IM's not just for mafia anymore!

I figure I'd start this thread because it really is probably the easiest way to get in touch with someone in a timely fashion. If you want to RP with someone you can PM them or perhaps IM them, and then tell them when you've responded. It is how Mae, Veri and I have had some quick RP's... Tag... you're it, respond!

Contact information for Mai and Alfarinn

AIM - Mae Morningsun
MSN - [email][/email]
Trillian - Mai

I also have yahoo and ICQ but I don't use them often. I don't even remember my ICQ number.

Meegan 19 years ago
Yahoo! IM: samnie_gaidin

Email: [email][/email]

I don't have any other messengers installed on my pc, and I don't intend to.

I lied...

MSN is the email above.
Amberelle DeEspionne 19 years ago
I use MSN when I am at home, sometimes.. [email][/email]. But, if I'm in EQ it's shut off. And I don't have any installed here at work and they won't let me.. probably better for me anyways. My account notifies me here at work if I get a PM so that's one way to catch me.
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
I'm usually signed on Trillian 24/7, but I can't access my IM accounts from work. If you need to reach during the day, I have changed my account notification to my work e-mail so yu can just send me a PM.

MSN: [email][/email]
Yahoo: clubkitten007
AIM: GODpimp007
Ellis Duban 19 years ago
AIM: rozbeans
yahoo: mae2gurl
msn: [email][/email]
email: [email][/email]
tarzan code: ooooooooahhahhhhhhhhhoaoahoahhhhhhhhooooo
Chryseis Angelique 19 years ago
UsgreaterthanU for aol
[email][/email] for email
Rachyl 18 years ago
I do have the ability to be contacted while working.

My Yahoo ID is ""
My AIM ID is "rachyl_walker".

I may not respond immediately because, after all, I -should- be working...

but I'd rather not be.

Nyra 18 years ago
I can generally be reached via IM even at work.

Yahoo: cali_and_lb
msn: [email][/email]
aol: calimayrn
Priscilla 18 years ago
Oh Oh Oh! Me me me!

yahoo: giggliey -- though, I'm usually invis, you're welcome to shoot me a message to see if I'm there or not. It's not you I'm hiding from. Promise!

AIM: AmyDrgnMgck -- g'luck there. I open that one up rarely, but it's possible.

Email: [email][/email]

or PM me!
Shay 18 years ago

[email][/email] (I can also get mail there


[email][/email] (though I often forget to log into yahoo...msn is ALWAYS on home or work.)

And during the week I'm almost always online from about 7am - 1am pdt
Alec Devereaux 18 years ago
Hezekyah on yahoo and aim, but I can be a bit difficult to get ahold here usually is the best means, as email availability > messenger for me. Cheers!
Su-Chen Ling 18 years ago
AIM: Karel Elliott
YIM: Karel_Elliott
MSN: [email][/email]
Xfire: Septre
Alexandra 18 years ago
MSN: [email][/email]
AIM: digitalkus
Winter 18 years ago
I keep my Trillian signed in while at work and MSN when i'm at home..
Yahoo - [email][/email]
Msn - [email][/email]
i forget my aol.. its probably [email][/email] but i'm not sure
Apollyon 18 years ago
AIM - Nercrolias

MSN - [email][/email]

I Leave them on 24/7 but if im away, the afk messages will be up =)
Aishe 18 years ago
Woah, I never posted mine? How antisocial am I?

AIM: Kelagry
Yahoo: Skyyefoxx

Almost never on Yahoo unless I get prodded to open it up. But almost always on AIM. No access from work, woe is me. However, feel free to yap at me anytime I'm actually logged on. I can be chatty if I'm not drooling over anime reruns.
Fiona 18 years ago
can't use Yahoo ~ It wigged my computer out when I installed it, but I can be found on MSN under [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
Mathias 18 years ago
ICQ number is 3131779
Fiona 18 years ago
well, so far the newest version of yahoo is working on this puter... so you can add [email][/email] on YIM
Alfarinn 18 years ago
I love the voice chat on yahoo.. the phone call cracks me up.
Nara Baker 17 years ago
I am on yahoo as nara_baker I think, umm it isn't my real profile so ummm yeah, just ignore the reading there. hehe I use it when I get bored. umm but it is one of the role play ids I set up to keep myself separate from real life from time to time. hehe