Clan Insignia Thingys

Would anyone be interested in having a little "Clan Evenhet" avatar or sumpin of the sorts that we could all use and be cool like that? Was thinking of making up some kind of symbol for us or something of the like, but figured I would see if anyone would be interested in it first. We could all have like a secret handshake too! /bounce

Alfarinn 17 years ago
LMAO, nutcase.

If you make one then let me know. I have that one on the doors and such that I was doing and I'd need to change it out. No wait, that was Meridian's emblem.. nevermind.

I think an emlem for Evenhet would be cool. Go for it.
Xerxes Asha 17 years ago
Megan Björn 17 years ago
K, I'll work on sumpin then
Nicholae 17 years ago