Some Art Fun!

Here we go if you like you may use them )) I can make 'sig' versions if anyone is interested.

(Me and Chris)

Victoria 3 (post work in photoshop)

immy 18 years ago
Those are gorgeous!
That last one is beautiful, very nice work!
Mai 18 years ago
Very Nice Excellent work on the sayings too.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
verah nice! Might want to check the spellings on the clan names though

BTW...who are you?
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
That's Briare's Tacharan character. =) And yeah I totally didnt notice that you spelled Tacharan wrong last night, /giggle. You did an amazing job on the faces and I love the composition of them. If we become popular enough to build a site around this, that combined one would be cool to use with an image rotator! Thanks Briare, very awesome!
Gaia 18 years ago
LOL oops guess who i copied it off of??

*Edit fixed it hehe
Xandare 18 years ago
Nice Images!

but wheres the brooding looking vampire guys? tsk..tsk.. :P

or even the wild haired viking biker ones? j/k :lol:
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
heh Anantya is spelled wrong too
Mai 18 years ago
LOL, I was going to say.. Tacharan is spelled right, Anantya is wrong but then you edited.

It seems to be the one everyone has trouble with...Good thing we went for simple sanskrit, you should have seen the other spelling choices.
Morrigan Kinsey 18 years ago
haha simple
Gaia 18 years ago
Here is a male version for ya Stock photo from:

*considers buying a male model rofl.... I dont have any men for poser.

Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Whoa that's big lol, love the eye though!