Who is who?! (OOC)

A lot of us are using our vampire names so this is clear up who is who. Who ya be? Who ya know? And tell us a little about yourself if you like.

Ellis Duban 19 years ago
I'm also known as Maelarya from TAC.COM and I know quite a few of you from NS. I like nectarines, adore my rl husband and child and my dog is smelly.
Rene O Brian 19 years ago
Known as Eve on TAC and NS, which is my RL name. I had and have too damn many chars to pick one name, so I went with the real me back when I created my ezboard handle and the rest, as they say, is history. Like Ellis, I too love my hubby and kidlet, but I don't have a dog, just two spoiled rotten cats.
Temprah 19 years ago
This be me (gotta finish Tempy's bio..) as well as Amberelle De'Espionne. As above stated I too adore my hubby, adore having no ankle biters and I have 2 smelly dawgs and 3 bitchy cats. X calls me Ellie Mae lol. I'm a born and raised Texan and I love X-Men and Star Wars =)
Talon 19 years ago
X <-----
Morrigan Kinsey 19 years ago
<-- Ryala
Sorin 19 years ago
<-- Ryala & Mai
Chryseis Angelique 19 years ago
I'm Mushizo on NS and Dia on TAC! I come in all shapes in sizes and am wrapped in a convient sound proof wrapper!

also i play Panos M.
Gaia 19 years ago
<--- BRIARE on TAC and Sharia on NS........ hmmm what else rofl. Lots of other names here and there but most common above.

*I also plea Ocean Emond
Xerxes Asha 19 years ago
Geeii. TAC EQ and WOW. Its cause I am ez that I have a simple name.
Mai 19 years ago
Mai is Mai

who is also Alfarinn, Jan, Christian, Octavia,Vaughn, Morrigan and sometimes more
Meegan 19 years ago
I'm Kaytana on TAC, Braitha on NS.

I too love my hubby and two kids and our mouse is smelly. (That reminds me I need to clean out his cage.)
Thaddeus Grey 19 years ago
Verileah here!
Redd 18 years ago
A.K.A Tempra and Amberelle
Qu Yuan 18 years ago
David Bowles, occasionally on TAC.

Oh, and if you want to be bored out of your fucking skull, read my column on GreNME
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
I didn't find your column boring at all :
Nyra 18 years ago
The Voice
A lot of us are using our vampire names so this is clear up who is who. Who ya be? Who ya know? And tell us a little about yourself if you like.

Greetings and Saltuations from a human! My name is Cali, so much so my hubby calls me that.

I found SA from NS where I have/am lurk(ing).

I love to read and was caught up reading everything here so I joined in. I am thinking of also starting a vampire but I may need more time to get the hang of this so for now I am just me.

That sounded a bit schizophrenic, Im gonna shut up now.
Winter 18 years ago
I strongly recomend reading some of David's articles, a wide variety of interesting subjects.. I feel smarter now 8)
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Hug other Cali! You're the 2nd Cali here, actually. The other one is Cyn and Miika but is on hiatus. Glad you're here, dear! /hug

Oh, to catch up, I am also:


Marty and Carol were NPC's but now have full bio's since they seem to be getting into more and more trouble =x
Priscilla 18 years ago
<-- immy
Aron Swiftwood 18 years ago
<-- Dark Wolf, Platinum Dragon (yes, stolen from Dragonlance books at the ripe age of 12), Taure Dae, Daerim