A Poachers End (open)

Cyrus left the House of Pain after bestowing a deep kiss and drinking a bit from his waitress, Suki was cute and very useful. He probably should not drink from her so frequently but she seemed to enjoy it greatly.

Following the injured poacher discretely was easy enough to do. The young one made no attempt to hide his whereabouts or direction. Deep through the sewers the two went, unsteady bleeding vampire followed by feline vampire. Stalking prey was enjoyable as a leopard, his long tail quivered in anticipation and his overlarge teeth were bared, just waiting to bite down.

Foolish young vampire never looked up either. Cyrus climbed quietly along the pipes running along the roof of the underground tunnels. His quarry staggered towards his lair, looking back but failing to look above his head.

Finally running into an industrial area that had heating vents running along the roof, warming the damp atmosphere, there were signs of habitation. A sleeping bag, chair and radio were jammed into a dark corner. Food wrappers and other trash lay strewn about.

The young male made his bed as quickly as his injuries allowed, apparently he had not found any further sustenance. Soon sleep claimed the vampire, his wounds healing slowly without fresh blood. Cyrus was disgusted by the lack of knowledge this youth showed. How could you stumble out of a packed bar without grabbing a mouthful of blood? Why had he not sought out a clan for safety?

Settling down to wait the younger one out Cyrus slept lightly, atop an intake vent, hidden by the darkest shadows and miscellaneous pipes and wires.

Upon awakening his sharp leopard eyes noted the boy still sleeping. Nothing had changed, no one had disturbed the area at all. All throughout the night, Cyrus watched the young one sleep on. It was getting near daybreak when the boy awoke. He cursed loudly and frequently, railing at the injustice of having two pretty girls taken from him, at the insistence of a clan which he felt would only hold him back, at anyone not realizing how powerful he was. The leopard sat silently through the tirade, realizing that the boy did not intend to seek safety, thinking himself immortal.

As the vampire mumbled dire threats to freaks who were dumb cats, Cyrus emerged from his hiding place. Watching the youth poorly sharpen a knife, the feline stalked his prey.

The moment the knife was put down and the boy turned away from it, the cat leapt upon him. Teeth clamped tight around the throat, claws digging deep furrows into flesh. The scent of blood flooded the small room. Knowing the boy would expose them too the world with his stupidity, Cyrus hung on until the heart of his victim stopped. He lapped up the blood flowing until he sensed the moment of death.

Leaping away, he curled up to clean his paws and fur on the vent as the body below him decomposed into nothingness. Once he was clean, and the ash settled below, he leapt down to clean up. Removing the money and identification from the cheap leather wallet on a chain, he folded everything neatly into a pile, blanket, clothes, cash. The ID and Credit Cards he destroyed completely with tooth and claw. Dragging the clothes with him, he left the radio where it was and began his journey out. The homeless shelter would appreciate the donation in his arms.

Too soon he realized that the sun was coming up, he would not make it back to the hotel this night either. Finding an alcove, high and dark, with ventilation covering its entrance, he shoved the clothing inside and shifted to sleep curled up in the damp darkness behind the pile further obscuring his residence.

((Open to anyone willing to be down in the sewer. The kitty is hidden in a high, dark alcove with a large metal pipe and stack of clothing obscuring him.))

Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki was early. Somehow the trip from her condo to the House of Pain was always swifter than she allocated. Arriving early just meant she washed glasses or tried not to have the cook pinch her rear. So she dawdled in the sewers.

Walking slowly, wondering where the luscious Cyrus had been lately. He hadn't shown up yesterday and after that run-in, she was worried. Despite his reassurances that he could take care of everything, he was only one man.

Idly twirling her burgundy hair stick between her fingers, Suki enjoyed the walk. Her heavy boots made a nice 'Clomp' sound as she walked along the concrete walkway. An air intake jerked her stick upwards, making it clang against the grate. With a giggle she started tapping out tunes as she walked. It was a reach for her to clank every pipe, but she jumped up as often as necessary.

Her last jump and clank sounded good but Suki wondered over the pile of cloth behind the tube. Why would someone bundle things up there, it was way too small for a person to climb into. Unless one was a small child. Panicked at the thought, Suki pulled the items from the niche. Thankfully no body was in the clothes.

She steeled her nerve to look into the alcove again.
Cyrus 17 years ago
The tapping noise woke the leopard up. His large teeth were bared as he yawned. Who was making such a racket? Tail twitching in annoyance he wondered if he could eat the person.

When his bundle of fabric was pulled down, the cat became motionless. His eyes were large, pupils highly dilated in the darkness.

Fingers grasped the edge of his alcove, short nails that were buffed to a shine adorned them. Slowly dark hair came into view and two large green eyes. 'Just what was Suki doing here!' The cat blinked at her.

Why didn't she know the sewers were not safe to poke around. She should be safe inside the HoP not climbing around this pit. Cyrus' tail flicked in annoyance.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki pulled herself a foot off the ground by her grip on the concrete edge. With her eyes wide open she peeked into the nook. Staring back at her were two reflective eyes.

The poor kitty! was her first thought. Making kissy noises she called out.
"Here kitty kitty kitty. Its ok. Suki will take you out of this icky place."

The eyes tilted as the kitty must have cocked his head to one side. She continued to make kissy noises as she slowly lowered herself to the ground. Hopefully the poor thing would come with a little coaxing. She wondered if she could keep him in a back room till the end of her shift.
Cyrus 17 years ago
Cyrus would have laughed at her coaxing if he could. But the leopard could not shift back into human form in this tiny niche. So instead he gave in and went to her as he was.

His paws and face peeked out from around the large aluminum pipe. It appeared no one was close by at all. His nose told him that Suki was alone, and recovering from a very nervous or scared moment.

Slowly he crawled out of the alcove and lightly jumped down. He stayed close to the wall in case she freaked out. Its not every day you see a 50lb cloud leopard in the sewers. People expect alligators, but not leopards.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki was stunned at how big the kitty was. This must be someone's rather exotic pet that escaped. Poor baby. It seemed very tame to just come out to her calling though.

Kneeling down she continued to try to coax it near. Its beautiful brown and black fur looked downy soft. She was astounded by the length and width of this pretty cat's tail.

"Here pretty kitty. Suki wont hurt you. Cmon kitty." kiss kiss kiss "Your so pretty, what are you kitty?"
Cyrus 17 years ago
It didnt take a rocket scientist to realize that the human had no idea how dangerous he could be. Somehow that calmed him down enough to act like a normal cat instead of an angry leopard.

He sniffed at her, making sure no one else was nearby by scent and a quick glance around. Slowly he got within her reach, amazed at how she stayed so still instead of trying to pet him. Perhaps she had realized he was no oversized tom cat.

Rubbing against her hand produced soft strokes on his fur. Suki did not get curious or try to touch his face or paws. Just gently pet his side or back as they were presented to her. Finally Cyrus felt she was ready for the truth. He purposefully pushed his body into hers, landing her on her rear.

She just laughed lightly in a quiet tone. The leopard waited for her to straighten out some before climbing carefully upon her chest. His face close to hers, paws on her shoulders and thighs. With a hungry glint in his eye the rough leopard tongue snaked out to lap at her neck. Laving the skin from collarbone to earlobe. Uncaring if his large almost saberteeth frightened her now. She was his now.

He shifted as quickly as possible. One moment he was a 50 pound mass of fur and teeth. The next he was substanially larger, sans fur but still wielding very large teeth. Looking into the frightened and confused green eyes made Cyrus smile.
"You are mine Suki."

Without the gentle lick of before he simply bit into her, drinking in her essence and marking her as his. As her trembling slowed he stopped feeding to lick the wound gently. Before placing a kiss upon her mouth he nicked his lower lip enough to get some drops into her as he firmly dominated her mouth.

When he lifted his head she looked a mite better for the few drops she gained. But still she would not be working tonight. Gently scooping her up in his arms and levitating the stick she had been tapping the vent with to them, he started walking. The bouncer was at the entrance to the club and raised a brow at the sight of their newer waitress in the arms of this guy.

"Suki is ill and cannot work tonight. Tell her boss I will call him later with updates on her condition."

How he resisted the urge to snarl and yell 'Mine' was beyond him as he stalked away. There was an open manhole around one corner and he effortlessly carried her up to the street.
Suki Langston 17 years ago
Suki was amazed at the cat. It was too large to be anything remotely local. It was almost too small to be a zoo escapee, plus she didnt even know if Nachton had a zoo. Trying to stay as calm as possible she let the kitty rub against her. Scratchind and petting the area's he put under her hand.

When he knocked her out of the kneeling position onto her butt, she was surprised and amused. What a nice kitty.

All too soon her perception changed to frozen fear as the cat lay upon her chest, large paws on her, and large teeth just inches from her face. She tried to hold completely still but knew deep inside that her very bones shook. Only because she had stopped breathing did she not scream when it licked her neck.

The fear and confusion was palpable and only grew as the beast transformed into Cyrus. Maybe she was asleep and having a very vivid nightmare.

His comment tossed her mind into chaos. How could she be his, why did he want her as his. What did being his entail. Then he kissed her neck like he did most every night. Only this time she knew those large teeth were used upon her skin, pulling her blood from her. The pleasure from the act only served to further disorientate her.

With eyes barely open she saw Cyrus' face above her a moment before he kissed her. His kiss was frightening, coppery tasting and somehow scared her more than the biting did. Her trembling returned and she passed out as he lifted her in his arms.

((Suki & Cyrus out, please lock))