is anything like Sorin, he and I would not be friendly either. I never cared much to get acquainted with him. I am curious of the things Gustav had to say, but this is not important.

Regardless of all of this, Sorin does not enjoy absolute power in this clan. He is a part of a triad of which I am a third. Mai is the other piece and cares not for politics or dramatics. She has always done what is necessary at the time and nothing else. Sorin would be foolish to assume he could exercise his will over you so easily.

At this, Morrigan leaned back and drank deeply from her wine. Sorin - always the splinter in her side.

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Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
For the first time in quite a while, Amby's face lit with a genuine, warm smile. She had been correct coming here, it was an immense relief. I thank you again.. I can't describe the joy your words bring me. I'd hoped to be welcome here.. but.. well, had feared that his assertions that as his childe I was his property to dispose of as he saw fit would be true. Being one of his hands, his assasins.. I knew I was valuable enough to him for him to actually care if I left.

Her face darkened faintly and her voice went cooler But, I would have made you kill me before I would go back to him.

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Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan frowned at this last statement.

Death to one of our kind is not taken lightly. Perhaps this is a traditional view, but it is Anantya tradition just the same. The situation must have been severe to wish such a fate on yourself. I was once in such a position in my former life and I was shown that I could be much greater than death. Sharing this same blood, you too are beyond death.

It is within you to choose a path - let these events break you, develop a hardened exterior because of them, or use and change them to bend around yourself. We are eternal, Amberelle. Your youth has not let you understand that a mortal lifetime is but a blink of an eye to our kind. You have the time to change these circumstances and take command. Your coming here was the first step in doing that.

She smiled softly and then retreated back into her glass of wine.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle frowned at Morrigan's words. Perhaps the Order was not aware of how Gustav ran his little organization. She wouldn't have been the first of his children to be killed for disobedience.. or beaten.. She couldn't fight back the shiver from those memories. That was something to ponder on, the information of his actions could prove very useful indeed..

Severe.. yes, I would say. And perhaps.. yes, I am sure, to you my view of life, death and immortality seem strange. Maybe to our kind they are, I don't know. That wasn't something I was ever taught. She shrugs faintly. It was given to me, the blood, without my consent.. so perhaps I am still bitter at not having the choice. She smiles at Morrigan wryly. And I understand.. You're not the first to say I should let these things make me stronger. I will try, my lady.
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan stared into her glass for a moment. Something with this Gustav was not right. She thought of sending in one of the Night to check in on him, but there was the risk of alerting Sorin. No, think on this later. She looked into the girl's eyes and spoke gently.

That is something I cannot help you with, the bitterness. Every vampire needs a period to come to terms with their new selves. For some it is longer than others. I am sure your lack of choice in the matter will rub at you for some time, but I do hope you will find some part of your new life that you will enjoy and help you to embrace it. For me, it was the pursuit of a goal, namely vengeance, that helped me to truly appreciate what I am now. For you, it may be something wholly different. Do know that I am always willing to listen.

Morrigan's voice suddenly became lighter.

And it seems I was wrong. Gustav's teachings were not all they should have been. But this is something that can be remedied and best done by surrounding yourself with others of the clan. Let us get you settled in at the manor and on to making your new life. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, but do please go easy on the furniture.

She winked.
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
Amberelle stood and giggled softly at Morrigan I don;t think I will have a problem with that, m'lady. Again, thank you for your hospitality.. She set down the nearly empty wine glass and glanced back up at Morrigan Oh! What should I do if Lor.. Sorin approaches me? Is there anything you prefer?
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
I think it would be best just to not let on that we have spoken or that you may be suspicious of him. If he doesn't think you know anything, he won't be too careful around you. But if he knows you are in any way connected to me, he will make it a point to terrorize you. unpleasant to say the least and takes a joy in spiting me.

Rising to her full height, Morrigan placed the glasses at the bar and made her way back to her desk.

I do need to gather some documents before I return to the manor myself, so why don't you go ahead without me? Besides, I don't think our joined entrance would make up for the best appearances if Sorin is watching and...well, I'm still a little unnerved by riding in those vehicles. She nodded to Amberelle's car outside and then noticed what looked like a pew sticking out of the ground.

And it seems our Talon has left me an invitation in the front lawn to pay him a visit. I trust you know the way to Heolfor?
Amberelle DeEspionne 17 years ago
She smiled warmly I believe I can find my way, with no problems. And I'll take your advice.. I try to be unobtrusive, so perhaps Sorin will not even be an issue.'Fat chance' she thought to herlsef with an inner sigh. 'I couldn't be so lucky. But, I do have an ally now so that is reassuring.' She stepped back slightly and curtsied to Morrigan, looking out of place in her current garb but she did it well. I will leave you to your papers now madam. Good eve.[i] She stepped back, turned and quietly made her way outside to head her car to the manor.

((Amby out!))
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
Morrigan nodded to the girl and then went back to her papers. She glanced at the laptop computer tucked to the side of her desk and chuckled. This thing was to hold more than her libraries of paper documents and she still couldn't get accustomed to using it. Someday.

One thing she had grown accustomed to was cars. Morrigan felt a bit guilty about misleading the girl about her feeling on the things, but truly she just wasn't comfortable with small vehicles or young drivers. Thinking on this, Morrigan called down to her driver and instructed him to attach the pew to the car and prepare to head to the manor.

Never liking to leave a mess for later, Morrigan went over to the bar and washed out the used glasses. Drying them with a soft cloth, she hung them on their rack and went back to her desk. Filling her briefcase with files and that odd small device on her desk, Morrigan snapped it closed and made her way through the cathedral and back down to the front entrance.

Noticing Amberelle's car was gone, she looked back up at the cathedral and its beautiful outline against the night sky. It was a shame others couldn't appreciate its beauty. Turning back to her car, she clenched her teeth at the sight of the pew tied to the back and then slid into the back seat as the driver held the door open for her. As they pulled away, Morrigan smiled inward at the thought of her coming visit with Talon.