The Packs of Nachton

Werewolves are defined by their Pack physically as well as culturally. If you are a werewolf, you are in a pack, whether you like it or not. Whether you know it or not. Becoming a werewolf means more than simply shifting shape at the full moon; you have inherited a history, a family, and a feud.

Physical Characteristics of Vyusher R'asa
Vyusher R'asa will appear only slightly larger than your average timber wolf, often leggy and lean, with deep, narrow chests meant for sprinting and wiry muscle that supports an agile frame. They are quick and nimble, more apt to quickly cover short distances than make long runs. Their ears are large and pointed at the tips, their muzzles long and graceful.

The coat patterns of The Vyusher resemble grey wolves (timber wolves) as well. They appear to be one basic color with points (eye mask, bottoms of legs and toes, tips of tails and ears) of a distinctly different color. Upon closer inspection the outer coat is actually peppered liberally with the secondary color as well.

Color combinations include:
Grey with black or white points
Reddish brown with grey, black, or white points.
Black with grey points.

Physical Characteristics of The Kadzait
The Kadzait, on the other hand, are a good deal larger than your average wolf, including their Vyusher R'asa counterparts. Built for strength and endurance, the Kadzait are wider and a bit stockier than the Vyusher R'asa, and while both breeds are far above the average in speed and agility versus strength and endurance, the Kadzait’s physical build lends itself more easily to the latter as the Vyusher R'asa do to the former. The Kadzait are powerfully muscular and their wide chests are built to hold formidable lungs that lend themselves well to endurance. Their muzzles tend to be slightly shorter than the Vyusher R'asa and their ears a bit smaller and rounded at the tips.

The coats of the Kadzait, modeled after arctic wolves’, are always of a solid color. There is very little deviation from this, with the exception that on occasion there may be one or two small spots of color around the nose.

Colors of Kadzait coats:
Solid black
Snow white
Any solid shade of gold ranging from russet (red-gold) to cream (pale yellow-gold)

Strength vs. Speed

To further elaborate on the differences between the Vyusher R'asa and the Kadzait, it can be assumed that when in wolf-form they follow these approximate physical guidelines:

The average wild wolf is approximately 175 pounds and 3 feet tall at the shoulder, and reaches a top speed of about 40 mph.

The average Vyusher R'asa is approximately 4 feet tall at the shoulder, 215 pounds, and can reach speeds of up to 60 mph.

The average Kadzait stands approximately 4'6" at the shoulder, weighs about 250 pounds, and can reach a top speed of about 50 mph.

In most cases, males will be slightly larger and heavier than females. There is very little variance in sizes and shapes among the Packs, and these physical standards should be used by all players unless prior approval from staff is given.