Call of the Hunt

Mai convinced the dogs to follow her and headed towards the Cathedral. There she waited for the others on the front steps, one large dog on either side, making her look small in the middle.

She put a comforting arm over each one, as she pondered what to do next if Talon or Thaddeus was of no help finding out where Chryseis was last. They'd have to go to her various haunts,the museum, the bars...somewhere she'd have gone for the bite to eat Morrigan said that the woman had been after.

They could split up, She'd take Thaddeus with her and Talon could go with Cyrus. Mai hated to send the two newer people to the area out into the town by themselves but she wasn't letting Thaddeus out of her sight without Alfarinn to take her place. Talon and Cyrus weren't new turns so she wasn't worried about them getting hurt, just not knowing where to look. No doubt Talon had already prowled some of the more popular haunts already and Thadeus might be able to suggest a few more. Mai's own form of hunting involved open spaces, animals as much as people, whatever was handy, it wasn't a matter of going to a certain place but simply finding something when she felt the urge to eat.

Her canine companions still seemed to be anxious, it was possible they had thought she was bringing them to Chryseis... and so she might before the night was over with.

Mai stroked each one gently and began to sing softly.

"Nen nen kororiyo okororiyo
Boyawa yoikoda nenneshina
Boyano komoriwa dokoe it ta
Anoyama koete satoe it ta

Sato no miyage ni nani morata
Denden taikoni sho no fue
Sho no fue."

((OOC: It's a Japanese Lullaby that was appropriate.

Sleep, sleep, little one, sleep.
You¹re a good baby, now go to sleep.
Do you know where your nurse has gone?
Gone to her village she won¹t be long.

What will she bring baby
when she does come?
A flute so lovely
and a thunderous drum.
And a thunderous drum.))

Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus caught up to Mai quickly as they made their way to the Cathedral, joined by the two impressively built dogs. As he walked, he did his best to clear his thoughts of all else but the matter at hand, the better to focus his abilities.

His efforts were not entirely effective, though the quiet walk to the Cathedral steps did bring him some clarity. He tried to avoid thinking of what could have happened to Chryseis, considering his current morbid imagination was doing him few favors, but that left him to think of The Wolf, and Simon, and his own mistakes...

The impressive structure came into full view as they rounded a corner, and Thaddeus attempted to focus on the finer points of the familiar architecture as they made their way up the steps. He ascended them and paced in front of the doors, rubbing his chin.

Retribution, revenge...while Thaddeus did not consider either of these motivations to be necessarily unworthy, he found that the longer this mission went on, the more the ideals that began his quest faded to be replaced by more practical concerns. The grim need to end The Wolf's murdering. The necessity of eliminating a threat, not only to himself, but to his kind. And it was his duty to take responsibility for that unenviable task, he truly believed that.

As angry as the thought of Lykaios's actions made him, as horrified as he was by even the concept of killing one's own creator, his desire to put an end to The Wolf was as much fueled by responsibility as least in concept. Thaddeus wondered, though, if he were being totally honest with himself in that regard; he still struggled to imagine the moment of The Wolf's death, though it had been most clear in his mind when Morrigan had told her awful truths.

For the moment, he decided to give up questioning his own motivations as a lost cause. He would kill, and life would be better for it, and whatever personal consequences he suffered due to the act would be his to bear at that time. At this time, he had other things to concern himself with, and he would do well to focus on those.

He was about to turn to ask Mai who they were waiting for, since that seemed the only possibility for their pause, when she began to sing.

He leaned against the doors of the Cathedral, closed his eyes, and simply listened.
Cyrus 16 years ago
Since having found Talon in the garden, Cyrus had been awash with canine scents. If he could stand the stench of dog he would have bared his teeth at them all in a snarl but he did not wish to taste it as well.

The overwhelming urge to rake his claws down the nearest tree was tamped down firmly. There was no time to dawdle. The elder had a hunt for them all. Cyrus hurried to the steps of the Cathedral where two large dogs surrounded Mai.

He stopped at the base of the stairs, not wanting to send the beasts into a barking frenzy or have one nip at him because of his feline scent. Even without knowing the situation he realized there must be something truely amiss from the tension radiating from the dogs and the vampire leaning against the Cathedral door.

He bowed his head to the elder and awaited her next command.
Talon 16 years ago
Talon Made his way to the cathedral 'funny, the last time I was here...' he mused for a moment before entering, he walked up to where Mai and Thaddeus were waiting.. 'wonder whos dogs those are.. i didnt think thad was the pet type.. too messy for him' he thought for a second..

"You called?" he asked
Mai 16 years ago
Sensing Thaddeus pace behind her, in a way so very like the agitated animals on either side of her, Mai was glad to see that the song seemed to calm him a bit as well.

Her head was bowed and the loose black strands danced on the wind before her, Mai paused a moment after finishing the lullaby before saying anything to the man behind her. Quietly, she said

" The mind that wanders will have difficulty finding its destination, Ba-di-kun."

There was a great deal on his mind and she did not judge him for that but Mai knew he needed to focus or he would grow more anxious while they waited. All things were done in their own time and while planning was wise over thinking was a waste. Best to focus on what could be done in the now. She knew he would be dedicated to his work once they got started but Mai hoped that he would remember the words later when the waiting caught up to him once more.

"Cyrus-san and Talon-san are here now."

Mai stood at the arrival of the other two of her Order. She nodded at Talon's question though it seemed an unnecessary one. Did he not believe Cyrus? Gesturing backwards with a slight wave of her hand, she indicated the two dogs.

"Talon-san, Are you able to understand their kind?"
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus shoved off the doors and walked to Mai's side at the approach of the two huntsmen. She was, as usual, right, and he knew it. He inclined his chin in greeting to Talon, schooling the stress from his expression, then looked to the one Mai had introduced as Cyrus. He did not seem inclined to come any closer, and Thaddeus felt it best to respect the distance. After all, he was not particularly fond of having his personal space invaded. Instead, he nodded in acknowledgement and introduced himself, hoping his voice carried down the steps well enough considering he was not disposed to raise it in this place.

Well met. Thaddeus Grey, Order of the Night.

He looked back to Talon with interest, hopeful that the huntsman would be able to glean some answers.
Cyrus 16 years ago
Cyrus bowed his head as Thaddeus Grey introduced himself. He supposed stopping this far away could be considered rude. But he had no wish to send the dogs into a frenzy.

If Talon could to do his thing with these beasts they could begin searching. Cyrus stiffled his impaitent need to hunt along with the constant thirst as he stood, loosely at attention.
Talon 16 years ago
"Talon-san, Are you able to understand their kind?"

Slightly taken aback at the unusual request 'This must be more serious than I thought' he paused for an instant before responding.

"I Cannot, When the spirt of Fenrir overtakes me I could understand other wolves to a degree, but no much as to get the type of answers you seek..."

he stepped back.

"I wish I could more, but I will gladly join the hunt for our missing sister"
Mai 16 years ago
"Arigato, Talon-san."

Mai nodded her understanding, as a shifter of shape, herself, she knew how little she could communicate with those of her own kind much less something similar but different. She turned to Thaddeus.

"Thaddeus-san, try to sense something for us, kudasai."

Mai stepped back from the dogs but stood close to Thaddeus lest his senses disorient him and she was needed to catch him or pull him away from whatever he might sense.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus nodded his head and wordlessly approached the dogs. He had, for a moment, grown hopeful at the thought of Talon communicating with Chryseis's pets, but that was clearly not to be. Perhaps his own abilities would prove to be of some use.

He patted Achilles on the head before moving to the collar and wrapping one bare hand around it. More than anything, he could, naturally, sense Achilles himself. He could not be sure of the animal's state of mind, but he thought he felt a general agitation, and closed his eyes, focusing all his concentration on sensing the collar.

An image of Achilles in the foyer of the Manor...

He released the collar, sighing.

He is discontent, but little else is definitive.

He moved to Birseis and repeated the same procedure. The feelings of agitation and distress were more clear here, perhaps because he felt (though never openly admitted) a certain affinity with this particular animal. Even so, it took all his concentration to sense past the general but unique feeling of Birseis on the collar, though he was slightly more rewarded for his efforts.

Birseis pacing in front of a statue of a cat, clearly upset...poking a uniformed guard with her nose...sniffing at a closed door...the images were very quick, punctuated by anxiety, but it was a little more than they had before.

Eventually he pulled away once more and stood.

I believe Birseis last saw her master at the Arch Museum. Whether she is greatly agitated simply because she misses Chryseis or because she witnessed something that upset her, I cannot say, but I may be able to tell more if I could sense some of what she seemed focused on.

He looked to Mai.

Shall we continue our investigation there?
Mai 16 years ago
Mai listened to the information given by Thaddeus about what the dogs had seen. The museum was a likely place to have begun searching for Chryseis anyway and this added information helped narrow their starting place down.

She looked up at the two others.

"You will join us, nee? Is there anything you need to acquire before leaving?" Mai personally thought about going to her quarters and retrieving her naginata and then decided the katana would be a better choice for walking about the city, especially after last time.

Reaching out a hand, Mai took Thaddeus's in her own. He was likely to still have some uneasiness after his sensing and she hoped to offer him some support. Noticing he wasn't wearing his gloves when she found him in Morrigan's office, Mai thought back to where she'd seen them last. He had them on in the garden and took them off to show her his ring. Did he put them back on or leave them there? Later she would go back and search for them though she was sure he had plenty of them.
Cyrus 16 years ago
Nodding deeply to Mai "I will gladly continue searching."

Even though he had not been impressed by Thaddeus' findings, it was still a usefull tip. The trip there had best be done separetly though, he figured. Else the canines could become even more agitated at his presence.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus accepted the offered hand gratefully and released a breath he did not realize he had been holding. At Mai's query, he realized that while he did not have need of any particular item, he would need to let Alfarinn know the latest developments before they left. He shook off the last remnants of stress carried over from sensing the collars, and sent to Alfarinn, hoping he connected over this distance.

[Alfarinn? We will need to make a stop at the Museum to continue investigating; the evidence suggests that is where Chryseis was last seen. I cannot say for certain how long we will you want to continue in Morrigan's office or would you prefer another arrangement?]

He pulled himself back to his present surroundings and thought through what he had seen in the sensing. Usually images came at peaks of emotion in his sensing, so it would stand to reason that the statue, the door, and the guard would all carry significance. The guard could be anyone; he had not seen the man's face. The door, likewise, meant little to him.

The statue, though, should be simple enough to track down; while he was not a frequent visitor of the Egyptian artifacts wing, he knew the museum and art in general well enough.

He gave Mai's hand a squeeze before letting go. His expression was unchanged...but his shoulders felt just a little lighter. Even this small lead was an encouragement; at the very least he felt a little less helpless.
Talon 16 years ago
"You will join us, nee? Is there anything you need to acquire before leaving?"

Talon gave a brisk nod "If the trail is still somewhat fresh i'm sure we can catch it" and crossed his arms over his chest

"As for gear I prefer my own two hands, they have served me well longer than any weapon forged by man"

that said he closed his eyes briefly, taking the time to center himself.
"I'm ready when you are" he said to everyone.
Mai 16 years ago
Mai nodded and looked at the dogs.

"You will need to stay here."

There was no need for them to bring the dogs and they would simply be in the way if they had to go elsewhere from the museum. Moving quickly down the steps, she headed back towards the manor.

"I will be back quickly."

((OOC: Mai out temporarily..feel free to chatter amongst yourselves and a funny sidenote.. we have a rodent,a feline and a canine in the same thread ))
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus smiled in agreement with Talon's sentiment, though in his case he felt his mind was the greater weapon than his hands. When he remembered to use his head, that is, and he reminded himself to stay focused.

Even so...there was nothing quite like the sight of Mai with a blade in hand. He felt safer already.

Mai, if you were not aware, is not overly fond of modern transport. The trip is not a long one by way of the sewers, though.

He kept his opinion on that mode of transportation to himself. He would greatly prefer to fly there, but he had promised Alfarinn he would not wander alone and thought it best not to get into technicalities.

/ooc...don't forget the birdie!
Cyrus 16 years ago
"The sewers connect to enough places to travel it regularly?" Cyrus asked of Thaddeus once the elder moved out of sight.

He pondered the significance, or lack thereof, of the whisker he had found on his last trip there. If vamps regulaly used it for travel to and from it could be from anyone, even Talon here. Ah well, always good to collect anything that seems out of place because it may be of use later.

Taking a few steps closer to Thaddeus so the man would not have to yell his answer proved to be unwise. The canine that had proved usefull started snarling at him, unused to him compounded by the feline undertones. Barely resisting the urge to bare his own fangs and snarl at the beast, he stepped back down slowly, without becoming prey in the dog's eyes. It would not do to find Chryseis only for her to loose one of her pets.

He shook himself to push back the urge to pounce and took stock in his weapons. Not just his claws and teeth but the blades hidden upon him. One in each boot, one along each forearm inside the hidden pockets of his jacket and a long blade, like half a machete, along his spine. This should be enough for searchign for a clansmember.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus rested his hand on Birseis's head at her odd reaction to Cyrus. She was normally such a friendly animal, overly so in his mind, but it was very likely she was having a terrible day of it, and he let the matter go.

Dignity, Birseis. Good girl.

He made his way down the steps of the Cathedral and approached the huntsman, seeing now why he had not come closer in the first place.

The sewers connect nearly anywhere you might wish to go in the city; it is a matter of finding the route. I would not advise wandering into unknown areas alone; both rival clans and the clanless walk the tunnels and have their territories, just as we have and guard ours. Not to mention the fact that it is more than possible to get lost down there even with the keenest sense of direction.

That said, he fell quiet and tilted his head up to the night sky, his eyes finding Orien with ease.
Cyrus 16 years ago
"I prefer trees to tunnels but this is a city."

He looked longingly at the trees just outside of the cemetary attached to the Cathedral. Knowing he should be back when this mission was done made standing still easier.

Somehow he still resisted the urge to snarl at the dogs up on the stairs.
Thaddeus Grey 16 years ago
Thaddeus nodded his head, still looking up at the sky.

You and Mai have that in common, then. I myself prefer the open air.

He would have particularly preferred taking on his dove form just now. Flying would be a relief in more ways than one; there was something about that near weightless exhilaration, and the freeing knowledge that he could be virtually unnoticed, that pushed his worries aside.

For the moment, though, it was likely better to keep present dangers close, lest he lose his edge.

One becomes accustomed to it.

He smirked as he wondered just who he was assuring with that. Not long ago he would have snorted in disbelief at that assertion, but now he could say it in all honesty.

Though the rats were still another story. He could only hope they would not happen across any.
Mai 16 years ago
Mai walked back out to the steps with her katana in hand. Her clan mates could disdain weapons if they wished but it was an advantage that mankind made for himself to over come his lack of adequate weaponry, not that she felt that she couldn't take care of herself without it, but it was clean and effective and quite frankly she loved the way it felt in her hands.

Right now however, it was strapped on her back. Coming to stand with the others, she took stock of the silence but did not sense any fighting. Mmm, Mai shrugged mentally and looked at each of them.

"We can go by sewer. It is faster."

Turning her white gaze to Thaddeus she watched him silently a moment to see if he would object or make any other suggestions. She was aware of his aversions but there was no time to cater to his needs, despite wanting to make him comfortable.