Duibne Industries Financial (Attn: Carol)

Addison looked up at the impressive building in front of him and then down to verify the correct address. 'Yep - this is the place,' he thought, with a little trepidation. It had been a surprise to get an interview so soon after an initial inquiry into the company. He'd barely had enough time to get his suit properly pressed and all of his paperwork in order today. But there he was, his hair tied back as best he could, the deep red mass giving him stress this morning. With a sigh, he tucked a stray strand behind one ear, straightened his tie and took a step forward...

and immediately collided with another guy in a suit. That certainly did not bode well. Addison flashed the handsome and apologetic man a smile, smoothing down any wrinkles in his jacket out of nervousness.

Entering through heavy glass doors, Addison stopped at the front desk.

"Can I help you?" asked the woman sitting behind the large desk, mostly hidden by the counter.

"Yes. My name is Addison Monroe. I have an appointment with a Ms. Carol Hedley." Well...at least he didn't sound nervous.

"I will let her know you are here. Please take a seat, Mr. Monroe."

A slight bob of his head and Addison took a seat on one of the plush chairs nearby, crossing his feet at the ankles and setting his briefcase down. He suddenly wished he'd stopped for that esspresso like he'd wanted. But he wasn't sure on parking his little suv and needed to get here on time.

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Carol 18 years ago
Carol sat in her Duibne office doing incredible dirty things to a tootsie roll pop. Cherry flavor. She rolled the juicy ball of candy on a stick around her mouth, her tongue lapping at it with intense fury. Carol took the lollipop out of her mouth.

'I have an extreme oral fixation.'

She said this to no one in particular, even though her secretary outside had just informed her that Addison Monroe had just arrived. She waved the secretary away with a delicate little hand. 'Give me 5 minutes,' she said, again, to no one in particular.

Carol looked at Monroe's resume on her computer. He was, to put it mildly, a financial machine. Ellis had been pleased with his bio, but even more pleased with what her people had found on Monroe. Carol was instructed to bring Monroe into the fold as soon as possible. Ellis would want to meet him at the Domicile. Carol knew why.

She crossed and then recrossed her legs again as she recalled her first meeting with Ellis. Orgasmic blur, was the best way to describe it. She was jealous of Monroe now. He had no idea.

With lollipop in mouth, Carol stood, adjusting her dress. It was pink silk, so soft and sheer to the touch that it felt like a puff of air. It had strategically arranged roses across her breast and panty area. Her thong was quite visible and a shockingly hot pink. It was slightly off the shoulder with wisps of silk capping the high sleeves. Carol walked around the front of the desk and then leaned back, her free hand on the surface behind her, the other stroking the stick of her tootsie roll pop gently. Her legs were bare and her feet had open toed heeled sandals with no ankle strap. They matched her thong.

With a soft snort Carol murmured, again to no one in particular,
'Alright, let's do this.'
Addison 18 years ago
"Ms. Hedley is ready to see you now."

Addison's gaze shot up to the petite receptionist. Caught daydreaming already. Well, not so much daydreaming as planning on what to do tonight. But his plans all depended on if his trip here was successful. Dancing to celebrate or to forget his day...one or ther other. But it was apt to be the latter if he kept phasing out of reality.

"Thank you."

Leaving his jacket casually unbuttoned, Addison did one last tuck of the errant red strands of hair and stood, taking his briefcase with him. Rounding the desk, he got as far as just inside the door when he stopped suddenly, his gaze firmly fixed on the gorgeous woman leaning against the desk. Or...more accurately, his gaze was focused on one very noticeable bright pink strap, clinging to a hip under a sheer kind of dress.

He certainly hadn't expected the woman interviewing him to be a knockout. The name made him think of a 70 year old woman who made scones for board meetings and helped the CEO shop for his wife's birthday presents. The female in front of him in ... well, it was definately a dress that would receive attention... was anything but the mental image he'd had previously. Addison took a deep breath, trying to slow his racing pulse as he finally made eye contact.
"Ms..." Whoops...clear the throat a bit, that had come out a bit higher than expected. "Ms. Hedley. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me."

He held out one hand as he stepped up to the blonde with a smile, keeping his gaze on her face. Anywhere else might get him in trouble.
Carol 18 years ago
"Ms. Hedley. It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me."

Carol pulled her lollipop out of her mouth with a resounding 'POP'. She reached out and shook the offered hand while licking the sweet stickiness off her lips.
'Mr. Monroe, the pleasure is all mine.' She pointed to a leather chair in front of the desk and almost slid back onto the desk but thought better of it. He might see up her dress. 'Ah, irony,' she thought to herself.

Rounding around to the back of the minimalist steel desk, she took her seat again and read over his file quickly. His resume was very impressive. Ellis really wanted this one for some reason. Her interviewing him was a joke, he was already in and his apartment in the Domicile waiting for him. She just needed a way to ease into the discussion of...uh...certain beliefs. Meaning she needed to know whether or not he'd completely freak out once he realized he was working for vampires.

She'd so hate to put a bullet into that cute little head of his. Seriously, it would be a waste, Carol thought sadly. She peeked at him from behind her computer. He frequented clubs, their background check had noted. 'Hmm,' Carol thought. 'There's always the House of Pain,' she decided and hid back behind her computer.

'So tell me, Mr. Monroe.' Carol rolled her chair a little to the side so to look at him directly. How does one put this? Her eyes narrowed at him in thought. 'Maybe I should ask him what he knows? Or if he has suspicions?'

Oh fuck it.

'Do you believe in vampires?'
Addison 18 years ago
'How on earth did I miss the lollipop?' Addison asked himself. That one was simple...he'd been staring at the woman's underthings visible through the rather seductive looking dress. He'd never seen anyone in HR dressed like that and it was, if he were honest...a little more than distracting. But in the best of ways, of course.

"Thank you," he said, setting his little briefcase next to the chair and taking a seat. A little squeak of the material as he sat and arranged himself in the most comfortable position he could while still looking professional. It was hard not to just relax. He loved leather chairs...whether they were e-z chairs of something more professional looking. They were just...comfortable.

Waiting for the blonde to speak, Addison looked around the office, trying to gage what sort of company this was to work for. It was a very nice space...the desk, while minimalist, very nice. He was more the mahogany wood desk sort, himself. Something nice about ledgers on that sort of surface that made him more productive. And they were sturdier for...well...best not to go into that train of thought during an interview.

'So tell me, Mr. Monroe.'

Sitting a little straighter, Addison prepared himself for a large range of interview questions from 'why did you leave your last position?' to 'who is your greatest influence?' What he didn't expect was what came out of her mouth next.

'Do you believe in vampires?'

He opened his mouth then shut it again, completely caught off guard. Ok...so that was weird. He'd never heard of that term in relation to finance. Was she serious? Was Vampire a new term for skimming or draining accounts that he wasn't aware of? Because he'd been in the field already and never heard that term uttered for accounting. The only Vampires he was familiar with were on the movie screen, not in his ledgers or among his fellow accountants, title wise.

Well, there was one way to find out. Addison blinked once and asked.
"Vampires in the literal sense?" He paused for a second. "...As in creatures of the night with the whole blood sucking thing? I've honestly never thought about it. I...suppose the possibility is there. But existence is highly unlikely. May I ask the relevance of Vampires to a position here?"
Carol 18 years ago
"May I ask the relevance of Vampires to a position here?"

Carol snorted, 'Well see, that's the thing.'

Carol had always thought straight forwardness and direct thinking was much more effective than say...debating or what is known as 'creative foot work'. She leaned forward onto the desk, drumming her fingers on the top.

'Uh...' she cleared her throat and forced another smile. 'Your boss - I mean if you choose to accept this job,' hell, she thought. He either took this job or took a severe hair parting with a bullet, 'Well your boss is sort of...a...vampire?' It came out sounding like a question. Yes. She was struggling. 'So....' she shrugged, 'does that work for you?'

She popped the tootsie roll pop back into her mouth and gave it a lick.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison paused, biting his lip and thinking over what Carol had just said. The errant lock of red hair escaped where it was tucked behind one ear to fall over his face. The accountant tucked it back and took a deep breath. Did that really put a spin on his wanting to work here? The company would be excellent work experience with plenty of opportunity...and it paid very well...

So what if his boss would be a Vampire? Carol here seemed no worse for wear...and whose to say that his mental image of vampires would match up. After all, his only experience came from anne rice novels and the blade trillogy.

"That will work for me," he said, confident. Yes, he could definitely do this...or...well, it would be a new experience, that was for sure.

"So...when do I get to meet the boss?"
Carol 18 years ago
"So...when do I get to meet the boss?"

Carol narrowed her eyes and tapped her tootsie roll pop against her front teeth.
'You are anxious.' Which meant he was clueless. Carol needed to make sure Mr. Monroe was on the same page.

She sat back in her chair and threw her lollipop into a steel trash behind her. It made a loud THUNK noise. She then reached into the top side drawer of the steel desk and pulled out a rather large .38 revolver. With an even louder THUNK she laid it on the desk top. She angled it so it pointed directly at Mr. Monroe.

Carol rested her elbows onto the top on either side of the gun and laced her fingers so she could rest her chin on the top of her hands.
'Just so we're clear, Mr. Monroe. Your world, as you know it, has just changed.' She raised her eyebrows and continued. 'I am, in no way, fucking with you. You either work for us, oh we're a clan by the way, or the bullet in this gun,' she pointed down to the gun and then re-laced her fingers, 'goes into,' again her eyebrows arched up and she nodded her head towards Monroe, 'your pretty little noggin.'

Standing, Carol smoothed out her dress and picked at the side strings of her thong. Shrugging she picked up the gun and circled the desk. As she walked, her hips swayed side to side, again her dress leaving nothing to the imagination as she stopped just in front of Monroe.

'Duibne is the human cover for the, shall we say, renegade Clan in the city. We're Tacharans,' she said proudly. 'My boss? She has...agression issues. Lacks...well, a conscience. Her kind of ruthless mayhem, they only write books about.' Carol shook her head smiling. 'We're Tacharans and we're vampires. Well, I'm not. I'm a familiar. I'm HER familiar. You will be one as well. This is a great honor, Mr. Monroe. It's better to serve her than to piss her off.'

She leaned back against the desk again, her one hand juggling the revolver, the other leaning behind her. The silk material was tight against her bare breasts. She gave him a sweet smile, one you gave children and said, 'So again, I'm wondering,' she lifted the .38 and placed it on the edge of the desk in front of Monroe. 'We savvy?'
Addison 18 years ago
'You are anxious.'

Addison quirked an eyebrow. More like nervous, but he wasn't sure what type of answer to be expected from him. He wanted this job, and if it meant working for a non traditional type of boss, was that such a terrible thing? Granted, his mental picture of the term 'Vampire' could be something completely different from the reality of this...Ellis person.

He was brought out of his little mental tirade with the arrival of a large and intimidating looking hand gun. The red headed accountant swallowed suddenly, his heart rate fluctuating a bit. He was no good with guns...no good at all. Granted...he'd never seen one in person that wasn't behind some sort of glass case, but he just knew instinctively he wasn't any good with them...the pencil and calculator were his weapons of choice. Forget about fluctuating...it was skipping beats now that the muzzle was facing him.

He tore his Sapphire gaze away from the firearm and looked back up at Carol as she started speaking. Holy fuck, what HAD he gotten himself into? She'd just basically told him that he'd work for them or be 'dispatched' right now. Neither were excellent prospects at the moment, but the bullet had a certainty of cutting his life off abruptly...wasting his ivy league education....

Addison forced himself not to press back into the chair as the gorgeous, but obviously dangerous woman moved around to the front of the desk.

'We're Tacharans and we're vampires. Well, I'm not. I'm a familiar. I'm HER familiar. You will be one as well. This is a great honor, Mr. Monroe. It's better to serve her than to piss her off.'

Familiar? He was going to be a familiar. But weren't familiars...pets? He'd be someones...pet? It didn't seem to be doing Carol here any harm, but what exactly did that entail...and to a...ruthless Vampire? The idea intrigued him, but worried him as well. He eyed the woman's neck for any of those movie signs of being ...bitten? OK, that was weird to think about.

'We savvy?'

Addison took a deep breath. "We're going to have to be, because I didn't plan on ending my life today...although..." He didn't quite know how to ask about his position. "I'm...an accountant. A damn good one, so I want to be of use...not just a...pet. You mentioned I am to be a familiar to your...our boss, but what does that entail?"
Carol 18 years ago
"I'm...an accountant. A damn good one, so I want to be of use...not just a...pet. You mentioned I am to be a familiar to your...our boss, but what does that entail?"

'UH!' Carol covered her mouth with a delicate little hand and nearly shrieked at the word. A PET? Her jaw dropped at the statement. '....UH?!!!'

She felt faint. She felt...misunderstood! She felt...'UH!' The little blond exclaimed. Clearly Monroe had watched too many B movies, which she couldn't blame him for, she watched them religiously herself. That was besides the point. 'Familiars aren't,' she started, completely aghast, '...PETS. We're chosen. Taken care of. Guarded. Respected within the clan, well, depending on your vampire. But more importantly, we're untouchable by any other vampire.' She looked at her nails, checking the pink polish. 'Really...a pet,' she huffed, blowing a strand of blond hair out of her eyes.

Carol sighed and looked at Addison Monroe. 'Everything you know about vampires is pretty much wrong. Especially what you think of familiars. As a familiar, we are called upon by our vampire to take care of their human or daylight responsibilities. We speak for them. Act for them. Control the day...for them. We also get a fa boo dental plan!'

Carol clapped her petite hands happily.
Addison 18 years ago
Addison's cheeks immediately flamed. Oh shit...he'd just insulted the pretty blonde. Red, matching his hair, soaked his cheeks and even the tips of his ears. He looked down to his hands, wringing them slightly before Carol started speaking. He was sooooo going to get shot now. This was turning out to be a day he should have stayed in bed.

'...PETS. We're chosen. Taken care of. Guarded. Respected within the clan, well, depending on your vampire. But more importantly, we're untouchable by any other vampire.'

'Untouchable...chosen...cared for.' Addison blinked and smiled. That didn't sound bad...sounded nice actually. If there were vampires, that sort of protection might just be more important than the kick ass 401k. And this Ellis...she sounded powerful if she commanded such loyalty from Carol here.

"I do apologize for my ignorance." he was probably going to have to eat crow for his assumptions. "Do we..." How to put this delicately? "...feed our boss?" he needed to know if he was going to be a constant blood donor. He should probably stop the occasional recreational drug use if that was the case.

At least it looked like the potential of his brains being splattered across the wall behind him had gone down. That was a plus. Carol looked to be pleased and that was a good thing for someone who'd been holding a gun until v. recently.
Carol 18 years ago
"Do we...feed our boss?"

Carol's face softened and she felt herself blush. She wasn't sure how to describe it to Monroe.
'Well...yes and no. We're not her food supply but on occasion she will feed.' She felt her blush rush through her body, from head to toe. 'You have...no...idea what it's like.' Carol shrugged, looking almost past him whimsically. 'I wont try to describe it but I have one piece of advice to you.'

Carol got down on her knees in front of Monroe. She did not touch him, but she wanted his total and full attention. 'When it happens, don't fear it. You must want it because if you don't...I can't even begin to describe the pain. Just don't fight it and it'll trip you higher than any drug could.'

She knelt for a moment longer, looking up into Monroe's face. His stray piece of red hair kept falling in front of his gorgeous eyes. She wanted badly to taste this one, but he was already declared off limits. It's one thing for Carol to play with the vampires, but not the other familiars. The untouchable rule applied to humans as well.

She stood then, looking down at Monroe with an angelic face.
'Tonight. House of Pain.' Carol nodded. 'Yes, the House of Pain will do, I think. Hope you're not busy?'

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Addison 18 years ago
'Ooh...that sounded...intriguing...' Addison gave it half a thought and decided it was worth trying at least once. He'd tried some pretty heady drugs with some very positive results...and if it was all that Carol said it was... But why wouldn't it be. She didn't look the sort to blush often and it wasn't exactly something that one faked well...so it had to be genuine. Or maybe Carol just had a thing for this Ellis boss. He did nod, to let her know that he understood...well, as much as he was going to at this point.

Curiosity killed the cat... Well, Addison pushed that thought aside. It obviously did no harm to the gorgeous woman kneeling in front of him.

But then she stood and he was just about eye level with that thong again. His own cheeks grew warm again at it's proximity. Wait...house of pain? Addison briefly wondered if the name was for show...

'Yes, the House of Pain will do, I think. Hope you're not busy?'

He blinked and cleared his throat, willing away thoughts of bright-pink thongs. "That would be fine. But should I dress for the occasion? I don't think the suit sounds like the correct thing for a....house of pain..." He might just have the perfect outfit if it was more leather than anything else, but would that make a bad impression the first time meeting the boss?
Carol 18 years ago
"I don't think the suit sounds like the correct thing for a....house of pain..."

'When dressing for House of Pain, you have to keep 2 things in mind.' She held up her index finger. 'It has to be leather.' Then she held up two fingers, 'Always dress to kill.'

Carol looked over Monroe, trying to imagine him in something tight and leather. She grinned and shook her head. 'The House is located in the industrial district, just east of downtown. Once you get down there, you'll see a large gray building. It'll look abandoned, of course. There's only one way in and that's through the sewers, so I hope you're not squeamish. Drop down in a nearby sewer and follow the noise. I'll meet you at the bouncer.'

She held her hand out to Monroe, 'I look forward to working with you, Addison. Welcome to Duibne Industries.'
Addison 18 years ago
"Leather...and gorgeous, ok...got it." Addison flashed a smile, mentally preparing his clothes from what he had in his wardrobe...but he could stand for some new boots, so perhaps a quick stop at a shoppe was in order. He could afford it now that he had a job...and a little splurge was good for the celebrating mood.

He put the directions to memory, trying not to wrinkle his nose when the sewer was mentioned. He wouldn't walk in any...sewage to get there, hopefully. He wanted to smell like his cologne and not ...shit when he arrived.

The red head stood, smiling calmly on the outside, but a bundle of excited energy on the in.
"Thank you, Carol. I look forward as well. And I will see you tonight at the club." He took the blonde's hand and shook it gently. This was...exciting. He didn't think he'd felt this nervous or giddy about a job before, but he was chalking that down to the circumstances.

Turning to go, he briefly wondered what sort of person this Ellis was. Addison smiled at the pretty receptionist and headed out the door...yes, a stop to a store for new boots and maybe something new and fun in leather would be in order.

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Carol 18 years ago
Carol watched the cute red head exit the office. As he shut the door, the desk phone rang. She reached back and picked it up. 'Yes.'

'Ms. Duban holding for you, Miss Hedley.' It was the secretary and she did not wait for a reply before transferring the clan leader.

The soft purring voice of her mistress caused a shiver to run down her body.
'Well?' Ellis asked.

'He's cute.'


'He's a red head.'


'I'm positive he'll do. He'll be at the House of Pain tonight to meet you...if you're available?'

'Till then.' Ellis diconnected the call.

Carol hung the phone up and crossed her arms. Poor Addison...he had no idea what was in store for him.

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