Walking amongst the stars (attn. Ezekiel)

They had taken a taxi after leaving club E. taking them to the strip, Aly knew this place well as the store she worked at was located right there, they had chatted quietly about all kinds of things while riding together, paying the cabby they got out on the busy street, it often amazed her how busy Nachton was 24 hours per day, it was almost like it's citizens never slept.

Walking along side Ezekiel she smiled gently at him, she was sure they were making people look at them since they were both still in their costumes and with the difference in height there was such a great contrast between them, her petite and light, him being so tall and dark, but didn't they say that opposites attrack?

"Have you been here before? I've found that the strip is a nice place to shop and just hang out at this time of night"

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Ezekiel 17 years ago
Nodding at his words Aly smiled, just agility was good, she had lots of grace and balance, that combined with her speed made her a fast and dangerous hunter, she was there in the blink of an eye before anyone else even had a chance to get near her, as far as prey, she used surprise attacks, in her little form she wasn't one to overpower a person, she was too small and too light for that, but that didn't mean she knew how to take care of herself in any kind of situation.

Turning towards the waitress she took her wallet out of her purse, checking if whitie (as she lovingly called her phone) was still there she touched the white mobile phone for a moment, taking out the money for the 2 cups of coffee she payed her and got ready to leave, reaching for Ezekiel's hand she began to walk towards the exit.

"This one was on me, after all I was the one who dragged you here.. well umm yeah not so much dragged as I couldn't move you even if i wanted to"

Laughing softly the pushed open the door to step out in to the fresh night air.

Ezekiel rose to his feet and picked up his helm. He followed after Alyshia and laughed at her comment as he passed through the door.

The crisp Autumn air filled his lungs and Ezekiel sighed.

"Perfect night, Aly. Who would've though a big lug like me would be waltzing after a beauty like you?"

Ezekiel moved to Alyshia's left side and hugged her. He ran his fingers through her hair.

Tommorrow night was full moon. Ezekiel entertained the notion of inviting her out for the day, and hopefully the night. Aside from the Pack, he'd never really changed in front of anyone else before. The thought of doing that was more than tempting.

"You doing anything tommorrow Aly?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
Ahhh he hugged her, he almost lifted her off the ground as he ran his fingers through her hair, she melted into his embrace a deep blush creeping to her cheecks and spreading over the rest of her body and then he asked her what she was doing tomorrow, tomorrow was full moon, tomorrow would be wolfs night out.

"I have to work tomorrow till noon and after that I'm free for the rest of the day"

Hugging him back she wrapped her slender arms around his neck, his neck was as wide as her waist... wow.. big wow.. she could smell his unique body scent and it felt strangly comforting and relaxing, yes she could stay in these arms forever.

"You smell good"

Pulling back slightly she looked into his eyes blushing like mad, chewing on her bottom lip she gave him a bashful look.. did she just tell him he smelled good? what was she going to do next, invite him to hump her! ok Aly breath girl!!
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel snickered, lifted Alyshia off his feet and hugged her, burying his head near her stomach, and pretending to sniff loudly.

With a muffled voice he said.
"You smell good enough to eat!"

He gently put her down to the ground and grinned.

"Feel like a bit of hiking tommorrow? I'll even bring lunch."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Almost letting out a smell yelp when he picked her up and sniffed her stomach she giggled and squirmed around in his grip, he was tickling her tummy with his sniffling making her giggle and blush even more deeply (if that was even possible).

As he put her back down she gave him another dazzling smile, going hiking sounded lovely.. but would that mean they would stay out till the moon came out? would that mean she had to change in front of him, she suddenly felt really nervous.

"I would love too.. it's a full moon out tomorrow, are you planing on staying out till then.. that would mean changing together"

Brushing a lock of hair out of her face out of her face she smiled nervously, taking his hand in hers she began to walk again.

"I'll show you where i work, so you can pick me up there"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel rubbed his chin and looked at Alyshia thoughtfully.

"I don't wanna pressure you into anything Aly. We can go hiking during the day and leave it at that if you want. Or if you're still curious about seeing we go all furry on you, we can do that to. Your decision."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Blushing again, she shook her head.

"No no that's not what i ment.. it's just I've never changed in front of anyone other then my pack members.. and i like you, i like you alot but.. i'm so new to this.."

Looking down at her feet for a moment she played with the satin straps of the mask she was still carrying with her.

"Ezekiel, I would love to go hiking with you, now come on, I want to show you were I spend most of my days"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel lifted her head and kissed Alyshia gently on her forehead.

"No need to be shamed at all. I'm new to this as well. I've never changed in front of anyone other than my Pack members as well. You would be the first."

Ezekiel wrapped his arms around her.

"I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't trust you. Now how about you show me where you work now?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
OMFG HE KISSED ME!! yes it was on the forehead but he freaking kissed her.. holy macaroni batman i think we have a winner here!

"I.. I'm not ashamed it's just.. well you're a man.. i'm a woman and umm well yeah"

This was getting crazy if she kept on blushing like this she was turning into a tomatoo, thinking for a moment on which way to head to the store she guided him along the people walking along side them, she wasn't sure what to say without embarasing herself any further then she already had.

Stopping in front of the stylish but modern looking building, they were closed at this time of night but Aly had a key to the backdoor.

"Do you wanna go in?"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel looked at Alyshia slyly.

"Sure thing. Just don't try any funny stuff, okay?"

Ezekiel nudged her gently and laughed.

"Just kidding, Aly. I'd sure like to see where you work n' all."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Laughing softly at his remark she shook her head, like she could do anything funny to him.. right.. umm ok back to the topic of getting inside, reaching inside of her purse she took out the key to open the backdoor, leading him into the alley that lead to the back of the building she quietly opend the door, signalling for him to wait she turned of the alarm so they could enter, switching on the lights she walked into the storage room, moving a few things out of the way she punched in the code to unlock the door that led to the front of the store.

They had had a new shipping the day before, the latest fashion filled the racks and shelves, walking over to the mens department she pulled out a leather jacket by D&G, looking him over for a moment she narrowed her eyes trying to decide on his size, taking out the one she thought would fit him she handed it to him.

"This came in yesterday, it should look good on you"
Ezekiel 17 years ago
"I'll try it on, give me a sec, Aly."

Ezekiel unbuckled the leather straps on each side of the breast plate and lifted it over his head. Underneath was a simple white tunic and leather belt. He put down the breastplate and pocketed the roll of money that had dropped to the floor.

He quickly removed the armor from his arms and placed them next to the breastplate.

Ezekiel cringed slightly. The tunic was pretty tight and left little to the imagination.

"I look kinda dorky in this short dress."

He took the leather jacket from Alyshia and slipped it on. It fit like a second skin. Definitely one sweet piece.

"How much Aly?"
Alyshia 17 years ago
Ok don't drool, whatever you do, DON'T FREAKING DROOL AT THE MAN, ok he's taking off the armor and the breastplate and was standing in front of her in nothing but a white almost transparent tunic that showed off FREAKING EVERYTHING, ok no fainting... BREATHE, taking a deep gulp of air she concentrated on a posted hanging on the wall behind him trying to get her heartbeat and breathing under control.

"Yeah right dorky and pigs can fly"

Looking back at him as he slipped on the jacket, it looked absolutely amazing on him, ok here comes the drool.. she felt like grinding against his leg and howling out loud at the sight of him, did he just talk? trying to get her mind to stop thinking about anything other then half naked male flesh and drooling over it she snapped back to reality.

"Ummm.. it's umm $ 863,20 but since i work here i get 40% discount so you can have it for that price"

Her brain wasn't functioning unable to do the math to calculate how much it would be, she just wanted to jump him and tell him how cute he looked and umm lick his face?
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel loved the smell of fresh leather. But he was distracted as his ears picked up heavy breathing and a thumping heartbeat that sounded like a jackhammer going off. Leather didn't make him horny.

Casting a glance over at Alyshia, he hid his smile and pretended to preen over the jacket.

"I'll drop the money off tommorrow, Aly."

Ezekiel took the jacket off and walked up close behind her, and slipped it over her shoulders. He hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head.

"You're a real sweetheart, you know that."
Alyshia 17 years ago
If he kept this up she would have a freaking heartattack.. damn him for looking this good, how was she going to react to him, as he put the jacket on her she almost disappeared in it, wrapped up in his arms she felt even smaller then she was, as he kissed the top of her head she smiled and turend around, her voice barely more then a whisper.

"I think you're sweet too... Ezekiel... you're a really nice man"

Looking into his eyes she leaned into him a little, a girl could drown in those eyes, get lost in those arms and feel more safe and secure then anyone could ever feel, her lips trembled slightly as she picked up his strong masculine scent, it awakened something inside of her that had been asleep for all these years, before she knew what she was doing she acted purely on instict rubbing her body up against his making little melwing sounds, next thing she knew she was kissing him full on the lips wrapping herself around his body like a dog in heat.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel's eye widened in surprise. Okay pleasant surprise, but surprise nonetheless. She tasted as good as she smelt and he lifted her up easily and pushed her back into the wall.

He ran his fingers through her hair and he played over her throat, moving his lips slowly back towards hers. He resisted the urge to bite her lip as he pressed hard against her.

A low growl escaped his lips and the veins in his arms and shoulders behind to stick out as his muscles swelled, threatening to shred the tunic he was wearing.

He pulled back and stared at Alyshia with glazed eyes.

"I do declare Miss Aly, you will be the death of me."
Alyshia 17 years ago
There she was kissing a man she had just met a few hours ago in the store she worked while he was dressed in nothing more then a white tunic and she was in tight corset and sexy skirt, that by now had ridden up her to mid tigh expossing her toned tan legs to full view.

She could feel the blood pump through his muslces at high speed, smell his arrousal and it fueled her own, how was it even possible that this was happening to her, innocent Alyshia who had never even touched a man let alone KISS a man and now she was almost man handling him.

When he broke the kiss and spoke to her she just smiled at him her fingers softly playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck.

"Don't you dare die.. i just found you"

Her blue eyes sparkled as she laughed softly, pressing her lips against his once more she felt the wall press up against her back, moving her hips she pushed herself against him more forcefully, her finger nails drawing little paterns on his back, she could feel his muscles bulge under her finger tips, letting her body drop a little she came in contact with his belt, running her finger tips along the leather she explored the muscles above it.

Moving her hands back up she moved them along the bare skin of his arms, how on earth could someone be build like this, she could feel every muscle, feel the blood pump and his heartbeat drum in her ears just as fast as her own.

Breaking the kiss she took a deep breath, trying to steady herself and not let her instincts take over, cause they were screaming at her so loud it was deafening inside of her head.. all she could hear was MATE, RIP OF HIS CLOTHES AND JUMP HIM, while her common sense told her to take this slow her wolf side wanted her to go down and get dirty right against the wall, what was a decent girl to do in such a situartion.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
One hand was hopelessly tangled in her light golden hair, while the other hand roamed over her exposed thigh and calf, gently caressing the supple flesh. And all the while his open mouth was pressed against her soft lips.

Her small tongue darted in and out, playing over his teeth and tongue, and he responded with ever increasing urgency and passion.

Ezekiel pulled his mouth away and went back to her neck. Gently kissing and nipping as he moved up towards her right ear and began to slowly nibble on the lobe.

He let out a low growl that seemed to come from his stomach and his eyes widened as his left hand managed to free itself from Alyshia's hair and the fingers began gouging into the plaster of the wall behind her, leaving a fine white powder to fall on her shoulder.

Ezekiel shuddered and breathed deeply, his lungs expanding like bellows, nostrils flaring as he soaked up her scent.

"Damn this hurts."Â?

Ezekiel forced out the words. A complete understatement, his voice barely a whisper. His heart pounding in his ears.

He was in danger of losing control and despite that cliché and a dozen others that ran through his head, Ezekiel knew that the wall wasn't the only thing that could potentially get damaged if he let the feral side of him take over.

Ezekiel lay his head against her chest, both hands caressed her thighs now as he listened to her body's longing.
Alyshia 17 years ago
Kissing him felt like heaven and hell mixed into one, she could feel everything about him, the way his body reacted to hers, she could feel his level of pheromone rising and the slight change in his smell, she knew she was having this effect on him and if she wasn't careful they would be changing into their wolf forms, not just him but her as well, pulling back slightly when he talked she croocked her head to the side, her eyes had taken on their wolf appearance, the white of her eyes was barely visible as she looked at him.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you"

She felt the changes in his body as well as her own, taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself as his head rested against her chest while his hands softly caressed her thighs sending shivers to places she never felt shivers before, she was panting hard trying her best to control these emotions while her instincst kept screaming at her to make this wolf her own, to claim him in the ways of the ancient ones, her human mind kept telling her to take it slow, but how was that possible when every fibre in her body was asking for his touch, for something that she had no idea what it was, sure she wasn't that naive, she knew what sex was and how it worked, she knew all about that, she even saw it once when she walked in on 2 memebers of her kumpania going at it making her gasp and run away quickly, but right now and here.. she wasn't ready for it, not like this up against a wall in the store she worked in.

Using both her hands to lift his head so he would look at her she smiled weakly saying the words her human mind forced her to say.

"Maybe we should stop this.. I'm not ready for this, my wolf is, believe me she is, she wants you so much it hurts.. I've never done this Ezekiel, not with anyone, if I would do this it would be with you, I can't explain why, it's like the wolf within me knew she found herself the right mate and she's screaming at me to claim you.. but this isn't the right place to do this.. not now, not like this"

Wow.. she could form words afterall, the blood in her body was racing through her veins, her heart pumping to keep up with all the pressure and the urge to give in, but she willed it to stop, it took so much.. so very much to stop this, but she had to.. not like this, shaking her head as to clear it she gently moved her fingers alongs his handsome face, taking in every detail of him.
Ezekiel 17 years ago
Ezekiel lifted his head and stared at Alyshia. He wasn't going to force himself on her, not on any woman. He had beaten the crap out of men for trying it on in bars with waitresses, and even watched out for the prostitutes that hung around the truck stops.

Her words had a calming effect on Ezekiel and he found himself offering a lopsided smile in understanding.

"Don't you fret about Ezekiel none. I hurt, but in a good way. And I don't plan on hurting you. My Gifter had some fancy sounding Indian name for what I'm feeling, what you - we are feeling. You know what I mean."

Ezekiel gently lowered Alyshia to the ground and kissed her tenderly on her forehead.

I reckon we better clean ourselves up a bit. But I don't regret it Aly. Not a bit. And I ain't ashamed to admit what I felt either. Funny how the feral side of us has it figured out right before the human side realizes it."

He brushed the white powder off Alyshia's shoulders and brushed down her hair.

Thank you, Aly. Thanks a lot."
Alyshia 17 years ago
Feeling the ground under her feet calmed her somewhat, leaning into his body she wrapped her arms around his torso pressing her head into his chest while inhaling his scent, it was as if she couldn't get enough of it, smiling as he kissed the top of her head, lifting her head to look at him she gave him another smile.

"I'm not sure what to make of this.. nothing like this has ever happend to me, but with you, it feels right somehow, I don't want it to end but it has to and yes i know what you mean"

Straightening her clothes she walked over to one of the tall mirrors, dragging him with her, she gasped as she looked at their reflection in there, the way they looked together it was almost unnerving, such a big contrast but it seemed right, feeling him brush away the white powder the wall had left on her back and brush down her hair she sought out his eyes in the mirror, brushing a few stray locks of hair out of her face she turned to him, how on earth was she ever going to kiss this man on the lips with him standing straight up like this, climb up his body? getting an idea she grinned.

"Wait right here, i'll be right back"

Quickly making her way into the storage room she took out the small stepstool they used to put up clothes on the higher racks and put up other things on the walls, carying it back out she put it in front of him, climbing on top of the higest step she grinned at him, wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed him softly on the lips.

"Thank you my dear Ezekiel, I know I've said this before but you are one hell of a wonderfull man"

Giving him another smile she climbed down the steps, taking his hand in her and collecting all of their belongings she headed back to the storage room, locking the door to the store by punching in the code she began to turn out the lights, making sure everything looked okay she gave a content nod, it was time to leave and go home.. and tomorrow.. tomorrow they would go hiking and explore eachother further and who knows what might happen.

She felt butterflies flutter inside of her stomach, something that she had never felt before, opening the backdoor they stepped outside, the cool night air making her shiver for a moment, activating the alarm and locking the door they walked back onto the strip, as Ezekiel lifted her into his arms for one last kiss they said their goodbyes and agreed he would pick her up at noon, she for one couldn't wait, finding them both a taxi they left for their homes.. tomorrow would be a good day..

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