Zhavric's First Issue

This is Zhavric's first issue. Yes, I know you guys are just in the planning phase, but this issue is going to be universal for any genre. It goes something like this:

Character 1:"I do (insert cool power) to you and it kills you. HA! You're dead."

Character 2: "No, I'm not dead. I do (insert cool power) which counters your thing. I kill you instead. You're the dead one."

Character 1:"Am not! You are!"

Character 2:"Am not! You are!"


My suggestion on how to avoid this:

1) With rules. We pick an RPG that already exists and use the system. The benefit is we have clearly defined rules of what characters can do. The drawback is that we have set rules that may not translate well onto an online forum.

2) Without rules. There is no rules system and all characters are effectively equal. Moderators / storytellers are in charge of resolving conflict. The benefit is more freedom to be creative. The drawback is that the mods usually end up drinking heavily and listening to people whine.

3) Role-playing: You put an emphasis on the story to try to get players to care about keeping the story going. Think of it as an RPG "honor system". If it works, we could have some really great role-playing. The problem is that it only takes one person to ruin it.

Your thoughts?

Mai 18 years ago
LOL, It does tend to come down to that from time to time.

On the RP boards I've been on its more RP based. You can't move or harm another person's character without their consent. Period.

That said, I've had lovely bar brawls and duels, why? because its hella fun. To use your spiffy cool powers on another player you'd have to pm or im them.. hey I was hoping to do this.. is that ok with you? It keeps down power gamers as well because if someone is constantly trying to be a bad ass then people will just reply... no, dude, its not ok.

Ours generally looked something like this.

Ranya (poor guy never did get to RP but I use him as an example all the time) narrowed his eyes at Keenan while fingering his jaw. Damn that hurt! Watching for an opening, he took the first opportunity that presented itself and slammed his fist into the man's gut. Not the definitive move he was hoping for but perhaps he'd manage to stay up right long enough to get a better one in later.

((OOC: Permission granted to punch Keenan))

I'm not sure what will be used but I've been very impressed with the people on the board so far so I think something loose like this would work fine, letting people moderate their own fun between themselves.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
I think it's been pretty well decided that we are not going with any preset world. There are just too many restrictions and it potentially a deterrent to those who are unfamiliar with that world.

I do agree that there should be some standard of rules and it does need to be decided to what degree those rules are enforced. I believe that the goal and style of this board is more of a story developed by the entire community rather than "I attack you with my ogre slaying knife which has a +7 against ogres." See previous Mafia games for examples of what I mean. Of course, that could just be all in my head, but I'm taking an educated guess.

The staff has been back and forth with a lot of ideas as far as the basic framework for our vampire world and I think we're developing a great starting point. So far we've touched on the structure of the vampire community and the "types" of vampires that can exist (we all know the idea of a vampire tends to change depends on who's holding the pen).

So, yes, I do believe we will be employing some type of ruleset and I'm sure it will be a major topic of discussion for the staff, but I think at this point we're just trying to get an idea for the type of world we are creating so we know what kinds of rules we will need.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Damn Mae2 for being faster than me! But, yes, her example was what I meant. I've only ever participated in one RP board and it was set up that way and worked well.
Mai 18 years ago
*puts her mouse back in the holster*

Fastest reply in the....east

And that's the computer mouse.. for you pervs out there.. you know who you are.
Vulash 18 years ago
I've ran games of all types for all types of people for about 15 years so if you need any help or just to flip an idea by let me know. I'm not as good of a content writer as most here, but when it comes to systems, rules, guidelines, ect I have alot of experience with balancing ect.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
things like that or "god modding" are almost always against the rules in rp forums/boards. at least the ones ive been on. gaia online has a whole RP section and the very first rule for all of them is no god modding.

gaia online is godforsakeningly confusing with its a million posts and people who cant type english well.

didnt think of that before, but you could pull ideas of how things are for other rp forums just by skimming over gaia.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
What's god modding?
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
What's god modding?

I wondered too, but from reading Maewyn's post, I guess god modding is moving someone's character. Its apparently taboo to touch a live character with out permission from that person. Like I couldnt kill ryala's toon while she was at work.

To be honest, other than clan rivalry, I hope that we only end up killing NPC's. I'm looking forward to having longer interactive storylines with other players.
Mai 18 years ago
Godmodding is performing impossible acts or highly improbable acts. You know the person who sees their character capable of anything.

An example of this on the Harry Potter boards were the first year students who could summon large objects like beds, float multiple things in the air, instantly know how to fly, and never lose a duel.

In a standard scene it might be the person who faces armed opponents and using his l33t karate skills manages to take down 8 men without a scratch on him while performing arial acrobatics that would make a circus performer envious.

Aka.. not very likely at all. They are the people that can't stand to ever be wrong, ever look bad or ever not be in control.

Basically a Mod's worst nightmare to deal with. Almost always really bad RPers as well because a good RPer would realize not succeeding is in many cases more interesting and challenges help define your character.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
ohhhh gotcha...thanks ^_^
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Oops, I was totally wrong lol.