Fighting fire with napalm (attn: Elis Dubán)

Aron stood in the foyer of the Elmwood hall. He wondered if this had been the right move, but the alternative would put Meegans life at stakes. Now, at worst, it was just his own. The house was full. A young Norwegian woman would be playing Mendelssohn, very talented from what he had heard, her first time this side of the Atlantic. He would have liked to hear her himself, though he doubted his 'date' would enjoy something along those lines.
He smiled, at least he was meeting her at his territory. Advantage of home field was something he knew not to underestimate. The black suit he was wearing would hardly impress her, but it made him relax. Not that he was afraid of her, it was limited what even she could do in a place like this, but the the information he had on her was hardly a kind that made you feel at ease.
He wondered if she would be dressed to fit in the setting, but from what he had heard she would probably enjoy looking out of place. Well, fire was best fought with fire, and if the rumours were even close to reality, he was meeting with a nuclear explosion.

He looked around. Hopefully he could spot her before she came close, but in a crowd like this, it was a rather large maybe. Ofcourse, she didn't know exactly who had set up the meeting. Well, he hoped she didn't. She was hardly an enemy, but he would like to catch her slightly off guard non the less.

Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis walked with a swagger and a lit cigarette as she made her way up the ornate entrance of the Cultural Center. She had only been here once before and it was in a bit of a hurry. Had to eat and run, so to speak.

She wasn't sure what to make of the meeting, whether it would be cordial or tooth and nail, so she decided to go with her black leather catsuit with red detailed flowers across the chest. It was reckless and was still easy to move in. She was tempted to bring her short swords but said fuck it and brought her custom .38's tucked nicely on her hips. The matching floor length jacket billowed out slightly from the wind. Its leather so soft and so thin, it was almost cape like. She purposely walked up the steps to the foyer and had a look around.

Ellis inhaled a bit of her cigarette before flicking it at a passer by with a smile. She crossed her arms and waited for her gentleman to show himself.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
He spotted her at the steps and smiled. Whatever he felt on the inside, his outside was that of a man who had everything under control, and knew it. As he moved towards her, he caught himself being slightly relieved that the weapons she undoubtedly carried, hidden under he jacket. His own was hidden inside his walking stick as always. Not that it would matter a whole lot in this case. If it came to that, something had gone terribly wrong.

"Ahh, M'lady Dubán! A pleasure to finally meet you in person, I've heard a great deal about you. Aron Swiftwood, at your service" he said with a charming smile, and a bow. "Very kind of you to come on such short notice"

"And thus, the game begins..."
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Interesting, she thought. Ellis hadn't met this one yet. Aron Swiftwood. Slowly Ellis approached him, slipping her hands behind her back and underneath her jacket. 'Should I ask if everything you heard was good?' She smiled, not taking her eyes off him as she slowly strolled around the foyer, not bothering to watch for people. They just seemed to stay out of her way. Her leather jacket rustled against her boots. 'I would imagine it probably wasn't ALL good. Never is.' Ellis gave him a smile with a peek at her left fang.

'I don't usually meet strange men on Evenhet territory.' She leaned in a little as she continued her slow pace and whispered dramatically, 'Gives me the willies.' Ellis wasn't sure what to make of this sudden introduction. Hindsight was telling her to keep her hands near the smooth, warm butts of her guns. Never can tell with these Evenhets, if that's what he was. She grinned at her thought. 'So why the meeting?'
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"Ohh, I obviously chose not to believe the bad. So far only the good things seem to be true" Very true indeed. Then again, in his experience few vampires were ugly. And truth be told, he had expected nothing less, his sources would hardly have been exaggerating that point.
"But, M'lady Dubán, this isn't Evenhet territory, this is my territory. You can feel quite safe here. Speaking of which, I think we should continue this somewhere a little more private?" The things he had to discuss were hardly something he would like the public to know about.

"If you would be so kind as to follow me to the café? I can assure you we will not be disturbed there."
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis regarded Swiftwood for a moment. She tilted her head to the side and sized him up. She was feeling cautious, which wasn't too out of the ordinary. She just didn't quite get why an Evenhet would be approaching her. She figured she'd indulge him.

She moved her hands from the handles of her .38's and pulled out another cigarette.
'Of course, darling. I'd be happy to join you.' She lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. At the very least, she could grab a snack afterwards. The high society types were so delicious.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"Perfect then" He began walking up the stairs, and expected her to follow."You must be wondering why I asked you to come here"

"So do I love, so do I. She should be put down like the mad dog she is, not treated like a person, much less an equal"
He grinded his teeth. Lately he and May had been on an edge. He would have to put her straight soon, but having a heated the debate with the voice in his head, in the middle of his own opera house, was hardly the best of idea's.

"We all have our different talents and traits. We have our skills and you have yours. Lately however, I've been put in a situation for which I believe your set of skills is somewhat better suited than my own."

He opened the door to a very empty café and walked in.

"What would you like to drink?"
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis strolled in, not too wary that Aron would feel like trying to be devious and surveyed the eatery. Very nice, very cozy. Reminded her of the Sims for some reason. She snorted softly as she walked further in.

She considered what she was thirsty for and decided on something light.
'Could you russle up a nice hot cup of tea for a lassie, dear? Earl Grey would be delicious.' It did sound delicious. She had a lot on her mind lately and a cup of tea would definitely warm this cold vampire right up.

She waited for Aron to offer up a seat before taking one. Not out of being polite, but just out of curiosity. His back to the door or hers. She enjoyed playing mind games, made even the most common meetings fun.

'I am curious. Curious. Curious. Curious.'
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"Tea? Why, she might be civilized after all"
Indeed.... Aron shut the door, offered her a chair and took the one opposite her, with the back to the door. Somehow not being able to see the door had a way of making certain people...edgy. Not that he thought she would be, but still.

"Do you take any sugar or milk?"

He studied her for a moment, she was quite pretty everything considered. Hardly his type, but there seemed to be a layer of sexiness wrapped around her just as tightly as the catsuit she was wearing. Well, it partially -was- the catsuit she was wearing, but that was beside the point. Perhaps in another life he would have explored some of the possibilities there. In a life where the star that was Meegan didn't outshine them all.

"Curious? Yes, I can imagine."
Well, she was curious, though they hardly meant the same thing by that word.
"Well, there is this problem...."
He took a picture of Panos and put on the table.
"Do you know him?"
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis leaned over and looked at the offered picture. 'This person,' she started, looking for a long moment at the picture, then back again at Aron, 'is not part of my clan.'

For the most part, it was true. Panos had been outed not too long ago. He was told never to return to the Domicile, at least, not anytime soon. It was apparent that she should've killed him when she had the chance.

Bah, I'm going soft.

She opened her mouth again but then closed it with a smile. Ellis decided to wait and see what Swiftwood had to say about Panos. Again not out of courtesy, but curiosity. At this point she could care less about the idiot with the Anantya female. She settled back into her seat across from Swiftwood and brought her cup of tea to her mouth. Eyes sparkling, waiting for the punchline.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"He isn't? That is the best news I've had in days. Your standards have always been higher than that"

He had never been particular fond of the Tacharan, their ways of life were simply too different, but they had always been above being obsessed with a single human.

"Makes matters all the simpler then. You see, I would like this Panos gone. I can't really say I care how or where he goes, as long as he stops pestering me and my familiars"

A smile appeared on his lips.

"I've heard you have some experience in this area, perhaps we could make a mutually beneficial agreement? "

The smile broadened.
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis' interest had been piqued by Swiftwood's proposition. Interesting, an Evenhet asking a Tacharan for help in murdering another vampire. The day kept getting better and better.

She looked at him, up and down. What could he offer her that she didn't already have or planned on taking anyway? If it wasn't anything worth her time, he was on his own with Panos. Although deep down in side, Ellis was hoping Panos would return to the Domicile for help.

She'd have to double check on his age. She wagered he'd be ripe for the bleeding. Ellis made her mental note.

Ellis smiled and rested her elbow on her arm rest, then placed her chin in her hand. In a monotone voice, she asked,
'What could an Evenhet offer a leader of an ostracized clan that bordered on reckless and murderous? I mean, really dear. I get my cigarettes by the bulk and discounted to the eyeballs. Can you top that?' She snorted softly and waited.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
She was willing to do it, that was a good start. Now came the hard part, because, when all came down to it....what -could- he offer her?

"Well, that is the question, now isn't it? What does one offer a lady who has everything? It's tricky, very tricky. You hardly need money, so I want suggest that. I have a very good relationship with Heckler & Koch, but weapons are so easy to get today. So, what could I give you?"

He stared thoughtfully at nothing in particular.

"I've been told you have a great interest in swords. Now, there is something I might be able to provide you with. I'm not sure if you collect them, but if you do I might be able to provide you with something of interest. I happen to have a good connection with the British Museum. Otherwise, I might be able to interest you in the pass-codes to a few of your competitors in the medical business."
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Swiftwood's last offer made her teeth itch. Maybe this one did have something to offer. If she could gain entry into Hillman's business files, she could learn more about how deeply he had infiltrated Tacharan.

'Why don't you tell me exactly what you need from me and my payment would be...oh...gosh let me think...' Ellis tapped her finger against her chin in deep thought, 'Why don't we say you owe me and when I can think of something you can repay me with, I'll let you know?'

Ellis coveted many things, but right up there with power and money...were favors. You can never have too many favors and an Evenhet favor would one, be useful in the future and two, piss Alafrinn off if he ever found out about it.

A win win situation. Ellis batted her eyelashes and waited.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"Trapped in your own scheme, are you love? She's more cunning than she seems, and now she has you right where she wants you."

May had a point, and Miss Dubáns idea of a favor might differ a whole lot from his own.

"Well, as long as it doesn't require me to betray my clan or my morals too much, I can't see the harm in that. As for Panos... Well, I want you to make sure he doesn't bother me, my friends and my familiars.."
"Ohh May is a familiar now? How adorable!
"...ever again. If that means you have to make him see his last sunrise, so be it. If you can reason with him, then that is fine as well. The main thing is that he is gone, forever"
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
Ellis snorted and took a sip of her tea. 'Interesting. Terrorizing the poor little familiars is he? Well, I know how that goes,' then she looked down and grinned, 'well, uh, usually I'm doing the terrorizing.' Ellis chuckled softly.

She leaned back into her chair and laced her fingers across her stomach.
'Why is he bothering you and yours? Do you have something that he wants?' And ultimately something I'll take for myself, she thought. 'Admittedly I know the little shit, but this doesn't seem like his style.'

She didn't know Panos very well. Just that he brought that Anantya bitch into her Domicile and he's lucky he walked out with his legs. She sighed. Hopefully Aron could shed some light on Panos' ill doings. Her schedule was literally booked with death, murder, betrayal and mayhem. She had Hillman's compound to raid, some unadulterated blood lusting, some jobs to do...He'd really have to motivate her.
Aron Swiftwood 17 years ago
"I wasn't quite aware that he had any style at all..."
He sighed and looked slightly annoyed.
"A familiar of mine is running a fashionline, rather profitable actually, but Panos and some insane woman decided to wreck the place. I even had to come and get my familiar out of there safely. For some curious reason he has become obsessed with the woman, and I have no intention of letting him have her, she's far to great an asset for that. "
Far too great an 'asset' indeed.
"Im glad to hear he's not one of yours, being obsessed with a single human has always been above you. He would have lowered the standards considerably"
Ellis Duban 17 years ago
'Well then,' Ellis drained her cup of tea and set it down gently. She crossed her hands in her lap and sighed. 'I'll have to see about Panos.' She batted her eyelashes and smiled. 'And I'll be thinking of what favor I could ask of you. If that's everything, I'll be on my way. I'll let you know either what I find out or where I have buried the cement grave I have put him in. KK?'

Ellis stood and checked her guns.

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