1 possible theme

Underworld - warring (waring?) Death Dealer clans.

Mai 18 years ago
I think that would be cool, personally.
Temprah 18 years ago
I love that idea! I loved that movie and everyone loves vampyres and lycans =D Or something more white wolf inspired so then you can have mages and other types possibly. But then you could get really complex.. just depends on how much you want to deal with.
I was a GM many years ago in an online PBEM / forums / chat rooms game that was sort of post apocalyptic with mutants and magic and such. At one point we had expanded to over 20 character types and sooo many 'zones'. We were limited geographicaly, set in Houston and had divided the city up, had many GMs each with their own area, it was all well covered and such but while it started with something simple it evolved into something very complex.
Vulash 18 years ago
If you want a theme like this seriously White Wolf has the best out there. On top of that it sets more of a set of char guidelines for anyone new that comes in without everyone just having an assumed set.

I realize you guys that don't RP irl won't want to spend 60 dollars on material for this so I'll try to find a scanner sometime and get all the core info online so you can see it and read it over and see what you think.

It is specifically designed for this type of environment even if you don't actually play the game.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
I found this googling, is this what you're talking about, vulash?

Vulash 18 years ago
Yes but I"m not sure how much legitimate info you will find on their site - they want you to buy the books.

What you need is the clan infos and their interactions with other mythic creatures - along with their weaknesses and powers - all for flavor in this type of game of course. You'd also eventually want at least mage and werewolf info.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
i know it sounds horrible, but if you have limewire or whatnot, you can prolly download all the books. i know ive gotten alot of dnd books ops: fn exspensive. but anyways! it might be a idea to check out =)

but i do like this idea. i love love love to rp! and darkness is a great theme.
Vulash 18 years ago
You can without a doubt DL them - I just didn't want to mention it.

I still stand the offer to scan the important info though and organize it somehow - but it will take a few
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
I'm just going to say this once, because I think it matters. I don't think we can really predict, fully, where this community will go, but we're in the early stages and talking about choices that I really believe are going to matter down the line.

I feel really really uncomfortable about downloading copyrighted material illegally to do this. It's not just being uncomfortable about doing something that I take moral issue with...it's that I feel it robs us of some legitimacy right off the bat. It would be like we didn't take ourselves seriously, and that bothers me.

I'm not getting on a high horse, I'm not trying to embarrass anyone or make people feel bad, and I'm not being dramatic to stir things up. Like I said, this is the only thing I will say on the issue. I'm saying something out of an honest belief that this starting off in this direction could lead us to places we don't want to go, whether it be a slippery slope or just not feeling right in our hearts.

That is all. /derail off
Mai 18 years ago
I have issues with using VtM as well.

From a practical sense of having run one or more RP boards, and seen a board based off a book I believe your setting yourself up for some problems with using the existing genre of VtM.

Firstly, not all the admin and mods know VtM. I can tell you that its not a good idea to try to run something that your players know more about than you do.

Secondly, There are a LOT of clans and powers. It will be a lot to keep track of.

Thirdly, It limits your creativity by giving you a defined world where people would expect a Ventrue to act like a Ventrue and a Brujah to act like a Brujah.

Fourth, You'd have to get all the information on the clans AND make it available to everyone making a character.

It might be to our advantage to make up the vampire race and say this is what they can and can't do.

This is how they can and can't be killed

This is how they make a new vampire. (I.E. does everyone bitten become a vampire like Blade or do you have to drain them and feed them like VtM and Interview?)
Eve 18 years ago
I agree with Maewyn that making up our own vampires or any other mystical creatures, would be a good idea. But, the VtM info along with a lot of movies I'm sure most of us have watched over the years will give us a good mix to pull from. With the realm I ran, yes it was based on VtM, but it was also what we called Free Form. We never used dice, there was no GM running us thru events. It was more of a story writing venture where you took turns telling part of a story after discussing any life changing events ahead of time mun to mun. (Mun being the person behind the character.)As long as you make it clear that no God-like characters are allowed, and you're writing and playing with folks you trust, all you really need is a basic setting and story to get the ball rolling. The rest tends to get made up as you go along.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Definitely agree that setting up our own stuffs is best.

And...vampires are hawt~
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
We're hashing it out now, but most input is pointing towards Vampires created in our own universe. As far as actual development goes, we'll probably start in May. We're nailing down structure and storyline now. But again we're not rushing on this. =)
geeii 18 years ago
While white worlds stuff is the most definative resource on vampires, werewolves, and other such creatures, I tend to agree with the others. I do have some knowledge of the world, not too much, only played one game, and it didnt last long...

coincidentally, white wolf sued the producers of Underworld the movie as the idea was stolen.

IMO we should create a world of our own. We can administer things better and it provides more of a drive for players; my experiences writing a D&D d20 world has been,m if characters feel they are affecting the world they are participating in, they become more excited about everything
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
meh I think there are a lot more sources to pull ideas from than a series of RPG books - movies, fiction novels, research on the Dracula tale. Overall, the best stuff is going to come from our own imaginations.
geeii 18 years ago
liek blood drug addictions.

That one was good.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
We are definitely coming up with some crazy cool ideas. I'm really looking forward to when we launch this world. :P
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
it's easier to fix problems or incidents that occur if you make your own rules as well. plus you have the best interpetation of them because you made them. more free reign if its your world. but you can always modify anythign you want to become your own world.
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
it's easier to fix problems or incidents that occur if you make your own rules as well. plus you have the best interpetation of them because you made them. more free reign if its your world. but you can always modify anythign you want to become your own world.

This is exactly what we're planning. We considered using a preset world, but decided against it. Ryala answered that in another thread.

I was genuinely surprised at the amount of interest tac2 is generating already and we haven't even launched yet. We'll get a few things ironed out and then start setting up the board. Shooting for May currently. Right now we have Maewyn, Eve-e, Verileah, Geei, Ryala, myself and Rasberry as the staff here and its going amazingly well. Lots of RP experience for us newbies (read me!). Keep the ideas coming though, definitely considering all angles and suggestions.