Voices in my head!

For some reason, Livia decided to make her presence known yesterday. Just what I need, more voices in my head. At least she is a nice happy and calm voice.

Anyone else feel pushed around by the many voices chattering away?

Livia 14 years ago
Ah, so many yummy men. I am flattered by the attention and hope to meet you all soon.
Tobi Emiliano 14 years ago
*winks at Livia* How -you- doin'?
Fiona 14 years ago
i think i laughed more at this thread than i have any in awhile....

mine go through stages - Fiona was VERY quiet for awhile, but then started demanding to be let out... but was very polite about it... didn't cuss once, though i got alot of looks... Colin is more of the calming influence around here. a few have been with me forever, but i haven't decided if they would fit in here or would take too much revision to play...
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
that's my problem / blessing.. far too many of mine would take just too much revision to do here.;. they wouldn;t be themselves (which is why X left I think, none of his guys were 'right' *sigh*)
Shay 14 years ago
Awww...that's too bad...I liked Winter
Chryseis Angelique 14 years ago
Talon made my head bleed.

but youknow...in a nice barbarian destroying wonderful antiques way
Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
LOL! Yeah he is kinda that way huh Chry But he is lovable in a gruff, wall of man kind of way! And I loved Winter too.. My fave of his is always and will always be Xan though, no matter which incarnation. Too bad y'all didn't get to see him do much. Talk about a panty moistener *dreamysigh*

I'd hoped to get him back with a were but that isn't going to work either
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
Amberelle DeEspionne;31463
Talk about a panty moistener *dreamysigh*

Amberelle DeEspionne 14 years ago
oh I'm sorry! Do I have some sort of nice girl reputation? If you only knew... heh heh heh
Dawn Ratana 14 years ago
Naw! We know you're the devil!
Alec Devereaux 14 years ago
I agree with the crazy one...just this once.
Loretta Emiliano 14 years ago
Why was -I- placed in the noisy head? *kicks peasants aside*

/ooc And -Amberelle!- O_O
Thanos 14 years ago
You might want to just ignore her.

For now.
Fallon 14 years ago
OOh...Billie??? Are those you??? They look like your art!
Thaddeus Grey 14 years ago
oooh, does this mean I'm distinctive?
Panos Mehalitsenos 14 years ago
lol perhaps!