To begin again.... (open)

It never even occurred to her that the doorman’s behavior was at all out of the ordinary. So she hadn’t been here in months. Sorin had introduced her and the doorman, who’s name she thought was James, though she didn’t care, simply allowed her entry before the throngs waiting outside. If anything, it was simply unneeded proof of Sorin’s influence, a thing she took for granted and gave not a moment’s thought to.

Entering the club, Fiona paused for a moment and looked around, debating on the options present. She could simply walk up to the bar, though it went against her nature to order her own drink in such a manner. Especially since that wasn’t the type of refreshment she was here for. Mentally shrugging she chose an empty booth, one that allowed her a veiw of the crowd, but placed her such an angle that she couldn’t help but be noticed.

Settling into her seat she surveyed the crowd, noting by clothing and bearing those that would make the perfect meal. An image of her last visit here made her smile – the game she and Sorin had played had been vastly entertaining. For a moment she allowed herself to wonder what had become of the couple they had toyed with. She doubted they had lasted the night.

Within moments of sitting a waiter had arrived and she ordered a glass of champagne, most of her attention on the crowd and trying to decide who to lure into her booth for a private… chat.

Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon walked in Club Eternity shaking the rain off his jacket. The rain showers had come suddenly but tapered off almost as quickly as they had started. His hair was wet now and he ran his fingers through it as he tried to get the excess moisture off. He had not anticipated the rain and wore a light houndstooth grey jacket with a lighter grey V neck underneath. Unconsciously he brushed more moisture off the thighs of his black trousers.

He was just in for a quick drink and was hoping to find his Evenhet friend Alfarinn, but by the looks of it he was no where in the vicinity. Instead he walked past the hostess stand and towards the back where the private bar was located. As he made his way through the club down the walkway, he surveyed the patrons, looking for a recognizable face.
Fiona 17 years ago
The waiter arrived promptly with her champagne and set it before her. Sipping it, she continued her scan of the room, relaxing into the cushion of the seat. There was no need to rush in her selection.

There were patrons she recognized from the ball and she ran over the list in her mind, recalling the tidbits of information Sorin had shared with her. Idly she wondered which would be worth cultivating contacts with and the best way to approach each. For the moment she ignored those on the dance floor, though her mind automatically recognized the advantages to its setup. Instead she focused on those men clustered around talking, noting the manner of interaction. Those with power were being approached by those who wanted it and the resulting interplay was educational. Her observations were added to the ever expanding web in the back of her mind.

From the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of a newcomer crossing the room. She turned a bit, following his movements. He seemed familiar and she assumed she had met him at the ball, but that didn't feel right. A small frown crossed her lips and she tapped a nail against the foot of her glass trying to place him.

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Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon's eyes were moving over the crowd when a waiter stepped out in front of him.

'Take your coat, Mr. Huntington?'

Moving smoothly past him, but slowing down to answer, Simon politely declined just when his eyes fell on a woman watching him. Stopping he looked fully at her. Immediately he remembered her, she was Sorin's date at the ball. His eyes flicked around looking for the rank son of the bitch, but he was no where to be seen. With a slight shrug, more for himself, he turned in her direction and walked up to her table. Her hair was a unique color - deep copper with a white streak and she looked high born and he just assumed she was a vampire, having been with Sorin. No one else has piqued his curiosity so he stopped at her table and gave her a slight bow.

'Excuse me. I thought I'd introduce myself, I'm Simon Huntington. You were at the Mayor's ball...correct?'
Fiona 17 years ago
Well, well, Fiona thought to herself as the newcomer turned to cross the room. She still couldn't quite place him, which annoyed her. It also meant she wasn't certain where he stood in the ebb and flow of power in this city. Or for that matter, which aspect he might wield. It was certainly possible he was like herself - his movements were a bit more graceful than the average man, though that was no real test. Sighing softly to herself, she nodded her head in acknowledgement of his slight bow. Something akin to old world manners. How refreshing in this modern world.

"Charmé, Monsieur. I am Fiona Gerard."�

His name meant nothing to her, though confirmation he had been at the ball was something of a relief. Had Sorin not introduced them from lack of opportunity or was there some other reason?

"Oui, I did attend the Ball, though circumstances took me out of town shortly after and I had not heard yet if any conclusions had been reached about that evening's rather... exciting events."Â?

She studied him for a moment, curious who and what he might be. With a mental shrug, she let the curiosity guide her actions and gestured at the empty booth. If nothing else, he might make for an interesting meal.

"S'il vous plaît, Monsieur. I would be glad of the company if you the time to spare?"�
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon nodded and slid into the booth with Miss Gerard. He reached out with his perception, giving the surrounding area a cursory glance, so to speak. Something told him to be cautious with this one, he wasn't sure why. Any date of Sorin was either too pretty to know better or someone to watch his back with and by the appraisal she gave him as he approached her table, he felt the latter was in order.

'All the time in the world.'

He felt something of an assassins tango beginning with Miss Gerard. Resting his arms on the table, he waved away their waiter, not quite feeling up to a drink at the moment. Instead, Simon felt like getting to the point.

'I would imagine the ball was quite interesting on the arm of Sorin Lazarovici.' Simon took a moment to give her the smallest of smiles, not that he meant it. With recent events being what they were, it would bode well for him to find out more of what Sorin was doing with himself lately. He would glean all that he could from the woman. 'I hear he's quite the date.'
Fiona 17 years ago
Pleased that he had accepted her invitation, she watched as he settled himself comfortably, smiling prettily at him. Attempting to charm males was simply part of who she was - she didn't even realize that she did it any more. Men were so much easier to control when they were distracted and Fiona knew full well she could be distracting.

Taking a sip of her drink, she considered how to respond to that statement. It did not appear he was fishing to see if she and Sorin were a couple with an eye toward pursuing her himself, though she could swear there was something akin to jealousy in the statement. No, she got the distinct impression there was something more here and once again she wished someone in this town would simply explain the local politics without all the game playing. Though that brought her back to wondering just who Simon Huntington was. If he was a human business rival or perhaps looking to make connections in the human arena, her treatment of him would have to be very careful so as not reveal the reality of the situation. If he was clan though... which meant figuring out which clan as well. If Anantya, he might not approve of an Elder being in any way involved with an Evenhet. If Evenhet... well, the same could apply, she supposed. Though that was assuming he knew she was Evenhet... Fiona felt a headache coming on. There were enough potential twists and turns and more places to trip than she cared to think about. Facing the gullouitine had to have been less stressful.

Well, when unsure which way to go, stick with the truth. It was easier to remember in the long run.

"It was a most memorable evening. Sorin was kind to have invited me."Â? Fiona cocked her head a bit, trying to place Simon. It bothered her more than she liked that the association was eluding her. There was no doubt Sorin had not introduced her to the man across the table... so why did he look so damn familiar?

"I trust you were not seriously hurt that night?"Â? She herself had escaped serious damage only because Sorin had protected her during the explosion. The bruises, while spectacular had healed fairly quickly.

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Simon Huntington 17 years ago
'I've had worse nights.'

His injuries were minor from the Ball having been standing away from flying debris, but then it helped to be a vampire as well. Simon steered the conversation back to Miss Gerard, interested in just what circles she traveled in. She didn't recognize him, he decided. Either that or she was sizing him up - maybe a little of both. Then the thought occurred to him that she might be considering him for a meal, to which he covered his mouth with his hand and coughed out a small chuckle.

'So what brought you across the Atlantic and to our fair city, Miss Gerard?'
Fiona 17 years ago
“Worse nights than that?” Fiona stared at him, her amazement only partially feigned. That level of non-chalance increased the chances he was Clan. Or that he was crazy. Or suicidal. She doubted there was a vampire alive who had not had worst nights. Except maybe Colin, but he was an extreme rarity in their world.

Odd, Sorin had asked her almost the same thing. The results of that conversation had been most gratifying. Logic told her that using a similar tact might work again to learn what she needed to know about Monsieur Huntington.

“I came looking for… family. I was lucky enough to have found them fairly quickly.” She gave a small shrug. “Sorin was most helpful in that area.”
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Sorin helpful. Yeah.

Simon tried hard not to roll his eyes. Instead he focused on Fiona's mention of family.
'Family? Really, that's good to hear. Anyone in particular?'

He was cutting all the corners and niceities tonight. To hear that Sorin was even helpful to a stranger made him more curious and suspicious.
Fiona 17 years ago
Now she had to be more careful. Toying with the stem of her glass she quickly considered her options. Too much truth could cause problems... then she recalled something she had heard at the ball. Alfarinn appeared to be using an alias in public. Searching her memory she quickly recalled it.

"Arin Bjorn, though the relation is quite distant."Â?

Distant enough to be non-existent, but the use of the name would answer with some degree of certainty which side of the fence Simon would come down on. Well, whether she liked it or not, Alfarinn was her Clan Elder and possessed the information she truly wanted. She was sure he'd have a thing or two to say about claiming any relationship, though she was fairly certain he'd understand her attempt at discretion. He hadn't struck her as being entirely unreasonable.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Simon's eyebrows went up at the mention of Alfarinn's public nickname. Nodding he gave her a little bit more of a smile.

'Alfarinn, yes. So...Evenhet, are you? I'm a Tacharan.'

Simon was never one for subtley, but then he was never one for being sociable either. With having taken over the clan, he found it more a necessity more than ever. Odd though - Sorin catering to an Evenhet. She was beautiful, but he wasn't going to pretend he understood what went on in that head of his. If anything, Sorin was the male version of Ellis, only a thousand times more powerful. Simon wondered if Miss Gerard new that.
Fiona 17 years ago
Well, damn. Fiona leaned back, amazed at the change in the man across from her. It would not surprise her in the least to find this was the first honest reaction he'd had since sitting down. Answering one question, though, had brought up about a thousand more. He was Clan. Which simplified things a bit, though she was surprised to realize she had been hoping he was Evenhet. At least that would have allowed her some freedom in her speech.

And what the hell was a Tacharan. She had meant to ask Sorin about that after the ball, but had not gotten around to it. Now it just might bite her in the ass. Literally. Damn.

But wait, he had used Alfarinn's real name. Her eyes narrowed in thought and she glanced away. Yes, she was going to earn a headache tonight. Especially since she suspected that playing straight would get her a lot farther with Simon than trying to play games would. And that went against every fiber of her being. Wonderful. Right.

"Yes, I am Evenhet. Forgive me, but I do not know what Tacharan is."Â?
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
'Tacharan is gaelic for 'Orphans'. We're the cast aside children of an ancient that was created by an Evenhet.' Boy that was one way of putting it, he thought. 'We're not a recognized clan and very small.' Simon was still very surprised she hadn't heard of the them. For what it was worth, they were the third most powerful clan in the vampire nation - granted there are only three clans. Anonymity had its advantages though.

'I'm their clan leader, but not the ancient I just spoke of. We're killers, hired assassins and guns for hire.' More specifically they did what others were afraid to do, which came in handy and kept them alive.

'Alfarinn is also a very good friend.'
Fiona 17 years ago
Yes, the headache tonight would be spectacular.

Simon was the Tacharan Clan leader. A clan full of mercenaries. For the first time in her long life, Fiona was clueless how to deal with someone. She could accept offering a degree of respect to another Clan's elders. That was simple preservation. But her mind balked at the thought of doing so to what amounted to hired thugs. Though, now that she thought about it, being on their good side had its advantages. One never knew when circumstances might warrant something being taken care of that she was not suited to do herself. And having the point of contact be the clan leader... that was even better.

But it wasn't until he mentioned being good friends with Alfarinn that she recognized him.

"You're the gentleman Alfarinn met with just before the explosion."Â?

Her mind spun through the information she had. Alfarinn and Sorin did not get along. At all. Simon and Alfarinn were friends. She would be willing to bet quite a bit that Simon and Sorin did not like each other.

Which meant she was dancing at the edge of quicksand.

"Pardon my saying so, but you would have to be more than that for Alfarinn to claim you as a friend. He does not strike me as the type to appreciate random slaughter."Â? Sorin might - but only if it served his purpose.

(OOC - Alfarinn's views based on Fiona's limited assessment of his personality...)
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Why were Alfarinn and he friends? They just were and had always been friends. He wasn't sure how to explain it to Fiona or if he even cared to. Simon settled for the truth, 'Alafrinn has a knack for being the voice of reason in an otherwise troubled crowd of voices. Plus we both enjoy a good dark pint.' His hand turned over and he shrugged not bothering to explain further.

'And yes, Sorin and I know each other and no, our paths do not cross often, but when they do,' Simon closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly. Again, not bothering to explain further.
Fiona 17 years ago
Fiona just shook her head, confused. Either he was playing by a completely different set of rules or he simply preferred not to play. Whoever Simon had been in the past, she doubted it included dealing with the nobility as an equal. The tendency he was showing toward honesty would have gotten him killed a dozen times over already. Which made her wonder how in the names of all the known gods he had managed to become clan leader at all.

While she wasn't surprised that he and Sorin did not care for each other, she didn't understand why he had all but admitted it. The only logical conclusion she could come to was that he thought she was watching Sorin for Alfarinn, a thought she was certain Sorin had had as well. It wasn't true, but did make a practical kind of sense. Had Alfarinn asked Simon to feel her out for the same reasons? To confirm her loyalties before meeting with her himself? But Simon hadn't known she was Evenhet... or had he? And if he had, was the interest shown because of Sorin?

Her respect for him went up a notch at the thought. Maybe he wasn't being quite as honest as he appeared to be.

"That would be why Sorin did not introduce us the evening of the ball. Let me guess, Anantya does not acknowledge Tacharan, but Evenhet does?"Â? Oh, she doubted anything was that simple, but his answer might give her some clues into the relationships between the clans.
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
'No one recognizes Tacharan.'

Simon's smile, if you could call it that, faded from his face. Political talk, even it was just chit chat, was boring to him. If the Council recognized Tacharan or not - it mattered very little. He had no desire to sit at the Council as an Elder and Tacharan's survival did not rest on those types of laurels. No, the clan would go on - with or without approval...with or without Ellis.

And as for Sorin not introducing them - again Simon never bothered with formal introductions. He'd much rather see to his own clan than meet the upper crust of the nation. He wondered why he was even bothering meeting Fiona tonight. Bored he supposed, but she was charming which no doubt came from her european back ground. Very high bred, he decided probably much like Ellis was.

'The political going ons of the clans are quite boring and as you have probably noticed, quite complicated. Tacharan has an agreement with the other clans and coexists accordingly.' Granted that agreement was null and void after what Ellis had done at Hillman's Compound, but the repercussions of that were yet to be really felt. That would happen with the Council meeting.
Fiona 17 years ago
Fiona watched the smile fade and wondered just how far out of line she'd stepped. This was not a game for him, that much was obvious. She tried to understand the stance he appeared to be taking and simply could not grasp why he ignored the political ramifications of the situation. Sighing she leaned forward, resting her arms on the table. He had given her enough to think about regarding the clans for one night. It was possible that her association with Sorin was going to work against her, but she found herself liking this man, for his honesty if nothing else. In a way, it was refreshing.

"From what I've seen, complicated is perhaps the understatement of the century."Â? She offered him an honest smile, letting all the game playing go. Never one to fight the inevitable, she simply gave in and met him openly. "So, tell me, are you always this honest?"Â?
Simon Huntington 17 years ago
Lacing his fingers together on the table top, he pursed his lips together in thought. 'I've no reason to exaggerate, I suppose.' Simon touched the tips of his thumbs and looked around the room. Not a talker by nature, he felt the conversation had gone beyond him.

'Well, if you don't mind, Miss Gerard, this is where I bid you farewell. It was a pleasure meeting you.' Simon stood and gave her a stiff bow. He had enjoyed talking with her, he was just tuckered out from all the socializing.

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Fiona 17 years ago
"And I hope you are able to continue in this way. It is a rare gift."Â?

Fiona was surprised to feel disappointed when he stood to leave. She had come here to feed, not to make friends. Especially ones that the calculating part of her knew would be trouble. But there was something different about Simon, something beyond the honesty. Mentally shrugging it off for the time being, she smiled and nodded in acknowledgement of his bow.

"As it was you, Monsieur Huntington. I wish you luck in your Clan."Â?

She settled back and watched as he walked away, thoughtful. No matter what else might happen over the next few months, she hoped to never find herself on the wrong side of Simon. Anyone who led a Clan of mercenaries was not someone to trifled with, but more than that, he had seemed decent. Part of her hoped to one day call him friend, but the practical side of her knew that was not likely to happen. People like her rarely had friends. Allies, yes. But friends were a dangerous commodity. Sighing, she picked up her glass and sipped the champagne.

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