General Rules and Regulations

Standing in the shadows near the sewer entrance of the Domicile stood Ellis. Her dark form was betrayed by the glowing red light of her cigarette. With an even darker smile, Ellis nodded for you to come closer.

'There are a few things that we should reiterate now that you're in the Clan. A few rules regarding the safety of the clan and yourself. Tread softly on Clan property. The entire premises is guarded and under surveillance. If you're doing something you don't want me to find out about, then do it somewhere else. That's one.'

Ellis inhaled deeply from her cigarette and let the smoke seep out of her moving lips. 'Two. Do not bring attention to what you are or who you are. Do not speak of our world, especially to the humans. The Evenhets might embrace them as equals, but Tacharan's do not. If you choose to kill a human, cover your own tracks. If you feed, feed in the darkness. The House of Pain and the Abby are commonly known to us, not humans. Be wary of who you bring to both places. Just because they're with you, doesn't mean they're protected by the clan. I give a fuck about what humans you do choose to run with but I will take you out into the noon day sun myself to watch you burn if you bring any attention to my clan.'

She flicked the cigarette butt into the night and turned to face you. 'You are a Tacharan by my will alone, but you answer to Simon in every way you'd answer to me. He'd sooner kill you than see the Clan betrayed, embarrassed or discovered. His word, is my word. Be careful in Nachton. Outside the Domicile you walk alone. Any trouble you bring back to the clan, becomes my problem and you don't want that. That's three.'

Ellis gives you another smile and walks passed you, back into the Domicile.

'Welcome to Tacharan.'