Voices in my head!

For some reason, Livia decided to make her presence known yesterday. Just what I need, more voices in my head. At least she is a nice happy and calm voice.

Anyone else feel pushed around by the many voices chattering away?

Mosi 17 years ago
Hush you! At least you got to come out and play. Im stuck scratching at the door whining.

Shay 17 years ago
Besides the three here, I've got two others wanting to make their presence known, but the big Italian brute is the worse. He's been giving me a rough time now for the past few months, and I'm about ready to lock him away somewhere...though I feel sorry for him, because he's just missing his lady love.

I love your av and sig, and can't wait to meet Livia!
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
Everything was perfect until -she- came. Peaceful, quiet, solitary...
Nova 17 years ago
You -love- me. Give us a kiss! *smooch*
Palmer 17 years ago
If I didn't know better I'd accuse those two of sexual tension...but no, I think it's something else. Like hatred.
Danielle 17 years ago
Aw, they don't -really- hate each other.
Theodosia 17 years ago
*empathy check* Yes they do.
Thaddeus Grey 17 years ago
See, you just have to have enough that they'll entertain themselves and not bother you.

Okay that does always work out. Thaddeus talks -constantly-, Palmer is whining for art, and Nova is antagonizing Thaddeus (I really need to separate those two). The two Evenhet ladies are quiet more often but Dani can get her rant on and Theo says the oddest things....
Fallon 17 years ago
We all get along pretty well. Shay needs to be the one in charge, and most of us usually just let her. I don't really care who does what, as long as they're nice to me, and they always are.

The new girl...Harlynn? She's kinda odd though, and so far hasn't said much, so I'm reserving my opinion of her for now

Bastian though? He really does need to get out some. He's very nice to look at, and I'm learning a little Italian from him, but most of what he says I won't really be able to use much, and his incessant pacing is getting annoying :P
Nicholae 17 years ago
Yea! Hot, new women! Awesome!
Welcome Livia...and an Evenhet too...could my night get any better?

Oomph! Hey Bas...watch where you're walking man! And could you smile every once in a while please? You're really bringing the place down around here.

And Harlynn's quiet...but she's hot, so ask me if I care
Kem`Raaisu 17 years ago
Down boy. I'm going to lock you up. Every time you set your eye on someone you get in trouble. And every time you get in trouble I get a migraine.

You wouldn't want to give me migraines right?

So if we follow that thread of logic, if you don't see anyone at all, I stay migraine-free. I can live with that.
Nicholae 17 years ago
DUDE!!! Where ITF have you been?! I've missed you old man! We need to get together and tie one on...SOON!

(Wonders if he adequately avoided the main subject well enough?)
Cyrus 17 years ago
Ah, thank the gods I am not the only one thusly plagued. If I could just get them all to be silent when I say so, now that would be nice. Somehow I think they just want to pull my tail though.

Aishe 17 years ago
My mental couch gets interesting. Kem and Tai hate each other with a passion (like we couldn't see THAT coming)... Kem gets snarky and makes muttered sarcastic comments at Tai, and Tai goes off and starts sharpening weaponry with an odd sort of smile.

Ysabel's skill in diplomacy grows exponentially as she tiptoes around the two, trying not to set either of them off, and Aishe, aka the Voice of Reason, does her best not to encourage Kem although she'd happily watch Tai take a long walk off a short pier.

For Tai's part, he's not too bad once you get used to his practical assessment of the best way to murder someone in a given scenario. He does get disturbingly quiet though, and of the four is the least likely to actually say anything out loud. It can be annoying when he does that in threads, but damnit, sometimes I just cannot make him talk and he has to convey everything with facial expressions and actions.

Where the hell did all my humans go? *looks around mental couch and sees nothing but vampires*
Shay 17 years ago

Where the hell did all my humans go? *looks around mental couch and sees nothing but vampires*

Nachton Affliction, I presume? It does seem to spread with time...
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Some voices were by accident. Little seeds planted by dark elf clerics...
Kyle Evans 17 years ago
Some have been there all along. (winks at Nova)
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Some were born out of necessity, to balance out a power.
Carol 17 years ago
Some were a preexisting inner voice that stomped their pretty little foot and demanded to be let out.
Iov Hammerthynn 17 years ago
And the new voices were too large to ignore, even though they asked to be left alone. (glares at Xeph)