Anantya Marks

First here's the template should anyone wish to make their own.

And ones I have made so far:

Please feel free to use them, just remember to give credit and upload them to your own server in order to spare my bandwidth.

Arigato ^_^

Cyrus 17 years ago
Very nice!!!

But now to decide and pick just one. hhmmmm That will take some time!
Mai 17 years ago
Glad you like them *^_^*

Here's another one.

It is kind of strange and not quite how I expected it to look.
Morrigan Kinsey 17 years ago
oooooh pretty~

Thanks, Mai ^_^
Claire 17 years ago
Merci beaucoup
Jin 12 years ago
A snow themed one in honor of our current combat thread.

And some more
Jin 11 years ago
Here are some more made in illustrator this time.