Walking amongst the stars (attn. Ezekiel)

They had taken a taxi after leaving club E. taking them to the strip, Aly knew this place well as the store she worked at was located right there, they had chatted quietly about all kinds of things while riding together, paying the cabby they got out on the busy street, it often amazed her how busy Nachton was 24 hours per day, it was almost like it's citizens never slept.

Walking along side Ezekiel she smiled gently at him, she was sure they were making people look at them since they were both still in their costumes and with the difference in height there was such a great contrast between them, her petite and light, him being so tall and dark, but didn't they say that opposites attrack?

"Have you been here before? I've found that the strip is a nice place to shop and just hang out at this time of night"

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Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel hadn't seen much of Nachton, and he'd never been to the Strip as Alyshia called this busy section of the city.

A plethora of sights, sounds and smells greet Ezekiel as he walked the Strip with Alyshia. He was tempted to growl once or twice at the stares and whispered comments he picked up from people passing by. The costume he wore didn't help, and neither did the height difference. But folks could be darned rude sometimes.

Ezekiel couldn't shed his costume, but he could do something about the height difference.

Before she could respond Ezekiel scooped up Alyshia in her right hand and effortlessly placed her on his broad shoulder, his hand across her lap to prevent her from falling.

"There you go Aly. I reckon if folks wanna stare, then we'd best give em something worthy to stare at."
Alyshia 17 years ago
When Ezekiel scooped her up and put her on his shoulder Alyshia let out a loud yelp in surprise, holding on tight to his hand laying in her lap she wiggled a bit, her behind firmly seated on his broard shoulder.

"Umm do you always put women on your shoulder or just the petite ones"

Looking down on him she took hold of his hand, even while wearing heels like she was right now she was fully balanced thanks to one of her abilities, gliding down his body till she landed gracefully on the ground, she blushed a bit as her behind rubbed up against his stomach.. or at least she thought it was his stomach.

Turning around she faced him, smiling she stood on her toes, even like that she couldn't reach his face with her own, reaching out she touched his cheeck with the tips of her fingers.

"You're a kind man Ezekiel Caine, but you don't have to carry me around like that, let people stare all they want, now come on, lets go have something to drink"

Taking his hand in hers she thought for a moment.. which way was that nice little coffeeshop anex dinner she had been before, looking around she wrinkled her nose, sense of direction wasn't her best feature, looking at the buildings around her it came back to her, trying to drag him with her she began to walk.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel grinned as the lithe little body seemed to slither out of his grasp and to the ground without much effort. Her hand seemed to recoil as she touched the thick leather buckle belt above his tunic.

Like she'd been stung, or caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Ezekiel suppressed the urge to laugh. Now that wouldn't be polite.

"I reckon you don't want me to answer that question, Aly. At least not in public."

Ezekiel would welcome a drink but he didn't know this area at all. He was content to be willingly dragged along by Alyshia. And the view from where he was, wasn't too bad at all.

Beautiful and graceful. Let 'em stare." said Ezekiel softly.
Alyshia 17 years ago
"I reckon you don't want me to answer that question, Aly. At least not in public."

Blushing madly at his reply she almost let go of his hand, this man was so much more experianced then she was, he probably been all around the world, known many women and had done god nows what to them, while she.. never even kissed a man let alone done anything with them at ALL.

Looking at him for a moment she smiled shyly at him walking along till the reached the place she had in mind, she had been here with some of her co-workers, they served good food and drinks and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfy, pushing the door open they were greated by a soft jazzy tune as a dark haired woman stood on the stage singing a slow love song.

Finding them a table she smiled at him again.

"I hope you don't mind jazz music too much, they mix it with other types as well but mostly light jazz"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Blushing madly at his reply she almost let go of his hand, this man was so much more experianced then she was, he probably been all around the world, known many women and had done god nows what to them, while she.. never even kissed a man let alone done anything with them at ALL.

Looking at him for a moment she smiled shyly at him walking along till the reached the place she had in mind, she had been here with some of her co-workers, they served good food and drinks and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfy, pushing the door open they were greated by a soft jazzy tune as a dark haired woman stood on the stage singing a slow love song.

Finding them a table she smiled at him again.

"I hope you don't mind jazz music too much, they mix it with other types as well but mostly light jazz"

It was a cozy little place that Alyshia had brought them to. He could almost taste the food and coffee that lingered in the air. Nobody as much as batted an eyelid at them as they entered.

Ezekiel grinned as Alyshia brought them over to a table.

"Hopefully I ain't gonna embarrass myself or the chair. Nice little place you got here, Aly. I reckon the food here has got to taste as good as it smells."

Ezekiel waited for Alyshia to sit before delicately placing himself down on the chair. He was rewarded with silence which was good. The chair would live.

"I kept sneaking into places like this in Berlin. My old man was stationed over there during the 60's and 70's. I was a typical Army Brat."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Laughing out loud at his comment about the chair she sat down, the chairs were comfy leather chairs with sturdy wooden legs and padded seats, a chair you could sit in for hours and dream away to the music that was being played, she had picked this place cause she felt it would fit him much better then the club they were in before, it seems she had been right when he mentioned sneaking into places like this as a kid.

"You must have moved around alot then, did you grow up in Germany?"

Turning her attention to the waitress that stopped next to their table she smiled warmly at her, she knew her as she had been her a few times, chatting with her for a moment she turned back to Ezekiel.

"Would you like something to eat as well or just a drink?"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
"Something to eat? Lamb shanks if have 'em. Rare."

Ezekiel looked around the place and realized he probably wasn't going to get that.

On second thoughts, I'll have a cup of coffee. Black, two sugars."

Ezekiel smiled politely at the waitress and waited till she had gone. Reaching under his belt he pulled out a leather pouch. The satisfying smell of beef jerky made his smile wider.

"Never leave home without it."

Ezekiel shoved a chunk of jerky in his mouth and slowly began chewing it, savouring the taste.

He put the leather pouch on the table and gestured for Alyshia to help herself to the dried meat.

"You wanted to know about Germany. Well, I was born in Berlin and raised there. Mom was a native. I came back Stateside when I was about twelve. The old man got discharged on medical grounds, car accident. Mom wasn't so lucky. I joined the Corps at eighteen and spent ten years in the Motor Pool. Fixing heavy vehicles and driving 'em. I liked driving so much that when I got my discharge papers I took up long haul trucking around the US and Canada."

Ezekiel pointed at his neck.

"I got this beauty some years back during a long haul run. But enough about me. Why don't I carry on chewing this her sweet meat, and you tell me a little bit more about yourself, Aly?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
Giggling at his reply about the meat she turned to the waitress ording him a cup of coffee and herself a laté, looking at the pouch her stomach growled, her blue eyes going over his face for a moment she couldn't help but lick her lips, she hadn't realized she had been hungry till the smell of the dried meat hit her nostrils.

Taking out small strip of beef she began to chew on it, so he was a truck driver and a former army man, she would have guessed he did something with heavy construction judging from the way his body was build, she couldn't help but admire his strong body and handsome features, the way he carried himself made something tingle in the pit of her stomach, something that hadn't been there before.

"About me.. well lets see I was born and raised near Budapest in Hungary, my parents got killed when I was 15, nasty car accident, the truck that hit them carried steal plates that went right through the car, thank god there were enough, pausing she thought about what to call her kumpania without giving too much away about what she was umm family members to take me in, we relocated to the US not too long ago to settle down in Nachton.

Picking up another piece of jerky she chewed on it just as the waitress returned with their drinks.

"I work on a trendy fashion store right here on the strip, if you ever need something hip to wear come find me"

Inhaling the rich scent of the coffee she took a sip of the milky treat.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel washed the jerky down with a swig from the coffee.

He said nothing as Alyshia licked her lips slowly as she reached for the leather pouch. Maybe she like beef jerky as much as he did. Maybe she was like him. Or maybe she liked him. That last train of thought made Ezekiel stare at her for a second. Older than she looks. Anything is possible these days.

"I'm sorry about your parents Aly. Seems we both had loved ones taken away on the highway. I truly am. I've never been to Budapest. Perhaps one day. I moved around a lot. I got er.. family down here in Nachton too. I'm planning on staying a while and rediscovering my roots thing."

Ezekiel popped another piece of beef jerky in his mouth.

Most people have never accused me of being hip. Big n' Tall clothing takes a bit of looking. You seem to know more about Nachton than I do. What's the Strip about?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
Shrugging when he mentioned her parents she looked into her coffee, it had been almost 10 years since they were killed, the wounds of their loss had closed, though there were some times when she missed them greatly.

"It was a very long time ago.. like i said, don't judge me on my appareance, i'm no teenager by far"

Reaching for another piece of jerky her hand brushed against his making her blush once more, she kept her hand against there longer then needed, lifting her eyes to meet his her breath hitched because of the intense look her was giving her, clearing her throat she took another sip of her laté

"It's because I work here, it's mosty shops, cafe's, restaurants that sort of thing, I haven't explored all of it, maybe we could take a walk after we leave here?"

Managing a smile she put another piece of meat into her mouth, chewing on it for a moment she swallowed it down, she wasn't quite sure what to do about their situation, all her instincts were telling her she was sitting opposite another wolf, a big strong wolf, but what if she was wrong? she didn't want to put herself of her pack in danger.. she had never been in a situation such as this, you don't just go about saying "hey guess what, I can turn into a wolf and once a month at full moon I howl with my family", finishing her coffee she was lost in thought for a moment, how the hell was she goin to handle this?
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel nodded in agreement.

"You're all woman, Aly."

His hand felt like it had been burnt by her touch, and Ezekiel swallowed down some more coffee. The tingling sensation in his fingers was pleasant.

A walk around here would be good, can't hurt to get one's bearings."

Ezekiel mused. He was no smooth talker, and had no skill in diplomacy or deceit. There was one question that hung at the back of his throat and it would haunt him no end if he didn't ask it. There was no subtle way to say it. Either she would confirm his suspicions or think that he was irrevant at best, and slightly unhinged at worst if she wasn't. That was if she heard him.

Ezekiel hid his mouth behind his coffee cup and lowered his voice to a whisper. If she was one of them she'd hear it alright, despite the background chatter and music from the jazz band.

"Have you ever been bitten by a wolf Alyshia. Do you carry the scars like I do?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
"Have you ever been bitten by a wolf Alyshia. Do you carry the scars like I do?"

Her eyes grew wide at his question, what was she to do, answer him honestly, looking into his eyes she asnwered him, her voice barely more then a whisper.

"Yes.. yes I have, but not like you, Ezekiel.. do you.. are you.. can you?"

Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at him, remembering that special night when her own mother had gifted her, she felt a single tear run down her cheeck as she reached for his hand.

"I'm not sure how to handle this.. I.. are you like me?"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel took her delicate hand and looked at Alyshia as he lowered his coffee cup.

He kept his voice soft and quiet.

"Hush now, Aly. No need for tears. I'm like you. Maybe not quite as pretty, but definitely like you."

Well possibly not, Ezekiel reflected.

"Kadzait or Vyusher R'asa?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
He was like her.. O god.. he was like her.. this wonderful man was a wolf like herself.

"I'm Vyusher R'asa"

Using the back of her hand to dry her tears she smiled at him, reaching out she touched the scars on his neck once more, who ever had gifted him had been very rude about, such marks on his beautiful skin, but yet, it fitted him, it was part of the man he was.

"Now that you know.. I was gifted at age 7, both my parents were wolves too and to explain my young looks, I'm actually 25 in case you're wondering"

He had called her pretty, smiling she squeeszed his hand, she still wasn't sure how to handle this whole situation, she was loyal to her pack, what if he was Kadzait, was it even ok to talk to him?
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel snickered and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"You realize that technically this makes us enemies, sister. I'm Kadzait. "

Ezekiel grinned to dispel any misgivings Alyshia might have.

"Well shucks. Never judge a book by its cover is what you've said. I don't care for politics. Far as I'm concerned there's no war going on. No edict that says I can't be here talking to you. Vyusher R'asa. Kadzait. We're all furry little critters when it comes down to it."

Ezekiel looked at Alyshia and hoped he hadn't scared her off.

"I met my Gifter around the winter of 2000. Native American. We didn't exactly start off on the right foot. I hit her during a snow storm and she took a chunk out of my neck. Thankfully for me, she decided that I wasn't going to wind up a corpsicle on the side of road. She called it destiny. She taught me the ways of our kin and the strengths and weaknesses that flow through my veins. You probably got way more experience than I have though at this sort of thing."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Somehow she had known he was Kadzait, men this big just weren't Vyusher R'asa, part of her felt this was wrong, he was the enemy after all, but how could it be wrong when she was sitting opposite one of the most wonderful men she had ever met.

When he called them furry she giggled, squeezing his hand back she smiled as he told her how he was gifted, so he had only been this way for 6 years.. he probably managed to learn alot in those years but was it the same as being born to be a wolf, she wondered how he would look in his wolf form, would he be as big as in his human form.. he probably was.

"We.. we should go hunting sometimes"

As far as the experience he talked about, well yes she and her wolf form were as natural as her human form, it was her second skin, something that came natural to her, she loved being a wolf though at times she could be a little scared about people finding out and hunting her and the rest of the pack down.

"I'm glad she let you life, are you as big a wolf as you are a human?"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
"You know, I've never been asked that." said Ezekiel.

"Can't say I've had the chance to check myself out in a mirror or get a portrait shot taken. But my Gifter was easily 5 feet at the shoulder and about three hundred pounds. And that's not small at all. Perhaps you can judge that for yourself. Moon's on the rise."

Ezekiel looked at the slender, delicate fingers in his calloused large hand and matched his fingers to Alyshia's.

I can track and hunt on two legs almost as well as I can on four. Knife, shotgun, rifle or bow. I'm partial to knife myself. Give's the prey more of a sporting chance and I don't bruise as easy since the change."

Closing his fingers through Alyshia's, Ezekiel grinned.

"Sticks and stones won't break my bones, and words just plain annoy me."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Aly knew what she looked like in her wolf form, her ligth grey furr with white tips and light blue eyes, she thought she looked beautiful like that.

"I'm not a bad hunter... I'm fast, really fast, only down side is that i often loose my way"

Wrinkling her nose she giggled a little, just then the waitress appeared next to their table asking if they wanted to have another coffee, looking back at Ezekiel she raised an eyebrow.

"Want another one or do you want to go for that walk?"

It didn't matter to her, either stay there and have another coffee or go outside and take a walk, she didn't know if he couuld change at will, it was a lovely night, the moon was out and even if it wasn't full she could still change if needed, her years of being a wolf had given her good control of her 2 forms, full moon ment HAVING to change, but at other times she could when she wanted too.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel considered his response before replying.

I ain't fast but I move pretty agile like, tough as steel, and my senses are more heightened than most. Always a downside though. Pro's and con's. I don't sleep well, I don't fly well and my diet is mainly pro-Aktins if ya catch my drift."

He finished off the rest of his drink and packed the leather pouch away.

"Let's walk Aly. You can show me more of this Strip."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Nodding at his words Aly smiled, just agility was good, she had lots of grace and balance, that combined with her speed made her a fast and dangerous hunter, she was there in the blink of an eye before anyone else even had a chance to get near her, as far as prey, she used surprise attacks, in her little form she wasn't one to overpower a person, she was too small and too light for that, but that didn't mean she knew how to take care of herself in any kind of situation.

Turning towards the waitress she took her wallet out of her purse, checking if whitie (as she lovingly called her phone) was still there she touched the white mobile phone for a moment, taking out the money for the 2 cups of coffee she payed her and got ready to leave, reaching for Ezekiel's hand she began to walk towards the exit.

"This one was on me, after all I was the one who dragged you here.. well umm yeah not so much dragged as I couldn't move you even if i wanted to"

Laughing softly the pushed open the door to step out in to the fresh night air.