It was...strange. Alec felt like worlds were that no-pants dream was happening, but he was going to an arcade and malt shop instead of school. For the third time since parking, he glanced down. Yes, he was in fact wearing pants. His nice, thin black leather pants that he'd paired with a white silk modern oxford under his leather biker jacket. So...not only was he dressed, but he was reasonably well dressed for a themed date. Sure, a cotton athletic fit tee would have been more to the 50's motif, but sometimes you just wanted to feel silk on your body. Sue a man.

It was seriously bugging him, though...the whole having something bothering him and not being able to figure it out. Here he was, sharp dressed, taking Ginnie out on a date he'd selected, she seemed to be in a good mood, was looking sharp, as always, and they were doing an American classic...the milkshake date. What was bothering him?

"I didn't ask...have you ever done the whole fountain shop thing before? I've only seen people do it or seen it in movies. So I'm going by archives here. If you have any firsthand knowledge, feel free to chime in."

Reaching the door, he politely held it open for her, and as she walked in, he had a huge sinking feeling as it was made clear to him. As every sweaty, adolescent head swiveled on its neck to stare at his girlfriend. He was attempting to mix Hot Irish Lover with the Geek Squad.

He was doomed. Doomed. He'd count this as a win if he escaped the date whole and there was no damage to the electronics. He wouldn't be the Creepy Cajun anymore, but the Geeky Cajun. Doomed.

Licking his lips, he smiled sickly. Well, too late now. He hoped he was wrong.

Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie had a smile from ear to ear, she ad Alec were actually on a date. The both of them finally taking a night off...together. She hadn't been sure what his plans were so she'd dressed sort of dressy sort of casual. The denim skirt reached just below mid thigh, and was paired with a red silk shirt knotted at her belly, red high heels and small gold hoops complete the outfit. She had forgone the purse so her make up consisted of lined eyes, and gloss she could slip in her pocket. The only other thing she carried was a small caliber pistol on an inner thigh holster, somewhat uncomfortable, but worth it.

"Not since the fifties when they were de rigueur. I don't like to swing dance all that much so I didn't do much dating during that era. Though the rest of the date was fun."

Ginnie winced at the cacophony of sound that assaulted her when Alec opened the door. However her lips regained their smile as every head turned in her direction and Alec turned a little green. They walked fully ito the arcade and she turned to him, putting a hand on he chest her middle two fingers sliding between two buttons to light touch skin. She leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. She pulled back a little and spoke in his ear.

"This will be just as fun. You get to be the geek with the hot babe, the envy of all that is nerd-dom."
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Going from ghost white to lobster red as Ginnie laid a lovely one right on his lips in the middle of the arcade, Alec grinned sheepishly, then more confidently. Hey, he'd done SOMEthing right (damned if he knew what it was, but hey!), and sometimes it was okay to bask in the glory, right? Well, bask on, young basker!

"There are certainly worse things to be king of than the nerds, mon coeur. I'm just glad that you can stand up to the hormone barrage. Thank you."

Recovering from the display, Alec managed not to walk into the railing that led to the snack portion of the arcade. Leading Ginnie to his preferred corner booth, he let her get situated how she liked, and leaned over the table to give her a quick kiss. As usual, Tommy wasn't around - probably making out with Liz back behind the skee ball machines, or out back doing...whatever he did out back. The good news was that meant Alec was pouring, and it'd be one less set of eyes and one fewer answer he'd have to give. There weren't any regulars in the fountain area at present, but that could change at any moment.

"So, looks like I'm serving. What'll it be, sugar-pop? Or...honey-pie? Not sure which one is more authentic..."

Frowning briefly, Alec considered. Yes. There was a good reason for both terms to have vanished...they were too saccharine sweet for even young lovers to tolerate long, most likely. He managed not to shudder. At least the drinks would be good.
Ginnie 17 years ago
She smiled at him and made herself comfortable in the booth. She liked the attention sometimes and none of these cats would ever come close to being her rats so she could glow in their lime light for awhile.

"I'm not sure I care to know. The last guy that called me sugar-anything got eaten." She gave him a grin that included just a tiny bit of fang.

"Mmmm, something with chocolate and ice cream, beyond that, surprise me."

It had been a very long time sice she'd had a real soda from a real fountain. Sometimes she missed the simplicity of the the 40's and 50's, they were some of humanities best decades, eve including the War.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
"Promises, promises. Back in a second."

Walking over to the counter, Alec slid over the formica and back behind to the prep area. It looked like everything was in good supply, so he was all set. Grabbing the scooper, Alec went to work. He wasn't totally certain on what she'd like, so he made a variety. Starting traditionally, he set a chocolate malted to spinning on the milkshake machine while prepping the fudge sundae. As the milkshake was spinning down, he flipped on the hot fudge warmer while pouring two half mugs of root beer, adding vanilla ice cream to one, chocolate to the other. Hitting the fountain again, he poured out two cokes, adding vanilla syrup to one, chocolate to the other. Turning in time to see that the fudge was almost the perfect temperature, he leaned down and grabbed a tray, setting all of the items on it. Switching off the fudge, he poured some over the sundae, adding whipped cream and a pair of cherries to the top. Glancing over everything to make sure it was closed and off, he walked around the counter, grabbed the tray and headed back.

"Well, Peggy Sue, here we go. Chocolate Coke, Vanilla Coke. Chocolate Malted Shake. Chocolate Hot Fudge Sundae. Chocolate Root Beer Float, Vanilla Root Beer Float. Sample around, see what you like...but we've got to start with the shake. It's only proper."

Sliding onto the bench across from her, he moved the milkshake into the middle of the table, two straws poised opposite each other. Taking her hands in his, he leaned forward to take the straw into his mouth. His aim was a bit off due to the distracting way her hair tumbled over her shoulder and around her hoops - he followed the natural flow a bit too low and missed. Grinning as the straw bounced off his cheek, he refocused and took control of the whole straw situation. Straw at the ready, he waited for her to join in.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie watched with wide eyes as Alec carried a laden try to their table. He had been very handy behind that counter and it made her want to get a milk shake machine for the apartment.

"Of course it is."

She smiled at him and leaned forward, opened her mouth slowly and touched her tongue to the straw the closed her lips around it, all the while watching his face. It took a great deal of her will power not to giggle when he hit his face with the straw. She sucked on the straw until the thick chocolate-y goodness reached her mouth. She closed her eyes on a soft moan and let the malt slide down her throat.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Things were going well. Lovely.

Moving the center of his tongue away from the tip of the straw, he increased suction, and was rewarded with a well composed chocolate shake. He'd managed to get the mix pretty good - not perfect, but not too shabby. Malteds always made him a bit thirsty - he'd never been able to finish one himself, but he enjoyed the flavor over a standard milkshake.

Smiling contentedly, he watched Ginnie enjoy her own treat. Musing, he wondered why the sharing of drinks went out of style - it was an excellent prelude for how a kiss would be composed later if a teen date went well. Maybe it had to do with the fact that kids were skipping a lot of steps and heading straight into more sexual encounters than they used to in the fifties...or something similar. Still, there was something intimate about sharing a sensory experience so closely with someone. The interaction successfully combined proximity and contact, while creating the illusion of distance to outsiders. It brought the faces close together in a way that could only be described as intimate...without crossing the line of contact. It linked senses, both taste and smell, as that close together all things mingled. Plus, that close, there wasn't much to look at other than your companion.

Kids these days were missing out on something. That's for sure.

Looking into Ginnie's eyes, he smiled warmly around his straw before withdrawing and taking a slide from his vanilla coke. He couldn't recall where he'd picked the technique up, but it sure made the stuff mix perfectly - the initial sweet wash over the tongue of the vanilla syrup, chased clean by the cola.

"So...what do you think?"
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie smiled at Alec as she pulled away from the straw and selected the other soda there. She took a long slow drink enjoying her first taste of chocolate and coke together.

"This is really good." She tipped the glass at him and took another sip. "And you don't make a half bad malted, either."

The grammar of that sentence bugged her but she didn't know how to correct it with out talking it out and it just wasn't that important. As she drank she looked around the arcade and flashed a smile at a couple of the boys that were still staring at her, the rest having gone back to their games.

"So, what's your favorite game here, I admit I'm a modern arcade virgin." She held up her hands in surrender and gave Alec a little wink.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
"Thanks...only the third time I've made one, but I saw a show on the Food Network about ice cream and associated goodness. The coke's I've been mixing as long as I can remember. Much better than the bottled stuff, in my opinion."

Wiggling his eyebrows, Alec gestured with his head toward the aisle of pinball machines.

"Well...I'm a bit notorious here already. With the looks you're getting, well...I'm probably going to be a local geek idol, now. The pinball tables are pretty much all me...I've got the #1 on the ones I've played, but my favorite is the Twilight Zone table, of course. I like the pinballs more than the digital, but some of those are fun, too. I bet I'd reach god status if I could convince you to play Dance Dance Revolution...but I'm betting you'll be more into the shooting games. Call it a hunch."

Winking, Alec took another slide of vanilla coke. His AED lit most of the pinball screens, now. In all likelihood, Ginnie could probably walk on in the top spot in the newest shooters here. The oldest were a different story...she'd have a run for her money, there. Those still held the initials WIN. Winter had been Tacharan, too. If she became a regular and got used to digital mechanics versus actual ballistics she might take some of those. Probably not on her first go, though. Some of the games were sneaky.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie laughed, and took another drink of her soda. "I have no idea what Dance Dance Revolution is, but Id be more than happy to play it with you. If for no other reason than to give you god status. Those shooter games sound like fun too." She took another drink. "You know, I haven't played pinball since the seventies." She really needed to get out more.

"Come on, show me your skills, Alec the arcade god." She grinned mischievously at him and slid from the booth.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Winking, Alec quipped

"Now, now. Let's not get ahead of ourselves...I'm still just a Pinball Wizard until my followers bow down before the one they serve. Did you want to start anywhere in particular, my love?"

Hopping up quickly, he offered his hand to help her out of the booth. Completely unnecessary, but in good form for a date. He read that a book. Helping her up also gave the added benefit of a guarantee of physical contact. That was always lovely.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie put her hand in his and stood up, pressing her body to his, from chest to thigh on just one side. It was intimate with out being obviously sexual, no need to send the circling sharks into a frenzy.

"I'd like to see these pinball feats you speak of."

As he lead the way she pulled the tube of gloss from her pocket and gave her lips a light coat. Smudging them, she stuck the gloss back in its pocket and smiled at a not too bad looking guy who had stopped playing Mortal Kombat to watch her. She was tempted to wink at him, but that would be flirtig and she wasn't here to hunt or spy, just a simple date with her lover. She pulled herself closer to Alec and wrapped her right hand around his arm as her left slid down to tangle in his fingers.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Enjoying the contact, Alec steered them toward the pinball machines. Not wanting Mr. Kombat to feel that he had been completely left out with just a smile, Alec made a moue at him and winked. Getting a snicker from a couple of the regulars that were pretending not to watch them, he made his way to His Table. Spreading his hands wide, Alec gestured in mock-religious significance.

"Behold! The Twilight Zone table. Perhaps the finest pinball machine ever made. And I am its disciple."

Plopping the coins in, Rod Serling greeted them from the machine.

"You have unlocked this door with the key of imagination."

A few of the bolder regular pinballers gravitated over at this point, knowing what was likely to unfold. 12 minutes later, Alec wondered if Ginnie were getting bored with it yet. He'd hit every combo bumper, lit all of the lights, played some multiball, fought the Power several times and had unlocked the there wasn't anything else to show her on the table.

"Want me to pass it off or keep going, love? There's lots of other things to see, too."
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie became instantly enthralled with the dinging brightly lit machine. She cheered when Alec hit the little doo-dads inside and hugged him when he defeated The Power. It was a very thrilling experience for such a simple thing, she had forgotten how much fun they were. Her face was lit when she turned her attention from the table to him.

"I would like to see what else you can do here. Then after a while I would like to try out a few, but you are great fun to watch."

She moved beside him and put her had around his arm again and placed a gentle kiss on his cheek, leaving a small smear of gloss.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Grinning, he gestured to Dean, a tall, lanky Korean kid with very large ears. He was also quite a pinballer. When Dean was ready to step in, Alec stepped away and the transition went smoothly, Dean hitting the flipper to keep the ball in play before it could hit the middle slot. Heading down the line some, he stopped at the Star Wars pinball machine with the rotating old school R2-D2. She'd get a kick out of this one.

"I'm sure you recognize these characters. The table is pretty basic except for R2, so I'll get him going and we can check out some of the shooting games and you can make me look like the beginner."

Smiling, he leaned in and pecked her back before starting the game off. He quickly got R2's lights and rotations up, and he nodded. Holding the ball on the base of a flipper, he smiled.

"Okay, your turn. Controls are simple - just two buttons that control the three flippers. That top one moves with the right button, too. If you keep your leg along the rail like I have mine here, you can use it to bump the machine low, rather than high, which will alter the roll of the ball and the swing of the magnetics under the base of the table. Too much will still net a tilt, but it is a bit more safe than rocking from the top like most people do. Ready?"
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie lifted an eyebrow at Alec, granted it had been a long time, ok half a century, but they didn't seem to have changed all that much. She gave Alec a small nod and slid between him and the machine, so that their bodies touched from chest to ankle as she took over the buttons. She depressed the buttons as the ball rolled into the middle flapper and it ricocheted off of one of the little bumpers causing a few lights to go off. Alec made to move away and she shook her head, pressing her back to his chest.

"Stay. I might need your help."

There was nothing subtle about the invitation in her voice, and she hoped that this would be the first of many opportunities to tease her lover and feed the fires that always seemed to burn between them.
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Alec blinked.

And blinked again.

Pinball and sexual overtones in one place? Nope...he hadn't died and gone to heaven against all odds.

Staying nice and close, he grinned like a kid who had managed to talk the lunch lady into being the sole distributor of chocolate milk while she was on vacation. Surely he wouldn't skim. Surely he wouldn't embezzle. No, not little Alec.

Sliding his hands around her waist, up her body, and down her arms, he placed his long fingered hands over hers. Rubbing his torso in close, he slid a leg between hers from behind, angling it the way it would be against the table. Breathing in the scent of her hair, he kissed her neck and whispered

"Good Alec always helps."

Hearing a gasp and some whispers from nearby, Alec grinned and blushed. He could only imagine how this looked, but didn't especially care. Unable to see the table well, Alec expanded his sense of touch, and felt for the vibrations through the table, the tensions through Ginnie. The sounds would tell him the rest.

"Relax, mon coeur...tap the flippers, you don't have to punch them. Timing over strength. Let your arms loosen, and feel the movements of the machine. When you feel that catch, that little magnetic tug, bump with your leg. Little harder. Yes. Mmm...there you're getting it."

Kissing her ear, he kept whispering.

"Now, it sounds like multiball is ready. See the right ramp? Hit the ball up the lighted ramp. It'll go if the ball is coming down on your right side and you hit it about a fifth from the end of that flipper at an angle of about thirty degrees. Oh, sounds like you just missed it.'s the next shot...and...yup, got it. Now there's two more balls coming into play."

Normally multiball wasn't a sensual experience.
Ginnie 17 years ago
Ginnie was very glad for water resistant gun holsters at that moment. She had a feeling that by the ed of this night, she would need to buy a new holster, it could only take so much. The low whisper did things to her lower body that only two other things had ever duplicated and this was not the place for either of them. Swallowing against the moan building in her throat, she began to play the three silver balls around the machine.

She managed to keep them in play until his hips pressed against her backside ad she felt his apparent arousal, a gasp and closed eyes lost her the game. Chuckling softly she leaned her weight into Alec and closed her eyes. Blinking slowly she looked back at him, and smiled.

You're very good at this, but perhaps we should play something else for a bit."

She twisted around in his arms and hugged him close, nibbling softly on his ear, as her breath rate and pulse slowed down. When she was calmer she pulled back and kissed him softly.

"Where to?"
Alec Devereaux 17 years ago
Grinning wickedly as turned around, he returned the affection with a lingering light kiss.

"Answering that honestly would be entirely too forward, love. Let's linger here for a moment for biological regulation to take place, and then we should head over to the shooting ranges and you can reassert your feminine dominance by a wicked display of firearm knowhow."

Holding her close for a moment, Alec smiled, listening to each of their systems slowing down from the assumption that biological impetus had made. To be fair, that much proximity generally did indicate that a systems power up would be in everyone's best interest. It was just pleasing to know that Ginnie was suffering the same lovely affects from the game. Breathing normal, blood circulating in the standard pattern, he smiled at her and kissed her quickly once again.

Steering them toward the shooting games, he wondered what she'd like best. House of the Dead whatever the newest one was would be nice and creepy and she'd probably do crazy good at it. Stopping in front of it, he asked

"So, want to start from the top or do a trainer first to get used to the light plastic guns and the general game mechanics? You stomp that pedal if you want to duck - most of these aren't VR yet, though we could do that or laser tag some time if you'd like."
Ginnie 17 years ago
"I'd like to try that laser tag thing some time."

She picked up the little plastic gun and got the feel for it. It was just a toy and would be easy to aim and shoot.

"We can just start, I'll pick it up as we go." She gave him a saucy wink, as he fed coins into the machine for both of them. The credits came up, then a brief intro to game play instructing her to shoot of screen to reload. That would be easy enough. A cut scene came up, setting the story, and Ginnie prepared to fight of a horde of zombies out for her brains. Chuckling she began to shoot at the screen. Her gun had a slight pull to the left so she had to aim to the right of where she wanted to hit, but her mark was square on.

Wave after wave of undead came at them as they traversed the levels of the mansion looking for some pansy that had gotten caught in the melee. The damned things were every where, and she had to save Alec a time or two but they made it to the end and rescued the poor Dr. Something-or-other. When the game ended the screen asked her to shoot the letters of her name and put her in the third place on the score list. She gave a small shout of triumph and replaced the little gun.

"Look! Did you see? That was fun!"

She hugged Alec and kissed him resoundingly on the lips. She hadn't expected to get her name on the list, and the sheer joy of such a silly thing made her want to jump up and down.
Dawn Ratana 17 years ago
Ok, go figure. She was fucking awesome at the shooting games. She carried them through the whole game and took out most of the bosses at an almost 70/30 ratio to his shots. Crazy.

Alec's girlfriend could throw down. And people were noticing. Mostly the other girls in attendance. She'd have her own cult following here, too, should they make this a regular hang out.

Looking at the final scores, she'd easily smacked around his personal best and in her first game hit #3...the top 10 had previously been WIN only.

"Damn, woman! Pretty awesome for your first shooting game. That's it. You're firmly on home defense! I'll just sit and watch."

Grinning, he was suddenly glomped. Catching the weight she'd pushed against him, he ran a hand through her hair. She was practically glowing. Well, she was glowing. But it was from the screen. But he knew what he meant. It was a beautiful thing, her inner geek.

"I'm glad you liked it here. Want to grab a bite to eat, or want to shoot more baddies? Your pick."