Club Eternity - After the entry thread.

Please post here if you enter Club E AFTER you go through the entry thread. Enjoy!

Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Deciding to save the more risque fun for later in the night after the party was in full swing, Amberelle made her way into Club E, still buzzing from the energy she'd felt on the street. There were already people milling about but it was far from the capacity that it would soon hold, she was certain. Spying a nice, empty booth with a great view of both the door and dance floor she made her way over to it. From here she could see who all was entering, and try to discern anyone she might know behind their masks.

Before she was even settled, there was a waitress there, introducing herself as Stephanie, and asking if she needed anything. A dazzling smile was Amby's first response, followed by a quiet request for a glass of white wine. Pulling one of her credit cards from her feathery handbag, the vampire handed it to the girl before she left, asking the cute brunette to open a tab for her.

Settling in and making herself comfortable, she leaned back and kept her mask up as she observed the stream of patrons entering.

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Octavia Emiliano 16 years ago
After giving her brother his very much deserved smack in the arm, Tavi and Tobi weaved their way through the crowd towards Club Eternity. At least in the make up it was harder to tell what age they appeared and she felt pity for the doorman's job this evening with people like the two of them. Their masks did not come off easily and he'd just have to take it on faith that they were who their ids claimed they were under the latex.

Moving past the entryway at last, Tavi nearly ran into a waitress who had just come from one of the booths. She reached out a hand and clutched the woman's arm. In the dreamy far away voice that Drusilla, Tavi said.

“Look what we've got, Love, a little present...but the little present is going to bring us presents...aren't you?”

She gave the woman a meaningful stare while still holding on to her arm. Tavi then turned to Tobi and looked thoughtfully at him for a moment.

“One Guinness for the menacing man behind me. He needs his medicine. A Mandarin Metropolitan for me... They are so pretty. We shall go sit with Miss Edith who is having tea...”

She hoped the poor waitress got the drift of her order but did not care enough to make it more clear. Taking Tobi by the hand, She headed towards the booth that the waitress departed from.

“Shall we go pay Miss Edith a visit? She looks terribly lonesome without her cat.”
Alyshia 16 years ago
Putting on her snow white mask Alyshia made her way inside of club Enterity, to her big surprise she had been allowed to enter, probably because of the maks and them not being able to see her full face.

She had to admit to herself that she was feeling a little nervous about being in a place such as this, she hadn't been in many clubs because most wouldn't let her enter and which bouncer in his sane mind would let her... she didn't look a day over 16 years old.

Smirking she walked over to one of the tables standing near the dancefloor, tonight would be different, tonigh noone knew her noone could see her true face of know who she was, tonight would be about having fun and lots of it, ordering a glass of champagne from the waitress that came to her she gave her a thankful smile as she handed the drink to her, sofar so good.

Taking a sip of the bubbling liquid she surpressed a giggle as it tickled the inside of her mouth, she had had champagne before at special occassions, but never like this for the sheer fun of it.

Ezekiel 16 years ago
The doorman almost did a doubletake as Ezekiel lumbered into view and headed towards the entrance and waited to be admitted.

"Nice night for a walk." Ezekiel smiled and flexed his arms.

The doorman mumbled something and let Ezekiel pass unchallenged.

Ezekiel stifled a laugh as he entered the club and looked around. Damn, it was warm in here, even if there weren't many folks around.

Ezekiel removed his helmet and ran his hand through his raven black hair. Nice night for a drink though.

"I'll have a Jack Daniel's. And make it three." Ezekiel placed his helmet on the bartop counter. Nothing like a few drinks to liven up the evening.
Alex West 16 years ago
Apt title, Alexander thought as he passed beneath the entrance to Club Eternity. The doorman gave him a cursory glanceover before letting him enter. Alexander straightened as he glanced about the Club. Not exactly a rave, but the night was still young. There weren't too many people here, but then he suspected the temptations of Babylon would prove more enticing. There was enough time to explore a flesh house later.

Alexander headed to the bar and placed the Shako on it. It was difficult to pull out the silver case with leather gloves on, but he opened it and handed the barman a card.

Lemon, Lime and Bitters. Double shot of vodka. And please start a tab."

Alexander turned to look his back to the bar while the barman went about his duty. He vaguely recalled two characters from a television show, but couldn't quite place it. And there were two other masked women, both seated at different tables. Alexander thought he recognized one of them.

And the giant in a greek warrior's uniform at the other end of the bar looked as though he could have been a stunt double in the movie Troy. Alexander wondered if that one was Clan, he certainly looked like he would fit right at home amongst the rabble-rousers.

Shrugging to himself, Alexander took the drink raised it in a silent salute to nobody in particular and downed the bitter sweet drink.
Tobi Emiliano 16 years ago
Okay…Tavi had decided to put on a weird routine tonight. Tobi gave the waitress a half apologetic little shrug, which might have looked less than sincere considering he was trying really hard not to laugh and give the whole game up. In any case he probably looked less than menacing even with his scary face on but the waitress should get the drift of what was going on here.

Looking over to the table Tavi was leading the way to, the thought of stopping his sister crossed his mind. Like –that- was going to happen. Still, there was definite hotchick potential behind that mask judging by the rest of the outfit and the pretty blonde hair, and he wished his sister would consider these things before just hauling off and talking to people.

Not that he didn’t want to talk to a hotchick. Just…geez, this was so much easier on AIM.

Approaching the booth just behind his sister, he gave the blonde a lopsided grin.


Looking to Tavi as he realized that wasn’t a promising beginning, he tried to convince himself that he was talking to a total hag behind heaps of makeup, a mask and a wig. Hell, this chick could be a man in disguise. It wasn’t that different than talking to someone over the internet, really.

He gave what he hoped was a winning smile.

“My sister and I thought you might like some company. Er…Dru and I. Yeah.”

Ignoring the crash and burn soundtrack playing in the background, he held out hope that hotchick…er…manhag…would turn out to be friendly.

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Sam 16 years ago
The Doorman nodded to Sam as he made his way through the main entrance. Sam was one of the Senior Security Guards/Bouncers in the Club. Even with his mask on, his form and clothing belied who he was. Even so, he rarely made his entrance through the main entrance. But tonight was special. It could be his last night working at Club Eternity. Or at least, it would be his last night in Club Eternity acting as a Bouncer/Security Guard.

He found the Club to be suprisingly busy despite the grand opening of Babylon. Well, on second thought, he wasn't all that suprised about it. Shrugging his shoulders, he makes his rounds. He hardly recongizes anyone due to the amount of costumes and amsk they are all wearing, but nods to the few he does before taking up his position between the dance floor and the booths, eyes scanning the crowds.
Alexandra 16 years ago
Entering club E, Alex looked around calmly, it was busy even for this time of night, several couples were talking and dancing as well as some people sitting by themselves having a drink, walking across the dancefloor she gave a wink to a man she knew, leaning into him as he spoke to her she laughed out loud at his remark about her costume, moving away she promised him to call him soon.

Deja Vu by Beyonce began to play just as she walked of towards the bar, Alex happend to like that song, it wasn't the kind of genre she listened to on a daily basis but Beyonce was one hot girlie, one that Alex herself wouldn't mind taking a bite out of, grining she looked across the dancefloor towards the bar a smile forming on her lips as she spotted someone she had been longing to see.

Walking towards him in an almost feline manner she moved her body to the musice dancing around him while tracing the muscles of his abs with her fingernails, leaning into his back she stopped.

"Hello lover... missed me?"

Moving the tips of her nails across his shirt she leaned into him some more, pressing her full breast into his back.
Ezekiel 16 years ago
Ezekiel wasn't going to risk collapsing a barstool, so he leant against the counter and cast his pale eyes around the Club. The dim lighting proved no hinderance to his eyesight at all, if anything it was the flashing lights on the dance floor that was irritating.

Downing a Jack Daniels, Ezekiel decided to let his other senses roam. Sweat, perfume, and the heady aroma of other alcoholic beverages. He could almost taste it all, the bitter-sweet drink the man in the green uniform was sipping away at the other end of the bar, the champagne cradled in a flute by delicate hands.

And he listened A stumbled introduction over by one of the table booths, and a lover's enticing greeting. Whispers and promises. And the constant thump of the low bass trying to mask it all.

Eternity wasn't the sort of Club or bar that Ezekiel was used to. No cage fights, no dodgy games of poker or weasel racing. It was peaceable like here. Different, but not unpleasant.

And there was a petite creature, all delicate like with a white mask and even whiter hair. She smelled of pretty. Ezekiel grabbed his helmet and strode across the dancefloor towards the table booths.

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Alyshia 16 years ago
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Taking tiny sips from her champagne Alyshia looked around the club noticing people talking and dancing while she was there by herself, other then the members of her kumpania and her co workers at the store she didn't know a single soul in this strange new town, not that she was afraid of meeting new people but at her age of 25 she still was as white as snow, her young appearance being the main cause of that, no man had ever tried to approach her, not that they didn't look at her or check her out but most were too afraid of getting into trouble with a minnor, if only they knew..

Looking across the dancefloor she noticed a HUGE man standing at the bar and then he walked towards her... wait, he was heading straight for her! gulping she downed the last of her champagne, her big blue eyes growing even wider behind her mask.

"Ok.. stay calm.. yes he's big.. he could probably kill you with a single blow of those fists, but he might be nice, yes nice.. BREATHE DAMN IT"

Ezekiel 16 years ago
It didn't take a genius to see that the pretty little woman with the white mask grew increasingly nervous with each step Ezekiel took towards her table booth.

Ezekiel put on his best smile, and hoped she wouldn't stare too closely at the scarring around his neck. For some reason that scared most men as well as women.

"Evenin' to ya, Ma'am. Name's Ezekiel Caine. I'm kinda new to Nachton and was wondering if you could use some well intentioned company. You look like an agreeable type. I promise I don't bite."

Ezekiel outstretched a sledgehammer sized right hand towards the woman, not wishing to get to close to her table without her consent. Manners was an important as well.
Alyshia 16 years ago
O GOD he was talking to her... looking into his eyes she took a deep breath, tryinhg to focus on what he was saying to her, he was new to Nachton.. so was she, wait did he just say something about biting and he was extending his hand to her.

She realized her voice was probably shaking a little as she spoke and extended her own hand to shake his, wow her hand looked so tiny next to his, Aly standing at only 5" felt like a midget next to this man but that wouldn't stop her in meeting a new person.

"It's nice to meet you Ezekiel, I'm Alyshia and I'm pretty new around here too"

Blushing a little she gestured for him to take a seat, that is if those chairs could hold a man as big as him.. she never had to worry about being too big or to heavy for anything, in her case it was mostly not being able to reach things, she could put a bet on the fact the he would never have a problem with that.
Ezekiel 16 years ago
"Thank you kindly Miss Alyshia. A real pleasure to meet you."

She smelt even more pretty close up.

Ezekiel looked with disdain at the table booth chairs. Putting his helm on the table, he slowly managed to squeeze down on a seat. He almost cursed when he heard a sharp crack as the steel bolts anchoring the table to the floor nearly snapped in protest.

It wasn't the most comfortable seating arrangement and Ezekiel was conscious that if he tried to stand he may very well bring the table up with him.

"Well that's about as comfortable as I can get." Ezekiel grinned as he stared at Alyshia.

"Can I get you a drink, Miss Alyshia?"
Alyshia 16 years ago
Giggling softly at his remark about the chair she hoped the chair wouldn't break, now that would be something else.

"You and I are quite the pair like this, you must be at leats 1 feet taller then me and yes i would love another glass of champagne, after all this is a party"

Looking him over she noticed the scar on his neck, wondering how he had gotten it she reached out and touch it with her tiny hand.

"That had to hurt"

Lookin at him with curious eyes she smiled warmly at him, she didn't want to embaris him or anything like that at all and she hoped he didn't mind her touching him like that.
Ezekiel 16 years ago
"Champagne it is, Miss Alyshia."

Not his usual choice of poison. Ezekiel waved over the waitress and ordered a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses. He handed her money from a roll stashed inside his left arm guard.

Ezekiel self-consciously reached for his throat, but hastily lowered his hand. He was sorely tempted to flinch as the delicate, soft fingers touched the scar tissue.

"Would you believe me if I told you that a wolf tried to tear my throat out? Most folks don't believe it, but it sounds good."

Ezekiel laughed and did a mock growl, deep and guttural. The growl made Ezekiel shiver in spite of himself, as he recalled the one who gave him the 'loving' mark on his neck.

She wasn't much taller and pretty as the woman sitting opposite him.

"I'm lucky though. My neck was too thick. Just like my head."

The waitress arrived with the champagne bottle in a steel bucket with ice and two tall fluted glasses.

He watched silently as the waitress poured both glasses and smiled at Ezekiel politely.

Ezekiel picked up his glass and gestured for Alyshia to do the same.

"What shall we toast to, Miss Alyshia?"
Amberelle DeEspionne 16 years ago
Several interesting characters had entered the bar, and the people watcher in Amberelle was working over drive. Behind her sparkling mask her golden eyes darted about, picking out some of the more stand out patrons. One tall and dark in an unusual military suit that she didn't recognize, a massive Trojan that would make even Brad Pitt look scrawny, oh and her favorite so far she decided were a cute couple from one of the best TV shows this decade.

Hidden from view, a delicate brow arched as the "British" duo approached her table. The Anantya had to purse her lips to keep from giggling as the bleached blonde walked up and spoke in a very un-Spike like way. "Maybe more William, before he was turned when he was all aqward and shy.." Trying to shake off her rambling thoughts, she motioned for the couple to have a seat. The irony of vampires approaching a real vampire was enough to have her eyes twinking as she lowered the mask to speak.

How could I dare to say no to such a dangeous couple? I mearly fear for my life and soul with two such.. bloodthirsty.. people here. Grinning she dropped the act and held out a gloved hand to him. Amberelle De'Espionne, pleasure to meet you. And please, have a seat.
Alyshia 16 years ago

"Would you believe me if I told you that a wolf tried to tear my throat out? Most folks don't believe it, but it sounds good.

Ezekiel laughed and did a mock growl, deep and guttural. The growl made Ezekiel shiver in spite of himself, as he recalled the one who gave him the 'loving' mark on his neck."

Did he just say Wolf? and growl, wow.. ok maybe... nah.. she smiled at him to cover her confusion.

"Wolves are truely beautiful creatures, I'm sure the wolf who attacked you had a good reason, they usual do"

Nodding to put more force in what she just said she gave him another dazzling smile, watching the waitress bring over the champagne and 2 glasses she waited for her to pour them both a glass, picking up her own she looked back at Ezekiel holding up his own glass to her.

"How about to fresh starts and possible new friends"

Smiling she held her glass out to him, she liked this men, even though he was almost twice her size in weight and height, she for one had been told to never judge a book by it's cover, this surely applied to herself and she always tried to apply this too others as well.
Panos Mehalitsenos 16 years ago
He entered the club and surveyed the scene. Damn there was alot of people in here. He supossed that not many were into the strip club scene.

Though it was one spot he'd definatly be stopping in at later.

There was no mouth in his under mask, so there would be no drinking this evening. Which was fine, it wasnt the most important part of his evening. He leaned a elbow on the bar and relaxed his stance. It was difficult to recognize people but that is what he liked. If he could find the ones who knew without them knowning could be an interesting night.

A girl in white stood out amongst the crowd but he didnt recognize her body build. It wasnt anyone he knew, she looked far to small. He didn't know anyone that size. Then there was someone who seemed to have taken the colors of Wolverine from X-men and made it into some sort of strange outfit, that was in point, not made of very much. A nice body indeed, but once again not one he recognized.

In fact there was alot of beautiful women in the place this night. One in particular who was adorned in shades of purple and black. He wondered how easy it was for her to walk in the slim dress, he also wondered how easy it was to take it off of her.

With an unseen grin he watched as she crept up around another man and spoke to him.
Ezekiel 16 years ago

"How about to fresh starts and possible new friends"

Smiling she held her glass out to him, she liked this men, even though he was almost twice her size in weight and height, she for one had been told to never judge a book by it's cover, this surely applied to herself and she always tried to apply this too others as well.

"You're right, Miss Alyshia. I reckon that she wolf had a mighty good reason alright." said Ezekiel wryly.

Raising his glass, Ezekiel listened as the Alyshia made her toast.

"That's purely fine by me. Cheers, Miss Alyshia. Here's to you."

With a gentle clink of the glass, Ezekiel smiled broadly.
Alyshia 16 years ago
Giggling softly at him calling her miss Alyshia she clinked her glass against his, her big blue eyes studying his face, when he spoke about the wolf she nodded and smiled.

"Just call me Alyshia or Aly ok and would you mind if I removed this mask? the thing is killing me"

Setting her flute down she began to untie the mask, letting it fall away from her face to reveal her carefully applied make up, little silver stars and moons were applied around her eyes and ran across the bridge of her nose giving the impression she was still wearing a maks, she hoped he wasn't startled with her youthfull appearance.

"Don't worry.. I'm not as young as I look, don't let this face fool you"

Smiling she placed the beautiful mask on the table between them.