Hail, Claude (private)

Ellis read over her new vampire's bio and purred. 'I smell a new Merc,' she sang as she tucked her feet up under her and made herself comfortable on the plush leather circular. Carol had just fed her the information on Claude through her computer panel located in the arm.

Picking up her cell phone she called Carol. She waited for her executive secretary's fairy like voice and smiled.
'Have this new one meet me in the Abby.' Ellis didn't wait for an answer and flipped the phone closed. She hoped this one had Harvester potential, they seemed to be running out.

Claude 18 years ago
Strolling in to the Abbatoire, Claude gazed around for a few seconds to see a dark-haired woman sitting alone at a table, thumbing through papers in a folder, Assuming this was the woman he was sent to rendezvous with. He walked up to her. "Ellis, I presume?"
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
"Ellis, I presume?"

Ellis smiled, picking an errant piece of tobacco off her tongue as she let the smoke roll out of her mouth. Her other hand waved him to sit down. 'Clever boy, how ever did you guess?' She grinned.

She liked the look of this one but liked his bio even more. She'd need a good strong mercenary. Her jobs had been piling up as of late and she could test him out on a few of them.

'So what brings you to Nachton, dear? Fortune, infamy or both?'
Claude 18 years ago
"So what brings you to Nachton? Fortune, infamy, or both?"

Smiling, He could tell this one had wit, I find that very endearing in a female., thinking to himself. Claude pulled out a cigarette with a black lighter that had a red Vampire ankh engraving on it, and lit up.

"Heh, let's just say I...pay attention. To your last question, both. I've come to establish a favourable reputation for myself here, hopefully start a business should circumstances permit someday. I've acquired sufficient wealth as an enforcer for one of the foremost cocaine peddlers on the East Coast, I believe you'll be more than satisfied with what I have to offer. Now, I believe you have a particular job in mind for me?"
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis settled back into her seat on the leather booth and smiled. Within a few seconds a small man wearing black sunglasses, black trousers and a white shirt with matching white tie approached her with a lap top. He bent down low and handed it to her before turning and leaving as quickly as he had come.

She turned the lap top so that it faced him and opened it. On the screen was the picture of a rather nondescript looking female human.
'This is Gloria Thorps. She is the wife of the editor of the Nachton Times. They have a rather nosey reporter named Kyle Evans. I dont want you to hurt Evans, not physically anyway.' She purred. 'I just want you to kill someone close to his heart.' Ellis shrugged. 'It helps that she's extremely rich and her family is tied to another thorn in my side, but that's neither here nor there.'

She reached over and pressed a button. 'This is all the information you'll need. Her schedule, her hobbies, her pet cat's name.' She snorted. 'It's George, how cute is that?!' She gently closed the lap top. 'The clan's armory is at your disposal. Report to Carol when you're done.'

Ellis lifted the computer and held it out to Claude. She gave him a sweet smile. 'Enjoy.'

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Claude 18 years ago
Claude smiled just big enough that Ellis could see the very tips of his fangs. Not since his days in New York had he killed anyone without the intention of making a meal out of them later. Nostalgia washed over him in a proverbial tsunami.

"Trust my word, m'Lady, I will not disappoint and with this I bid you adeiu." Claude said as he walked away, and playfully blowing a heart-shaped smoke ring in Ellis' direction.

Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Ellis watched her new vampire leave and had to admit she was impressed. No only by his vampiric resume or that he was a damn good dresser.

He was a smoker.

'Thank fucking god for that,' Ellis murmured as she reached for her cigarettes.

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