Greek Antiquities (Search for Chryseis)(invitation only)

Mai led the way through the sewers towards the museum with the confidence of long familiarity. This was a trip she made often in search of Thaddeus and she'd have to admit that she liked the place also. It was quiet and there were interesting things to look at. Walking the silent halls late at night was as peaceful as walking through some of the old temples. It certainly seemed to bring calm to her blonde clan mate but the last time they were there had started Thaddeus on this personal journey of his and this night also boded to be anything but peaceful.

She hoped they found Chryseis alive and well, though difficult at times to become close to, Mai found she liked the woman. If she were harmed they had better find out who was responsible quickly because Nachton had not seen fury until they'd seen Morrigan's spirit unleashed in vengeance.

Carefully avoiding the few rats she sensed in the area, Mai eventually came to stand under the grate that would let them out in front of the Arch.

"Here" Her whisper was mostly for Thaddeus who had a lot on his mind. The sewers were not familiar to him either and she was sure he'd be relieved to be out of them. Climbing the ladder, she slid the cover away enough to give her a cautious look around before pushing it aside and coming out to stand on the roadside as she waited for the others.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary for her senses so far but even they could be fooled and she'd remain alert until they knew what the situation was.

Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus followed the group absently through the sewers, trying his best to ignore the feel of the air and the grit under his shoes. Instead, he thought of what they knew, what they might find out, and where this road would take them next.

They would want to speak to the guards. Well, -he- would want to speak to the guards; that much was his department. He would sense the cat statue, and hope Chryseis was not too terribly annoyed that he had gone around the museum touching things with his bare hands.

On the other hand, Chryseis being well enough to be angry with Thaddeus was a best case scenario. The thought made him smile; perhaps they would find Chryseis perfectly fine and perfectly ticked off at the trouble they had caused her place of business. It was an oddly pleasant, if fleeting, thought.

He did not think that scenario was very likely, but tried not to dwell on less ideal circumstances. It would do no good to let his imagination or his worries distract him from the facts.

He managed to pay his surroundings enough attention to stop with the group, and mentally kicked himself for not marking out the path in his mind. Watching Mai ascend and open the cover, he at least took a look around while reminding himself to stay alert. He followed in short order and stood beside Mai on the roadside, waiting for the others to come up.
Talon 18 years ago
His senses on high he stalked in silence behind the others.. Mai in the lead could handle anything that came in from the front, while he guarded the rear and Cyrus could watch over Thaddeus if worse came to worse..

he didn't realize they had made it to their destination until the others started to climb out, with a relieved sigh he followed..

"here we are climbing outa the sewers like a gang of Chud's" he snickered, and wondered if anyone would get the reference..
Cyrus 18 years ago
'Im gonna have to find some bad guys or run soon before I hurt someone that I shouldnt.' That was all Cyrus could think of as they walked through the sewers. The mice taunted him because he had no time to play cat at the moment. To pounch, crush and claw them for daring to be within range of his senses.

As the others climbed out he waited until Thaddeus had cleared the ladder. With a leap he pushed himself out of the pit without touching the ladder or sides. He came to a low crouch on the topside just behind the others.

Realizing just how close he was to an attacking point kept him in the crouch. He forced his hands to lie on the ground flat and took deep breaths as slowly and calmly as possible. He should have had more than just the few bites earlier from his driver. The overwhelming thirst was rising in his gut, pounding to be satiated.

Scanning the area for possible victims he set about trying to mask the turbulence within him. Standing carefully, he was vigilant but outwardly calm.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus looked askance at Talon, having no idea of his meaning, then gave a one armed shrug and turned back to Cyrus. The hunter seemed momentarily distressed and did not rise immediately, and Thaddeus was about to offer him a hand when he finally stood, composed.

He reasoned that most would be a bit off color after being in the sewers.

The staff is acquainted with me. It is likely best if I speak to them.

He nodded in the direction of a security officer at the front doors, wondering what the guard would make of his company this evening. Mai could likely be recognized, but the two newcomers to Nachton were not what anyone would call his 'usual crowd.'

That said, though, he looked both ways and crossed the street, making sure Mai was beside him. They walked up the steps briskly, assuming their destination was obvious enough to the other hunters. He made eye contact with the officer in hopes of making his interest in speaking known, and the guard obligingly stayed in place as they approached.
Officer 18 years ago
Officer Novak stood still as stone in front of the Arch, the personification of duty and vigilance. His mind, however, was a million miles away, in the fantasy land of...well he hadn't yet worked out a name. But it had dragons, and kings and queens and of course a Great Handsome Hero. Novak was going to write a book all about the Great Handsome Hero's search for his One True Sword, and was working out the finer points of his romance with the Beautiful and Mysterious Witch when a certain regular patron of the museum met his eyes. Seeing that the two young people, surely no older than teenagers, were walking forward with intent, he stood a bit straighter and waited for their arrival.

As they approached, Novak raised his chin in recognition. Ah, Mr. Grey and his lady friend. Novak smiled; little did the young patrons know that in his mind, their names were Lord Grey and The White Lady. The idea of having a rich young landholder appear to help the Great Handsome Hero on his quest while simultaneously preventing its end with the help of a powerful witch dressed all in white struck him one evening as he watched the pair exit the museum together, and the story had only grown from there.

Of course, these thoughts would never be spoken out loud. He could only hope that one day his musings could be put to print for all to see.

Good Evening, Mr. Grey. Something I can do for you?
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus inclined his chin in greeting, trying to recall this guard's name and finding his memory lacking. Odd, considering it was rare that a week went by without Thaddeus walking through these doors, but he did not dwell on that longer than to remind himself to pay better attention.

Fortunately, security officers wear nametags, and Thaddeus thought he had covered for his lapse well enough when he returned the greeting respectfully.

Officer Novak. Indeed, there is; I am trying to get in touch with Ms. Angelique. Have you seen her lately?
Cyrus 18 years ago
Cyrus came to a stop behind Thaddeus at a respectful distance but still close enough to protect him should someone attack. Clasping his hands together lightly, behind his back, kept him from assaulting the guard. Flexing his fingers and keeping his muscles bunched and ready for a fight, he stood quietly.

Trusting Talon to have their backs he scanned the area in front and to his sides. There was no obvious threat nor suspicion, what a shame.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai followed after Thaddeus and watched the guard with a pleasant smile. She had seen him many times as she came and went looking for her Ba-di. He was always polite and respectful which was rare enough these days.

Listening to the guards answer, she focused her senses on the area around at the entrance without moving from her place by Thaddeus's side. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary but if Chryseis had been missing for more than a day then the caretakers were likely to have cleaned up any mess they found, assuming it didn't look like a crime scene.

Cyrus seemed edgy and she wondered briefly whether he sensed something that she did not but perhaps it was simply the earlier presence of the dogs that left him uneasy. Still, she looked about just in case.
Officer 18 years ago
Officer Novak craned his neck around Thaddeus and noticed another fellow hanging back a bit. He had not thought the goth dude was with the pair, having never seen him before, but as he was hanging out nearby he figured Mr. Grey had made a new pal. Hmm...Lord Grey's sworn enemy, Lord Black. No, wait...The White Lady's dark apprentice. No, that didn't work either.

Novak cleared his imaginings and thought over the question at hand. Hmm, where -was- The Beautiful and Mysterious Angelique?

I haven't seen her tonight...come to think of it, I haven't seen her around in a while. He offered up a smile. Want me to ask around? A lot of times she comes in another way and I don't see her at all.
Cyrus 18 years ago
Silently cursing he snarled at the guard. "How many other entrances are there and what are their locations?

He could feel the hair on the back of his neck stand up as he began scanning the area much more in depth. Trying not to kill the guard before he gave the information he needed.

Knowing they could only cover three entrances between them, if Thaddeus was going to go around feeling up the statuary. Cyrus bit back a curse in Mongol, not needing this kind of issue while he was so hungry. He glared at the guard.
Officer 18 years ago
Officer Novak pondered the problem at hand. Hmm...The Black Pirate? Yeah, this story needs pirates! And this guy has the earrings and everything. Though maybe I'll give him a peg leg in the story...

Oh, right, The Black Pirate had a question.

We have a loading dock in the back, though honestly I'm not sure if that's how Ms. Angelique gets in. Think she has a private entrance in her office.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai turned to Cyrus and said quietly.

"Go search the back entrance, kudasai." He was looking more edgy by the moment and now that she watched him closer for the moment Mai wondered if perhaps he hadn't fed. Being around her kind for ages had made the barely restrained look of hunger fairly easy to recognize.

There might be another guard or someone else less visible that Cyrus could quickly feed from. She hoped he wasn't one who tended to kill their prey or they'd have more difficulties than needed at present.

She smiled once again at the guard and hoped he was too busy to have heard her quiet statement to Cyrus.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus nodded his head in response to Novak's offer.

That would be most appreciated.

Cyrus seemed to be on edge. That was understandable enough; he himself wanted to get moving too, and had no doubt he would be restless with having to wait while someone else acted out their role in matters. The Officer didn't seem fazed and continued to cooperate, which was all he could ask for, but perhaps it would be best to move forward. Mai seemed to have the same thought, directing Cyrus to the back, and Thaddeus thought it best to continue their investigation as well.

We will be in the Early European Artifacts section if you find out any information.

He turned to Talon. You are welcome to join us unless you would prefer to enjoy the fresh air out here.

He hoped Talon would get the not-particularly-subtle message. There was no reason to alarm the guard just yet; anxiety would only lead to less accurate information from that corner.

With a slight nod, he entered the building, Mai at his side. He moved around the large front desk with a nod at the security officer on the other side and headed down the hall toward the exhibit.
Talon 18 years ago
Talon was starting to be concerened, Cyrus was Edgy and agitated.. 'i dont know the guy, but either he's always wound this tight or somethings bothering him big..'

he was slightly relieved when Mai sent him around back...

You are welcome to join us unless you would prefer to enjoy the fresh air out here.

'I guess he means for me to watch the front' Talon thought..

"Nah, i'm not much of a museam go'er anyway" he said to the duo as they entered the building..

he slowly scanned the front of the structure, looking for probable ways in or out if you didnt want to be seen, he saw a few.. he wandered over twords the greenery in the front and subtly started sorting through the scents to see if he could locate any belonging to chryseis..
'Guards gonna think i'm nuts..' he thought with a smirk
Cyrus 18 years ago
With a short brief nod to Mai he stalked off around the outside of the building. Trying not to get his scent mixed in with whoever else had been inside and to get the lay of the land.

Finding the loading dock empty but open made him want to bite off the head of the next person he saw. How could anywhere be so inept at security. If nothing else the clan should have some control here if one of their own worked here.

In the shipping office he found out why it was so empty. The young female clerk was hard at work, on a fellow employee. The guy had his pants down around his knees and both had their eyes closed. Silently stalking in he drank from the man without either realizing someone else had entered. The man passed out from the pleasure of the girl and Cyrus' bite. Using his strength he held the man upright and slowly slumped him on top of the girl who was still kissing and sucking on the unconcious man. He used his telekenisis to move the man's limp hand into the girls lap. Once she closed her eyes in excitement, Cyrus moved around behind her. With his head near the unconcious man's he bit into her, feeding and amplifying her pleasure. When she slumped, he stopped and cleaned up the drops that had escaped him.

Leaving the snacks no wiser to his feeding he continued searching the area. He found the door to the museum unlocked like the rest of the blasted building. At least with a fuller belly he was in a better mood. But that did not mean the stupid guard would escape with all his pieces intact.

He began systematically searching the storage area while still keeping a guarded eye on the door into the museum.
Officer 18 years ago
Officer Novak eyed up the huge fellow Mr. Grey had spoken to. Dang, kid was getting interesting new company. All the better for them both, in his opinion anyway. Now let's see...Mountain Man. No, that's stupid...Really Big Guy. Gah! Ah, I know. Sir Mountain, champion of the Queen of the East, come to aide the Great Handsome Hero on his quest.

Unfortunately, Sir Mountain was not behaving in a very knightly manner at the moment. In fact, he seemed to be wandering along, poking around the bushes. Weirdo. Hmm...Sir Mountain, the hired spy sent to track Lord Grey and The White Lady's movements? Nah, this guy wasn't the spy type.

He kept his post, not seeing what harm Sir Mountain could do wandering around the outside of the building, and called the front desk on his walkie talkie.

"Hey Joe. We got some people here looking for Ms. Angelique; you seen her lately?"Â?

A crackle broke through the walkie talkie as Joe responded. "Nope, haven't seen her in...hell, I guess it's been a while. You think something's up?"Â?

Novak frowned. Well I didn't until you said something. But naw, probably not. Even with this denial, Novak was still a little unsettled. He had that -feeling- that he attributed to being a security guard, the one that told him when something was afoot. Or at least it would be cool if security guards had that. Really it was probably his imagination getting the better of him. Even so, I might go and ask the people looking for her if they know something we don't. Think you can keep an eye out while I do that?

Another burst of static punctuated the reply. Yeah, lemmie use the can first though.

Novak rolled his eyes. Right. Holler when you get back.
Talon 18 years ago
Slowly working his way around to the side of the building Talon caught a scent, it was unlike the others.. it had the faintly coppery smell normally related to a Vampire..
'interesting, an unfamiliar vampires been creeping around the bushes here'

in the darker side of the building he could see where a window was still partly opened, but just a fraction, and the scent was all over it.. 'this should bear investigation'

Talon slid the window up and twisted his large frame through the opening, his feet crunched down into broken fragments that littered the floor..

he scanned the room, signs of a struggle, he leaned over closer to the floor and begand to sniff the air. 'scents are there.. but jumbled.. i need to focus' he thought
'Fenrir!' he mentally bellowed, and felt the change come over him..

The wolf stood where the man had been, the scents like colors to his sharp senses..

'Chyresis....blood...unknown one' the combined trail led out of the room..

'must tell the others...'
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus passed through the arched entrance to the exhibit in question and took stock of the situation. There were several cat statues, of course, but he passed them by as he carefully circled the large room, making sure he did not miss an alcove in his search for the correct statue.

He nodded in silent affirmation as he walked around to the other side of a statue in the center of the room and found the three foot high black cat waiting for him. He approached it calmly and pulled the velvet ropes aside. He looked up at Mai, giving her another nod for good measure. He should be fine, but this would be hard to explain should anyone walk in on then in that moment. Mai's abilities gave her some early warning, though, and she would be able to snap him out of his sensing should the need arise.

He rested his palm flat on the side of the statue and closed his eyes, only to pull back after a long moment and look at Mai again.

She is alive.

Perhaps he had been the only one thinking she might have been otherwise, but he thought the statement would come as a reassurance in any case. That said, he went back to sensing. He felt a strange tickling on his hand, though he could see nothing as of yet...little in the way of emotion beyond concentration on the task at hand...then, suddenly, an image of Chryseis, startled, annoyed, setting a feather duster to the side.

He waited another moment to see if he could sense anything else of relevance before pulling away. He looked up at Mai, though he kept quiet, thinking. He walked back and forth, rubbing his chin and looking around the room.

She was dusting the statue. Something startled her...not frightened, just startled. I did not sense any fear; she was annoyed, angry, but in control. If there was real danger to her, it was out of sight. She likely heard something. In any case, she abandoned her dusting in a hurry, presumably to investigate.

Whatever disturbed her must have been reasonably close by for her to hear it; a great commotion would have been noticed everywhere, so I cannot imagine it was -too- loud.

I imagine we could look around to see if anything appears out of place; though I certainly don't mind sensing anything and everything, touching everything in sight would not be looked upon kindly by the guards.
Mai 18 years ago
Mai watched Thaddeus as he placed his hand lightly on the statue.

Thaddeus said she was alive and Mai nodded, if Ba-di affirmed this was so then he was doing more than guessing. Good, Morrigan might not be shedding blood this night. She still wondered if violence would be necessary before the end of this search but perhaps not. Her hunters might be disappointed at that, though having the night prove uneventful would satisfy her. She could always find prey on her own.

Mai regarded Thaddeus's pacing with serene patience and eventually he spoke of what he'd sensed.

"Then we shall have to look closely to see what needs to be touched."

Reaching out a hand, Mai briefly grasped his sleeve and smiled. Her Ba-di-kun had been most helpful even while there was so much else for him to be concerned with. He was truly an excellent member of their family and she found herself proud of him as always.
Thaddeus Grey 18 years ago
Thaddeus returned the smile, somewhat surprised, before his face went grave once more. They knew Chryseis was alive, and that was something, but the thought opened up his mind to other possibilities that he could not afford to entertain at present. Even so, questions fired off in his mind as he walked through the archway and back into the main hall of the museum.

Was she captured, then? To what purpose? Information? Ransom? No, there were no demands given that he was aware of. A personal reason? A random fool?

He forced himself to stay focused on what they knew. Something had happened in the museum to pull Chryseis away. Chryseis had been missing for several days. She was still alive.

What happened here?

Thaddeus continued down the hall, then crossed over to the other side and retraced his steps, looking for anything amiss. Perhaps one of the rooms further down held the answer, as he saw nothing out of place here. Before he could turn to go on, though, the sound of footprints stopped him.